“Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought”
Beyond insight alone: abstract principle into concrete application:
            Concise, comprehensive, analytical and problem oriented,  all as only
 befitting everything truly so crucial and neglected in the human condition:   
Agenda of taboo questions and dangerous ideas: What I seek and offer
Does Philosophy actually any longer strive for arête, or only investigate in the abstract ?
“Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.”   Epicurus
Love, success and wisdom are not any payoff from knowing the answer, but a serious agenda of actively seeking value together

Summary, gleefully rocking the boat and upsetting the social order:

Creativity should be social. That should take priority for true success. And here's how...


First engagement into the vastly underserved embryonic inception or "kitchen table" phase:

The embryonic inception or "kitchen table" phase of entrepreneurship is the most vastly underserved. exists in striving to even start filling that gap in (pre-) incubation.

Begin browsing.

Establish contact whenever as required or desired, for whatever support required or desired. Begin responding on the forums in order also to help draw others into the discussion, or else via email if its private. Join in creative problem solving, posting on topic in contribution, by articulating your questions, arguing your criticism, offering suggestions and working out your ongoing creative input, into a) unfinished fiction b) entrepreneurial and/or activist proposals under development on

For now, just hold up your end of the conversation, not only advancing your own ideas but also by making comment, continually adding to and modifying the input of others, back and forth. If this collaborative process for you continues to derive satisfaction, then go ahead and begin pitching your own story ideas and entrepreneurial concepts alike, as well, for similar feedback and input in collaborative process with others. This is how we can begin working together, in art for art's sake via collaborative fiction brainstorming as unique to, and innovatively towards management team formation and business planning in new venture creation, with all due diligence.

As a Savant Explorer, whatever is not clear, just ask: Articulate whatever questions, point out whatever is unclear and explain how so, and keep at it. 

For now, to reiterate, just hold up your end of the conversation. If the process is productive and appealing, hopefully new talent and wide ranging expertise can be drawn in as well, so that creative people can meet, bond, network and organize, all in the way that is best for creative people to relate, by free exchange, participation together into creative process, and not by arbitrary and stultifying conformity for the comfort of mediocre cretins. -optimal adaptation of our social environment to our own needs, proactively, rather than resignation to adapting, compromising ourselves, in reaction to such frequently hostile, barren, stultifying and predatory situations as have so frequently become the norm. also provides for your review and comment, further discourse upon how to proceed in innovative new venture creation from such barest beginnings, if all goes well, rising to challenges and coping with foreseeable obstacles along the way.

         “Happiness consists in activity. It is a running stream, not a stagnant pool.”  — John Mason Good  

Why? To what end? Because, we all need one another!
                  I am Aaron Agassi and just maybe I can be here for you. Would you then be there for me?






In the alternative to the futility of going it alone even with the best well formed plan, I can readily conjecture, both in general principle and also in some strategic particulars as herein set forth, the unpopular idea and untried germ of a transparent and straightforward regimen of deliberately engineered circumstance, a new social compact, an as yet entirely hypothetical intentionally engineered situation under which such might be freely achievable by interaction among more than one at all serious and responsible person, each in the first place actually yearning for the interpersonal outreach and connection so consistently frustrated, progress actually proceeding and coming forth as by product from any of that seriously happy pleasurable and meaningful engagement, with less small talk, fun at all, from intrinsic motivation, together rejecting oppression under the currently prevalent and paradigmatic stultifyingly heteronymous rat race which, after all, ever stays alive for anybody, only so long as anyone at all, even howsoever reluctantly participates. 

All manner of individual flaws and frustrations are resident merely at the metaphorical tip of the proverbial iceberg. The massive swell of motivation lurking beneath that already troubled facade form the larger and deeper issues of personal integrity. And the lives we lead are much the same: There are all manner of superficial practical challenges, already daunting enough. But these, likewise, are but features of the proverbial tip of the metaphorical iceberg. Looming beneath the already troubled surface are the larger and deeper issues of arête, the right way to live.

The answer, then, is that the first step is simply for each of us to keep at it holding up their end partaking in the happiness of serious conjecturally open ended strategic discussion, planning, criticism, problem solving and failure analysis all as applicable, upon the above central problem of attaining such life of intrinsic motivation in pleasurable and meaningful engagement. -A discussion that even by itself, will be more uplifting, supportive and hopeful of capable autonomy, happy freedom and power, than avoiding the truth and pressing on and staying the course in ever mounting bored and lonely heteronymous futility or else just collapsing in bitter surrender and despair. But the point in strategic planning, beyond discourse in and of itself, is always progress and readiness towards implementation.

  Social order derives it's legitimacy from values of autonomy, in ongoing subversive disruption of social order of of heteronomy that has no rightful claim upon our allegiance.


Happy people talk more seriously together, freely, and with less small talk.

KNOW MORE "Birth, School, Work, Death" in the famous staccato rhythms of The Godfathers, describes the uniform administratively convenient and largely submissive status quo path of ready-made career purpose: Children are educated to function and to cooperate with and within such existing framework of options. Innovation of entirely new options of purpose and participatory cooperation, however lionized as role model, all such glowing lip service not withstanding, remains exceptional, the achievement of self-made and dauntless charismatic genius, whose very rare existence by overcoming all resistance, serves to vindicate the very educational system, employment arena and society at large, that has done all to thwart them, cradle to grave. For to say the least, education aimed at turning out, if no longer exactly utter drones and manual laborers, still nevertheless, generally compliant corporate employees and public servants, remains unlikely to produce many pioneers and innovators or well nurture and cater to such vastly underserved intrinsic motives of autonomy and capability, but often hinders them instead, if not, indeed, by pandemic serial bullying outright, then especially by ubiquitous grinding cultural propaganda

In the biting prose of Kathleen Norris: "When you are unhappy, is there anything more maddening than to be told that you should be contented with your lot?" Among similarly dehumanizing doctrines, Mysticism the likes of the Zen, in such zealous preference for inaction, is pernicious, because, though in life there are no guarantees, in the words of Benjamin Disraeli: "Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.”  Among so many salient reasons, Behaviorism in cavalier dismissal of Psychodynamics and the human condition, is likewise pernicious, because in the admonition of Benjamin Franklin: "Never confuse motion with action.” And in life as in drama, meaningful action derives, karmically, no less from motive and values than dharmically, just situationally.

The above chart, the incisive work of Cuddly Cyborg, is taken as most salient point of departure: The chart well demarcates mere giftedness and aware intellect, perhaps of an Antonio Salieri, from the extreme genius and distinct talent, even such as of an Amadeus Mozart. Some measure of the former, any deeper thought at all, often arises as disposition, but also remains always among the personal choices open to most anyone, though so often socially discouraged, left to our own devices, all aforementioned lip service to the contrary not withstanding.

This proposal is for a gifted circle, striving to meet the underserved needs thereof. Let Existential validation be taken as given merely in the embrace of values of autonomy, with affirmation in practice: This proposed circle is conceived NOT as yet another bogus support group. Time is not to be wasted in cultivation of consensual validation, precious time better invested in discourse, among equals, civil, open and critical, in flagrant violation of the near-far taboo, by following through from the abstract and general in the purest pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, all the way through to practical and concrete application, research, planning and every due diligence, all in order to follow through in active implementation and hoped for desirable results. Even the invaluable exchange of expert advice, contacts and personal assistance, as of professional circles and networking groups, is conceived as secondary to the principle focus, being: actual collaboration and innovation, proposed demarcation whereof and rationale in detail, all immediately to follow: 

KNOW MORE Indeed, fulfillment derives from engagement in pleasurable and meaningful activity, that are intrinsic motivations: Creativity for its own joy, and innovation which is purposefully creative problem solving, being more than solitary pursuits, are often underserved as social needs for optimal reciprocal engagement that may best be facilitated via creativity and art for art's sake in collaborative fiction writing and via innovation (which is, by contrast, any more purposeful creativity as in problem solving) towards truly ambitious entrepreneurial/activist new venture creation, that are the foci of this outreach for partners both or either  therein. By initiating any cohesive ongoing free exchange so unlike anything that I have been able to find already established and in practice, online on the attached forums or even locally and face to face, I hope not only for critical input and feedback to my own ideas and those of the other participants, but even new beginnings and real progress towards organization and implementation.

with fiction writing resources
for you to help improve !
who wants to participate?

KNOW MORE Let's do something amazing together! Social capital accrues via social "proof" (informational social influence): Participants in such interaction as herein proposed, of steady progress in research, organization and strategic planning, all in preparation towards success, consequently will be perceived as more interesting and attractive. And the interpersonal networking and promotion entailed in collective endeavor, will also help build and share a solid supporting platform for ongoing and more systematic generation and effective follow up of leads, promising and rewarding individual personal connections, by actually capitalizing upon how relationship arises only as a byproduct of open and purposeful interaction and howsoever substantive communication between individuals, and not via any bogus, anti-intellectual, timid, reactionary, superficial and even somewhat emotionally retarded indoctrinairy socialization as suitable only to whatever systematic social bribe/threat of popularity/unpopularity Behaviorally reinforcing the life drudgery and endless travail of oppressive conformity. 

Alas how egalitarian cooperation and problem solving, so vital to fulfillment and human happiness, come almost in afterthought, so jarringly out of place among the social aptitudes of heteronymously smooth hierarchical conformity as recognized by Cultural Anthropology, being as they are, emphasized in oppressively unhappy conventional society. And yet, it has been observed how gifted students amongst their own true gifted peers, are found suddenly and mysteriously no longer to require the great boon of indoctrination called: socialization! And precisely such observations only serve to fuel all the more, prevailing alienation and common complaint of upside down and false priorities in life, of the metaphorical tail wagging the proverbial dog. But what is the cure? Is it possible and desirable then, intentionally, by agreement within such as the proposed gifted circle, instead, to decide and agree to deliberately flout and reverse the norm, by taking initiative in radically emphasizing the egalitarian creative problem solving while expressly deemphasizing all of that dreary "correct" enforced superficial hierarchical conformity? Or are our habits of interaction and their broader context at large, all just fate set in stone?

Happy people talk more seriously together, freely, and with less small talk.



I stand so often criticized for writing so densely. But density means compact and information content rich. Alas I only begin from Socratic Wisdom in combing the impoverished and belabored dearth of available information and discourse, such as it is. And I estimate how little I know relative to how much needs to be researched and strategized, and I am forced to apologize that my writing is hardly dense enough. Indeed, I am also sometimes misperceived as hand waving. I certainly hope not. It is only in framing problem statements that gaps may be discovered, let alone ever addressed. And that can be hard work. More than anyone can accomplish alone or even might want to.

And that is one reason for this, my own convivial outreach for new partners in joint authorship in innovative dramatic Science Fiction writing and collaboration in entrepreneurial and activist new venture creation.

Another reason is more personal, having to do with essential human social desires: There is no shortage of ever much the same ubiquitous platitude running thin, ever the same common sense free advice, that isn't actually true and doesn't actually work; or all manner of popularity and success gurus with whatever great secret. As if struggling with such silly obscure riddles, any more than simply following instructions, were ever, or ever could be, the key to life! The very question actually most substantively crucial and so often overlooked in approaching human interaction, is simply of the satisfaction of intrinsic interpersonal stimulus needs:




Doing what you love:                                              
pleasure + engagement + meaning = gratification
where ongoing fulfillment of desire
and then renewal of appetite
is the measure of vitality and authentic wellbeing 
                       What are these things to you?



You're all invited!
Let's do something amazing together!
Creativity in and of itself is inherently friendly
Let's change the conversation: Implementation is key
in seeking whatever crucial edge for any Davids up against Goliath competition, and all from scratch
This taboo conversation by itself can already uplift your happiness!
In order to address the bored, lonely and frustrated underserved needs and imagination of intelligent people,                                                   
                 and the better to nurture all endemically wasted human potential of autonomy and untapped passionately driven talent
                                    advances unheard of agendas of creativity in and of itself,
                         even entirely sans all of the usual craven behavioral structure and social subtext of reward and punishment,
                                                                 as truly fulfilling attachment and intrinsically motivated productive social interaction, all in and of itself:      



The uncreative mind can spot wrong answers, but it takes a very creative mind to spot wrong questions.”  —  Anthony Jay
“A problem well stated is a problem half solved. —  Charles F. Kettering
There is no external intrinsic meaning out at large in the indifferent universe. Meaning, in any sense of the word, is only created in the mind individually and constructed culturally. And fulfillment is contingent upon human nature. The problem of attaining fulfillment is better reframed as the problem of how to be any happier by bringing about improved match between needs and circumstances, situation or environment. Because there is no Zen problem of the entirely human very capacity suffering. There is only the appropriateness of grief in response to adverse circumstances that require improvement. Alas, one most tiresome and destructive approach in solution finding to this non problem of the very capacity for suffering in and of itself, a theme nevertheless so popular even from antiquity, is to modify, minimize or even seek entirely to eliminate needs, intrinsic and extrinsic alike, all together. In short, that the lunatic self-loathing remedy to all frustration by quelling all appetite through abstinence, a fraudulent doctrine of deepest despair fobbed of as brightest hope.
When contentment is found elusive, and the quest arduous, return to innocence is so consistently extolled as the answer. But innocence is both irrecoverable and often vastly overrated. Besides, to begin with, the question yet stands as to whether even contentment, if ever such can be had, is truly the same thing as happiness. Because there is every evidence rather that the journey of happiness. like creativity, follows the path of discontent. Indeed, the other more interesting and constructive approach to the far more worthy problem posed by whatever adverse circumstance and privation, is in seeking to improve circumstances in order better to meet all manner of needs and desires, and at all to mend adverse circumstances, all as best possible. Historically, humanity has struggled to meet the most pressing and basic and practical of needs first, and the loftier ones later if ever at all. But nowadays, in our times of unprecedented automated mass production so appallingly squandered in nightmarish logistics and corporate crime, all scarcity is palpably artificial, the masses rightly feel cheated, and the yearning ever mounts, to amass great personal fortunes, but only via the edification of creating an artistic or scientific masterpiece or accomplishment of some kind, and doing well by doing good.
Or can all of that ever truly amount to anything more than an Absurd pipedream? In affluent technological society so redolent with all manner of untapped and squandered resources, in a veritable inversion of Maslow's Pyramid, the problem has become of reconciliation of priorities, of material and practical survival on terms dictated by intrinsic needs essential to fulfillment authentically true to oneself. And intrinsic needs are met or failed by social stimuli resultant from interaction that is a function of circumstances, situation or social environment. What, then, are the optimal social stimuli, activity and interaction? -that which might even be deemed the opposite of loneliness and boredom. And under what optimal circumstances, situation or social environment via what best implementation strategy? That is the often tabooed central question of the individual within the community that serves as the primary focus of
Addressing an often undirected yearning for real freedom and greater power over ones own circumstances, a frustrated dream everywhere expressed, and speaking often in fundamental generalities only because Axiology no less than Logic, moves from the general to the specific, where the specifics whereof depend upon personal desire and opportunity, the following ought to even be actually conventional, obvious and more readily available to enter into or begin actively seeking value together, towards implementation all even from scratch. In brief, the yearning to innovate.


Collaborative fiction brainstorming workshop

There are all manner of projects in shared collaborative World Building of copious, meticulous and sometimes even rigorous background detail, that they often then don't really seem to know what to do with. There is high powered collaboration in video and even feature movie production, frequently with no attention to scripting. Bad scripts are often imposed arbitrarily and in advance. Joint authorship in fiction, has been abandoned to the mercies of various online communities of grandiose delusionally malagendaed willfully amateurish pipedreaming dilettantery that give fanfic such a bad name. Now, while there are many of what amount to worthless online support groups or forums for writers, there are also plenty of excellent writers groups online for the exchange of genuine critique even of high caliber in order to nurture and cultivate talent and improve in fiction writing competence and the discipline of the writing craft. But for some reason, unlike the former snot-nosed blockheads, the latter serious writers are rarely if ever seen actually to collaborate. This leaves a considerable gap in valuable creative social experience and resource of informed and capable productive joint authorship in fiction writing.

At all serious writing is long traditionally solitary. What a waste! What squandered social and imaginative opportunity! For sheer creativity, more egalitarian, problem-centered rather than ego-centered, the unique first key complementary agenda of is to meet the need and fill the gap of serious writing joint authorship even from scratch, by bringing together aspiring fiction writers of every skill level, not only for the exchange of hardnosed critique, but full participation in an ongoing writers bull session online, collaborative brainstorming of new fiction writing projects as emerge, not only for intensity of peak experience of shared creativity and growth in the discipline of the writing craft, but an actual high standard of genuine and intensely innovative and surprising new quality output in dramatic fiction writing and Science Fiction. No one else openly offers or attempts this online!

A selection of notions, provocations and unfinished works along with extensive tools and guides to creativity, drama and the discipline of the writing craft, are provided.

Let's alpha test this for a week or two, to see how we enjoy it.
with fiction writing resources
for you to help improve !


Solicitation for entrepreneurial co-founders in new venture creation and activism is also targeted to fill the gap of vastly underserved needs, in the utterly neglected very earliest embryonic path of concerted effort over time, discussion, research and networking even from the "kitchen table" phase or stage of new venture creation planning and organization, problem-centered rather than ego-centered, with the productive ambition of even world changing new venture creation and expansion all from scratch, undertaking beyond the resource or wherewithal of any one lone individual, hence actually seeking out and bringing together aspiring entrepreneurs and activists for brainstorming new ideas and following up in every due diligence developing all manner of promising notions into realization, from comprehensive feasibility study and (pre-) incubation of embryonic first concepts, through business planning and qualified Management Team recruitment, all the way to capitalization, implementation and expansion. Initially, elaboration upon first concept is a creative process bearing crucial similarities to that of collaborative fiction writing, The differences remain that actual feasibility is at stake, not just narrative plausibility, with research to test reality rather than merely self consistent story background. And whereas writers only need imagine interesting and capable characters to rise to the challenges contrived in any plot-driven tale, real life management team building will require actual search and recruitment, on spec, of any range of participants qualified in different expertise, ability, and suitable temperament, including risk tolerance, work in hopes of whatever hoped for results down the line.

Various proposals in ongoing development are showcased. Pitch your own, too!

Let's alpha test this for six months or so, and then evaluate actual progress along with fulfillment as subjectively experienced.
who wants to participate?




Agenda pursuit specifically tailored towards optimal reciprocal engagement in value maximization:

The first step: How even changing the conversation already becomes Eudemonistic.  

There is always more at stake than means to an end, more than deferred gratification of hoped for future success. Life is the journey no less than any possible destination. And in our time, never truer spoken are the immortal words of Simone Weil: “Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.” For increasingly, we find ourselves living, as is so often said, in an attention economy, wherein demand vastly outstrips supply. Personal happiness may therefore depend largely upon optimal reciprocal and maximal engagement in productive exchange of whatever the right kind of attention for the individuals concerned, in best sustainable quantity, frequency, duration, quality, type and suitability to the needs of participants engaged therein just as Weil surmised. Even before ever actually moving into action, the anticipation, the mere conversation consisting of open ended speculation subject to unflinching criticism, controversy and honest due diligence sans acrimony or passive aggression, will already significantly improve authentic wellbeing. For happiness, Epicurus espoused freedom, friendship and thought. Indeed: Happy people talk more seriously together, freely, and with less small talk. Indeed, in the words of Eleanor Roosevelt: “Great minds discuss ideas. Mediocre minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” 
Autonomy, problem-centered rather than ego-centered, the intimacy of psychological visibility for deeper and more profound interpersonal relations, and effectiveness towards success all demand access to share the uplifting creative frame of mind in the freedom to communicate honestly in open ended Dialectic beginning from unfounded conjecture only then subject only then first to critical preference including such articles as theoretical elegance, and next to investigative and experimental reality testing. All therefore my thesis here, first of all, is of the crucial importance and effectiveness of creative and exchange and open criticism in authentic wellbeing, and my own recommendation to these ends, begin with collaboration at an interstice of two undertakings in specific, fiction writing and Entrepreneurial new venture creation.
Both the discipline of the writing craft and the initiative of Entrepreneurial new venture creation demand creativity and critique, and inspire lively controversy. But whereas the speculation and conjecture of drama may be entirely creative, that of Entrepreneurship being also practical, must be predictive and strategic. Collaborative fiction writing therefore shows great promise as a most conducive mode of play complementary to the work of Entrepreneurial new venture creation. Discussion must be open ended, conjectural, speculative, rigorous, realistic and critical. Agenda of new venture creation needs to be be strategic. Creative exercise of collaborative fiction writing need only cleave to the discipline of the writing craft, drama, plot and the plausibility of the speculative element.
Fictional Entrepreneurship is the application of design fiction towards imagination of striking and unusual new business ventures in order to test the limits of theoretical feasibility and practicality, not the impossible, but possibility derived even from utopian, theoretical, and Philosophical notions. Fictional Entrepreneurship is a means of raising critical and social dialogue, speculation and projection via new enterprise creation, entirely imaginary and whimsy or ever fully implemented into successful reality. For whereas passive denial sinks even the most modest, banal and straightforward proposition into sheer empty pipedream, honest due diligence ekes barest feasibility study at all even out from the most fantastic overreach. Because objectivity is never a secure foundation, but merely an honest intention of error detection and course correction along the way. -Rigorous business planning towards new venture creation as an exercise in extreme Science Fiction futurological scenario planning and detailed World Building even in anticipating and rising to meet new needs themselves yet to arise.  
As Paul Raven observes: Science Fiction isn’t dying at all; it’s metastasizing!
It is well said how writing, like photography, is easy to do, but difficult to do well. Nothing obstructs entry into the activity of writing, nor limits consummate excellence with practice and receptivity to feedback of hardnosed critique. The vehicle of creative writing qualifies perhaps as the readiest and broadest of all access to Philosophical exploration. But bringing such traditionally solitary reflection as writing, first into discourse, an interpersonal interaction, a social activity, thence only as a mode of cooperation amongst equals, remains daunting; shockingly so in any democratic society. While In commerce, the arts and grassroots politics, Entrepreneurship beacons, at least in theory, (all easier said than done, of course) as the most open and broadest conceivable tool of practical implementation and institutionalization of ideas and proposals in human society. And that journey of feasibility study, the more arduous, too, nevertheless begins by discourse and research, in the open mind forearmed with incredulity. -All no less taboo amongst the sheeple.
“The truly great advances of this generation will be made by those who can make outrageous connections, and only a mind which knows how to play can do that.”  — Nagle Jackson
optimal reciprocal engagement
Act Without External Pressure:                                                   
intrinsic motivations of task mastery, meaningful purpose and value maximization


A better way, together? But how can such peaks of sustained happiness best be achieved, on ones own terms, while steering clear of stultifying unhappy and un-free servitude of dysfunctional family, school and employment? Most people largely tolerate things as they are, only much interesting themselves in at least seemingly moderate and realistic ambitions. For in the immortal words of George Bernard Shaw: “Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people.” Indeed, from much that very sentiment, often ensues enthusiastic recommendation of whatever strategies of extreme rugged self reliance, ever so much easier said than done, frustrating and often intensely lonely. Others, even the more introveritedly, go further, extolling either heteronymously collective cheerful delusion or else the private crushing extinction of all hope in order to achieve sublime apathy and become free of often frustrated desire and therefore suffering, while others still extol amoral manipulation as key to popularity and success. But in the alternative to sheer predation, going it alone, utter denial, making do or just giving up, as Margaret Mead famously and "unreasonably" remarked: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” And to quote Epicurus once more: “Of all the means to insure happiness throughout the whole life, by far the most important is the acquisition of friends.” Indeed, as Schopenhauer observes: “Friends and acquaintances are the surest passport to fortune.” Moreover, even every pleasure, creativity and discovery on the journey to success, all quickly fade, becoming empty and dull with no one to share it with. And as shall be seen, only in respecting autonomy is there possibility of meaningful engagement into true attachment. That is why social isolation, particularly as deliberately inflicted by bullying, is so destructive. Are bullies destroying your ability to compete?

Private reflection better informs consultation and deliberation with others towards free decision for oneself, what is important, not just as to such matters of practicality as when to spend, when to invest, or even personal preferences such as to what stuff you really even want, where and how best to make acquisition, but that all resources, tangible and intangible, are well directed towards real value and effect, and not just frittered away on associated advertising mystique and sublimation. Because care and savvy consumerism in the acquisition of material possessions, is the least of challenges to rational scrutiny and informed consent to every cherished value in which we are each so vested in the ongoing Existential bait-and-switch that is the human condition. In the words of Socrates: “The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being.” Therefore, we must never quail from Philosophy and the scientific quest for truth (defined as: correspondence to reality in assertions) in the responsible honest autonomy of unfettered reflection, open Dialectic discourse and fearless controversy of critical investigation and creativity among equals, Axiologically and strategically. Because, while social support stands among the strongest known predictors of individual success with the possible exception of self-efficacy, cooperation in tough and realistic though no less ambitious hardnosed planning, endless research, feasibility study and preparation, above all staying interested: persistence in due diligence, all remain key in addressing the issues and vastly underserved needs of the fist concept "kitchen table stage" or phase of new venture creation all from scratch, ex nihilo.

Everything you've been taught is wrong! Yes, solution finding consists of meaningful engagement in freedom, friendship and thought.
No, the answer isn't at the back of the textbook, but look if you want, and besides: there is more than one correct answer. Moreover, sharing ones notes isn't cheating, but the beginning of cooperation and research.

Eudemonia is not asceticism. Opulent standards of living are among the great achievements of civilization, industry and automation. But higher even ever more care free standards of living, food, medicine, convenience, relative comfort, even luxury and hedonistic pleasure, are only the beginning of human needs. It turns out that experiences are a better buy for happiness than possessions. As Epicurus said: “Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.” Eudemonia subversively embraces life, purposeful work and the leisure of play, not just acquisition and possession. Leading a life, and not just making a living, depth, not just immediacy, quality over quantity. Real growth in every sense, not just economic boom and bust: In entrepreneurial terms, creation of meaningful value not empty travail.

Taking the design approach to intentional activity:   Can happiness be created or engineered?
“Happiness comes when you believe in what you are doing, know what you are doing, and love what you are doing.”  —  Brian Tracy   
A situation analysis, problem statement, simple forecast of human needs, and the above straightforward proposal for happiness in the greatest effort you'll ever love: This is a solid pitch targeted directly to the all to often so frustrated and underserved deepest of human needs, as best as we currently understand them.
Alienation: When strangers first come into contact, we so desperately strive to conceal our uncertainty and insecurity, keep a game face, and skillfully negotiate the social minefield according to prevailing expectations. How oppressive, Absurdly cagey and demeaning! Make no mistake: If life as we lead it, is ever at all like unto some sort of Existential prison, then we, you and I, are the escape committee! And so, what if instead, in any spirit of democracy in action, one where explicitly consulted about how best to interact, and the crafting of any guiding purposeful agenda? It will be crucial not only to reject the status quo that has failed so many, but to know what we want and to follow through strategically on whatever desired paradigm shift. But even thusly strategizing from scratch evokes a demand for high risk tolerance, even with no initial tangible investment or sacrifice the way that better established, supported and more respectable, conventional and more clearly behaviorally structured approaches such as school, employment or organized religion generally do, let alone that which is called: recreation.
But all increasingly dubious guarantees aside, the key even in doing as we are expected, still turns out to be not really in painting by numbers, so to speak, but in somehow or other turning to one another. And there's the rub. Because in this, so many of us are simply left to our own devices, to glean from subtext, take the hint, and pay heed to our intended  role models, the most heteronymously inauthentic and eager to please, and emulate their fraudulent sycophancy in the cult of socialization and social skills. But can such ever actually be the reliable life success system that we've all heard so much about? Or can we imagine better? Indeed, what might be your own vision at all, of a more ideal social environment to best meet our various needs of social interaction, by purposeful design? And why ever not? But precisely how would it all work? I'm interested in consulting with you, gentle reader, and I'm asking your opinion. Whatever nebulous powers that be never will.
Unhappiness is typically associated with job dissatisfaction, not particularly liking the locale in which one abides, crass materialistic consumer compensation neurosis, loneliness, wandering focus of brooding in lack of active engagement, long commutes and financial worries. Whereas, entrepreneurial partnership by design, strives at optimal work satisfaction, meaningful optimal reciprocal engagement and value maximization, in full benefit of remote collaboration, under flexible schedule at our own pace. And the hope of making it big nourishes the eventual possibility of long term financial peace of mind.
The cutting edge of Psychological research lately finds itself ever more in closest concurrence with wisdom of the sages of old rediscovered, regarding the very nature of authentic wellbeing that is innately the target of most relevant intrinsic motivation, alas so enshrouded in taboo. For Freud, exaltation from any creative motive, no matter how ostensibly Platonic in sublimated expression or outlet, is called: Eros. Or, if one prefers, Eudemonia anciently names that authentic well being as arising through ones best in active pursuit of excellence living as one's best, or: arête. Hence the grand ambition and prime agenda of is engagement with one another in the often heady autonomy aspired to in what it is to be entrepreneurial according to the definition of Bolton, WK and Thompson, JL (2000) ‘Entrepreneurs: Talent, Temperament, Technique’, Elsevier: “a person who habitually creates and innovates to build something of recognized value around perceived opportunities”.
It has long  been observed how gifted students amongst their own true gifted peers, suddenly and mysteriously no longer require the great and dubious boon of socialization! In short, perhaps in whatever social context, it might be not only better and wiser, but arguably perhaps even healthier and more natural, actually to study and emulate gifted interaction, then deliberately taken as the new model for an intentional social functionality amongst community of equal peers, in order thereby to improve and enrich life and autonomy support for everyone, than endlessly conniving and bullying to make such a shining great favor of such relentlessly flagrant conditionality and peer pressure "providing structure" aimed only at dumbing down and heteronymizing our best and brightest, all in order to glorify mediocrity.
All manner of celebrated creative entrepreneurial solution finding problem solving groups emerge every day, discovering and hammering out innovative solutions to the challenges of our day and beyond, with unflagging progress towards implementation. Why can't that be us, you and me, gentle reader, together with any others? It can be. Let's! It begins merely with the perseverance of a core group that is at all serious, working steadily to better understand and then to fill the gaps, step by step. And again, the first byproducts will include elevated mood, improved public image making and more effective outreach and networking to cement social connection, and all simply from steadily ongoing discussion and research, even further recruitment as need emerges, all at our own pace, without oversensitivity or passive aggression.
Creative people are perpetually dissatisfied, faliblist, critical, curios, flexible, imaginative, experimental, boredom prone, problem-friendly with the unexpected, therefore enjoying the eustress of creative tension, forthcoming, playful and expressive, hard working and persistent, optimistically and enthusiastically embrace challenge, value their ideas without becoming wedded to them, any first idea being, after all, merely the starting point in the process of fleshing out cross-connections towards challenging assumptions and reframing, ambitiously pushing the envelope and taking fresh and different perspective towards testing great ideas arising to compete in the market place of ideas. For most of all, creative people recognize environments and cultures of respect that reciprocally optimally foster creativity.
“Philosophers, writers, artists, even scientists, not only need encouragement and an audience, they need constant stimulation from other people. It is almost impossible to think without talking. If Defoe had really lived on a desert island, he could not have written Robinson Crusoe, nor would he have wanted to. Take away freedom of speech, and the creative faculties dry up.”  
'Conversation with a Pacifist' by George Orwell 
It's not just singles who suffer, left out: The affiliation, however genial, of neighborhood parents with little else in common, is often fallow ground for any deeper connection. And matching couples, demands compatibility by a factor of four. Alas that we have fallen prey to an heteronymous dependency upon the stifling behaviorally structured environments of school and employment, to provide propinquity for forging close and enduring friendships: convenient proximity, repeated unplanned interaction, and a setting for unguarded moments to confide in one another. Hence clichéd social advice typically centers upon recourse to even more arbitrary behavioral structure, such as facilitated by hanging out at the same bars, discos or gyms etc., interminably, or joining and subordinating oneself to various clubs or undertaking the drudgery of volunteer work. But in the alternative, reliance upon spontaneity alone, is futile without actual disposition to spontaneity. For autonomous intrinsically motivated interaction to provide the same and actually better social opportunity, the participants must be responsible and indeed intrinsically motivated to continually reengage one another of their own accord, and to network and exchange social support, all even without behavioral structure of schedule or propinquity for regular chance reencounter. Exactly such scarce initiative, the lost social skill set of autonomy fallen so out of fashion and into such disrepair, is especially crucial, reciprocally, for sustaining any forward momentum, interpersonally. Too long domesticated, then without any routine provided us, we degenerate into such passive, confused and mistrustful sheeple adrift! But more meaningful shared sought for outcome, a genuine purpose rather than mere heteronomy to arbitrary group cohesion, is well known to engage participants in closer attachment.
Being that engagement is the beginning of the state or condition of attachment which is an ongoing, remembered or anticipated and even yearned for state of engagement, hence according to Self-Determination Theory, secure attachment is characterized by attention and responsiveness to one another's needs when turning toward one another to obtain comfort and care. Indeed, prime features of autonomy include initiative being: the forward looking vision and motivation of enterprise and determination that affords any capacity to begin proactively, or to follow through energetically, with a plan or task, together with the need for meaningful engagement fending off boredom and loneliness. Heteronomy, the ever cagey and calculating enemy of autonomy, is also the active enemy of engagement and attachment, of transparent agenda, of open passion and interest of every kind. Therefore, bullying which is heteronymous, stifles initiative. Indeed, the social skill sets of heteronomy and autonomy are so entirely different. Heteronymous social skills correlate to the guardedness and control of heteronomy in the first place, and not any unmet needs of the individual. And yet the exhortations to sublimation persist, of the former as the means to the latter. Indeed, that often seems the only game in town!
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In such an Entrepreneurial collaborative pre-incubator, as with the collaborative fiction brainstorming workshop envisaged as preliminary creativity and bonding exercise, there should be no need of any pressure from arbitrary deadlines, instead just sticking with it and staying interested, reciprocally optimal maximal engagement achieved by creativity and objectivity in correcting, modifying, integrating and improving upon one another's input. Such shared gifted intellectual stimulation and challenge of research and problem solving, when sustained, moves more steadily into any glimpse into another's inner life, the reciprocal understanding called: psychological visibility, for deeper and more profound interpersonal relations, wherein good conversation the more uplifting, energizes and deepens acquaintance by free flowing investigative personal information exchange, all greatly accelerating and intensifying the attachment process of friendship over the averages of chance propinquity into acclimatization by intermittent casual small talk. -Indeed, to paraphrase Gian Vincenzo Gravina, all free from the boorishly stultifying heteronymous behavioral structure that socially robs one of solitude without actually ever providing sympathetic company.
Neither wishful thinking nor defeatism and passive aggression are ultimately objective or productive. Both fiction writing and new venture creation are speculative, conjectural in nature, hence the fruits of open and enthusiastic imagination and controversy. However, to reiterate, constraints upon the latter may be more severe than those upon the former: whereas engaging drama generally only strives at all for plausibility, sound business planning even in most bold subversion of all convention, must in all due diligence then struggle towards rationally and Empirically supportable recommendations and predictions to at all withstand serious criticism and attempted refutation.
Moving into action: How can autonomous equals best interact and cooperate freely and responsibly? In truth, at the core of any successful open source endeavor, typically stands some organized and constant corporate committee tasked with making best productive deployment of the open source community. Unconstrained spontaneity exclusively, upon mere whim, frequently shows itself to be unreliable or worse, and may therefore quickly find its limits. And in any alternative, as any standard of ethical conduct, autonomous virtues vs. heteronymous false values within any group, will tend to impact outcomes for all. Indeed, happiness comes in individual ability together with circumstantial opportunity requisite to meeting ones needs for capable interaction with responsible others. Whereas, instead, when puerile headgames and malagenda of amoral innocuous group cohesion and conformity, even however arbitrarily, remain the only true sole priority, all decency and purpose irresponsibly fall by the wayside. Virtues are not rules but principles, demanding aptitudes of autonomous critical thinking rather that acquiescence into behavioral structured heteronymous obedience. In any controversial discourse, civility and criticality are key, not timid toadying dogmatism, bullying and flaming. And this carries over into any investigation or creative endeavor. More specifically, in dramatic fiction writing, the discipline of the writing craft is key. In business planning and new venture creation, due diligence of feasibility study towards solution finding and answerability to task interdependence in uplifting reciprocal support among equals. These are all virtues not only crucial to individual lone courage, resilience, effectiveness and eventual success, but good morale, shared joy and happiness along the arduous journey together.
Alas how so few social groups ever evolve to that most productive stage of high functioning autonomy wherein their capacity, range, and depth of personal relations expand to true interdependence for action independently, in subgroups, or in the larger group, each one's roles and authorities dynamically adjusting to the changing needs of the group and each other, interdependent in personal relations and problem solving in the realm of task functions as ever may arise, with an overall objective of productivity through problem solving, with sustained time and effort. Self assured, the need for group approval is past. Group members are highly engaged, both task oriented and highly people oriented. Morale is high. The task function becomes genuine problem solving, leading toward optimal solutions and optimum group development with support for experimentation in solving problems and an emphasis upon desired achievement.
What remains most clear is that competition and conflict are never truly quelled by restriction to non-threatening topics of conversation. Trust is never forged by dependence upon heteronymous  structure of patterned behavior, but by active acknowledgment of all members’ contributions, community building and maintenance, and resolution of group issues.
Happiness is well known first to require the absence of excessive suffering. Pleasurable and displeasurable emotion though so often viewed as opposite poles on the same continuum, are actually supported by separate though related neurological architecture. It is also often observed how people so often tend to respond more strongly aversively to negative emotion, than by attraction to take action in response to positive emotions. This might account for the prevailing predominance of intimidation and lost opportunity.
Indeed, fun and happiness have been found to require, among other things, and to reiterate, neither Zen cessation nor motivational conditioning nor any other snake oil indoctrination to contentment in making do, but first and foremost, in order to overcome negativity bias, engagement in enjoyable and meaningful interaction to begin with, with no less than a five to one ratio in favor of positive experiences, even in the form of frequent small positive acts. Because of our social needs, greater happiness often accrues from helping others; while for the recipient is promoted cheerful optimism regarding the future of the relationship or endeavor. And beginning by simply holding up your end of the discussion, then if al goes well, as new venture creation unfolds, all that is required is for each to do their part, not merely in so far as solitary division of labor, but all importantly, reciprocal assistance, mindful of task interdependence, for resultant ongoing exchange of frequent positive acts, however small, in a continuous stream of fresh reciprocally positive experiences thereof, reliably outweighing negativity bias and reducing frustration by addressing, in good cheer, said crucial task interdependencies via readiness and timely efficiency of all needed mutual assistance.

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“The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being.”  — Socrates 

For happiness, Epicurus espoused freedom, friendship and thought. Indeed: Happy people talk more seriously together, freely, and with less small talk. Because otherwise, to quote Olmstead: “After all is said and done, much is said and little is done.” And to quote Benjamin Disraeli: "Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” So let's all talk this over! This should be urgent, all the time. But instead we are demanded that in order to be popular, one must keep it all conversation light and never complain.
Indeed, one feature of serious conversation is agenda. Moving from the abstract and general, to the concrete and particular, characteristics of agenda are questioning open endedness, the practice of criticism and controversy, strategic planning into expanding collaborative action. Agenda is therefore taboo. In any bureaucracy, especially as in any way influenced by or affiliated to what passes for education, if calls to agenda cannot simply be ignored or condemned, they will typically be countered with call for compromise in the name of convention and sensitivity, all amounting to the heteronymous annihilation of all the aforementioned responsible and liberating characteristics of agenda.
Existentially, what is freedom and for whom? Even admitting the importance of sheer survival, material support and comfort, the way of the idler, even sex; all genuine freedoms, attachment and thought both remain inextricable from autonomy: Indeed, there can be no freedom without the active emotional and intellectual liberation of the personality trait that is called: autonomy, and as we shall see, no true friendship either. And what is the responsibility of working for oneself? -Of being ones own boss, rather than ones own slave? Why, it means the joy in any opportunity of applying oneself to whatever actually matters, instead of dutiful acquiescence to parents, school teachers, employers and creditors, and deferring to ones social betters while utterly neglecting and abandoning all of ones own vital interests and passions vaguely to chance. It was Walter Kaufmann in 'Without Guilt and Justice' (1973) who posited the relative and adequate freedom from what he dubbed: decidophobia as a minimum adequate definition of autonomy. Fallible and uncertain as we all are, at least autonomy embraces ongoing error detection and course correction. People talking more seriously together, is not only more fulfilling of vital intimacy needs, but connective and actually empowering of capability, and crucially responsible in the autonomy for self efficacious entrepreneurship and free collaboration without the oppressive heteronymous behavioral structure imposed by dysfunctional family, that which passes for education, or the dull dreary travail of most employment. Such is the first crucial preparation, more important than any other desirable resource, and most greatly conducive to productive happiness and success. Everything begins with and depends upon flouting taboo simply by holding up your end of the conversation in talking rationally and realistically together about every most fantastical seeming aspiration and ambition imaginable. That is what Science Fiction teaches and Entrepreneurship practices. As  Oliver Cromwell put it, not only to strike while the iron is hot, but to keep striking until the iron heats up. To set groundwork and make opportunity.


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The controversial Philosophical explorations, hypertexts in brainstorming and in the discipline of the dramatic writing craft, and compiled business research and Entrepreneurial research on, each come in adjunct to the agenda expounded herein. argues passionately in opposition to unduly fragile misanthropic life strategies of serenity in heteronymous submission to a'priori lowered expectations and deranged Pollyanna sweet reason in the face of unchecked and pervasive bullying. In the words of Epicurus: “Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.”  And we must extricate from every artificial scarcity, bait-and-switchand anhedonic heteronomy, the autonomy and abundance of which we are robbed. That is the true to life lesson of drama addressing every hope of growth in Menschlichkeit, any dharmic skill in functioning as more effective and better people towards one another.

       The range of longstanding traditional recommendations herein rejected as oppressive and unsuitable, how and why so... (If I've heard it all before, then my rebuttal is already here.)

Not convinced? Surprise me! Am I entirely off target? Can you do better?  The preceding discourse in pursuit of Eudemonia may be taken as an sample description or blueprint for an intentional community providing social environment of human interaction designed to fulfill intrinsic stimulus needs in harmony with personal values. -not merely character, even howsoever sterling, in the abstract, but real opportunity for life lead in integrity.

But perhaps, gentle reader, whatever your own intrinsic needs, deep desires and cherished values simply differ at all from my own. 

So, what is the true essence of arête, and how might your own better new ideas, considered recommendations and personal wish list take shape and unfold, differently than mine as on this page?


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