is an outreach seeking:

--Wanna-be entrepreneurial writers/artists/inventors/activists etc. to come together in collaboration and teambuilding for new venture creation all from scratch, seeking to promote behaviors conducive to success, by doing what we love in the alternative to frustration in seeking meaningful activity and engagement in conventional structured environments such as school or jobs.

This is for serious, hardy and tactless serious people of such disposition as actually to take pleasure in reciprocal support and assistance via both cross-functional task interdependent interdisciplinary collaboration and also frank and insensitive criticism and controversy sans recrimination, simply because otherwise all initiative must be doomed to stall and fail.

Being, also, how health is actually known to be closely related to the degree of control we have over our lives and that social support is among the highest predictors of happiness and success, ancillary
goals ever put forth as byproducts of collaboration also include unconventional creativity in the service of improved interpersonal networking and the cultivation of functional web of support.

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