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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Welcome to the FoolQuest.com Virtual (pre-)Incubator
an open ongoing Entrepreneurial Brainstorm!

The word 'Virtual', here, is in the business jargon usage, in reference to interaction Online, and is not in any way meant to denote mere simulation, with never any real consequence. Au contraire!

Indeed, by "incubating" what is meant is to develop the appropriate business plans backed with the required research, to advance business case argument for the pursuit of Venture Capital, of start-up funding. -From first concept to completion.

Indeed, the very first project of the Virtual (pre-)Incubator must be to bootstrap the Virtual (pre-)Incubator itself!

What will be required is development of any clear business model for the Virtual (pre-)Incubator.

Perhaps, just as one of many possible formulae only by way of an illustrative example, for a business concept to be considered for incubation, the sponsoring firm or group, to become a client of or participant in the Virtual (pre-)Incubator, might be required to assign, pledge or otherwise allocate a certain percentage of its units / equity / revenues to the Virtual (pre-)Incubator business entity.

Formalities of such or similar nature are to be to help specify and clarify terms and expectations for all parties involved. Indeed, once the transaction of value is established, there will accrue the requisite bargaining power, the lure by which to draw talent into development from concept to completion, with remuneration in equity for future profit sharing in the Virtual
(pre-)Incubator business entity.

Defining Fictional Entrepreneurship, the ability to make the impractical practical:
Science Fiction isn’t dying; it’s metastasizing!
Passive denial sinks even the most modest, banal and straightforward proposition into sheer empty pipedream,
whereas honest due diligence ekes barest feasibility study at all even out from the most fantastic overreach.
Because objectivity is never a secure foundation, but merely an honest intention
of error detection and course correction along the way.
-Rigorous business planning towards new venture creation as an exercise in extreme Science Fiction futurological scenario planning and detailed World Building.

The hope is to assemble a core group and build an Online community dedicated to such a project. To identify gaps in resources, abilities and solutions, but especially of knowledge. To plan contingencies and fallback positions.







“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  — Margaret Mead
“Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people."  
— George Bernard Shaw:

The Unreasonable Demand Manifesto is a four point agenda for deliberation in quest of definition and then pursuit, of fulfilling collaboration.
And Creativity Should be Social is a proposal following therefrom, wherein a protocol of Entrepreneurial collaboration plus collaborative Fiction Writing is presented. The connection between the two seemingly unrelated endeavors in the plan, is fully explained.


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Yeah, fat chance!! 


Work in harmony with one's nature may renew hope for success.
But to work against one's nature will all too often only work against you.

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

— Margaret Mead



Solicitation for Co-Founders!

In an information economy, everything is different:

Smart people don't even want the pay, we want the equity, baby!

The greatest challenge is always that of implementation. The Web is full of ideas and visions, even good ones, but often vague about their realization, such being the primary focus of this website:

Every day, if they can't do it all by themselves, people are pooling their skills and connections in real coordination, cooperation and full collaboration, coming together in the effort to form entirely new enterprises that did not exist before. So why not you and me, gentle reader? Not just simple retail, and certainly not Affiliate/Multilevel Marketing Pyramid Ponzi Scams by any other name, but just perhaps even entirely new ways of doing things such that might catch on and change the world forever. -Affinity organization into new cause and action,  building trust and working together in reciprocal logistical support, new business ventures, alternative grass roots political Activism and all manner of effective creative endeavor.

Visionary pioneering Entrepreneurs desperately needed:
Technicians, programmers, webdesigners, MBAs, CFOs, lawyers and paralegals, Activists, lobbyists, promoters, publicists, patent expertise, what-have-you! just to name a few, and others, anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, to form as yet unCapitalized new business start-up from scratch, first concept. No salary, expenses or commissions, heavy responsibility, long odds, no resources, grueling hardship, and the derived satisfaction, personal growth, learning, invaluable work experience, and challenging creativity of participation in a unique and intensely interesting cutting edge high tech inception stage venture. 

Nothing can be promised but the daunting realities. High chances of endless delay, fiscal disaster, calamitous failure and utter collective humiliation. Obscene profits, blue chip equity, acclaim, accomplishment, self realization, true love, and all from saving the world, should we succeed. Ideas a plus. Strategic Partners welcome. Promotional Exchange valued. 

Got a problem with any of this?
WARNING: Not a paying job, just an adventure!
And services and products described and proposed may not yet exist.


A Business Plan is a description in full detail of a any business enterprise covering operational business structure, required resources, authority, responsibilities, abilities, aptitudes, temperaments, equity, remuneration, products and services, market research and marketing strategy, complete budget and financial projections with expenses and revenue for up to five years. Both startups and existing businesses require business plans. Hence, developing such documents generally requires a great deal of research and number-crunching.

A business plan is crucial for two primary reasons:

First, spending the time researching and fleshing out such details clarifies thinking, generating information previously not considered and a workable strategy to follow for the period covered by the plan. A sound business plan is a blueprint to success, outlining the steps to move from idea to success. And should due diligence reveal that an idea isn't destined for success, then better to know now than a year later and thousands of dollars poorer. Indeed, the time saved may be invested in planning another better idea with any better chance.

Secondly, in any hope to raise funds through business loans, venture capitalists, even an angel or an incubator, let us never even consider approaching any sort of lender or investor without a thoroughly researched business plan in hand!

Moreover, experts generally estimate that even for experienced professionals with competent management teams already recruited, information resources ready and available, no less than six weeks will be required for development even of the most ordinary of ideas into a business plan. So just whipping one up the very day before a meeting or appointment simply will not do.

Automated Network Sociometry and Project Kriosgrad in particular, are two vastly different social entrepreneurship business models showcased here on FoolQuest.com nevertheless bearing in common strategy of offering innovative and transformative services to the public that urgently need to be universal and free of charge in order to function broadly as necessary in society, all at comparably negligible cost from tremendous profit potential in the range of lucrative fee and commission based service byproducts.


The proposals indexed herein for development identify:

  • Huge market potential
  • First Mover Advantage
  • Great Ideas
  • Potential for Compelling Client/Customer Benefits To End User from well market differentiated Products and Services
  • Opportunity To Add New Products and Services and hence further Sustainable Revenue Streams

Goals on the due diligence agenda include:

  • To form excellent Management Teams
  • To Craft Well Written, Attractive Business Plans including Marketing Strategy, Ability To Build Brand and Timely Execution, while erecting Barriers To Entry such as Patents, Contracts, trade secrets and so forth, as ever feasible and applicable
  • Identifying Competitors if any  
  • To Forge Strategic Alliances & Partnerships
  • To then prospect for Venture Capital


Q. And just what defines a well crafted biz plan, such as we may hope to author in collaboration?

"No battle plan survives contact with the enemy."  — Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, disciple of Carl von Clausewitz

"Plans are nothing, planning is everything." — Dwight D. Eisenhower

A. Any good overview of a prospective new business venture should generally include:

  1. Business
    Company's business
    Mission statement

  2. Products and/or services  
    Description thereof
    Development schedule
    Price point

  3. Market
    Historic and projected sizes in dollars
    Product match to market definition

  4. Distribution
    Sales channels

  5. Competition
    Competitive advantages

  6. Team
    Background of management
    Board composition

  7. Financials
    Historic and projected P&L (first two years by quarters)
    Projected cash flow (first two years by quarters)
    Current balance sheet
    Projected head count by functional area (R&D, sales, marketing, G&A)
    Capitalization schedule

  8. Deal
    Amount to be raised
    Valuation asked
    Use of proceeds

Q. But what is the current condition of these proposals?

A. Our work will certainly be cut out for us! These proposals are in an embryonic first concept stage and explain in some depth but do not yet quantify, many of the various options and requirements as to all of the above points of the previous question, although the proposals are all variable and scalable to the needs and opportunities of Venture Capital as ever they may arise.  

            Keep scrolling down to reach the menu of proposals to find the clickable bookmarks to each of the proposal short descriptions in this page. Then click the links in the short descriptions to open the proposals in full (plus any other related documents) for explanation in greater detail.


But first of all, thank you for interviewing me!  

In schooling, employment, commerce and politics, one way or another we are all perpetually called upon to perceive the constraints that we are subjected to as being our own consent.

And such may well be the true cause of wide spread apathy and the mistrust that inhibits real non-zero-sum cooperation.  

You have the right and the obligation to make absolutely certain that you can tolerate the risk and sacrifice entailed in joining in any new venture, such proposed or solicited on this website. And I accept the responsibility to make every effort in addressing whatever your concerns as best I may. 

In particular, issues of control need to be explicit, as ambiguity and disagreement, innocent or dissembling, will tend to be no less damaging than heavy handed tyranny outright. Hence, the investment of time, effort and attention into preliminaries to clarify powers, responsibilities and their motivations, so often neglected, no less often turns out to be crucial.


    Or keep scrolling down down to reach the menu of proposals to find the clickable bookmarks to each of the proposal short descriptions in this page, next. (And click the links within the short descriptions for access to information in greater detail. )


The Unreasonable Demand Manifesto:  Creativity Should be Social

 Know____ ___more:


What follow are the various proposals, introductory quick summaries with links to further details.



Services and products described and proposed do not yet exist.
     News flash: 'Rogue Earth' now moving towards production? Nah!



A Proposal for an Internet Venture and more








Quick FAQ

Business Report

All types of social connection will be facilitated, including friends, lovers, job hunting, help wanted, business contacts, entrepreneurial partners, investors, mentors, teachers, the formation of groups for all manner of projects and undertakings and more. And not just desirable associations in their own right, but also for best personal connection to the world and all of it's resources.

As the saying goes, "it's not what you know, but who you know" (or, rather, who knows you) that makes one influential. In the future, everyone will be influential!
Ongoing user feedback and other longitudinal data will be gathered for continual improvement of advice tabulated and redistributed to individuals from databases, and to adapt automated Sociometric services to the changing needs of end users, including personality and interest data that will also serve many other applications including marketing and public opinion research. Social network data of interpersonal interconnectivity will offer more precise alternative population, data to replace the veritably pseudo-demographic information so often employed in market studies.

As a free service, the primary business models are to be revenue from developing such suitably anonymized data to be made available on a fee basis, and also from precision targeted advertising and marketing. Matching people to products is easy. Because products don't have to like you back!  Additionally to enabled are to be  various fee based services to industry, for companies to become better functioning societies, as well as sales of home and business distributed access software packages.

Truly a revolutionary concept and the next big thing! ---- click for more

Are you Paranoid enough?!

Bullying is rampant, a problem in a wide range of social settings and contexts, destructive both to the lives of the targets of bullying, and detrimental to every benefit that society affords us all.

So, here is a proposal for perhaps the most militant anti-bullying initiative the world has ever seen.







Kindness to animals and the prospect of meat without suffering?


Vegetarianism is not sweeping the world. Vegetarianism only washes the vegetarians' own hands of guilt. Existential good faith demands due acknowledgment of the Absurdity of how Vegetarianism doesn't really help the livestock very much. Nor need we wait upon pending advancements in vitro meat tissue culture or: shmeat*, because, fortunately, there is already an entirely feasible much safer and simpler immediate piecemeal engineering solution, than mass conversion to vegetarianism pending shmeat*, just staring us in the face: So, why wait? Given that because of the needs of mass production, livestock in battery farms must suffer such miserable penned up immobility awaiting their fate, then why not bring modern ranching to its logical conclusion? Why shouldn't livestock from hence forth be caused, by invention to stunt the development of higher brain centers, to be born into a permanent vegetative state, entirely comatose and brain dead? It's only the decent thing to do.

After all: There is nothing that confined and immobilized penned up food animals in battery farms need to do anymore for themselves. All that animal consciousness provides for any longer in mass production animal husbandry for meat and eggs, let alone any proposed more exotic medical applications requiring genetically engineered livestock, is only needless suffering all around. Moreover, feed, maintenance, sanitation and therefore endangered public health, will all be vastly simplified at considerable savings, and butchery will become innocuous, a boon to the currently beleaguered conditions of mental health for labor in the slaughter house. Then the only farm animal consciousness will be of placid and tended to dairy livestock along with the pampered denizens of petting zoos. Wouldn't that be nice?


 --footnotes --



  Food of the Future: Fish Flesh Grown without the Fish


From:  Artificial Rabbit Penises, In Vitro Meat, and Other Breakthroughs in Tissue Engineering  

In Vitro Meat – Money may never grow on trees, but meat can grow in labs nowadays. Scientists already have the capability to grow synthetic meat tissue or in vitro meat (IVM) from animal cells, but the cost is currently too prohibitive for it to be used widely. Plus there is the problem that many recoil from the idea of eating lab-grown meat. But as the cost comes down and as public awareness of the food industry's practices grows, aversion to IVM might also diminish. From better safeguarding the environment, healthier and tastier food, and acceding to the moral antipathy towards killing animals for their meat, this technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we live.

bistro in vitro  •  review





Proposal: Free Cryonic neurosuspension for organ donors! Chance card: Get out of death, FREE!


Universal coverage for Cryonic Neuro-suspension, free of charge to all! How? You guessed it! The needed revenue can come from the finances pursuant to organ donation. It's a win-win proposal for everyone! 


Project Kriosgrad




 The Biz Plan Metacontest (proposal)

The concept is of a continually updated roundup of all available business plan contest information, with tools and forums, to bring aspiring entrepreneurs together to develop and pursue new proposals.

Capitalism at it's finest!

The idea is to make most opportune use of other people's prize money in order to help promote the Virtual (pre-)Incubator!  

to learn more        







The pilot Online collaborative screen writing workshop is now open!

The proposed contest promotion and media services 

My loglines   

This is is a proposal as a tie-in, of advanced Sociometrically matched and optimized Online Cyberfiction writing community, as an ongoing entertainment and amusement for target audiences, from the masses of the enthusiastically inept to an open elite of the capable and serious, with an interest in fiction of whatever kind and in whatever medium, including as a tie-n also to the Biz Plan Metacontest, an ongoing collaborative script writing contest/workshop wherein the "winners", the best scripts, would be selected to be promoted as properties to studio Producers and to Venture Capitalists as Indy film ventures.

Customers will also be able to purchase equity in Media ventures Online, to become small investors, owning fractional units, by the purchase, in advance, of a finished viewing of the completed work. Members will also have Online access to see weekly video coverage of production, interviews, and interact with the content creators and talent. 








In return for rights and equity, market testing data will be generated by means of advanced automated Sociometry to analyze audience interests and customer preferences. The market-selected works are to  be released online directly to broadband customers, and the traditional rights will be sold or leased to distributors domestically and worldwide for box office, video, and cable/satellite dish/networks. Also merchandising, cross-promotion, product placement and other tie-ins.

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Investment as Casino alternative TM
Our motto: "Life is enough of a gamble!" TM

An Internet Virtual Trading Room, offering comprehensive electronic/online trading beginning with simulations and interactive software tutorials plus optional instructor/broker support, without any real money until the End User learns how to profit before investing any real money. Both home and Cyber Cafe versions. 

Plus lucrative trademarking! ----- click for more






Turn-Key CGI 

Shared turn-key Advertising Media Content Creation franchise for new ventures, complete with financing, and Distance Learning and on the job training for sweat equity invested Digital Artists:


The opportunity and strategy comes by way of the ongoing revolution in computer technology in Graphics and Animation. This technology offers unprecedented performance, productivity, and ease of use and learning curve, all with less labor and maintenance, for the independent Digital Artist to become attractively competitive in the creation of truly High-End Media Content.




The concept is to market a fully supported turnkey in house Digital Media Content Creation Unit, complete with equipment lease, support, on the job training (cutting edge Distance Learning, fully accredited and complete with student loans), plus Human Resource on an equity basis. The typical operating budget will be approximately half a Mil, over five years, including a $300,000.00 equipment lease through that term. The purpose of the output (the High-End Digital Media Content) will be dissemination in the form of flashy TV commercials, WebPages, print, FAX, emailable electronic brochures. Etc.

The target market is comprised of new and expanding ventures, each raising from 3 to 8 Mil, that can benefit from such a cost-effective Media edge, possibly as a shared resource first in raising capital, and then in marketing. Because, optionally, to be even more thrifty, several such ventures can even share a single such facility, together as a co-op. 

This may even be arranged for them. 

Stock brokerages, private placement consultantships, Investor Relations and Capital raising companies will be approached to offer added value by forming consortiums with their start-up and expanding clients for this purpose. 

Public Relations firms currently reliant upon out sourcing for Media Content Creation, are also to be approached with the opportunity to join with other strategic partners in backing the pilot program, the prototype for the franchise, and to serve as franchise marketer there after. 

Such a Public Relations firm would immediately benefit from an in house Digital Media Content Creation Unit. But, most importantly, they would be the ones marketing the franchises which will essentially be duplicate fully supported turnkey Digital Media Content Creation Units, in turn, to their clients. The Public Relations firm would bring clients in the front door, simply by marketing their established Public Relations services, just as they already do. Then the Public Relations firm would also be able to provide for the client's Media Content Creation needs, as well, in house; with no more need of going out source anymore. Finally, clients would be availed of the opportunity to acquire their own fully supported turnkey in house Digital Media Content Creation Unit, as a franchise. 

The advantages of such an arrangement are numerous, and include cost effectiveness, Capital raising and marketing advantage, the ease of lease Capitalization for the Hardware and Software, and the compelling motivation of equity participation (constituting another increment of capital) to focus the labor of the Digital Artists.

A strategically partnered Public Relations firm will also be of tremendous asset in sales, advertising and Marketing services, for cost effective media content creation under direct corporate control, will also be an asset to any other proposed venture including the implementation of new business models on the frontiers of advanced automated Sociometry, publicity being so crucial to expanding the user pool for effective matching.

Also browse the software proposals for an Hierarchical Consolidated Interface and3Cyberpedant4 distance learning for on-the-job training.  

to learn more  




Planet Frolic TM

Bold speculations towards an entrepreneurial unitary urbanism and application of traditional brick and mortar business location for varied innovation in service, information, social connectivity and the nature of play.


 Rajesh Pradhan's


Business education as we know it is hopelessly Inductivist. But Rajesh Pradhan's has proposed a better alternative, and is hard at work putting together finance for a series of workshops to demo the concepts for his proposed school.

Indeed, the dire need for any true Entrepreneurial education at all is as relevant anywhere in the world, and not just in India.

Of particular interest, also, is Rajesh Pradhan's Theory of Social Entrepreneurship, of human nature and doing well by doing good, as well as his formula of mixed capitalization from the combination of private, public, profit and non profit funding sources.


Here are two so vastly underserved educational needs, marketing gaps/opportunities...

It is disgraceful, after all, how students are exploited, time wasted and milked for money, with required substandard courses in their first two collegiate years. Might there be a better way? 

And isn't it alarming how difficult it is to find real adequate guidance and support for initiating commerce on one's own rather than simply preparing for entrance into the structured environment of the corporate world?

But what can be done?





Ecology and Economy can be in significant common cause for more than just inane collusion in the idiotic NeoMalthusian Big Lie of mythical scarcity and needless Draconian choices. All these proposed measures maximize both Environmental protection and economic production and real progress better than any alternative. It's a true win-win vision!

Comprehensive Humanistic Futurism with Mark Aveyard,

A call to action for Pro-Space Activists to infiltrate and co-opt the  Environmental Movement for it's own good!

This is a non profit proposal under development, including corporate sponsor promotions and even political access strategies, for a political advocacy, the purpose of which will be to promote paradigm shift towards clean expanding production, and away from short sighted false dilemmas of what amounts to engineered scarcity on a global scale.

The concept is of an ongoing consciousness raising campaign, because the Environmentalists and big business need to stop agreeing that we are forced to choose between conservation and production. Instead, we should feed the oceans to promote marine population explosion, transition from traditional farming to Hydroponics, and migrate Heavy Industry Off World where mineral resources and energy are cheap, clean and plentiful.  


And, leave us not forget the terrifyingly neglected dire need to be prepared to detect and prevent the ultimate natural disaster, periodic mass extinction, annihilation brought on by random catastrophic impact, massive asteroid collision with the Earth.

(And, no, how can we "f*** up Outer Space, the same as the Earth"? That's just silly! Obviously, air and water pollution are impossible in the vacuum. That's the whole point!)

 Solar furnace

An audacious proposal from Inventor/engineer: Jerry Scovel for cost effective climate regulation, clean water and power by way of lasers diffracted and focus from orbit about the sun!

A system to be based upon a solar furnace design standard and commercially available in France.

Deployment of the system both in Earth orbit and in Solar orbit is also possible cost effectively with components off the shelf.

The proposed system is even designed to destroy those pollutant  chlorofluorocarbons in the upper atmosphere which damage the Ozone Layer!  


---Just getting in touch with my Inner Barnum...

Because we Cannes!

A whimsical cross-promotion I engineered with Modulus Fetish Fashion Designer Silly Billy and buxom Playboy Playmate Tammi Ellynmarler, for The Cannes International Film Festival. 

Utterly disreputable. Not connected or affiliated with anyone or anything else. Not suitable for anyone lacking in sense of humor or sex drive.

If Beowulf was king of the Jewts, where there any Goyts?


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