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The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition.  2000.
sex appeal
NOUN: 1. Physical attractiveness or personal qualities that arouse others sexually. 2. Slang General appeal; power to interest or attract.
Writing is like making love.  Don't worry about the orgasm, just concentrate on the process.  — Isabel Allende
The only good plot is a delayed fuck. — Louis B. Mayer

If you write fiction you are, in a sense, corrupted. There's a tremendous corruptibility for the fiction writer because you're dealing mainly with sex and violence. These remain the basic themes, they're the basic themes of Shakespeare whether you like it or not.
    — Anthony Burgess
Nothing risqué, nothing gained. — Alexander Woollcott
A dirty mind is a joy forever. — Oscar Wilde

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Q. What is sex appeal? 
-Or, Was it Good for You Too? 

A. crucial to believable biology and culture with supply and demand in any Model of Love Economics in World Building, can onstage Sex in the Story and issues of fantastic carnality, after all no less consequential and significant than in the innate reality comprehensively overviewed, and with all the social drama of erotic transgression, indeed, such an elemental life long motivating dimension of the human condition and the world we live in or most any other, hence reciprocally integral to much the same writing competency as, and surely among the fundamentals of fiction writing, ever properly comprise a subject matter apart

A man's desire is for the woman, but the woman's desire is rarely other than for the desire of the man.”   — Samuel Taylor Coleridge 

What is sexier than reciprocal lust? If it is true that for contentment and torrid passion, women only yearn to be desired, then flirtation making desire convivial and transparent should make for all the needed demonstration of a good lover and the path to romantic success for men. Myself, I am confidently well spoken, not crippled by shyness. In truth, such self expression, dalliance of banter and flirtation seems to please at least as often as it might offend. Alas, to little avail. But why? For that matter, why should any attractive woman want for attention? That riddle is the story.  Suffice that there are to be expected, ever the more dramatic obstacles and plot complications on that rocky road.

What is true love, the course if which so seldom runs smooth? What are the Epistemology and Ontology of the heart? For it remains Phenomenologically unproblematic to state that any experience of emotion, however it reveals or obscures, may be no less vivid and intense, all fulfilling Descartes' famous criteria of clarity and distinctness.

But Sigmund Freud revealed Descartes to be, quite frankly, as self deluded as any enamored and besotted schoolboy poet! After all, much that is intense, vivid and crystal clear superficially, nevertheless is all only the tip of the iceberg, with far more beneath the murky depths, both deep within and ever outward into the real world. And the focus upon the other's desire may afford no more than projection of anxiety provoking sensations emotions, via imagination, safely onto a surrogate. -pretending to be someone else... Indeed, Masochism is accounted for by the psychological survival mechanism of identification with the persecutor. In the words of James Dickey: “The true feeling of sex is that of a deep intimacy, but above all of a deep complicity.” Indeed, subversive collusion, if any good, according to George Orwell. Thematically, there is the debased complicity in evil of Masochists and cronies, or there is the loftier complicity of the romantic heroes in resistance and escape of one kind or another. 

Even love itself is empty of inherency and contingent upon wider context. Love is not merely what one feels obviously, no matter the object d'amore; rather, love is the climactic revelation of how one actually relates to another, motivation and disposition of interaction along with rationalizing perceptions consistent to characterization, then all followed by a denouement of insightful free choice. "Sex is hardly ever just about sex" observes Shirley MacLaine. And Mignon McLaughlin expands upon that drama: "Vanity, revenge, loneliness, boredom, all apply: lust is one of the least of the reasons for promiscuity."

Indeed, no matter how the author approaches sexuality, it remains that even the tamest "child safe" and most cerebral of tales will not be truly and utterly sexless, because even the most superficial believable characters must behave at all according to their relationships, roles and gender, among all other credible background to setting and amid milieu. Nor certainly Y/A, the Young Adult categories and genres, pandering and dripping with innocent preconscious desire. All consistently inexplicit, even perhaps without, by any measure, the subtly of racier subtext. Or else compelling characters must have a passion for something at all! And any prudish would be fiction writer to understand and accept even this little above, nevertheless to eliminate or ignore sexuality entirely rather than "tastefully" submerging sexuality safely beneath the surface, will write only turgid tripe. -Certainly if love at all is absent, especially from a child character, unless in psychological horror.

Existentially, what then is freedom, indeed for whom is freedom? The dramatic scene breaks down into Motivation-Reaction Units: Immediate reactions are often reflexive, but then conscious deliberation ensues upon what action to take next. Or does it? Life can only be lived forwards, but only understood or recognized in hindsight. Indeed, do we consider our options and consciously take action, or do our actions simply come upon us as we react to situation, and only then rationalize afterward? People often make their most important decisions with their heart but only then rationalize intellectually. Motivations and goals as ever set forth thereby, meaning as only created in the mind, interpretation, values, moral sympathies and empathies included, so often ambivalent, are not willfully intended in free agency but received and imprinted in receptivity as we discover ourselves subject all thereto. Most dramatically, relationship, the impression made by characters upon one another, often dawns upon the individual in emotional response to events unfolding. Only then is action undertaken, consistently with characterization, often giving rise to conflict and Setting The scene.  

Stories are made memorable not merely in whatever empathy or curiosity merely as to the plot situation, but because of the reader or audience relationship, actual motivated feelings elicited for or even against the characters.

Playfulness reduces stress and brightens the mood. A feature of play is the self regulation of arousal and stimulation via individual control of the play situation. Play is active pleasurable engagement that opens connection and attachment, learning and growth. Playfulness and fun are attractive and disarming, signaling good will and flexibility. Human adults remain drawn to play. As Eve Tushnet expounds, Eros is deep reciprocal engagement bridging into alien difference. In the words of James Dickey: “The true feeling of sex is that of a deep intimacy, but above all of a deep complicity.” And the very first fragile spark of that complicity may indeed often fly at first sight! Important spontaneous and intrinsically motivated playful genuine non verbal communication includes simple flirtation and joy of attunement play consisting of "bed room eyes," eye contact, radiant smiles, momentary immediate connection, attachment, shared laughter, fun and social "grooming" honestly eliciting values of any permissive sense of safety, imprinting trust and inclusion, even reciprocal comfort template learning motivated from the Natural Child Transactional ego state. But the moment is tenuous and fragile, irresistible prey for the villainous cockblocking predators, romantic rivals or selfserving hypocritically possessive and controlling jealous Moralistic prudes

"Desire intrigues us, stirs the soul. We love stories about desire--tales of love, sex, wanderlust, haunting nostalgia, boundless ambition, and tragic loss. Many of the great secular thinkers of our time have made this fire, this force that so haunts us, the centerpiece of their thinking." observes Ronald Rolheiser in 'The Holy Longing.' "Pleasure is terrifying because it breaks down the boundaries between people. Embracing passion means living with fear."  writes Erica Jong in: 'The Zipless Fantasy'. -fear and cognitive dissonance readily and dramatically exploited by villainous cockblocking predators, romantic rivals or self-serving hypocritically possessive and controlling jealous Moralistic prudes

Yes, fun and silliness make for such a wonderful outlet in order to break the ice, socially. So why are they so hard to come by? For one thing, even the vest opening must lead to depth and substance of engaging meaningful fulfillment of human interaction. Another major problem is that anything to cultivate any type of vulnerability whatsoever, inevitably draws crackdown by cockblocking slut shaming prudes and bullies. Therefore, an entire culture is necessary in order to staunchly defend all such liberties, so that bullies won't find traction. Even in the very near future, optimal social integration may also best be fostered by advanced automated Sociometry. In the here and now, advocacy of the engineering of such proposed intentional cultures is a part of CliqueBusters TM 

Even if not by anything so vulgar or blatant as any particular explicit sex act or most basic plotline of an encounter, enticement, onstage sex appeal or seduction of one kind or another or by one means or another may be crucial in a story, or otherwise, one way or another, for sex appeal generally to factor into relationship and interaction and provide the opportunity for one character to flatter, flirt, seduce, beguile, to motivate or influence, even manipulate, or, likewise, to be motivated or influenced, even manipulated, by another character, to succumb or to resist, colluding and abetting or refusing and defecting, trust or control, even in confrontation with sexual politics at it's very worst.

“Once someone's hurt you, it's harder to relax around them, harder to think of them as safe to love. But it doesn't stop you from wanting them.” — Holly Black, White Cat

The three motivating principle cofactors in effective manipulation also applicable in pandering, are whatever the incentive and disincentive vulnerabilities of the target(s), the tactics of the manipulator(s), and time for the relationship to develop under whatever conditions, free or captive.

The phenomenon of manipulation is best defined as undue advantage from trickery via the exploitation of affective innate and conditioned triggers or "push buttons" to undermine and overwhelm, even barrage, resistance, caution, better judgment and autonomy of the target, via insidiously motivating subtext of emotional positive incentive and negative disincentive. –As distinct from open coercion alone or substantive disinformation, lies. Typically, the manipulator obfuscates the nature of their coercion exercised, along with whatever self-serving advantage thereof, whatever their own ultimate motivation.

Positive incentive manipulation or pandering is such as deviously appeals to value in fantasy and desire, love, sex greed, promoting false hope of whatever gain, in order to circumvent or overwhelm resistance, caution, better judgment and autonomy of the target. Whereas an example of negative disincentive manipulation, such insult as condescension that after all comes of love can be less painful than insult that comes without it, or more so, or equally so, as the case may be: but be that as it may, it is, in any case significantly more harmful. This is because insult provokes anger and hostility, but hostility towards people who even sincerely profess to love you and act on your own best interest is curbed and turned inwards, internalized, and experienced on the level of inner conflict of self-hostility, namely guilt. Such deceptive appeals undermining the target’s credulity and defenses even whilst actually exercising coercion constitute often likewise internalized flagrantly manipulative behavior, conscious or unconscious, selfish, indifferent or just desperate.

Indeed, no, it does not actually "take two to tango" given an intransigent antagonist one way or another aggressing upon an entirely unwilling protagonist. Indeed, in the words of Gustav Vasa: "One does not have peace longer than one's neighbour wants."  Nevertheless, even dearest lovers, often no less volatile, after all, than the most hateful sworn enemies, may often find themselves bypassing, stressfully, rather than actually communicating smoothly, and thus raising tension until coming into conflict on different levels, even to the point of bitter quarrel. For whatever significance and expectations, deep as they might run, may nevertheless be revealed not to be intrinsic or universal, after all, but personal, variable and even antithetical

Because variables of rounded characterization and situation from which levels of conflict arise, must include not only anatomical sex, physique, voice and so on, as well as mannerisms and style, together with sexual preference or orientation, sexroles, gender identity with double-standards and also the yin/yang of gender culture and stereotypical dysfunctionality, such as, incidentally, may also be associated Epistemologically as rational and Empirical Versus intuitive or not only culturally but more specifically to setting geographically as Occidental Versus Oriental:

All inner reflection upon life must fall somewhere upon the scale from whatever "masculine," practical, binary, linear, logistic, goal-oriented motivation ever put forth, versus "feminine," passionate, flexible, emotional, social, process-orientation, and even differing blatant and straightforward expressive emotional insensitivity of men and the often ever more complicated and convoluted insensitivity of women.

Indeed, how perverse the destructive and dishonest lengths that some people will go simply out of decidophobic conflict aversion, ultimately the devious nastiness and harm they will do, just to avoid ever confronting error or flaw of their own, and all starting from the putative motivating goal so blithely put forth or only implied, of never hurting anyone else's feelings. A position scarcely any better balanced than the seemingly opposite extreme, the puerile and Sophomorically maladjusted Fascist ideation of truth and honesty only attainable by the utter abandonment of civility and decency, all to be despised as bourgeois and effete. 

Stereotypically, by upbringing, men have trouble expressing, much less explaining, their feelings, and women have trouble understanding, much less explaining, their reasons. And this accounts for how men and women manipulate one another. Because, to quote Sigmund Freud "that which is not expressed, is actedout,."  And so, men must actout, according to damagingly immature emotionality while women must connive according to disastrously half-baked plans and dangerous social myths. Of course, there are also men and women who may actually dysfunction according to the opposite gender stereotype. It all depends upon the emotional path of least resistance under conditions of and on the level of inner conflict.

And just such stereotypic dysfunction will tend to influence audience or reader sympathy according to gender as well. Because the ambivalence of indecisive women leaves men confused or upset, while the ambivalent mixed signals of men make women frantic. Hence, Sadistic or controlling manipulation and ingratiating lies generally manifest as deliberate escalation of just such behavior in order to heighten the confusion, distress and suffering. Indeed, such are the different methods of self destructive problem solving of each gender. For cluelessly Occidental / masculine characters, even however contrived plot oriented problem solving, even to the lack of lucid and compassionate sensitivity, while, for disturbed or even hysteric feminine characters, even manipulatively pressing motivation unto melodramatic climax, no matter how needlessly tragic, plus, perhaps, an Oriental preoccupation with social standing and identity and all sacrifices pursuant to upkeep thereof.

Indeed, archetypically, any penchant for melodrama may be in some account be driven by a "feminine" or "Oriental" keen interest in nuanced social involvement, hence lack of rational detachment but hence flexibility and tolerance for ambiguity, weighing more variables productive and functionally in prefrontal cortex functions of divergent and broader holistic situational Gestalt synthesis and multitasking but paralytic, destructive, dysfunctional and oppressive in approval seeking and vulnerability to peer pressure with all to much stomach for Inductivist lies, injustice and consensus manipulation.

While, archetypically, men or Occidentals, by contrast, may be more interested in prefrontal cortex functions of convergent direct dialectical reasoning, single minded compartmentalization, focused upon one task at a time, cleaving of truth from falsehood much as victor from vanquished, without compromise, yet perhaps lacking in not only in compassionate and merciful accommodation or any other hidden agenda but also complexity, depth or subtlety.

Indeed, whenever, to quote Cynthia Propper-Seton, "Banality is a terribly likely consequence of the underuse of a good mind. That is why in particular it is a female affliction" and also, to quote Eugene Ionesco, "Banality is a symptom of non-communication. Men hide behind their cliché's" then there will always be ready obstacles to mutual understanding and abundant fodder for annoying Romantic Comedy.

Another common situational obstacle or stumbling block is often money, because of all effectively captive and sore travails! [the French word for 'labor,' literally: suffering]  and tribulation entailed, inherent misdirection of extrinsic motivation, and because as long as there are profits to be made, not necessarily by parties involved, but by every industry of ostensible facilitation and recreation, everything will conspire to frustrate and draw out the search to begin with, let alone courtship thereafter. 

"Chore-nography?" Men are said to be happier with more sex and less nagging, as for particular example, towards any man's share of the housework in cohabitation. Reciprocally, women are said to be happier with less exhaustion from drudgery and more leisure for healthy sex. For as the old rhymed couplet goes: "A man must work from sun to sun, but a woman's work is never done." Thematically, is the standoff then, a Feminist sociological problem of gender equality and responsibility, the mounting distress of ever longer hours towards dual income and the ancient and once again enduring human struggle with endless travail itself, or just Transactional Psychodynamics of classic resentment and codependency?

The failure of divergence is fanaticism while the failure of convergence is incoherence.

Is lustful infatuation shallow? In the words of Simone Weil: "Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity." Freud named that nigh transcendental adulation and trust in that purest attention, the transference love, permitting the hither to hopelessly blocked and frustrated patient to unburden themselves, gain insight, grow and heal. But surely transference love is an aspect also of any infatuation. So, is transference love shallow or profound? The transference love is a projection of fantasy, opening profound liberation. The fantasy is of true nurturing acceptance and freedom from inhibition impose socially, liberating expression and outreach. But acceptance of what great Existential truth? Answer: Quite simply, sexual needs and urges. So, are infatuation and transference love shallow or profound? In the end, the question is one of value judgment.

To love somebody one must know them well, which takes time. The stirrings of lust are intense all-consuming fantasy and sudden passionate attraction to somebody you hardly know, even a complete stranger. So reality can get lost in the excitement. Overwhelmed by happy feelings of physical attraction people in the lustful early stages of relationship, can't keep their hands off of each other and think and talk of one another constantly. But when fantasy is eventually dashed upon dawning reality, lust peters out and fades. Whereas mounting obsession and dependency never do. And unrequited love or lust unreturned, often motivates overwhelming obsession. When one person believes they are in a relationship that doesn't really exist, or when one person is more invested in an existing relationship than the other, the foundation for an obsession has been laid. Love and nurture nourishes growth, but obsession is merely debilitating. If you feel like you have lost yourself, if you are always striving to please your partner without them doing the same for you, and if you find yourself making all decisions in your life based on the feelings and needs of the other person you could be dealing with obsession. And a rebound is a relationship that starts up very quickly after another relationship has ended, often actually as a means of alleviating the loneliness, in desperation to replace and recover love lost. But the old relationship often continues interfering with the progress of a new relationship. And so, rebound relationships are typically still impacted by unsettled feelings from the past. When somebody is on the rebound they are not entirely over their previous relationship, and struggle with unresolved issues therefrom.

Why then, must dearest lovers compromise and sacrifice all that is of real meaning? Why, only for a codependent false sense of security. Such are controlling fear based relationships. A zero-sum relationship is one in which the parties each gain only from what the other gives up, but non-zero-sum denotes productively actually coming out ahead. Reciprocal gains without reciprocal cost. Indeed, ultimately, true love should be free to Altruism, advancing the interests of the beloved, and deserves reciprocation. And so, what must accrue, lofty romantic perseverance and illusion, vulgar and cynical tit-for-tat, even jeopardy of the complete breakdown of trust? Indeed, the shortest distance, the straight line, is the least common path to any happy ending, if at all. Nor will anything so simple, with no obstacle or complication to keep the outcome in doubt, ever make for drama, only pandering at best.

Indeed, Problem Solving and Justification are reciprocal functions, one must be shaped to rationalize the other, with integrity or else into hypocrisy. Desperate as bullies typically are for validation in all disregard of sanity and reality, indeed only a complete amoral sociopath is ever surprised that harm done without regard to others may injure good will in return. But all first impressions tend to uncomplicated objectification, the stimulus response of selfish desire and gratification, for advantage, amusement, comfort or sex or else threat, revulsion and avoidance. Rather, it is the individual baggage of characterization that complicates. And the first question is neither of intimacy nor distance, but zero-sum versus non-zero-sum. Why, just possibly, even a deadly enemy may be intimidated into keeping out of one's way to allow the same in return, barely resolution forestalling zero-sum conflict for advantage at the other's cost, even to the ultimate.

A standard plotline is that of the uncertain tribulation of Romance until happy resolution. And as a common subplot, this becomes the development of a a relationship, an alliance necessary to further the main plot. Indeed, virtually all relationship of whatever kind go though stages, with choices at every stage, either to advance, stagnate, slow, reverse or exit, all beginning with some sort of first discovery, Romance even courtship, so to speak, even "the honeymoon," but cannot omit inevitably coming into conflict on many levels, misunderstanding, insecurity, power struggle, friction which is normal and even healthy (not to mention more dangerous obstacles of passion as denial, jealousy and anger), and in order to survive must reach acceptance in order to commit to substantive cooperation and true collaboration or else progressively dissolve and fail, all the harder from which to recover.

The Rules, so called, codify common ruthless manipulation by women, basically by gold diggers of one stripe or another. Although, if it makes anyone feel any better, it may often be suggested that all such classic feminine whiles and connivance are but the classic tactics of the oppressed, cooperation with the abuser adaptive of real deadly captivity even dating from ancient time frame. And even in recent generations, livelihood and survival remained very much at stake.

But now a days in our affluent world, there is the painful luxury of reflection, the Socratic worthlessness of the unexamined life, and the tragedy of women playing the same games, but playing so very badly, even seemingly Masochistically, the reality of Stockholm Syndrome (even as prevalent, by degrees) being nowhere ever near as gratifying as the kinky fairytale.

Intensity, uncertainty, every Technique of Suspense plotting, temptation, curiosity and hesitation, all the sexual tension of freedom, autonomy, choice, responsibility, all calling to self-realization hither to inconceivable, the permissiveness of emerging and relevant romance from crushingly repressive tradition of honor killing, prostitution, arranged marriage or cutthroat mercenary matrimonial competition around the world, is the outward struggle with maddening indecision, levels of inner conflict as often arises between desires and confusion or fear, between what one wants and what one thinks one wants or ought to, desperation for validation, guilt. Between the crutches of insecurity and the yearning for genuine warmth, fraudulent conditionality versus genuine intimacy.

Indeed, the reason nice guys finish last, is because the sheer cruelty and emptiness of the old wretched game, and a very serious business it was, the sexrole of exploitative cynical struggle for survival by womankind effectively obstructed or deterred from gainful careers reserved for their men folk, depends upon frigid depraved indifference and avoiding the central tragedy of historical Romance, namely the dire danger of involvement and grave sacrifice presented in a man that a woman might care for, therefore useless from the perspective or POV of a controlling gold digger, being however for real, emotionally accessible and at all beyond simple control by manipulation.

Now days, however, the rising standard of living has reduced real literal survival pressure enough that emotional need emerges and loneliness takes hold. But the same intergenerational Transactional "script" remains, now become maladaptive.

Hence, not only do such desperate women still expertly sabotage love, but they have lost the sterner stuff for effective exploitation of men. As a result, they attain involvement, but mostly in the Ecclesiastical
futility of pointlessly unhappy melodrama, aggravation and petty vicissitude. They have lost tradition and still fallen behind the times, abiding in limbo and achieving the worst of both worlds, a decided dramatic low point

Hence, a sympathetic romantic heroine is one who finds in herself the courage for
growth and hope to reach out, and her romantic lead is he who awakens her. Otherwise, to paraphrase Nietzsche, even a princess of fools is a laughable bimbo herself! -And her Prince Charming is likely just another thugly playa. Antithetical foils.

Characters develop out of situation, and plot ideas emerge from characters in different situations and the actions undertaken because of their relationships and conflict on many levels, the friction entailed as characters come into contact, dramatic conflict on many levels, internal and external, classic reversal in social connection as in the estrangement of the bullied idealistic whistle blower.
 Put the whistle blowers in charge!

All manner of situations, even quite unforeseen, may present any range of obstacles, from an empty bread box standing in the way of the perfect sandwich,  perplexing riddles and secrets denying truth, engineering limitations in the path of invention or a natural disaster barring very survival, but also, no less, a bad hair day spoiling Romance or a misunderstanding threatening love.

The dramatic efficacy of revealing and motivated subtext is in frustrated desire, giving rise to need and ingenuity. Drama is the gripping and engaging tension-laden presentation of conflict on many levels, whether or not the storyline is even believable. Drama is conflict inherent to situation, conflict being more than merely an event, but a condition, a relationship. Alas, however, beware! poor staging or presentation of conflict on any level dissipates inherent drama. No Powderpuff Pitty-Pat! Throughout the plot, every Technique of Suspense plotting is heightened as things are made more difficult, the personal emotional stakes are raised, and character growth is pressed by worsening complications for an active protagonist. So navigate the various possible paths and dead ends and to find stories always dig deeper for insight into struggle.

Each event in sequence that follows from motivated character action consistent with background, must in turn initiate from observable proximate stimulus unless entirely emerging from inner life, and, either way, rather than simply remaining mysterious, known only the mind of the character, must one way or another be shown intelligibly to the audience, even if none of any other characters; either way, in turn, quite probably another vitally important plot point. Whenever the cause and effect chain ever omits such links, expect plot holes stumbling amid succession of unrelated events.


Q. What is tension?

A. Tension,  every Technique of Suspense plotting, anticipation, clues and doubt as to the outcome, hence pathos and, leave us face it, discomfort and aversion, may arise even from mystery, onstage sex appeal, the unknown, opportunity and/or threat, conflict many levels with an obstacle, events unfolding or outcome in any way in doubt. Tension is stress, and the innate or conditioned emotional, neurochemical and physiological preparative change or stress response to challenge, stimuli or stressors may be either distress and dread as to threat and emergency or eustress, the euphoric stress of pleasant anticipation, even sexual tension or the demands of pleasant activities in general, creativity, power and opportunity.

Even humor or comic relief depends upon foreplay, tension from an insecurity brought to a resolution or climax called the punch line, that may be either surprising or else even obvious and anticipated, just so long as the tension builds and then crests. Teasing, well meaning or otherwise, also cultivates and builds stress, tension. So does flirtation, but likewise manipulation, rejection or indifference and harassment or threat. Tension, stress, can be either dystress or eustress:

Within the general concept of stress, however, we must differentiate between distress (from the Latin dis = bad, as in dissonance, disagreement), and eustress (from the Greek eu = good, as in euphonia, euphoria). During both eustress and dystress the body undergoes virtually the same nonspecific responses to the various positive or negative stimuli acting upon it. However, the fact that eustress causes much less damage than distress graphically demonstrates that it is "how you take it" that determines, ultimately, whether you can adapt successfully to change.

'The Nature of Stress' by Hans Selye
After all, life itself is energetic stress within organic matter.

The only escape from stress is death.

Indeed, actually increasing eustress turns out to be fundamental to so many of our pleasures of a life well lived,, from the anticipatory suspense enjoyed in Creative Tension, drama and comedy, even to the relief experienced from deep tissue massage.

Every plotting Technique of building Suspense depends upon pacing, and for greater tension, show don't tell, and never throw the emotional circuit breaker. By every Technique of Suspense plotting, the rising tension and of dramatic conflict signifies that the resolution of whatever the central problem is such as to increasingly press character(s) inevitably to take action in struggle with whoever or whatever the antagonist in some way that must one way or another bring the very values of said character(s) into question for them.

Or, most dramatically, an attempt at howsoever the wiser course may instead press a character into conflict on every level with their own motivating values for which they will be compelled to sacrifice the easier way because the moral course and the more difficult among free willed choices may so often coincide.

Of course, neurochemistry is bound to reflect changing emotion. But there are also clear special cases of the reverse, of emotion instead subordinate to neurochenical fluctuation, as for examples: puberty and menopause. Hence, arguing from sheer stubborn lack of imagination and circuitous reasoning, simply ignoring rather than howsoever investigatively eliminating all that is well known applicably regarding traumatic and environmental causation, springs forth the myth of endogeny, of congenital neurochemically spontaneous anxiety or even Existential depression, among other chronic cognitive or emotional states, together with the Stress Vulnerability Model of Psychiatric Disorders being flawed only in how what is called: biological vulnerability is, again, no determinant on it's own, being, of course, actually universal and even generally uniform in the human condition. Indeed, clearly the determinant is nurture, not nature or: nature via nurture [Matt Ridley]. Obviously, neurologucal heredity, biological evolved behavioral genetic nature, only and fairly consistently enables the Empirical capacities for learning by encoding from the Phenomena, from experience, from nurture, to begin with. Experience is also now understood to trigger epigenetic change in genetic expression. Fraudulent obfuscation and denial to the contrary on either count, are only the current preferred high powered junk science marketing tactic of the Psychopharmacolical industry, pandering to compassion burn out and desperation, "soullessly" mocking and trivializing such cherished illusions as the yearning for understanding and with them all Philosophically meaningful values arising from the deep wellsprings of human emotional needs. Whereas it used to be that when a patient complained of anxiety out of the blue with no trigger, administering the old talking cure, the Therapist would gently ask the patient what they just happened to be thinking of at the time, however supposedly unconnected to whatever mysterious attacks from out of the blue, and guide them past their denial into catharsis and insight. Instead, disregarding the mind still leaves the physical brain, therefore Behaviorism is routinely called into service in standing support of neurochemical Reductionism along with the myth of endogeny, comprising the long refuted blanket rationale for so often reckless Psychopharmacology.


Q. What is creative tension?




Q. What is Sexual tension?

“The only way to resolve a situation with a girl is to jump on her and things will work out.”  — Lee Marvin

Stories and scenes are made memorable not merely in whatever empathy or curiosity merely as to the plot situation, but because of the reader or audience relationship, actual motivated feelings elicited for or even against the characters.

No matter the tone or attitude, atmosphere or ambiance, as evoked by the perfect setting, by Writing from the Senses, SUBTLE AND sensuously, with some reference to sensory perception in every paragraph, describing not only what a character sees, but hears, smells, tastes; the wind on his or her skin, the drone of insects, whatever, for richness of texture the senses remain key to Techniques of Suspense plotting and particularly to building onstage sexual tension and even aversion. Therefore, details of reflection, perception and experience must be chosen to draw out the moment that the reader may in turn be drawn into whatever the ambiance or other qualities of the passage or sequence, whichever point in the narrative.

Inevitably, to show or evoke characterization, wherein motivation should be apparent, even through thoughts, however expository, onstage sex appeal may dramatically motivate conflict on many levels, emerging through subtext, What Lurks Beneath and body language, all shown by way of each of the senses in setting, action and atmospheric tone along with the Subtle and Delicate Art of Doublespeak dialogue, may either harmonize with text, or in true Method subtext, all even disagree with text, subtly, so as to draw attention into a  deeper vein or level of conflict by being subtly wrong, with the obstacles to love promoting sexual tension; love, hate, desire, attraction, increasing the tension and pathos of every Technique of Suspense plotting and anticipation, even discomfort and aversion, character conflict on many levels among the dramatis personae, within society, against fate or simply oneself, building upon levels of inner conflict, stress, desperation, indecision and frustration that must culminated either in resignation, despair, resolve or madness, not to mention Transference and the compelling transport of high fantasy reaching From Werewolf Sex To Bunny Love, not just Writing Love scenes, or if one prefers, Quality Sex  scenes, but everything from the 'rules' for romance writing offering concise guidance for the dramatic plot structure of melodramatic pandering affirming and empowering girl cooties, all as doubtless programmed into the Computerized Romance Writer and tomorrow's sexbots, to erotic role-play of the sage and sexpert advice of Susie Bright.


“sex is everything!” — Sigmund Freud
 “Sex is full of lies. The body tries to tell the truth. But, it's usually too battered with rules to be heard, and bound with pretenses so it can hardly move. We cripple ourselves with lies.”  — Jim Morrison
“Vanity, revenge, loneliness, boredom, all apply: lust is one of the least of the reasons for promiscuity”  — Mignon McLaughlin
“Whatever is done from love always occurs beyond good and evil” — Nietzsche
“Sex is hardly ever just about sex”  — Shirley MacLaine

Certainly, all manner of sexual clichés provide more than just the warning against tired prose, but also an insight into universal motivations, key to more than just passionate sex scenes as a writing exercise. Sexual response is both innate and cultivated. Sex elicits affect and entails context. Sex, from furtive eye contact up to the exchange of bodily fluids and every surrounding ritual, is imbued with meaning and values by civilization, personal associations by the individual, and biological imperatives by evolution.  Sex entails all that we are in all that we are. Sex brings out both the best and the ugliest. And thus, for believable characters involved in conflict on different levels and in situations that make any sense and advance the plot, sexual behavior ought to proceed from motivation and situation no less than anything else. 

Sex, as it is so often said, is natural. And that becomes the rationale for pandering, even if in the guise of affirmation and validation, propaganda outright. However, the begged question remains. Indeed, as is often asked, is sex necessary? - And, distinct from just life generally,  in works of culture, specifically...

No, of course not.

After all, there are videos of yarn to fascinate house cats! (For cats, as everybody knows, though some are quite affectionate, can often be of that particularly self sufficient temperament all their own.)

Indeed, any work bowdlerized and eviscerated becomes flaccid and desiccated, as stilted and inhuman as any moving lure for dumb animals. Believable and appealing characters, however "settled", must be motivated and behave and talk according to their relationships and sexroles of whatever milieu appropriate to the setting, even in the most cerebral of stories. 

Even eschewing anything remotely explicit or graphic, the red hot purple passion prose, no matter how tame or "child safe", in capable fiction sexuality of some kind still manifests itself. For the key in writing to any younger audience or any other tender sensibility, is never actually expurgation, but simply toning it down or transposition somehow, but seldom in truly eliminating every trace of sex. 

A story that isn't at all racy may only omit overt sexuality and strong undercurrents, not sexuality at all, which is an aspect of human nature, characterization, relationship and milieu, setting. After all, as the Good Book says, "the child is father to the man".

Certainly, all manner of sexual clichés provide more than just the warning against tired prose, but also an insight into universal motivations, key to more than just passionate sex scenes as a writing exercise.

Sexual response is both innate and cultivated. Sex elicits affect and entails context. Sex, from furtive eye contact up to the exchange of bodily fluids and every surrounding ritual, is imbued with meaning and values by civilization, personal associations by the individual, and biological imperatives by evolution.  After all, suicide bombers are actually just cranky! For even the praising saints and poets yearn to be ravished by God wooing humanity unto Rapture! For is not God's story is also a Romance? And where once they sought to share narcotic communion, one day soon they'll only want to jack into the Net!

Sex,  however, is also wrapped up in taboo, and not just anything that seems naughty and popular, but that which remains disturbing and dangerous, genuinely alarming and therefore, to make matters even worse, indeed also most convenient fodder for pigheadedly slanderous malicious gossip and persecution. Anyone who raises such alarm may then turn and demand, as if they had nothing whatsoever to do with it: Who does not see which way the wind now blows? A word to the wise: Why draw attention provoking their discomfort and disapproval by writing upon such squeamish topics? But rather, we need not so fret as to why anyone remains courageous enough to speak out. We all should. Bullies readily take ascent from silent passive bystanding, whether out of stunned confusion, apathy or cowardice extolled as prudence and sensitivity. Rather, like Socrates, let us demand: In open discourse and private reflection alike, why do those who evince such public concern and agitate the mob, not first fully ponder, investigate and write upon such issues as they pretend to be so concerned about? The most tiresome sheer anti-intellectual heteronomy is the reason: They wouldn't be caught dead, rationally formulating opinions of their own, when they are ever so relentless in manipulatively intimidating and enticing the masses not to think.


Whither Innocence?

As Freud was well aware, nursemaids where long in the practice of quieting colicky male infants into rapt and silent fascination, by stroking their little penises. Indeed, the more repressed these young women found themselves in their own private love lives, the more their work seemed to provide them with a more acceptable outlet. Indeed, it was even observed how the more modestly they comported themselves as young ladies, the more brazenly they where seen to sport with their infant charges.

Above is the notorious and disturbing woodcut of Saint Anne the Grandmother of Christ, fondling and testing the Manhood of the Infant Lord and Savior, bade in  arms of His Immaculate Mother.

Obviously, different cultures around the world and throughout history, have developed very different mores, manners, morals, norms and standards. So, what must be deemed loving and nurturing and what needs be be rejected as dangerous and exploitative? Where should the line be drawn in optimal service to both the safety as well as the needs and happiness of the young and vulnerable?

Why, even a real boy like Pinocchio, yearning for his Blue Fairy, may instead become beguiled and exploited by Dracula's daughter or even the pedophile Coyote spirit of traditional Native American cautionary fables! Or, more prosaically, in the course of growing up, any ordinary person might, likewise, simply become drawn, by a crush of any sort, to relate to anyone else more human, imperfect and complicated.

Indeed, at the risk of seeming unduly Freudian, with all those big eyed bashful peek-a-boo, cuddly bump and tickle, what, exactly, is 'Teletubbies' but the most blatant and puerile porno for toddlers?! Brilliant in it's simplicity. Or has some narrative subtlety eluded me, here?

Kidding aside, 'Teletubbies', targeted at the youngest viewing audience ever in the history of television, is age appropriately educationally effective, precisely because preverbal tots do respond. Indeed, the key in writing to any younger audience or any other tender sensibility, is never expurgation but simply toning it down or perhaps sublimation one way or another

And the point of truth in jest remains, that the appeal of 'Teletubbies' includes such attention, contact and expression that is only arbitrarily distinguished and divorced from that which may be deemed sexual foreplay, indeed such that Freud might well classify as infant sexuality, and without which babies are well known to actually and literally die from neglect and loneliness.  That is why, necessarily, controversy and ambivalence not withstanding, perception is shaped and boundaries are drawn not only for protection of the innocent, but also to define and allow some range of licit interaction at all throughout life, instead of complete isolation, or so one might hope.

Infant and childhood sexuality is often manifest in the intrinsically motivated initiative in entirely natural behavior of children, even passionate crushes and childhood masturbation, all however awkward socially and therefore reshaped in parenting. All as any Pediatrician will so carefully and gently tell you. Nevertheless, or so the theory goes, adults initiating sex with children and even pubescents, is to be so taboo because of the  danger of subversion of normal development by manipulative suggestion, much less influences of bribery and outright coercion, all in conflict of interests and abuse of trust in fiduciary relationship. The growth and psychological development of children, then, must be scrupulously non-directive. But no parenting in general, even comes close to that benchmark. Moreover, by that high standard, our educational system, similarly destructive to autonomy, engages in ongoing molestation, however Platonic, that has engendered in the population, a pandemic of lifelong generalized anxiety disorder, and all for our own good! The problem isn't with sex but with love, with coercion manipulatively rationalized and trust continually imposed upon, of intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation as ever, and the corruption that frequently attends upon power relations at all. Though all such gambits and conceits must be embraced more poetically than scientifically, attempt has even been undertaken to quantify tradeoff between freedom and security, Thermodynamically!

One even shopworn narrative cliché is of recovered childhood memory of a pedophile encounter, benign and even nurturing because of being completely non-directive and entirely at the initiative of drives of infant sexuality on the part of the child, rather than coercion, manipulation or naive trust in fiduciary guidance from the adult involved. Then the memory is allowed to recede into the child's unconscious so that the child can return to sexual latency and normal development.

Indeed there is precisely such a tropic scene in the works of the master of literary pandering, Robert Heinlein. Indeed, it all seems something perhaps of a somewhat strained variant of the dramatic single never to be repeated tryst in the wilderness of Tristram and Isolde, then put aside forever upon return to society replete with socialized roles and expectations in the court of King Mark.

But any such true to life claim may readily be dismissed as deep seated denial, and just such credulous revulsion in turn likewise dismissed as bigotry and limited imagination. Similarly, much as peyote usage is supposed to be rendered non addictive amid the extensive rites and guidance, behavioral structure, of the vision quest, indeed serving even all manner of beneficial Psychotherapy even including recovery from drug addiction, there is also the romanticized notion from Cultural Anthropology of very young sexual initiation, likewise safely enshrouded in meticulous ceremony and ritual and likewise providing behavioral structure ruling out not only doubt and distraction, but mixed signals to engender inner conflict. And in Science Fiction at its most pandering propagandistic, every taboo imaginable has been flouted in both glowing Utopias and in horrific cautionary Dystopias.

Kant's Categorical Imperative: What if everybody did so? But then, would everybody want to? Incest and deformity are a trope of horror. Any effect of inbreeding, incestuous or not, actually tends to be almost negligible by itself, but cumulative in the practice over generations until if persisted, inbred strains eventually die out.  It has even been speculated that the impact of generations of inbreeding, let alone incest, may be controllable by screening and abortion. Or better still, why not enhanced teratothanasia? Also, it would seem that the degree of genetic impact may correspond to the degree of relation in incest.

Because of taboo, stigma and isolation, all manner of appalling living conditions needlessly fester in secret, including even generational incestuous deformity. Sociologically, endogamy is the custom of marrying only within the limits of a local community, clan, or tribe, or biologically, the fusion of reproductive cells from related individuals: inbreeding or even self-pollination. Cumulative inbreeding is practiced not only in smaller isolated communities, but insular clans and especially royalty. In antiquity around the world, royal brother-sister incest was was practiced, in emulation of mythically incestuous pantheons of deities from which royalty often claimed decent and even cobalt blue colored blood, like the six armed blue skinned Hindu deities descending from the Heavens. But the truth for kings and commoner alike, is less auspicious:

Charles Darwin famously wrote of evolution driven by natural selection and reproductive success via "the survival of the fitter,"  which in the popular rubric became: "the survival of the fittest." Turning the phrase again, in 'The Survival of the Sickest,' the authors  Dr. Sharon Moalem and Jonathan Prince remind us that successful mutation is just a kinder word for birth defect, gene damage and horrible deformity, accumulating as passed down from generation to generation, because they indeed promoted survival long enough for reproductive success. For examples, terminal sickle cell anemia, in the interim protects from the Black Plague, and aging may be a defense against cancer.

As it turns out, humanity diverged from the chimpanzee even more recently in history, than had previously been known. Indeed, only a hand full of key genes differential humans from chimps. To wit: Healthy baby chimpanzees walk up right, but begin walking on their knuckles into puberty. However, a genetic birth defect of the pelvis still observed cropping up occasionally among chimpanzees, accounts for adult human beings walking upright, advantageous for wading into the tides and foraging for shellfish. And the weakest bite in the animal kingdom, is that of the human being, because of the most blatant damage and deformation to the genes for out jaw muscles. In areas of the genetic sequence, one of the two paired chromosomes is actually missing! This allows skull growth to accommodate the sheer size of the human brain affording humanity the wit and innovation to cut up and cook food for less chewing and more efficient digestion. - Again. only one of the handful of key genetic birth defects that diverge and differentiate humans from our nearest relatives, the chimps, whereas the calamity of a healthy and genetically whole jaw muscle produces a human with a skull the size of a chimpanzees, a pinhead

Human nature is so unnatural: While all mammals contend with stimulus struggle, and with social stimulus struggle in particular, there are unique biological factors and features in the human condition pertaining to stimulus struggle with bearing upon social stimulus struggle: In no vengeful caprice of The Lord All Mighty, but merely via evolution from hideous mutation, hath multiplied the suffering of women in childbirth: No other female animal, but only human women, suffer such agony in labor as the bones of the pelvis must so painfully separate in order to accommodate the tremendous size of the baby's head through the birth canal. -Indeed, like passing a bowling ball, as the saying goes... Throughout life, the massive human brain places considerable demands upon bodily resources, and yet it still is never enough. Hyperbaric medicine has discovered that barring intervention, none of us, no matter how normal and healthy, are really ever getting quite enough oxygen to fully and optimally meet the needs of the brain. And indeed stimulus struggle is particularly acute in humanity, because of the evolution of the human brain, first in meeting the challenges of the natural environment, but then in competition within the species. The result was the human brain so exceeding of the challenges of nature, and consumed with unprecedented intrinsic motivations in the quest for meaning, simply for staving off loneliness and boredom, even without such day to day violence and desperation as increasingly quelled by ever improving sociopolitical stability.

And all because the human species is so massively inbred, accentuating double recessive genetic mutations, thereby actually accelerating evolution. Long ago, the gene pool of our ancestors was narrowed when our species barely escaped extinction. After all, a concept so readily debunked, 'race,' so-called, stands as prime example of a deliberately ambiguous and slippery weasel word, sheer doublespeak, in so far as the very word 'race' is so blithely employed actually to suggest species, while evading open and explicit commitment to such blistering absurdity, belief and atrocity. Racism even advocates inbreeding, even identifying the degree of reproductive fitness and success, with degree of phenotypic similarity of parent and offspring, achieved by the degree of familial relation, in family trees that not only branch, but frequently converge. By such thinking, Racists parents are expected to only love their children as much as they look like them!

But to reiterate, regardless of skin tone etc. or gender for that matter, nevertheless we all share that same handful of key genetic birth defects, horrific mutations and deformity, with all humanity, and every other chromosome with the chimpanzees as well. Indeed, there is only one inbred, genetically narrow, and therefore fairly uniform human species, all such minor regional ethno-phenotypic variation notwithstanding. All hence humanity is especially susceptible to inbreeding, and therefore doctrines of "racial" purity all the more more ill considered, and misogyny or "race-mixing", so-called, the saving grace of new blood defining and preserving humanity. Because as our forbears first diverged from the chimpanzee, not just trivial phenotypic variance, but those key human features first evolved in different geographical regions, where our forebears had migrated after their inbred numbers rose again from near extinction. Yet those defining paradoxically advantageous genetic mutations of horrific deformity propagated throughout the world, even when individuals remained settled near where they were born, populations enduring in reciprocal isolation.

Which brings us to incest and Eugenics: There has never been a real life Dr. Samuel Lann, selectively and occasionally even incestuously breeding improved human beings, to accentuate desired characteristics, just as with livestock, in the laboratory. Only, at most, failed Fascist breeding communities. Perhaps that's why extreme or specialized, let alone even nigh superhuman, characteristics emerge, and rarely, only perhaps from severe natural selection, but never Eugenically, no matter the monstrous Draconian measures that have forever blackened the history of Eugenics. The fundamental distortion that has so perniciously and mass murderously undermined Eugenics in practice from the beginning, is that animal husbandry deals, in painstaking care, with the screening, selection and pairing of individual breeders, whereas Racist pseudoscientific Eugenics has blithely sought to deal with vast human populations in grandiose over simplified broad strokes. The issue from incestuous pairings of livestock, are subject to stringent culling, planned infanticide certainly unthinkable with human babies, but routine with in vitro fertilization, where in only healthiest zygotes are selected for implantation. Not to mention that the option of artificial insemination would obviate any need of such awkwardness as incestuous physical congress. But perhaps that sidesteps too many provocative questions.

Neurosis begins as those wishes of a sexual nature are shamefully repressed in childhood,  from socialization in guilt ridden suppression of infant sexuality. Therefore, can it seriously be suggested or argued that incest and Pedophilia are traumatic only because of taboo? Where  incest and Pedophilia simply de-stigmatized, as a consequence, would trauma be eliminated or even at all diminished? Indeed, is such a disturbing hypothesis readily amenable to investigation, save by decidedly unethical experiment? And what notions could ever be so boundlessly handier for fictional exploration, Science Fiction thought experiment and general all around shock value!

From childhood sexuality stem the universal deep-seated incestuous longings of the Oedipus and Electra complexes, according to the theories of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung respectively, castration anxiety and penis envy accounting developmentally for incest-avoidance. All therefore incest emotionally complicates trauma of coercion and abuse, especially towards the vulnerable, most especially, children. And a great proportion of child molestation is incestuous. Nevertheless, according to Margaret Mead, not rape, not pedophilia, and not the exploitation or abuse of children, sexual or Platonic, but incest in its own right, regardless of age, is the one taboo universal to all cultures. The incest taboo began after the advent farming, because sexual partnerships impact kinship hierarchy which became important when hitherto nomadic peoples first settled. The level of scorn and taboo of incest, is proportionate to the degree of familial relationship. The minimum acceptable distance may vary societally, as does application of the taboo also between in-laws. The maternal incest taboo is more ancient than paternal incest taboo, let alone between siblings. Sacred exceptions for supernatural entities such as gods and for royalty, purported gods on earth, are forgotten in the modern world.

Bigotry may cast aspersion of incest. Villains may be depicted as incestuous. Notwithstanding the manifest inconsistency, even inherently sterile homosexual incest is not exempt from the taboo. Both homosexuality and incest are sometimes identified with Narcissistic self involvement. So laden with tension and revulsion, the subject of incest is therefore naughty and hilarious! The forbidden fruit of incest is a favorite subject in pornography. The resolution of tension and conflict because of incestuous yearning, is enduring wish fulfillment fantasy, even resorting to surreal sleight of hand, as in the Fairytale of 'Cat-Skin', wherein incest is magically resolved by a series of costume changes. The plot logic demands such profoundly hallucinatory impaired memory, perception and judgment of all the characters!

Exploding the taboo of incest is ever handy for shock value and stirring the pot. Especially as regards taboo, those who vent moral revulsion all too often far too self-righteous to think and explain themselves. So how might the issue be cogently explained to an Anthropologist from Mars? Is incest wrong? Indeed, it has been suggested that the repression of any natural urges is just neurotic and unhealthy. Incest-avoidance theory notwithstanding, genetic sexual attraction is, to begin with, the all too common appeal of similar looking partners, and indeed, an intensely dramatic conflict, the even mesmerizingly powerful forbidden sexual attraction between close, even first degree, relatives, perhaps separated and only having only met for the first time as adults. -or not...

Transhumanism anticipates from technological progress a future of unrecognizable, not merely unforeseeable, change in culture and the human condition itself. Indeed, to make matters all the more awkward, the eradication of aging, generation and therefore order of lineage, will no longer be so obvious. Will attractive perpetual health and youth thus tempt incest? Can that be the real fear that inspires the virulence of Deathism?

In Christian thought, sin is guilt being the awareness of sin. The murder and mayhem of the idiot Parcival, is no sin until he knows any better. In one tale, the mother of unwittingly incestuous sibling newlyweds, is court ordered with the burden of keeping the secret, never to tell then who they really are. Incest, taboo and abomination rivaled at all only in aversion to cannibalism, is a time honored subject of even ultimate horror and tragedy. The horror and tragedy of incest generally unfolding from individual shame and stigma within society, therefore seems at all self fulfilling, both in fiction and in reality.

Does precisely all such blatant shopworn mythology then remain the vexing pinnacle of human self understanding? What dangerous ignorance! Or Am I the only one in the dark? Even in optimistic stretch of theoretical imagination, and speaking of unethical experiment, given human frailty and inherent fiduciary conflict of interests, any stringent laboratory conditions of benign pedophilia would be no less utterly contrived than any tropic fiction. At least transition in public consciousness, from a tabooistic and traumatic rules-based socialization of children by those who know best, to sincere investigation into and respect for the sanctity of their own sensibility of comfort, does seem like genuine progress. Now if only that same principle can ever be applied to begin any serious reform of the ongoing Platonic molestation that is what passes for our educational system.

But even if utterly consistent harm from Pedophilia is not clearly demonstrable, any more than any psychological trauma can be reliably predicted no matter the vicissitude, the dangers associated with Pedophilia nevertheless remain manifest even if poorly understood and whatever the well debatable causes, reasons and explanation. Just imagine struggling to explain the human dangers of Pedophilia, say, to an Anthropologist from Mars! According to a certain extreme individualistic perspective, infants and helpless mute idiots, should be deemed consenting merely by displaying pleasure. How simple and elegant! -Indeed, in truth, somewhat tidy and simplistic, quite without regard to complex unconsidered consequences in reality, especially under fiduciary obligation to the vulnerable. Likewise, every known theory in Cultural Anthropology, ideology or literary trope of possibly safe conditions for Pedophilia seems somehow of other over simplistic, unlikely, extremely contrived and romanticized, fancifully optimistic and impractical, smacking of the downright unrealistic. -And therefore remains, in a word, again: mythological: imaginary, the stuff of fable. Speculation raising healthy skepticism, nevertheless it all just needs work! In truth, we still have too far to go in rendering average family life and education anywhere near safe and wholesome, much less the cultural advent of any at all perhaps implausibly ideal harmless and nondirective non demanding Pedophile encounter and consummation in nigh transcendent consummate sensitivity, completely natural, impulsive, initiated and motivated by the child.

Nevertheless, what still undeniably complicates the issue is that children, though clearly different from adults, are not actually asexual, and never have been, no matter what we are more comfortable pretending. Indeed, babies withheld all tactile affection simply die. It is even declared by bio-science that the comfort sought by a perfectly normal child curling up in the embrace of an adult care giver, if monitored and recorded with whatever sort of biosensors, might often physiologically qualify as sexual, even if the very distinction scarcely occurs in the innocent mind of the child, never emerging into consciousness. All that the latter signifies, however, is that the boundary between what is benign and what is dangerous to children, between what Freud calls: infant sexuality and pedophile exploitation, will likely never be quantifiable merely physiologically. Differentiation of the sexual or erotic from the chaste and Platonic then, isn't even to the point.

Machiavelli notoriously recommends in war and statecraft, seeking only weaker allies. But can that advice find similar application throughout the entire rage of personal relationships? Obviously not. The problem of avoiding all conflict of interest, is that any desirable personal asset one might seek in another, can also be turned against you or to take undue advantage. And this is a particular danger in child rearing because actual equality of knowledge and ability is impossible and not only impractical.  Indeed, the lines have been drawn so completely differently by different cultures throughout history. And culturally variable inconsistent arbitrary demarcation of the licit from the illicit is inadequate. The question remains: How ought we best see to both the safety and the physical and emotional needs of the vulnerable, and children in particular?

Here is one brave attempt at an answer:


Erotic Attunement:
Parenthood and the Ethics of Sensuality Between Unequals

University of Chicago Press, Jun 15, 2011 - Family & Relationships - 363 pages

Heightened awareness of the problem of sexual abuse has led to deep anxiety over adults touching children—in nearly any context. Though our society has moved toward increasingly strict enforcement of this taboo, studies have shown that young children need regular human contact, and the benefits of breastfeeding have been widely extolled. Exploring the complicated history of love, desire, gender, sexuality, parenthood, and inequality, Erotic Attunement probes the disquieting issue of how we can draw a clear line between natural affection toward children and perverse exploitation of them.

Cristina L. H. Traina demonstrates that we cannot determine what is wrong about sexual abuse without first understanding what is good about appropriate sensual affection. Pondering topics such as the importance of touch in nurturing children, the psychology of abuse and victimhood, and recent ideologies of motherhood, she argues that we must expand our philosophical and theological language of physical love and make a distinction between sexual love and erotic love. Taking on theological and ethical arguments over the question of sexuality between unequals, she arrives at the provocative conclusion that it can be destructive to completely bar eroticism from these relationships.

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It's no use, he sees her
He starts to shake and cough
Just like the old man in
That book by Nabokov
—  Sting, The Police, 'Don't Stand So Close To Me'
May to December - some highly unoriginal thoughts
“You're only as old as the woman you feel.”  Groucho Marx
As Sting makes such sly reference in song, Nabokov provocatively authored the classic of notoriety upon the theme of forbidden love, intergenerational fraternization in specific, an ever topical problem and relatable to all, a fear pervading society, a common place in reality, and a fantasy of considerable mass appeal: Hot for teacher? Are you my Lolita? Why then, just call me Hubert Humphries! Or to those who stand ever at the ready to demonize all the dirty old men and cougars, then call me Legion, for we are many!  An at all believable, interesting or  sympathetic protagonist presents the reader that very challenge, simply by being, whereas as painting a villain merely panders propagandistically to moralistic outrage.  A good writer imbues a soul even into a murderously Sadistic Nazi character, let alone the everywo/man in the throws of the most ordinary and common tawdry temptation, love and taboo.
Squeamish as the truth may be, there is nothing to be gained in willful naivety: As an aspect of our culture, one way or another, a common and normal part of entry into adulthood will be exposure and encounter by young people with adults that are not family members, which is often highly sexually charged. Exactly what result must we expect, then? The coping options for any culture then range from hysteria, to formalized or unspoken control or even to open tolerance. And somewhere in between, lies the unspoken norms of redeeming social hypocrisy.
Beyond simple pandering to shock value and titillation, and propaganda of one kind or another, whether demonizing or sanctifying, one way or another blatantly leading the reader or viewer exactly how to feel, good fiction writing and characterization demands of the author not only conflict, but knowledge of and sympathy with whatever the subject matter at hand in order for the readers or viewers then to think for themselves. And whatever subject matter at hand, in order to be dramatic, must be some aspect of human nature and situation, the human condition (or on STAR TREK, "The Human Equation," ever problematical. ) And intergenerational fraternization is a long tried and true theme so ever fascinatingly redolent with all the ambivalence as reflected in the subtle subtext of redeeming social hypocrisy of manners and mores, of such dramatic potential for situation and building the tension of every Technique of Suspense with outcome in doubt, for good or evil, happiness or suffering, with all manner of additional obstacles to all of those already standard and well familiar to Romance and adventure. And yet the all too familiar foibles of May / December Romance make for common, ordinary, tawdry and endless sitcom fodder, often in conjunction with the banalities of midlife crisis. - Neither drama, trauma nor stigma of taboo end entirely with boundaries explicitly demarcated by law. Nevertheless, for all the protestation and shock of eternal and so often immature, obsessive and socially inept Moralistic vigilance, in truth sexual fascinations between younger and older, no matter how awkward, risqué or even downright dangerous, is really nothing new, but perhaps the most universal and plain vanilla of kinks, if even to call it so. Every curiosity, any guilty pleasure under the sun, is pandered to in every media ('Barely Legal' magazine notoriously endures as perhaps the top selling pornographic print publication in the world), and the experience common and entirely relatable amongst functioning individuals, as well bourn out by the mass of statistics and study. And among the perhaps less unflattering trope formulaic rationalizations thereof, are the quest for any sort of parent figure reciprocated by any nurturing instinct. Or perhaps transgression of the generation gap transcends Eternity! But as concerns drama as in life, the truth may be at all less magical: sexuality and  age difference merely presenting additional complication:
Understanding the popular allure and fascination of intergenerational encounters and relationships in life and in art 
One way or another, anyone drawn close to one another howsoever despite having no apparent business being together by every social norm, might well be strongly motivated, one way or another to merit meaningful study in human nature well beyond the empty and simplistic pandering of Moralism. After all, we are stronger for our differences: In the normal course of life and individual expanding connection into the world at large, there may often be illuminating value for a older person in any kind of individual personal relationship with any younger person less estranged than the younger persons integrated into dysfunctional family and formal institutional circles. Not only do the young benefit from the experience and sagacity of their elders, particularly outside of family circles and formal institutions, but interaction with younger people may be crucial to keeping older people open minded and in touch with a changing world.  Hence whatever conditions of segregation are a conservative device for keeping us all in the dark and forestall any collusion, so threatening to whatever status quo.

 “The teenager seems to have replaced the Communist as the appropriate target for public controversy and foreboding. — Edgar Friedenberg, The Vanishing Adolescent

Besides, any proficient writer of throbbing tawdry Romance will immediately understand the unexpected intensification of exactly such recognition of compatibility parameters in an explosive May/December encounter in the exchange of seasoned sagacity for youthful vigor. And don't smirk, I know you love it. Of course any theme or trope of routine formal sexual mentorship even for the very young as in ancient days, in modern sensibility rightly raises concern over dangers of exploitation. And yet similar practices and secret rites as ever may persist in exotic foreign lands, still have their defenders even simply in the name of cultural sensitivity. Homosexuals often complain of growing up lacking socialization in homosexual love life and hence even somewhat attachment disordered and perpetually uneasy: There was no prom for us, they so often lament. Indeed, in that very perturbed sense of isolation, for homosexual age gap relationship may be viewed more sympathetically, in possible recognition of beneficial mentorship, though also, alas, somewhat in any tolerant condescension to homosexuality as already relegated to the perverse and insane in the first place. But what about any heterosexuals howsoever deemed or expected to be at all better socialized and considered more normal? One hardly needs to be Gay in order not to fit in or to find oneself excluded. But Heterosexuals are supposed functionally socialized by osmosis, without the squeamishness of open discussion and fallible uncertainty. Perhaps to legitimize any need for any kind of sociological sex education for ordinary heterosexuals, may be regarded as nigh treasonous!  Only them damn Jew intellectual queers struggle with all those mushy deep thoughts and feelings! So no mentorship exemption as such, for us upright straight folks. What then?

“The soul is born old but grows young. That is the comedy of life. And the body is born young and grows old. That is life's tragedy.”  — Oscar Wilde 

Sociometric profiling, matching and the subtleties of mutual admiration: reciprocal role-modeling: To begin with, people all need not only to share anything in common, but need to look up to for any more advanced personal assets or qualities of character, situation and perspective or POV. Indeed, compatibility is well understood to depend upon crucial similarities and differences, too. Indeed, people are well understood to be drawn to others to whom they identify because they share one quality of value to them, and whom they can also look up to because of another shared quality or growth potential in which the other howsoever exceeds them. If the other reciprocates likewise seeing some shared valued quality and also some superior aspect to look up to in the other, then they may connect. Indeed, there are no end of combinatory variations, optimization however becoming statistically the more frustrating, the greater or more unique intelligence, talent and disposition, especially for the gifted so often known for propensity towards such markedly uneven asynchronous development, beyond their age group in seriousness and intimacy needs and concepts of friendship, perhaps even while falling behind in other capacities and characteristics, perhaps even social aptitude in particular. And also, there will always be individuals whom as they advance in years yet remaining at all vital, may be disappointed to find their own age group peers increasingly stodgy, antisocial, unapproachable or insular, even as often married and in retreat from old friends much less cultivating new relationships or any kind in order not to retreat from society.  
Hence all manner of relationships between younger and older gifted peers may be not only inevitable but actually ever more crucial in a population increasingly consisting of the neglected and abused gifted and atypical or: twice exceptional, gifted yet with learning disabilities, indeed, ongoing products of lifelong asynchronous development, perhaps, for example, even emotionally advanced in relationship needs, yet falling behind and awkward socially and also perhaps somewhat indifferent to arbitrary seeming social norms. Though advancing technology is ever in the habit of eventual overthrow of biological destiny, nevertheless for the time being, even the twice exceptional must eventually come into puberty and then age along with everyone else. Indeed, Platonically to begin with, let alone anything more, the widespread mediocrity of generation gap has arisen a norm specifically of post industrial society, yet necessarily predicated upon typical and uniform synchronous development. (Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.) 
All to often, ordinary people at all squeamish, in unstated deference to the superiority of Empirical  Case Based Reasoning over rules based reasoning, will then soften their attitude, often coming to accept all manner of unconventional relationships as fait accompli when they become better acquainted with those involved. Such is the common and ordinary subtle subtext of redeeming social hypocrisy, a social and psychological coping process for ambivalence, that on the one hand  becomes quite needless to more open tolerance, and on the other hand, that so completely eludes the even comically overparented drearily consistent Manichean black or white thinking social ineptitude and deeper more deadly and destructive hypocrisy of Moralist fanatics, cronies and bullies. But those most hateful and scandalized in actingout,, quite refuse to imagine just how casually many others take such entire matters as of May/December or intergenerational fraternization amongst other far stranger practices, while the  many who are more ideologically permissive and do not happen to interact with the former group, are surprised that anyone else is still at all the more agitated and "uptight" and therefore take no action. Even through the ever ebbing pendulum of social attitudes, both factions often remain even seemingly oblivious to the other's very existence until personal contact and friction. Only those few actively campaigning even to actually lower age of consent, seem at all aware of themselves as opposition within a spectrum of tolerance and intolerance / zero-tolerance. Thus, when the factions are in such denial about being so out of step, can there persist so unhealthy insular delusion of consensus in effective concealment of controversy upon any such a charged and polarizing social issue.  Only in academia amongst professional researcher and advocates interested and knowledgably, does collegial debate actually rage. Hence so often remains the function of dramatization, to raise popular awareness and help open public discourse upon neglected important questions.
                                  So just imagine boldly chalking out on the blackboard:
 Premise: All (Heterosexual?) even potentially non Platonic intergenerational fraternization is (intrinsically?) bad, shameful, improper, untoward.
 Corollary:  Nothing good, no functional legitimate beneficial need or desire is ever thereby served. (THEY can never love as WE do.)                  
 Conclusion: For the greater good, even appearance, impression or very thought of such as above must be prevented or curtailed by any unquestioned means necessary.  
So, who in their right minds can actually be so gullible as to foment such mindless taboo and endorse any so simplistic and half-baked and reactionary a mandate of social intervention? 
Consistency would only be melodramatically typical of Manichean culture-war, and inconsistency hypocritical, even often howsoever typical and ubiquitous self-serving and exploitative cockblocking, as ever, the metaphorical foxes set to guard the proverbial chicken coop. No less so even in real life: two dimensional and poorly motivated Fanaticism is the persistent adherence to flawed Moralistic insular parochial delusion of consensus, even in the face of changing attitudes reshaped by whatever mounting Reductio Ad Absurdum and escalating calamity. In character growth, the more normal it is to feel different, the less all-important it becomes to meet the expectations of others. Persecuted unorthodox relationships become all the more threatening, the more ordinary they actually turn out to be. And nowhere does this apply more than with intergenerational fraternization, the attraction being so pervasive, highly charged and as can be seen in time honored yet ever topical dramatic theme, ever naughty yet relatable for anyone. Hence, nowhere are the pretences of Moralism more obviously hypocritical and unserious. We are only appalled at someone else's predilections! In the face of all real harm or hazard, again, far from pro-social, cockblocking remains as one-dimensionally cardboard and villainous, dangerously counterproductive and exploitative as ever, if not more so. 
To begin with, in response to however real and serious problems and dangers, age of consent statutes nevertheless criminalize normal and natural impulses, a measure which is, however well intentioned, in a word: Reactionary and often more harmful than helpful. Nevertheless, in clear and present danger to the most vulnerable, something must be done! Hence, perhaps any more constructive and sympathetic response may be more in order. And indeed, strategies and sensibilities societal response vary widely with milieu cross culture and throughout history, let alone all that can be imagined in fantasy and Science Fiction. What as yet remains biologically consistent is how children grow into puberty, begin manifesting sexual characteristics, and opening up at ones own pace, become sexually aroused by observable sexual characteristics in others reciprocally likewise sexually interesting. It isn't a three tiered process. Human children do not turn into dogs, sexually interested only in other dogs and staying that way for whatever designated respectable number of years, and only later on transforming again but into cats, only sexually interested in other cats. Therefore, obviously, entirely social barriers are always bound to come into conflict with with natural motivating drives. The lesson to real life and policy offered from drama (or with the stakes lowered, Comedy of Manners) is that resolution arrives in the discovery and fulfillment of needs, aside, additionally, from action-adventure in discovery and averting of danger, either or both as ever applicable.
The even implausibly villainous and loony implicit premise or mandate in question above merely serves rhetorically and at the risk of straw man argument, because by very nature, no such clear statement of any given taboo is typically ever formulated or made available for critical scrutiny. We therefore all too often find ourselves left to our own sense of amazement for best surmise. Of course, no matter the volume of however solid the supporting corroboration, let alone mere unexamined convictions however strong, scientifically, all can be overturned at any time by only one counter example serving as Popper's black swan, refutation. And in this case, to the serious student of human nature, the absence of any counter example would be the more surprising than finding one, of which there are so many, indeed, as must be ignored or dismissed one way or another by the closed minded. One needn't press ones reach into fantastic Science Fiction: Quite simply, real history and modern life are likewise replete with entirely sympathetic, perfectly functional and positive encounters and relationships, even grand epic great loves, between the most unlikely and different individuals, age disparity being quite the least of it. Nevertheless, the evocation of petty burning jealousy, a ready spark of conflict and strife, even at the merest hint of romantic interest, is hardly uncommon as an obstacle in reality as so consistently reflected drama. Little wonder then, the prevalence and popular appeal of our theme, so relatable and yet somehow at all still naughty, in works of drama.
While in propaganda and advertising, the audience is blatantly told what are their needs and the dangers and prompted what to feel, "In a good play, everyone is right."  In dramatizing controversy, good motivated and dramatic dialogue makes it hard to tell who is right and who is wrong. Capable drama with dimension and substance, whether as merely imagined in in fiction or actually agitated by political activism and intervention into social evolution, needs must strive for more socially responsible thematic exploration and delicacy towards vulnerability than via pandering to dishonest  propaganda manipulation, hate and fear mongering, seeking instead for believable complication motivated from conflicting priorities out of controversy over genuinely interesting problems and issues, even far more taboo.
A Continuum Model of Participants and Experiences & Negotiating Stigma

Deltans, Polynesians and Bonobos, oh my!

Erotic Age Orientation





Trusting and naive ingénue or conniving coquette?





Progress free from dramatic obstacle is sheer wish fulfillment!

“When authorities warn you of the [dangers] sinfulness of [having] sex, there is an important lesson to be learned. Do not have sex with the authorities.”

 — Matt Groening, 'Life In Hell' citation from 'Basic Sex Facts For Today's [Youngsters] Young Folk'.


t h e SLUTWALK  fighting for their right to be dirty g

Provocative dress, expression and conduct, sheer lewdness and licentious vulgarity, is a fundamental right, and lots of fun:

When individuals are isolated, intimidated and fear to simply reach out to one another in attraction and for gratification,
we will only be dominated and exploited by those better connected and privileged.

In order to reduce needless true to life drama, maintain high standards: Don't ignore gut instinct.  "Put more trust in nobility of character than in an oath." [Solon.] Do not fall prey to wishful denial or overestimate capacity for change. Be honest and ask for what you want. Do they volunteer full verifiable contact and background information, or are they simply too cagey? Never struggle for the approval of the puritanical judgmentally self-serving controlling and exploitative moralistic hypocrites. Listen to what people volunteer about themselves. They may beat about the bush inexplicitly, or else then again, often they might even be entirely candid. Listen and attend thereupon. Observe also, how they treat others and mind the company that they keep.

Pandering if not as literally to act as a go-between or liaison in sexual intrigues or function as a procurer, denotes similarly even however vicariously to cater to the lower tastes and desires and wish fulfillment fantasies of others or most specifically, thereby to titillate and exploit their weaknesses, as even by the most obsequious flattery in the guise of affirmation, validation, and even thereby exploitatively winning unearned trust by ploys of however manipulative and dishonest  propaganda manipulation outright, even demagoguery. 

Sex sells. Such emotional appeals or motivation, to the heart, passions, sympathies, gut feelings or even the lowest common denominators of self serving rationalization to malice, jealous rage, outright devilry of thinly disguised hate speech and self loathing. Quintessentially, the transparent lies of the Faux News deceive no one, rather they pander irrationally. Blatant hate and fear mongering propaganda panders to any lowest common denominator of basest instinct, also include loaded or slanted emotional appeal employing language that is calculated to get a particular reaction from readers. Pandering and hence the repertoire of propaganda, also includes out and out sob stories and soppy sentimental tearjerkers, even to be rated by the number of hankies needed! manipulating readers' emotions in order to lead them to draw however unwarranted or poorly supported and even well refutable conclusions.

The three motivating principle cofactors in effective manipulation also applicable in pandering, propagandistically or otherwise, are whatever the incentive and disincentive vulnerabilities of the target or targets, the tactics of the manipulator(s), and time for the relationship to develop under whatever conditions, free or captive.

The phenomenon of manipulation is best defined as undue advantage from trickery via the exploitation of affective innate and conditioned triggers or "push buttons" to undermine and overwhelm, even barrage, resistance, caution, better judgment and autonomy of the target, via insidiously motivating subtext of emotional positive incentive and negative disincentive. –As distinct from open coercion alone or substantive disinformation, lies. Typically, the manipulator obfuscates the nature of their coercion exercised, along with whatever self-serving advantage thereof, whatever their own ultimate motivation.

Positive incentive manipulation or pandering is such as deviously appeals to value in fantasy and desire, love, sex greed, promoting false hope of whatever gain, in order to circumvent or overwhelm resistance, caution, better judgment and autonomy of the target. Whereas an example of negative disincentive manipulation, such insult as condescension that after all comes of love can be less painful than insult that comes without it, or more so, or equally so, as the case may be: but be that as it may, it is, in any case significantly more harmful. This is because insult provokes anger and hostility, but hostility towards people who even sincerely profess to love you and act on your own best interest is curbed and turned inwards, internalized, and experienced on the level of inner conflict of self-hostility, namely guilt. Such deceptive appeals undermining the target’s credulity and defenses even whilst actually exercising coercion constitute often likewise internalized flagrantly manipulative behavior, conscious or unconscious, selfish, indifferent or just desperate. 

Though certainly, there are, always, of course, if not drama per se, then other whatever loftier social or entirely artistic aims in any subject matter, delicate or indelicate, then again, for writers no less than their characters, pandering and personal disclosure alike often present such blocks and barriers of inhibition to overcome as self-consciousness or even sheer anhedonic Moralism and squeamishness outright.

Stories are made memorable not merely in whatever empathy or curiosity merely as to the plot situation, but because of the reader or audience relationship, actual motivated feelings elicited for or even against the characters. And any motivation may do!

Yes, leave us face it, sex appeal may simply pander to sensationalism and/or flights of fantasy, escapism and wish fulfillment for the reader's guilty vicarious pleasure. After all, as the old saying goes, sex sells! Blatant or subtle. Certainly, the erotic is a value, indeed, an  aesthetic category.

But then, even food may serve as well, gluttony as serviceable as debauchery, also depiction of fantastic wealth or opulence, dripping with money, style, richness, beyond the dreams of avarice, old money, no less than royalty or nouveau rich regardless, optionally in contrast to crushing poverty. But there is no need to approve or disapprove of such wretched excess, only to show it. And what could be more vividly exotic than Space Opera fantastic far away planets in the world of the distant future? Indeed, there is no end to variation to sensory gratification which is but the least of of sheer wish fulfillment fantasy of any conceivable desire that may be vicariously pandered to, blissfully unobstructed by any obstacle of dramatic conflict on many levels driving any sort of plot.

WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH - and leave us not forget: Death is glorious Life Eternal! The first rule of propaganda pandering, is that anything can most readily be either glamorized or vilified, formulaically, so that in the slippery slide from willing suspension of disbelief into the tenacity of utter credulity, vivid illustration takes on the very semblance of airtight convincing demonstration. After all, seeing is believing, as the old platitude goes, but ultimately, it is the mind and not the eye that sees. Never mind what history actually teaches us. In the vivid pandering of unfettered propaganda fantasy that pretends all manner of daring and provocative perspective, slaves can be happy, totalitarianism efficient and humane, and even wild sex a real drag until the protagonist finds God! Even life and survival can be made wearisome and disgusting, heightened and ecstatic only by the thrill of self destruction, so that death itself may be extolled as transcendent and beatific release from all cares and woe, indeed in ultimate crowning fulfillment of the Zen Mystic's quest for futility, committed sacrifice making way for return to innocence in generations to come. 

“The nature of a novel is that it has no opinions, only the dialectic of contrary views, some of which, all of which, may be untenable and even silly.”  — Anthony Burgess  

For beyond sensory gratification or material wealth, there are also not only fantasies of the ego, of power, importance and recognition, even love and acceptance in any context, passion, Romance, purest exaltation attained, darkest taboos indulged, if not ruggedly individual autonomy and friendship, then the most heteronymous camaraderie under charismatic leadership, Utopia or transcendence. All manner of escapism, Fantasy, Self-Indulgence, and Wish-Fulfillment, yes, cruelty and suffering, even murder and suicide. After all, as C. S. Lewis observes, the only person who opposes escape is, by definition, a jailer.

"genres that are most popular tend to offer magical resolutions to irreconcilable social problems and tensions."
-The utopian fantasy of Deep Throat  

But, please GHOD not just the belabored bludgeoning obsessions of the writer! Only tiresome zealots need to be pandered to and stoked upon every single point of dogmatic ideology. Of course, the most truly destructive is manipulative dishonest propaganda pandering to hypocritisy. But if POV will not be thoughtful and literate, then, at least let us have good trash, pandering if we must, self indulgence of the reader, not the writer, grabbing the readers, not beating them over the head. Remember to evoke the senses, show don't tell action that actually advances the plot. And building the tension of every Technique of Suspense plotting, even in vicarious pandering, depends upon pacing.

Because, to follow another old saying, capable writing still reveals something about human nature. Even sheer vicarious pandering in it's appeal to the universal fantasies of the audience. While bad self indulgent obsessive writing reveals far too much about the author. Particularly when it comes to such awkward self indulgence that only displays whatever especially obsessive proverbial "axe to grind", personal preoccupation, attachment or morbid fixation, prurient or otherwise, to the exclusion of all else.

Prolong the Agony by making life difficult so as to motivate characters. Don't be nice to your character! No Powderpuff Pitty-Pat! Even pander to vicarious wish fulfillment, but also inspire pathos, anticipation, every Technique of Suspense plotting even dread and even the discomfort of sheer aversion. Stir any range of emotions and force the reader to empathize, to feel. That's what makes for good entertainment, a real page turner.

And so, leave us never forget error checking, but learn a lesson in writing about sex, from the euphemistically symbolic to the clinically explicit, even the descriptive vocabulary and naming of body parts! from the past winners of The Literary Review's Bad Sex Award bestowed upon the most pretentious, tasteless, embarrassing, otiose, self-infatuated or redundant description of the sexual act published during the past year.

Nevertheless, perhaps the most debilitating of all fetish to fiction writing remains the overwhelming and unthinking compulsion to censor or to Bowdlerize. Again, of necessity, the key in writing "child safe" to any younger audience or to any other tender sensibility, is never true and utter expurgation, but simply in toning down anything even remotely explicit, skirting the central question by mere tender suggestion, leaving characterization, motivation and drama intact.

‘Anyone who attempts to render sexual experience directly must face the fact that the writings which comprise it are ludicrous without their subjective content.’ [If not somewhat clinical, or perhaps, then again: Tantric ]
-Elizabeth Benedict, Joy of Writing Sex


The surreally kinky fairytale of Stockholm Syndrome

The will to power may be benign, benevolent, malevolent or absent and ineffectual, as per culturally acquired behavioral patterns and the content of individual character. As a matter of conventional sex, it is said that, one way or another, while the pleasure principle of power, even if only signifying opportunity, arouses men, it is mystery that keeps women involved, for better or worse, the worst being to simply and blithely actout, response to triggers of pernicious ambivalent conflicting mixed signals, even to the tragic point of veritable Masochism and it's exemption from responsibility, even the sheer eroticization of learned helplessness.

Moralism is Justificationist and motivated from the Transactional inner controlling parent and/or compliantly decidophobic inner adaptive child, demanding impossible and unnecessary justification in objective grounds for ethics, often in moral heteronomy to God , thereby rejecting as imperfect, all conjecture, evidence and refutation from criticality available only to the Transactional adult ego state. Masochism and heteronymous submission come in reaction formation in order for the neurotic individual to function and seek gratification at all, even while coping with overwhelming and paralytic feelings of guilt. Reciprocally, moralistic voyeurism panders to, relishes and delights in even while burning with envy towards, all that it so Sadistically and judgmentally condemns. 

Moralism hypocritically panders to and whitewashes unsympathetic fetish objectification in voyeuristic titillation and Sadistically delicious overture to self righteous self serving and envy, thus  providing alibi and denial along with impunity in appeal to evil, mobbing, shunning,  bullying, ostracism, repression both in the individual psyche and in society, the glorification of controlling judgmental sex negative jealousy actingout,  as somehow or other actually pro-social and benevolent. But of course, all such revolting pretence aside, hypocritical  cockblockers are monumentally self serving, not philanthropic at all!

Indeed, various manipulative and destructive cliques, particularly obscurantist cults and scams, exploit Stockholm Syndrome (prevalent in varying degrees) to draw in the mark in vein hope that things will begin to make more sense as the mystery unfolds. Alas, real life happy endings are never guaranteed in the face of passivity and love conquers nothing without backbone and the courage for individual growth.

The menace of the captor represents but also deflects a palpable threat of harm to the captive.  And this makes for an inherently dramatic and perversely absorbing  good news / bad news situation for anyone who ever feels trapped. Bad news in the danger, good news in that it may be appeased, averted by manipulation, especially if redirection and then validation of intimidation. And that is all that may be needed for various degrees of Stockholm Syndrome behavioral conditioning of damsels in distress into the very worst Persecutor-Rescuer headgames, especially from early on in life. 

Alas, there are always those so tragically hardcore and deeply disturbed, genuinely masochistic and anhedonic, that only real danger and self destruction remain enticing, acceptable and licit.

All all others more fortunate, need never let reality spoil a good fantasy! Few would actually conclude that if war movies are good, then actual combat experience must be even better! Thankfully, just as roller coasters and other popular "barf-rides" harmlessly simulate the thrill of a nearly averited vehicular disaster, classic fairytale ravishment, bondage and captivity fantasies and erotic role-play can safely liberate into fantasy and teasing sexual foreplay all the classic drama or shameless melodrama, as the case may be, forbidden thrill and every other Technique of Suspense plotting, desperate approval seeking, of hope toyed with, of the captive struggling seductively to win whatever small kindness of the threatening captor or attacker and survive, and all manner of desperate desire to be expressed, received and fulfilled in an all to blatant and obvious paradoxical intention of "Reverse Psychology."




   said Briar Rabbit...

(Oh, don't tease me, please me!)

Indeed, the kinky fairytale of Stockholm Syndrome, by adamant denial unfettered beyond the burdensome restraints logical contradictions in hard reality, all of the unflagging faith, goodness empathy and connection of the innocent and unrecognized virtuous victimized princess soiled dove, can in the flights of fantasy of impromptu Psychodrama, finally and truly be vindicated by finally at long last redeeming their own unflagging faith in the biggest jerk, most hopeless confirmed loser or even the very worst villain, abuser or bully! I knew there was good in you, Daddy...


            Well, spank me!
So much better than the real thing, baby!
Kinky fairytale ravishment, bondage and captivity fantasies of erotic role-play & surreal psychodrama provide safe escapist outlet, ardent and docile submission free from the anxiety that comes with volition, responsibility and guilty longing to express desire and likewise to be desired desperately. As ever, what heightens drama imaginatively, increases suffering in real life. Specifically, hot and sticky rape fantasies are to the ugly reality, as garish carnival barf-rides are to the actual car accidents they simulate.


For indeed, whereas, of course, true life captivity and domination typically feature only cavalier indifferent neglect, manipulative abuse and exploitation, the resentment and dependency of Stockholm Syndrome (prevalent in varying degrees) even of the fairest damsel in distress ever "protected,"  inspires in poignant denial and rationalization all the appealing passionate fantasies of desperate desire, romantic, kinky or even mystical, indeed partaking of even melodramatic fairytale surrealism, hallucinatory Stockholm Syndrome doublethink in sheer unconcern for reality to the extent of such tremendous gaps in plot logic and believable character motivation, either deadly in earnest, or all even just for ribald laughs and camp comedic parody.

Consumed in Ulterior Transactional quest for Existential Validation that all the suffering will eventually pay off, the Masochist, in typically feminine sexrole, perennially motivated by such extremely poor self esteem, does not merely take the bad with the good, but will not accept the good, if at all, except together with the bad. Trauma and betrayal increasingly undermine proactive initiative, often substituting irresponsible passive dependency upon manipulation and exploitation by others together with veritable aversion to genuine nurture that only risks vulnerability and disappointment.

Fantasy and denial come in surreal malignant optimism, sublimation explaining away hostility and abuse as expression of love, control and callous indifference as passion and desire, and imagining that there can be any resolution or happy ending for helplessness in toxic relationship, in hoping to reform, lame bad boys, bullying douchebags and outright scheming Malignant Narcissistic sociopaths, whist self sabotagingly shunning any one better.

The delusions are dangerous, sad and doomed. Not all that is intense is intensely good. The realism of edge-play is for losers. But the exploration of fantasies running hot and deep, affords safer outlet, confronting our fears in drama, mocking them in farce, and even the experience of impossible fulfillment in defiance of all logic via sheer imagination in Psychodrama.

Here, then, is offered a Science Fiction speculation as a writer's prompt:
Dramatic stories are not usually of happy experiences. Indeed, if the ugly, clumsy and brutal reality of rape even remotely resembled hot transport of mythological fairytale ravishment fantasy, then rape would not merely have to be legal but mandatory! To APPLY for the COVETED POSSITION To APPLY for the COVETED POSSITION  

But what may actually yet be feasible is the nigh alchemic transformation of dysfunctional codependent trailer trash bickering into leather clad stylish hot vampire monkey sex! Again, all that it takes is the recognition of the surreal and an appreciation of the absurd. I know you want to!

Alas, women are all too often encouraged to take men and sexual opportunity for granted, and, no less prudishly intolerant than men, even to fear, revile and despise what comes to them too eager and easily, and in thrall to Stockholm Syndrome, to dread the forbidden fruit and wait patiently and even in some sort of erotic suspense for approval or permission that will never be forthcoming. Thus indecisive and unfulfilled, they think they keep their options open while squandering all. Clearly the kinky fantasy is eminently more fulfilling than the true life dysfunctional banality! But then, after all, beyond sheer pandering alone, good dramatic stories are seldom happy. Bad decisions make good stories.

In truth, for the most part, men are either genuine, reasonably forthright and therefore accessible, "easy," or else only more manipulative not thereby and deeper or really any more chaste. Clearly a fraud that any woman might grow out of by consulting an honest man. There are also genuinely shy men, of course, despite how such may unfairly be regarded as a little odd! And all of this is uncomplicated. After all, any real woman ought to have the right stuff to seduce a shy man, unless she's completely self-absorbed.

My, what a lovely shade of SLUT you are wearing! My, what a lovely shade of SLUT you're wearing! Includes Virgin: "not 'til we marry Berry" and Slut: "floozy fruit". SPF 18. 

But the drama of real complexity and depth of character, however, arises from empathy, regret and analytic disposition, and not just any level of common inner turmoil and conflict whatsoever. Alas, the vulgar preference and penchant for predictable melodrama, in both art and a life of senseless headgames full of pointless tribulation. And this is corruption in the Nietzschean sense, the subversion of instinct, the preference for the disadvantageous, all against which the struggle of true Feminist empowerment, no less than the Causeless Compassion of a mythic Wonder Woman, must fiercely contend.

In the words of Toni Morison: “The ability of writers to imagine what is not the self, to familiarize the strange and mystify the familiar, is the test of their power.”  For as Eve Tushnet points out in Eros and Education, even so integral and elemental a vital impulse as sex is meaningful expression of Eros, more than the quest for completion and transformation, the oft frustrated desire for connection, liberating union with alien difference inevitably first demanding resolution out of conflict on any level arising from whatever dread of the vulnerability entailed. "Pleasure is terrifying because it breaks down the boundaries between people. Embracing passion means living with fear."  writes Erica Jong in: 'The Zipless Fantasy'. Even the very Art of Active Reading and listening is far from passive, intellectual and interpretive participation entailing construction of alternative narratives, imagination and visualization, adjustment of emphasis to suit one's own interests, and assembly of the story or information into whatever the cognitive schemata and context that make up one's own systems of knowledge and belief. But as Eve Tushnet concludes: "A union in which one partner is not vulnerable is an invasion; if neither partner submits, it is an armed truce. [And] Neither of these experiences frees us from the tyranny [and intrinsic loneliness of self involved banality]." 

So inextricable seems Eros with the conflict on so many levels that is engendered as often to be associated with Eris (Discord) and even Ares the god of war. Perhaps hence,  foremost among sexual fantasies with great popular appeal are the stand by Archetypes of Romance including Dangerous Heroes and Soldiers, or challenging aid distant macho personalities such as airplane pilots. In the words of James Dickey: “The true feeling of sex is that of a deep intimacy, but above all of a deep complicity.”



Q. What distinguishes the Star Trek: The Ship of Fools  format in particular, from other STAR TREK series, in any media, fanfic included?
A. Star Trek: The Ship of Fools in particular, from other STAR TREK series, in any media, fanfic included?

Beginning with the outline for introductory six part mini-series also serving as series "bible" for Star Trek: The Ship of Fool, no effort has been spared by glossing over that which is merely perfunctory and dull. Nothing should be included unless it is interesting, provocative or dramatic. To provide new and colorful motivated and even unique and original well rounded and multifaceted characters, and to speculatively advance the ramifications, or at least take over the top rather than simply rehash or further trivialize, the most appealing STAR TREK tropes. 

And that  Star Trek: The Ship of Fools outlines and drafts are truly unfinished, with much to be added and changed, rich with points of creative departure for anyone to join right in a real ongoing online writer's bull session. Not just dullardly anal formulaic filling in of the blanks with the obvious simply for the sake of completion in immersive detail, even however arbitrarily.

also serving as series "bible" for Star Trek: The Ship of Fool

Q. Why the title? 

A. The Ship of Fools, sacred fools, is a classical allegory of the human condition, blind and impulsive in hopes of salvation. And Star Trek: The Ship of Fools is a tale of encounter with the unknown from Rashuman-like multiple perspective, and corresponding dramatic conflict on many levels from clashing motivation

Hieronymus Bosch Annotated schooled fools yellowdog



Sex and Violence


Synopsis: Meet Sienna Exeter, also known as Burnt Sienna or SEXtER for short, always seen grinning wickedly, her thumbs dancing across the controls if her smart phone at lightening speed. For petite and elfin SEXtER is community organizer, renowned in the community for her ready wit and mastery of humorous vulgar double entendre and innuendo in to the most routine and pedestrian communication. But little does anyone suspect the darker purpose concealed behind all of SEXtER's clowning. For ensnaring her prey with provocative SMS, SEXtER goes meting out her own brand of poetic justice upon all manner of sex offenders, either who have evaded the law, or are devious enough to operate with impunity. SEXtER regularly volunteers at a rape crisis center, where her sense of humor is overlooked as coping with her own secret traumas, and in light of her dedication and hard work, in order to track down fresh leads. An expert in hand to hand combat and immobilizing wrestling holds, SEXtER sports a strap on for sodomizing serial rapists flouting the law. Her quarry strapped over a barrel, SEXtER rides on a tumescent goat that she helps care for at the local community farm and petting zoo. SEXtER  captures spouse beaters (mostly male, but not all) in order to keep them as sissified domestic slaves! SEXtER stalks, infiltrates and brutally humiliates and intimidates privileged and powerful corporate sexual harassers, and then silences them by blackmail. SEXtER robs and breaks the heart of an amoral sweetheart scammer, and returns the ill gotten gains to the victims. SEXtER dishes out penance to a rehab group of pedophile priests under church protection and cover up. Then one day at the rape crisis center, SEXtER discovers several vulnerable rape victims being driven away, facing further abuse from serial false accuser whom SEXtER  immediately recognizes as an old crony of the corporate sexual harasser, a Munchausen demanding all the attention for herself exclusively and who seriously undermines operations at the rape crisis center with her constant intrigues and actingout. So SEXtER exposes her and destroys her credibility, and then later rapes her. And as with the fabled boy who cried wolf, no one believes or sympathizes anymore.

SEXtER, finally gets a lead on her own brutal serial rape gang and takes savage revenge. Meanwhile, as SEXtER learns, the serial false accuser, a fragile personality as it turns out, has made a suicide attempt. And then one of the rape gang, a fugitive from the law, dies from infection and intestinal hemorrhage before SEXtER can track him down again and drag him forcibly to the hospital. And this last incident finally brings SEXtER onto DEXtER's proverbial radar, as SEXtER finally begins wrestling with doubt and remorse. DEXtER intercepts the identification of Sienna Exeter from genetic markers in traces remaining on the dead rapist, and then derails the investigation in order to have this new prey all to himself. DEXtER then begins tracking down SEXtER even as SEXtER hunts the leader of the brutal rape gang whom SEXtER then engages in epic battle. Finally, with his own long ago brutalizer at his mercy, SEXtER savors the moment. But the hardened leader of the rape gang remains uncowed, and spits right in SEXtER's eye, laughing that nothing SEXtER can do to him will be any worse than what he has already endured many times in his own life. Stunned in a flash of insight, SEXtER finds herself identifying with her nemesis, and commits the ironically ultimate and unendurable invalidating cruelty in forgiveness, turning her back and walking away forever. DEXtER, having arrived just in time to bear witness, muses that SEXtER has accomplished that which has so long eluded DEXtER, by overcoming and leaving behind the dark passenger of obsession and violence. However, as fate would have it, the leader of the rape gang is also a killer, now at DEXtER's mercy! But the leader of the rape gang, finding himself cornered all over again, loses his nerve summarily and botches a suicide attempt. SEXtER finding him in this condition, confesses to him her true motivating frustration: She has never again been able to experience as powerful an orgasm as she did at his hands! 

SEXtER then goes through some changes, finding herself increasingly irritated with the daunting task of trying to bring another devious and elusive sex criminal, a greatly esteemed and influential Greek drama professor, to justice, instead of simply meting it out herself. DEXtER is intrigued with SEXtER, not only because SEXtER has seemingly overcome her own violence, but because to begin with, whereas DEXtER's relationship with his quarry must end, SEXtER continues to learn from her's. Behind the scenes, DEXtER tries to help bring SEXtER's quarry to justice before SEXtER in her mounting impatience, suffers a relapse into her old ways. DEXtER even cultivates a relationship with SEXtER's quarry. But all to no avail. When SEXtER finally snaps, and dishes out to her quarry, a strong dose of the his own medicine, DEXtER achieves the tragic discovery and self recognition called anagnorisis: Whereas even with closure and her life long rage at last quelled, SEXtER's moral indignation remains both enflamed and moderated by true compassion, DEXtER ever strives merely to constructively channel his own insatiable darkness and violence.



The Sweetheart Scammer

Scapegoating and bullying the nervous and seedy looking loners may be a time honored staple of typical bogus security theatre, that tiresome spectacle and commotion of vigilance that does so little of any real help. For actual capable sociopathic predators are either difficult to spot and/or socially well integrated, extremely presentable, even influential abusers of power. Howsoever charming predators often groom not only the trust and forbearance of their intended victims, but the complicity of their cronies as well as mass confusion and bystander apathy. Indeed the Sweetheart Swindle is typically a long, drawn-out process in which the con artiste nurtures a relationship while inventorying their assets, in order eventually to convince their victim to send money repeatedly over an extended period of time. And social integration in good standing into various peer groups likewise bilks them all of social capital so readily leveraged in all manner of bullying abuse and exploitation.

A slick professional congame typically comes replete with a cast of persuasive supporting characters and well staged settings. In every new variation upon the same tried and true to life dramatic plot, one way or another, the confidence trickster or: con artiste typically generally pretends to befriend their target. Indeed, the romance scammer in particular, is the ultimate "playa", locating and investigating the potential victim, called a 'mark' or a 'target' and then gaining their confidence, exploiting their needs and weaknesses, play upon the mark's sympathies, with divisive tactics of social isolation and covert relational hostility, maneuvering, luring, brainwashing, manipulation, professing undying love ('you're the one/ their soul mate') and even desire to be wed, even actually marrying their marks though of course then ever straying already in efficient search for the next mark; offering to care for the mark, determining exactly how much the mark will contribute for the sake of the relationship: money, sex, emotional investment and more...

Whereas a coward not on the level and pressed for salient details no matter how ingeniously, and should intimidation then fail, can only retreat behind indignation and break off, by contrast, statistically, with any real brazen con artist, the marks who get taken tend actually to spend more time and due diligence in their own research and scrutiny of whatever the deal than those who don't take the bait. For concerned third parties, the question of intervention, whether to confront either the con or the mark, or else to simply to ignore their own suspicions, is a dilemma fraught with conflict and strife, even the risk if estrangement from the mark even deeper into isolation. Anger and patronizing manipulation that are often divisive enough to destroy better relationships, can only make the con seem the more forthright by comparison, and actually strengthen solidarity, especially if the con functions less as a capable and competent sociopathic crook but simply more like unto an unmanageable and even vulnerable neurotic. The happiness derived from the relationship is often quite real to the mark, assuaging loneliness and offering hope. Lies, stalling and misdirection will typically be laced with enough truth to at all seem credible, whilst playing games to test the mark's resolve, toying with them ("I'm so confused" or "I'm not sure" or "I think you deserve better than me") and making great shows of affection - often publicly (buying the mark a ring, often a worthless or perhaps stolen from a previous victim), public proposals, flowers to your office, etc. Then cheating on one mark or disappearing while they set up the next mark and ultimately forestalling action by law enforcement [by making you promises and by threats - reporting the mark as a 'stalker' or complaining of harassment, even calling Child Services or Animal Control on the mark, more and worse...

The let down at the end is designed for maximal financial, logistical, socially and emotional devastation, in order to make effective counter offensive, not knowing where to turn anyhow, even all the less likely. In case of an affinity scam particularly, networking and targeting fresh marks, the perpetrators will want the freshly victimized out of the way as quickly and quietly as possible. Indeed, then there are those con artists who actually specialize in exploiting the very needs and vulnerability entailed in fresh rebound from a previous congame, all  in order immediately to repeat the cycle! Or else the scam may even quickly escalate to the most dangerous violence and extortion outright.
The lasting effects of a damaged relationship or unaddressed wrong are often overlooked and deserve to be considered in any effort at help and comfort offered to the mark and others affected.



Q. Why is sex significant?

A. Certainly as such literary tactics as above have been well and good enough even for such "corrupting" giants as Shakespeare not to mention God (for those who still embrace The Good Book as divinely inspired [and not to mention supremely smutty, but study the notoriousQueen Jane's Version®]), the most intelligent 'Star Trek' has often come up somewhat bawdy or risqué. And there is good reason for this: 

Sex is central in the human condition, history, speculation, culture, creativity, life exploration, yearning, fantasy rapture and ecstasy, horror, shame, tragedy, character development, identity, discovery, values, expectations, ideals and taboos, cultures, social commentary, satire, history, current events, and any projected future or fictional society, at least human and realistic, saturation aside. Sexuality will always reflect the evolution of biology, culture and technology.

Whereas in pornography the sex is always good but all the reader remembers is the intensity of the orgasm, to quote John Casey, in Romance Fiction, show and bring to life “…the swoon, the delicious palpitations of one’s heart is the real eroticism.” -which is to say, feather soft core.








But Literature as distinguished, narrowly defined and signified by the vaunted capital "L", striving, with however much sympathy and sensitivity, for the depth and meaning or else failure thereof, of psychological realism, even amid life at it's most prosaic, toned down or even at the most explicit, may therefore explore not the excitement of sex but its embarrassments, the nature of taboo, sensibility, sensitivity, fumbling awkwardness, situation and the inherent drama on the level of inner conflict classic reversal in all manner of social connection as in the estrangement of the bullied idealistic whistle blower.  
  Put the whistle blowers in charge!  

Indeed, although onstage sex may also figure prominently in the surreal or for shock value, the key to any dark erotica being fear and lust, while sex made ugly recalls the brutality of life, and Bedroom farce or Restoration Comedy of Manners makes dry whit of the discrepancy between real life and behavior with the outward conventional appearance of good order which people strive to maintain in a given milieu, in Science Fiction, as a facet of inventive and convincingly different evolutionary adaptation to other worldly environmental extremes, novel reproductive exobiology is often key to successful motivated characterization for more truly alien beings, otherwise all Zen futile and Tantric

Of course, an enduring theme, essential understanding or recurring concept, as often conveyed via some symbolic Objective Correlative motif or topos, in 'Star Trek', remains the sexuality of different Humanoid cultures and species, usually either in correlation or counterpoint to their established characterizing general attitude extremes. 

And, always, there are also a plethora of variations (beginning with the basics of sexual orientation or preference), that, save, possibly, for associated taboos actual or fictional, tend to be interchangeable in most possible stories, that nevertheless remain of intense interest and concern to audiences, thus tempting easy and endless recycled standard plotlines with just such superficial changes, seldom doing justice neither to the real life social drama of erotic transgression nor to the thrills and agonies of clandestine relationships.

Otherwise, sex at all may actually become conspicuous by it's absence, as when writing celibate saints, loveless ghouls and passionless automatons.  Unless, perhaps, even Platonic relationships may find some other focus of passion, tension and conflict, none the least, deep emotional needs. 

And so, manifestly, the entire range and depth of fiction, meaning, value, life itself, imagination and exploration, lies in that vast excluded middle between unrelenting, rampant and myopically prurient fixation at one extreme and domineering knee-jerk puritanical sanitization on the other. But obsessive dull witted prudes 'n' pervs alike, just don't get it!

Tantra: the next best thing to necrophilia!
    Seriously: Who eats chocolate simply in order to transcend and overcome the pleasing flavor?
People break before condoms do!
Predictable and legitimate ordinary human desires, preferences and aversions need and deserve to be taken seriously.
Public Health Advisory: Speaking the unspeakable of the elephant in the room
The cult of austerity is the irrational and irresponsible popular following, public discourse, individual preoccupation and predisposition towards purportedly virtuous austerity, the siren song of sacrifice, as expressed in all manner of personal and social programs. For example, we are all familiar with austerity measures in economics, how they are intended to ameliorate whatever excesses blamed for shortage and deficit, instead only wrecking such havoc and hardship. But global finance, for all of its palpable impact upon individual day to day existence, may seem a little remote. Perhaps most proximately, consider diet and exercise. What a racket! The cult of austerity has also ruined the mainstream of Environmentalism, so rife with the every pious folly of veritable Gaia worship. Virtuous austerity ever urges conservation even when neither feasible nor effective, as preferred to scientific rigor and even the most simple efficacious engineering solutions for the great dangers besetting our world. The cult of austerity cleaves to Draconian false zero-sum dilemmas, rejecting and ignoring even the most obvious and desirable win-win solutions, let alone more sophisticated and remarkable resolution of technological and social engineering trade-offs, indeed to eat your cake and have it too. Some have argued that for the aggressor, the true purpose of war, in order to propitiate the divine, is to make sacrifice and inflict sacrifice upon a scapegoat. The cult of austerity is integral to Deathism and terror management reciprocally found at the psychosocial root of the cult of austerity.
Moloch must be withheld all sacrifice! The only thing we need to sacrifice, is sacrifice itself!
Above all, the cult of austerity is Moralistic:
The fallacy of  moralism is a longstanding Justificationist pipedream, irrelevant and motivated from the Transactional inner controlling parent and/or compliantly decidophobic inner adaptive child, demanding impossible and unnecessary justification in objective grounds for ethics, often in moral heteronomy to God , thereby irresponsibly rejecting as imperfect, all conjecture, evidence and refutation from criticality available only to the Transactional adult ego state. Moralism is the self-righteous, simplistic, irresponsible, angry guilt-ridden misanthropic and consistently failed doctrine that social problems are traceable to distinct motivating well identified weaknesses and shortcomings in character as manifest in personal conduct, and that public policy must preserver in going the distance in attacking social problems at that level, building individual character by means of unrelenting coercion, intimidation, cognitively dissonant indoctrination and Behavior Modification against the masses of sinful sheeple. Convinced of the right, much as with Utopist ideology wherein the ends justify the means towards whatever impossible vision of perfection, irresponsible and patronizing Moralism can become as devoid of conscience as sociopathic indifference,  indeed to quote Joseph Conrad: "a moralist, who, generally speaking, has no conscience except the one he is at pains to produce for the use of others".  Even the worst villain may reach some limits of compunction, but a Moralist perceives no need of any. For the Moralism, incompetence and irresponsibility are not only excused but necessitated by pure intentions, and all manner of violence and abuse is sanctified as exigent to the greater good of the cause: The ends justify the means. In short, the very quest for a an moral foundation for society is inoperable, inevitably leading only to ruin and inequity. Democracy is instead concerned with harm minimizing standards of conduct for the operation of government and other social institutions. 

Perhaps the most pervasive, frightful and strident of Masochistic Moralistic taboo at the root of it all, in quintessence of the cult of austerity, remains Deathism, the acquiescent resignation and even outright glorification of death as not so bad or even wonderfully good, indeed even as some sort of selfless moral imperative.

The apologetics of Zen Mysticism argues for Moralism thus: Babies have yet to learn any demarcation between themselves and their environment. Innocent babies then are thought to be still at one with the universe. Dichotomous thinking and duality of much and unjustly maligned ego, then develop and arise out from infancy, and thence, or so we are emphatically assured, bad karma, unhappiness actingout hostility and strife. We are all imperfect, misguided, unenlightened and prone to projection instead of owning our own feelings. And our troubles can be overcome only by recovery of the lost innocence and spontaneous child-like joy of infantile oneness by the purging of desire according to Nirvana Principle (contentment and freedom from the suffering of frustration and derivation, via the elimination of needs -because that's what babies are all about, right?) and the quelling of adult ego reflection and distraction, of abstract reasoning, from the subjective Phenomena. -In short, by the eradication of self and selfishness.
The allegedly miraculous that tends to obscure rather than better explaining morality, likewise reinforces all stigma inflicted by Moralism wherein morality in the abstract may become lost in wandering abstraction, because of focus entirely upon purity of ostensibly motivating intention, losing sight of concrete responsibility of autonomy regarding feasibility of implementation, let alone any attempt at any realistic cost-benefit projection, reasonably foreseeable consequences together with moderation and fairness of accountability in the real world, that rightfully ought to be the focus of outwardly directed compassion and compunction. Such is another example of paralytic demands for impossible and unnecessary perfection typical of irresponsible, unaccountable and decidophobic heteronomy. Actually, it was the nigh saintly Born Again Christian President Jimmy Carter who declared: "You can't legislate morality." Indeed Alexis de Tocqueville cites "more vices and fewer crimes" as among the hallmarks of democracy. Otherwise, Machiavelli counseled his Prince that a competent criminal makes for a better ruler than anu of the inept clueless high-minded Moralists, too pious for any worldly good, that where in charge in his day. -And even then that such an iron fisted ruler reluctantly proffered thereto, must eventually adapt to change or be deposed and replaced.

And yet instead, Reactionary Moralism only reemerges in new trappings and guise: Indeed, the only Atheists who deny Evolution are the Communists. For no matter how creatively Capitalism ever mutates for the better, the Communists like all Utopists remain scornful of progress in very principle. In truth, no less than the Christianity they have so forsworn, they simply disapprove of greed.

    Taboo: Forbidden therapy: $filthy lucre$ 

In Communism no less than in religion or Zen, it is Moralistic to locate the problem with individuality and selfish desire to begin with. Hence Religion strives to redirect worldly desire into yearning for God, Zen to crush the spirit ego, and Communism to bring about the purely altruistic new Soviet Man. Morality may serve as a motivation of individual restraint in curbing amoral harmful action, whereas Moralism seeks to govern by principles and expectations of the highest morality on the part of each citizen, and indeed by the annihilation and reconditioning of of guilty impulses thereby however only to engender guilt and inner conflict. Indeed, in the words of H. G. Wells: Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.” Alas however, Moralsm remains a doomed enterprise for under any conceivable social order or economic system because just as in nature, so long as there is any advantage to be gained in dishonest unfair play, a certain percentage of the population will. And it is difficult enough at all to curtail the worst abuse of the worst offenders and tending to whatever damage control and harm reduction or sensibly dealing with cultural and economic circumstances of social ills and malfeasance, all even without deranged wasteful and destructively unrealistic Moralistic social programs of ever simply bullying the entire population wholesale into perfect selfless little angels.

Masochism and heteronymous submission then come in reaction formation in order for the neurotic individual to function and seek gratification at all, even while coping with overwhelming and paralytic feelings of guilt. Reciprocally, Moralistic voyeurism hypocritically panders to, relishes and delights in even while burning with envy towards, all that it so Sadistically and judgmentally condemns.  Moralism hypocritically panders to and whitewashes unsympathetic fetish objectification in voyeuristic titillation and Sadistically delicious overture to self righteous self serving and envy, thus  providing alibi and denial along with impunity in appeal to evil, mobbing, shunning,  bullying, ostracism, repression both in the individual psyche and in society, the glorification of controlling judgmental sex negative jealousy actingout,  as somehow or other actually pro-social and benevolent. But of course, all such revolting pretence aside, hypocritical cockblockers are monumentally self serving, not philanthropic at all! Nor has Moralism as has, as well shall see, so continually undermined any sound public policy of sexual health, ever otherwise well served the public interest.

Perhaps worst among pipedreaming malagenas are Moralism and Utopism being the doctrine that responsibility is impossible save in the lights of perfect (or justified) knowledge of whatever ultimate truth and/or towards whatever ultimate good (to which of course, the ends ever justify the means), responsibility is impossible. Thus by promising the impossible and the unnecessary, do high-minded scoundrels ever evade even the most minimum and ordinary of obligations and pedestrian expectations of minimal responsibility to which private citizens, service providers and public officials are held accountable under democratic civility and the rule of law. -By entirely removing responsibility from foreseeable consequence, into a realm of perfect and pure abstraction. Such mad and dangerous Utopist thinking remains entirely distinct from what is simply Utopian merely in terms of even laudably embracing high ideals or altruistic ambitions entirely without the madness of Utopist ideology.  Moralism has outlived it's origins in religion, surviving often as an Heteronymous decidophobic feature of Utopism as, for example, in Communism.
And Moralists, religious or otherwise, are often irresponsible in blithe and stubborn disregard of well foreseeable consequences in public policy, as for example, of the disastrous war on vice, in child rearing and in what passes for education, and more, all in utter denial of the manifest superiority of Empirical case based reasoning over blind and dogged rules based decision making. All such prudish admonitions, dire prohibitions and coercive legislative have all never failed only to consistently make things by far the worse! Indeed, as in the Environmental mainstream, the appeal of virtuously thrifty conservation, is often misleading away from any true hope of the most noble and crucial of desired results better obtainable by the pragmatism of workable public policy and sound engineering solutions. Indeed, self abnegation is meant to free the spirit for loftier occupation of the mind, but more often engenders simmering obsessive bitter judgmental envy of those less inhibited.  And Moralistic envy only rationalizes and panders to spite and voyeuristic fascination.
But the desperately Heteronymous Moralists ever persists in futile destructive and self destructive Behavior Modification from puffed up  pure intentions, ignoring catastrophic results. More to the case in point, sex negative celibate Moralists strive to abstain from sex, rejecting contraceptive and prophylactic preparedness as the occasioning of sin, let alone responsible remedy for consequences thereafter. By the twisted Moralism of the Pro-Lifers against abortion, one might likewise argue that to take responsibility for the weakness of eating sweets, one must refuse dental treatment of cavities! And the statistically consistent eventual result of Moralistic striving for abstinence, is the very most impulsive and ill considered unplanned and unprotected sex. Then guilty helplessness thereafter in dealing with even the emotional results. And while true spontaneity is certainly wonderful, desperately peer pressured inane fake fun and the ironically awkward and uncomfortable so called casual sexuality of chronic willfully oblivious disassociated states, with or without chemical assistance, only become crucial in the mitigation of ever mounting and intolerable shame and guilt. The Moralist can then either excuse themselves on the claim of good intentions after all, or repent miserably of moral wickedness and weakness. And then the Moralist can only redouble their statistically futile and always distressfully guilt ridden and often vengeful struggles with inner conflict. But instead to confront their hypocritical irresponsibility in the face of foreseeable consequences would be at long last to transcend Moralism and Utopism, worst among pipedreaming malagenas, being the doctrine that responsibility is impossible save in the lights of perfect (or justified) knowledge of whatever ultimate truth and/or towards whatever ultimate good (to which of course, the ends ever justify the means), responsibility is impossible. Thus by promising the impossible and the unnecessary, do high-minded scoundrels ever evade even the most minimum and ordinary of obligations and pedestrian expectations of minimal responsibility to which private citizens, service providers and public officials are held accountable under democratic civility and the rule of law.  -By entirely removing responsibility from foreseeable consequence, into a realm of perfect and pure abstraction of virtuous motivating intentions. Such mad and dangerous Utopist thinking remains entirely distinct from what is simply Utopian merely in terms of even laudably embracing high ideals or altruistic ambitions entirely without the madness of Utopist ideology.  
The history of successful reform is never of Moralism, but of Humanistic pragmatic tolerance, of progress and not of sweeping perfectionism. Indeed, beyond constructive positive intervention instead futile Reactionary police or military action or else distain and isolation, the compassion of assistance and treatment instead of punishment and coercion for the disadvantaged and for the outright most wretched, there is even very real hope in the most seemingly depraved of nonjudgmental harm reduction including not only such measures as sanitary clean needles for drug addicts, but even the recommendation by Anti-Slavery International of labor unions for sex workers. It's not a matter of simply giving up on all our most damaged, but of howsoever dignified interim stability as the first step towards any willing change for the better.

History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives. — Abba Eban

And though nevertheless, some actually even do so Moralistically decry that effortless weight loss and management would be facilitated in the advent of the thin pill, even in the face of perpetually ecstatic gluttony, all without effort and sacrifice, would eliminate the virtuous discipline and character building derived from arduous exercise and diet under the natural punishment for unnecessarily consuming food so desperately needed for immediate survival by the masses of those inescapably trapped in impending sickness and death by starvation and malnutrition, at least no one seriously predicts the moral downfall of modern society from the improved per capita mass market sex appeal as resulting from an on average vastly slimmer citizenry, the way they so often do population explosion as somewhat erroneously projected consequence from extended youth and life!

True, it is, indeed, manifestly unfair, how the rich, but not the poor who starve, can pay inflated prices for food during crop failures. Moralism dwells upon that aspect of the problem to the exclusion of all practicality, entirely ignoring how even the most virtuous diet and exercise, transmit not so much as one calorie of food to the desperately malnourished. In the end, Moralism, angry judgment and sacrifice without compassion or generosity, is as heartless as it is irrational and impractical. Rather, Hedonism is what inspires sympathy for any who suffer, and efficiency is what drives solutions to all wont.

And likewise as with curtailed gastronomic pleasure, in the end, statistically, the ever virtuous slut-shaming Moralism of consistent proper usage of condoms, a frustrating and purpose defeating technology, and yes: for women too and not only for men, is little different from that of abstinence outright. Compassion and reason demand abandonment of manipulative propaganda and Behavior Modification, instead, indeed the very farthest from suborning or condoning heedlessly unprepared unsafe behavior, actually engaging with the public from reciprocal Transactional inner adulthood and respect for intelligence and autonomy in the responsible dissemination of substantive information however taboo, of the various tradeoffs entailed with the entire range of safer sex strategies, meanwhile striving ever to discover and implement ever more effective but also reliably convenient and unobtrusive technologies to the market as quickly as safe and possible.

The priceless unthinking bile of Rush Limbaugh has at least once even achieved the philosophical Zen malapropism of a Yogi Berra: Abstinence prevents sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy - every time it's tried.” Though, truth be told, the very same blithe irony actually applies no less, regarding the glorified semi-abstinence of condom use, not surprisingly far more successful under laboratory conditions than in the field, due much to the same or similar obvious inevitable and intractable threshold of frustration and temptation, drunk, stoned or cold sober.

Sweet reason often amounts to sheer Ecclesiastical futility, especially when sweet reason is actually nothing of the sort, but only the coercive and traumatizing manipulative sex-negative shame. Politically correct lip service aside, any range of boneheaded risky behavior simply driven underground, has often only become the more dangerous. The statistics for condom usage remain poor. Anecdotally, crypto-moralistically guilt tripping people into sexually frustrating condom usage, has largely resulted in worsening unprepared risky behavior, specifically: bareback natural sex, and all too often increasingly drunk or stoned and hence the more immune impaired, but nevertheless, even if and when stone cold sober, no less at the naturally eventual and inevitable threshold of temptation and frustration. -Or even effective abandonment of precaution at all entirely! Such results are consistently foreseeable, observable and true. Placing blame only makes things worse, and then denial of precisely such Moralism compounds the harm even further still:
The most unsafe behavior of all is pervasive subtext tacitly slut-shaming of others into irresponsible silence.
Behavior Modification remains degrading dire failure in very principle, an ongoing malpractice in heedless abrogation of the core medical ethic of Psychotherapy, being the injunction against suggestion. Therefore, better by far, to abandon propaganda, instead remaining open and consistent from the get go, than to continually tempt backsliding and fate later on. Indeed, this entire simple truth of human nature, though no secret, being both entirely natural and completely normal, is nevertheless quite taboo. The inevitable problem of such flagrantly purpose defeating technology is simply written off as "human failure." -Because, after all, condoms are perfect and infallible, completely reliable, when used correctly. Which to say: under laboratory conditions, and preferably by androids!  Likewise, in the blithe irony of Rush Limbaugh: "Abstinence prevents sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy - every time it's tried." Indeed, does not the very expression: "human failure" that sounds so bland and technical, likewise squarely place blame and pass judgment on the individual? How Orwellian anti-sex! Instead of "human failure." why not be more honest and simply call it: customer dissatisfaction? Because, with AIDS awareness so-called, in contie9nuation from the similarly misanthropic and patronizing irresponsible Moralism of the incarceration that passes for education, the customer is always wrong! For rather than engaging the interests of students, consequent boredom and distress is  deemed a character flaw of indolence then subject to unrelenting coercion and manipulation. Indeed, and likewise, hope for no escape any time afterwards in the fabled embrace of Morpheus: CPAP now does for sleep what condoms do for sex. Indeed, I must confess my entire failure at all to relate to erotic fixations with respirators and the like, never mind catheterization.  But I digress.

And though while it may even be all but presumed to bash domineering pleasure centered males,  it will be especially dangerous for any woman even so much as to admit the ability to discern flesh from plastic. Natural sex is always better, and secret disgust with condoms is therefore entirely understandable. Freud's criticism of condoms as alienating, is often conveniently forgotten under the rationalization of how the technology, indeed, has improved. Modern condoms are actually less obtrusive, therefore, however, it follows, only that much less icky, stridently alienating and therefore only the more prone to dismal and denial into the lurking unconscious.

For shameful socially inconvenient human motivations do not simply fade away, never to return. Indeed, in the words of Sigmund Freud: "That which is not expressed, is actedout."  People break before condoms do! Yes, oppressed women cannot negotiate safer sex, but neither can free and equal sex partners negotiate the trade offs of the various safer sex strategies other than condoms, unless they can find the autonomy to resist conformity and think for themselves; because, actually initiated driven and motivated by the ever manipulative and controlling Transactional inner Parent, crypto-moralistic Behavior Modification constrains all options to the false binary of compliance versus recalcitrance.

And sheer physical gratification can never truly be so neatly compartmentalized from the emotional comfort of palpable interpersonal contact, both undermined by the frustrating and even emotionally hurtful tactile barrier of the condom.

Purpose frustrating, when used correctly

Condom usage as the only socially acceptable condition of sexual intercourse, remains a patronizing,  intolerant and foolish strategy towards the inculcation of a partial abstinence, flying in the face of human nature and doomed to significant partial failure no less than abstinence only education is to fairly complete failure. I have only ever made the unfortunate acquaintance of but one person for whom condoms are actually enticing, and he is an emotionally unstable retarded rubber fetishist. Perhaps all that suggests a more potent behavioral conditioning solution to the problem at hand. I shudder to think!

Of course, any focus upon STD control, may tend to leave birth control as a separate issue. And it is really no secret either, how crisis pregnancy is more often actually motivated by psychological unloved feelings of powerless inadequacy, demonstration of potency and every social dysfunction whereof such unhappiness emanates, and in truth no accident, simple birth control failure, or even, really deep down, nor has determination to bring crisis pregnancy  to term, have anything much to do with howsoever sentiment towards the unborn in the abstract.

Therefore, societal response including sexual education and awareness campaigns, typically misguided, even surreal in Moralistic absurdity, entirely inappropriate, remains in in need of strategic reform in order to discover and contend with the real issues. Under any circumstances, self control tends to be by far the more debilitating under pressure than by at all free choice however constrained by circumstances or situation. That is why, until inoculation against and/or cure for AIDS, a more effective responsible respectful autonomy supportive sex-positive approach to AIDS prevention, might include dissemination of up to the minute research following optimal development of every promising resource and good information about all tradeoffs variously entailed in every known strategy towards safer sex. Indeed, anything so redemptive of the dignity of sex for pleasure, might at the same time also even help at whatever the true root socio-psychological impulses behind many a crisis pregnancy, as well as the pandemic shamefully repressed and inhibited inability to function sexually unless intoxicated, which fairly well rules out safer sex.

Indeed, politically incorrect as it has been to admit, both men and women have been known to report any degree of actual physical pain from the use of condoms, tolerated from fear of risking STD transmission or pregnancy, so, again: might that not pose anything of a false dilemma? Two alternative strategies available for autonomous and sensible people, have been ever less obtrusive spermicidal products ever coming onto the market, and ever better, simpler, quicker and more readily available tests for HIV infection beforehand, that are still a viable option for prophylaxis strategy, though, of course, then perhaps requiring whatever separate measures for birth control. But the circumstances regarding spermicides marketed only for birth control has been especially confusing: Obviously, the thought occurs that Nonoxinol-9, for whatever mysterious reason long the only spermicide long available, though never explicitly claimed to stop AIDS transmission,  was more than strong enough to destroy any retrovirus, given that it was considered suitable for killing sperm! Otherwise, why where all lubricated condoms lined with Nonoxinol-9? Answer: For added protection. Added protection from what? Answer: Why, AIDS, the HIV, of course. The nonprescription vaginal spermicide Nonoxinol 9 has been the active ingredient in most spermicide and kills viri by destroying their protective fatty outer coating or shell, though, technically, by whatever happenstance, Nonoxinol 9 was never actually certified by the Food and Drug Administration for any such specific purpose. Therefore, Nonoxinol-9 was howsoever surreptitiously employed not just prophylacticly but antivirally to protect against AIDS transmission, furthermore suggesting that those vaunted reliable condoms alone, costly, awkward, cumbersome, leave us say it at long last: frankly repulsive and frustrating, frighteningly subject to tearing, breakage and even degradation from prolonged exposure to sunlight at point of sale, where never really so trusted after all as we have all been so emphatically assured. Indeed, unlubricated condoms where marketed only in case of allergy to Nonoxinol-9, an irritating detergent after all. So, actually, two flawed technologies where combined in order to optimize safety. And how commonsensible and obvious that seems, finally stated openly, which it never quite is. However, condoms containing nonoxynol-9 have never been shown to be any more effective at protecting against pregnancy and STDs than condoms without spermicide. Worse, it turns out that not only anal but as summarily discovered, also vaginal membrane irritation caused by Nonoxinol-9, especially in more frequent use, actually opens the way thereby increasing risk of HIV infection! Two microbicide alternatives to Nonoxynol-9 have com onto the market, oxtoxynol-9 and benzalkonium chloride, but irritation may still pose a problem, especially as depending upon concentration strength. 

Honesty, faithful up to the minute reportage and open discourse upon the best information in quest of the widest range of varied strategic options available for individuals together towards maximizing benefit while minimizing risk, remains the best policy. And so it should come as no surprise that once again, scientific openness essential to respectful autonomy support, might have better served us all than Orwellian mealy mouthed propaganda righthink peer pressure socialization and failed wholesale patronizing consensus manipulation and behavioral conditioning that has not only always been so doomed to backfire psychologically and behaviorally, but that the chilling effect whereof has also so thoroughly undermined rational thinking and stifled all reasoned discourse. But exactly such is the appeal thereof, of the sadomasochistic and prudish siren song of virtuous self sacrifice, of demonization and placing blame, of the same endlessly dreary politics of mortification.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is now funding development of the so-coined: Molecular Stealth Condom. [DISCUSSION] And after cautiously rising hopes, it was even anticipated that SPL7013 VivaGel® Intravaginal STD Defense under clinical trial, was hoped for to be on the market by 2012. [bibliography] Therefore one night naively expect that any prospect of either such ever less intrusive and more effective prophylactic technology would be eagerly welcomed and by all, but apparently that would be pleasure seeking and sinful! Therefore, (birth control at first having been so morally controversial because of religion) much as the pill was initially marketed ostensibly as a medication for menstrual irregularity and thus purportedly an aid to conception, now the tried and true publicly condoned marketing ploy of pandering to man-bashing by focusing only upon the awful plight of oppressed women in the third world even confronted with sexual violence and unable to negotiate safer sex, is employed towards the all important patronizing propaganda mission of directing the sheeple for our own good and for public safety instead of ever daring to trust and openly empower sex-positive human autonomy.

A full recapitulation of raging controversy over whether AIDS is actually caused  by the sexually transmitted HIV in the first place, exceeds the scope of this written work. Suffice that the alternative theories so urgently need neither to be embraced nor debunked, in exhortation to faith and belief, one way or the other, as demanded by competing Moralism, but rigorously tested in honest and objective quest of truth: of correspondence to reality, so that we can more quickly find out and ever actually know.



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Definition of "the average person" remains problematical, as does determination of any aggregate viewpoints. Are we speaking of statistical averages, and from what sample? The average folks encountered by your truly, the Webmaster, would tend, generally speaking,  to find sex-negativity, intolerance and tabooism frankly ludicrous and even dangerous if not, indeed, actually defamatory. Community standards and even prurience, blasphemy and treasonous expression, are well known and understood to vary, incidentally and even arbitrarily, between communities and cultures, leaving the terms even more ill defined than before. Even definition of community itself remains open. Redeeming value is also highly debatable, especially as relates to different conceivable audiences, indeed often prior context dependant or else unappreciated. Moreover, harm what so ever, Psychiatric or otherwise, has yet to be objectively or conclusively demonstrated simply from exposure to content of expression. Alas, the same cannot be said as regards taboo, intimidation and restriction of communication, which are so often so grievously destructive, traumatic and oppressive.. Also, what does it mean, in this context of an electronic media, "to display", never mind knowingly? Indeed, in this context, what constitutes knowledge thereof? And is there any fine distinction between "display" and Constitutionally protected open publication at all? And what does it mean to assert that anything is "on display" to anyone in particular any more than anyone else other, given that all content is Online and hence accessible much the same? And what constitutes knowledge in this regard, as in knowingly displaying, whatever that means? All in all, the laws here, even aside from being so vague, are flagrantly Unconstitutional, unenforceable and a damnable witch hunt. Fortunately, the meaning and Constitutionality of the law remains hotly contested. The most that can be presented in the matter are competing legal hypotheses.
     "One man's vulgarity is another's lyric."
     -- Justice John M. Harlan, Cohen v. California (1971)






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