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With the ambition of new venture creation and expansion all from scratch, the pre-incubator begins in seeking out to bring together aspiring entrepreneurs and activists for brainstorming new ideas and developing all manner of promising notions, from embryonic first concepts, through business planning and qualified Management Team recruitment, all the way to implementation. Futurists, aspiring Activists and Entrepreneurs, this index of way, way "outside the box" project proposals may pique your interest, not only in cutting edge Technological and Social Entrepreneurship but also alternative Grass Roots Politics, bully-proofing strategies, and so much more! 

    There is even an application form for those seeking participation opportunity to help get things off the ground, or else/also (fair is fair, after all...), reciprocally, to solicit my collaboration in whatever your own vision.

Indeed, much of the collaborative effort showcased on this site has been initiated from the proposals of others. So, don't be shy!  

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The workshop serves several more related purposes, as a gateway to a selection of open ongoing collaborative fiction writing projects with linked message posting forums for your input. However, these are not the usual silly add-on stories, but an invitation to participate in genuinely plotting and writing and extensively rewriting real quality fiction, seriously.

    Also included are extensive resources, both Onsite and linked Offsite, for fiction writing, both main stream and Science Fiction, beginning with the fundamentals, and also guides to collaboration, creativity, brainstorming, problem solving and decision making, also generally omni-purpose to real world issues and problems and not only as applies to creative fiction writing in specific.

    As such, all the above serves, also, both as the syllabus for a free open Online ongoing workshop, and as my standing public application as prospective writing partner, creative consultant and group coordinator.

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Here is the entry to the Star Trek and Science Fiction fan sections, fun and surprises, utter Surrealism. And, for the unabashed delight of your inner perpetual drooling adolescent and the unapologetic celebration of utter fanboy pride, a selection of doctored girly pix with animated FX graphix, scantily clad Superheroines and other future flesh fantasies! ALL YOUR BABE ARE BELONG TO US! -The magically magnetically favorite sections to make fun of for those who hate this website! (And how ponderously serious and fascinated they can become with their own frivolous boredom! Get over yourselves, already. Geek self-loathing isn't pretty.) All quite probably unsuitable for anyone so squeamish even to experience such trepidation as to ask...








Philosophical miscellanea:

The nature of Zen?             Atheism

Metaphysics for Dummies:
    The Philosophy of Science Made Easy 
The Evils of Inductivism 
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