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The Anti-Zen of Capitalism: There is no emptiness, no fresh start: All is bricolage. Yet commerce is empty of inherency. Only human nature in inherent. The only values of the market are those that we bring.

Many observers believe that Social Entrepreneurship holds the promise of more effectively addressing if not solving some of society's most intractable social problems. Still young, but growing dynamically, the field of Social Entrepreneurship is defined as the process of creating new independent or corporate ventures that pursue the dual primary missions of social benefit and financial return on investment within risk tolerance. These nonprofit and for profit ventures have a social mission and aim to be financially self-sufficient or are even profit driven.

But education has lagged far behind the real current needs of Entrepreneurship in general, let alone greater and easier accessibility and entry thereto, at all, much less for Social Entrepreneurship in particular.

Indeed, business education as we know it, is painfully obtuse, hopelessly Inductivist. But Rajesh Pradhan's has proposed a better alternative, his School for Advancement of Social Enterprise Management and is hard at work putting together finance for a series of workshops to demo the concepts for his proposed school.

Indeed, the dire need for any true radicalizing Entrepreneurial education at all is as relevant anywhere in the world, and not just in India.

Of particular interest, also, is Rajesh Pradhan's Theory of Social Entrepreneurship, of human nature and doing well by doing good, as well as his formula of mixed capitalization from the combination of private, public, profit and non profit funding sources.



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