What sort of Sitesurfer are you?
(And you all know damn well who you are, or else you wouldn't feel so insulted!)











Meet The Airhead: "I am very comfortable in my own self-generated niche. For only I actually thrive in our downright unreasonable monological world full of  people who always talk without listening to each other or even to themselves. Yea, verily, for my responses are utter non sequitur. I never actually bother to actually read before responding. I only have an impulse to chaotic incoherent self expression, and whatever random input at a glance is simply my convenient Rorschach free association trigger stimulus and nothing more."

Meet The Code Nerd: "They may tell you that I cannot see the forest for the trees, but what little does that signify? When surfing an unfamiliar website, as guardian of the holy sanctity of html, I proudly make a point never to use the intended browser, derive so much as one iota of joy from graphics, FX or other gimmicks, nor, especially, to allow myself to be distracted by actual content. I simply issue the wildest and most sweepingly purpose-defeating demands for everything be scrapped, dumped and changed completely, with no regard what so ever for anything save the pristine purity of code! Because such is all that matters!"

Meet The lamer Flamer: "When surfing an unfamiliar website, in response I demonstrate my innate superiority by unremittingly spewing forth picayune irrelevance, unrelenting abuse and ugly groundless accusation! Because I'm so well adjusted and cool with the in-crowd..."

Meet The Web Ninny: "When surfing an unfamiliar website, I just throw up my hands in helplessness! And above all, I never, ever explain what's wrong or give the URL of whatever page I am complaining about or post online I respond to in such relentless stream-of-consciousness, no more, likewise, than I would ever, for example, supply context by excerpt the emails I answer, but only many months later. And, naturally, I take great and wounded umbrage at all exasperated demands for context or reference! I'm only crying out for trying to help, after all."
Meet The UTTER CRETIN: "I felt compelled to reach out and by way of my blindingly picayune and irrelevant response, to herald your dawning awareness of my complete refusal actually to engage with any of your writing. It is not the job or your audience to grow in self awareness by soul searching to understand whatever unsettles them, any more than it is the work of an author to stir up the reader. Sooth me in my deep-seated chronic distrust, damn it!"
I am appalled by sex every seven seconds.

Meet The IRATE CRUSADING PETTY PALTRY PICAYUNE PRUDE: "Even if I never find the wherewithal to navigate any other content whatsoever, I will, nevertheless, unerringly home in and locate whatever the one particular iota of content, however tame, trivial or obscure, that will most offend my excruciatingly delicate sensibilities and save me from the need or dire temptation whatsoever of ever pondering or discussing anything even remotely interesting, important or relevant. Soft flame, -dare you protest...  Whatever can you be talking about! What's my problem? -You may demand... Well, let's just get one thing straight, I've got no problem, little mister! I do it for all the children Online. All else must stay perpetually on hold until the entire world capitulates to me and my fawning sycophantic toadies! Because, the ever fragile young (just for precaution, even if nowhere even remotely in evidence!) must always be shielded by my own unyielding terror, scandalized obsession, stultifying fixation, life long denial and taboo. Never be insensitive: After all, what has Feminism got to do with equal self reliance and rational calm? No, no, that's not what freedom is all about! It's for your own good, dear... Who wouldn't want to grow up as happy as and heteronymously well adjusted as I? Values must be safeguarded far earlier than they can actually be comprehended. Otherwise, the resultant sex-crazed drooling adolescent is a deformed and unnaturally pathetic creature and a threat to our way of life. But an unstable Patriotic bible-thumping closed minded Moralistically upright and chronically offended cockblcking young slut-shamer is strong, capable and ready to preserve our traditions and help keep the same leaders in power, just like me!"

The elder child whispers secretively to the younger child: "That plumber over there is a homosexual!"
So the younger child looks up wide-eyed to the elder child, wondering: "What's a plumber?"
The moral: To the pure, all is... To the puerile, all is...


Meet The DELUSIONAL FANATIC: "I am a flagrant Antinationalist secretively beating about the bush and indignantly demanding blanket exemptions from accountability, consistent logic and Reality Testing for all of my own obscure and fanatical articles of faith and Paranormal claims that inform all my distorted views, animosity towards criticism, question begging, depraved indifference and destructive behaviors, willfully blind to all contradiction, Empirical, logical, moral or ethical. Humor me patiently as I insult your intelligence and offend all compassion, or else suffer my wrath and scorn!"

Meet The VAGUE Gist: "I never imagined that there are actually people who begin, first, by seizing upon any single point in a hypertext, to then construct their understanding of the whole, adding to their own picture as they move through the content. What an interesting notion! Me, I'm just happy to browse all of this fascinating content, which I don't yet understand. What, aren't I getting the gist of it? You mean, we're not making balloon animals? What, can it be that are we not communicating but merely bypassing?"

Meet TED, the EVER Obtuse Inductivist: "I have so much to offer in response to this website, but I can never come to the point. The Universe, after all, is a riddle, and I am noting if not Universal! And so, by bombarding you with examples, marshalling copious illustrations, useless press clippings and seemingly random hyperlinks, my message, surely will arise, by and by, in all of it's magnificent splendor!"

Meet The Savant Explorer: "When surfing an unfamiliar website, I look for some introductory paragraph or two, usually at the top of the page, to explain whatever section my scrutiny has taken me to, orienting myself (by the application of sound integrative principles) in the body of the content in order to proceed from there (reading what is actually writ and subjecting the texts to Critical Thinking, emotionally centered and unthreatened in the embrace of all of it's alien "otherness"), to then perhaps compose my own cogent and pointed reply. (Speaking out confidently for myself and not as unordained and damaged representative on Earth of any whatever disassociated bizarre abstraction!) Otherwise, if need be, I try to ask intelligent questions and provide a proof reading note or two in order to point out whatever ambiguities that might remain so confounding. I even trouble to offer my user story coherently, in case of any whatever difficulties in navigation or other glitches etc. Then I read, attentively, such response as I might receive and then revisit the site again to review any pursuant modifications. In this manner, both my own understanding and clarity on the Web for everyone, progress."
Meet The lone agendist: Among the different types of students in school, intrinsically motivated self-driven students generally ignore all but specific knowledge of whatever particular and solitary interest to them. And indeed, likewise among all sitesurfer types, the rare self-driven visitors to FoolQuest.com, are seemingly the only ones who readily navigate and understand any part if it! Likewise online as in school, they still tend to be interested only in whatever their own solitary purpose and edification. With no need to be lead about by the nose online, they pick out what they need, and even pour over whatever they find most compelling. Yet alas, they may still crimestop at anything so taboo as taking up arms together pursuant to such various radical and unorthodox strategies as propounded here on FoolQuest.com
Finding The unmet collaborator will always be easier said than done, but what else is to be expected? It is important to work things through, because serious concerted action begins from serious conversation and focus. In the famous words of Socrates: "The unexamined life is not worth the living for a human being." Relationship arises only as a byproduct of purposeful interaction and substantive communication, and never otherwise. For happiness, Epicurus espoused freedom, friendship and thought. Happy people talk more seriously together, freely, and with less small talk, deliberating Dialectically in controversy, with civility as autonomous equals. Happy people are more productive and likely to choose creative activities. Happiness comes in meeting ones needs for capable interaction with responsible others, making progress every day. Therefore FoolQuest.com proffers a unique proposal of close collaboration among equals, to the agenda.

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