ideas should compete, bodies should cooperate

  John Storrs Hall
Agenda of
 and interaction


Nothing is simply


too good, that can


be imagined and desired.




external conditions for human thriving
Intentional Activity
Value in obscurity goes unrewarded.

                        Let's do something amazing together!

          Acclaim for remarkable work widens social circles and thereby opportunity.    
Towards more productively fulfilling and meaningful affective and cognitive optimal reciprocal engagement
as a more rewarding and authentic lynchpin of interpersonal interaction and social connection.


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We have indeed no end of due diligence before us,
those for whom life direction "off the rack" simply never seems befitting,
striving in definition and understanding towards implementation in fulfillment of individual unmet needs.  
    Rigorous business planning towards new venture creation may even be embraced as
 much an exercise in extreme Science Fiction futurological scenario planning and detailed World Building.     
Passive denial sinks even the most modest, banal and straightforward proposition into sheer empty pipedream,
whereas honest due diligence ekes barest feasibility study at all even out from the most fantastic escapism.
Because objectivity is never a secure foundation, but merely an honest intention.


Discontent is key to progress
Neither equally inauthentic opposite polar extremes of: workaholic superficial materialism on the one hand, nor of:
  conditioned willfully optimistic retreat inward from external reality on the other hand, ever actually bring happiness!
The TRUE MEANING of LIFE is that HAPPINESS is subjective well-being,
an INDIVIDUALLY REACTIVE STATE VARIABLE to howsoever favorable objectively real circumstances.
   Indeed, quality of life as experienced is ultimately a dramatic consequence of the ways things really are, actual circumstances,
and as such often even as in any part subject to our own interactions,
desperately seeking individual autonomy via interpersonal connection and efficacious impact improving the world we live in  
Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.  — Simone Weil
Ultimately, growth ensues only by remaining true to oneself, best abetted by others receptive thereto.
Happiness in living life is a serious problem for responsible individuals
Happiness comes in meeting ones needs for capable interaction with responsible others. WARNING: Outcomes beyond self achievable drudgery may require interpersonal negotiation.
True responsibility is shared responsibility





“When work is a pleasure, life is joy!

When work is a duty, life is slavery.”

— Maxim Gorky

values-driven enterprise

Happy people thrive, are more creative and productive, schedule more flexibly, earn more money, attract more friends, enjoy better relationships, and even stay healthier and outlive less happy peers. Happy people are sociable, extroverited and known to reach out, Talk More Seriously and make less small talk, exert effort in order to actively make things happen, attentively pursue new understandings, choose creative activities, seek new achievements, and thereby uplift their own thoughts and emotions, even improving their situation and circumstances by centering their lives around whatever pleases them most. Activity and objectives must be varied and novel yet well-suited to personality, practiced diligently and successfully in a continued stream of fresh positive experience so as to outweigh negativity bias. And that's a tall order! 

Doing what you love:                                              
Eudemonia = freedom + friendship + thought
power: freedom = autonomy + capability
passion + reason = fun constructive action
pleasure + engagement + meaning = gratification
where ongoing fulfillment of desire
and then renewal of appetite
is the measure of vitality and authentic well being 
                       What are these things to you?


Ponder/talk to/investigate all whomever/whatever anyone so urgently wants you not to even consider.   

Engagement, visceral or intellectual, elicits the desire of perseverance and concentration. Underserved stimulus needs of nurture for intelligence via optimal reciprocal engagement, include steady emotional support, exploration and fun, active participation, sensory stimulation, with opportunity for social interaction, freedom from undue pressure and distress though suffused with a degree of pleasurable intensity or: eustress, with varied selection and alternatives of successive novel challenges neither too easy and boring nor too difficult and frustrating, promoting lifelong growth in a broad range of skills and interests, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, social and emotional.

“Unhappiness is not knowing what we want and killing ourselves to get it.”  Don Herold    “It's a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.”  — Lucille Ball  
"Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought"
Happy people talk more seriously
How do you see yourself?   How might you seek to custom design your own peak experience?
After all, what are the situational forces of routine status quo, except the immediacy of readily available or even unavoidable human interaction? All those hucksters and self help gurus want is your money: If no hyped up guide, course or book achieves whatever earnestly desired life transformation, and blaming yourself certainly won't help, then perhaps what is wonting is the quality of intentional human interaction. First, change the discussion!
Can active immersive intentional shared creativity dispel alienated suffering ennui of loneliness and boredom?  
What are loneliness and boredom, really? Exactly what are you missing doing with others? Sell me on it!

According to Freud, the reality principle in the mind, playing out likely scenarios, weighs the costs and benefits of any effort before deciding either to act upon and gratify or else to restrain and abandon an impulse arising in accordance with the pleasure principle. And this interplay of the pleasure principle checked by the reality principle is obviously fundamental to all motivation and values, being crucial because Eudemonia, authentic well being, arises from human interchange suitable to fulfill intrinsic stimulus needs in harmony with personal values. -not merely character, even howsoever sterling, in the abstract, but real opportunity for life lead in integrity. Thus, happiness comes in meeting ones needs for capable interaction with responsible others, partaking together in that very interplay of the pleasure and reality principles that imbues living with meaningful relevant value and autonomy.  

Divide and conquer: If you're not suppose to talk to me, then what great taboo am I not supposed to impart to you?
It all begins simply by you holding up your end of this uplifting conversation...
 Free of charge   You're all invited!    your outreach begins here:
   Announcing working group formation
Modes of Collaboration for you to join in
Taking back the meaningful substance of life endeavor and interaction from oppressive externally standardized institution and behavioral structure:

planning & teambuilding WORK: agendas

cultivation of<RELATIONSHIP>

enjoy PLAY: together


and respect beyond

        CREATIVITY for it's own joy_

          gainful productive problem solving and projects 

vapid small talk and bullying

fiction writing collaboration - serious fun!

implementation from first concept to completion



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If we collectively prize such gifted aspirations so highly, then why must these be such solitary vocations?


Copyright 2009-2012 by Aaron Agassi
Or are you doing something more important?
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”— Margaret Mead

Only focuses upon the following ranges of so vastly underserved needs of wild ideas: 

Only strives to address even the most embryonic first concept "kitchen table" inception stage or phase
of whatever YOUR entrepreneurial or activist new venture creation start-up from scratch.
Automated Network Sociometry and Project Kriosgrad are two vastly different social entrepreneurship business models showcased only here on nevertheless bearing in common strategy of offering innovative and transformative services to the public that urgently need to be universal and free of charge in order to function broadly as necessary in society, all at comparably negligible cost from tremendous profit potential in the range of lucrative fee and commission based service byproducts.
Only comprehensively facilitates collaborative fiction writing  
online, as a fully serious artistic endeavor open to all.
And only advocates  CliqueBusters TM,
the most radically subversive known proposal for covert intervention against bullying. 




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