The GreenPro-Space Agenda

The true key to Environmental salvation lies in Space Age growth. 




  • If six billion people have both more food and more forest than their three billion parents did; if the prices of copper, wheat and natural gas are going down, not up; if there are 20 times more carcinogens in three cups of organic coffee than in daily dietary exposure to the worst pesticide both before and after the DDT ban; if renewable resources such as whales are more easily exhausted than non-renewables such as coal; if lower infant mortality leads to falling populations, not rising ones, then perhaps we need to think differently about what sustainability means.

    Perhaps the most sustainable thing we can do is develop new technology, increase trade and spread affluence.

    --Matt Ridley Profits of Doom The Spectator 23 Feb 2002

  • Planetary Resources has entered out upon the world stage! The Google millionaires, the roboticsist oceanographer movie mogul, and the son of the independent vice presidential candidate, have together announced their intent to mine asteroids which will probably need to be diverited into stable permanent Earth orbit, simply in order to come at all within reach of the necessary technological infrastructure for mining and processing. If they succeed, they will become the world's first trillionaires! By mining asteroids, Planetary Resources promises to redefine the very category of natural resources. Indeed, the slogan is an obvious reference to the "natural resource satellites" as the asteroids brought into Earth orbed for mining are called in the popular 'Mobile Suit Gundam' Science Fiction Anime franchise that depicts the famous orbital space habitat designs of Gerard K. O'Neill and his students, with such thrilling accuracy.

  • It has been observed that Apple Computers, in all of their highly successful marketing campaigns, never simply declared: We make very good computers and portable music devices. Rather, Apple Computers commercials all appeal to the mystique of some sort of graceful lifestyle ideal. What can Planetary Resources learn from Apple? Indeed, a great deal. Planetary Resources is lionized by everyone who already gets it.

  • But most people don't. Most people are in the dark, and fail to even to imagine the tremendous utter game changing importance of the pending onset of the Space Age in earnest, much less ever yet heard of Planetary Resources, specifically.-Not only the experience of such wonders as life in micro gravity and discovery of the cosmos, but from the private industrialization of outer space, the broadest and most sweeping changes than ever before in history, in solution to our greatest problems on Earth: vast abundant pollution free resources. an end to scarcity as we have known it and that motivates war.

  • Hence the ultimate success of Planetary Resources may yet hinge upon mass marketing and consciousness raising, far beyond just product glamour like Apple. What is needed is nothing less than a political arm of reconceived struggle, summoning the future:

  • On the one hand, Pro-Space Lobbying, which already functions optimally, has already reached a point of diminishing returns. Pro-Space Lobbyists are highly capable and dedicated. Alas, however, Pro-Space Activism has never been all that influential. On the other hand, the Environmental Movement has become highly influential. But they are not very politically savvy. The Green Pro-Space Agenda proposes the cultivation of a Strategic Alliance.

    Changing our conversation in order to change theirs

    Political parties, public interests, concerns, advocacies and other such institutions, run by an open membership in any democratic Parliamentary fashion more or less according to Robert's Rules of Order, are intended to be flexible and to evolve according to the needs of the people making use thereof. And it is somewhat disheartening how much hostility, mis
    trust and squeamishness of intrusion, on the part of the uninformed, there turns out to be towards basic real world practices of these principles of Activism and democracy in action, that, on the other hand, ought to be quite familiar to the at all politically initiated.

  • Here then commences the Civics lesson:

  • The primary implementation strategy of the Green Pro-Space Agenda is first to reach out to Pro-Space organizations to sponsor, recruit for, and then train, with the help of Environmental Activists disaffected by Ludditry, superstitious Gia cultism, incompetence, greed and hypocrisy, Pro-Space Activists to form local Green Pro-Space Agenda chapters along with that will select, target and join Environmental groups in their geographical areas, attend meetings, and work to raise Pro-Space Environmental consciousness among the membership.

    Towards this end, and in due course, the Green Pro-Space Agenda is also to make best use of the emerging technology of
    advanced automated Sociometry, for optimal compatible recruitment, internally, and even Social Network Optimization of the Environmental organizations that volunteers are to work within. 

    When attending Environmentalist meetings, Green Pro-Space Agenda volunteers will observe to determine, and then feel out, who is listened to and asked about things by the members, and then build up to talking privately with such opinion makers about the interests of the key people, leaders, fund raisers and famous backers using key phrases and topics that will have been tested to see what most effects the members in order to best express and explain not only Environmental concerns of the Space Age, but also in what ways would spaceflight help, or better accomplish the same goals instead of whatever they already plan, over all goals and
    action  agendas, and also whatever more they hope to achieve but still need to strategize.

    Astroenvironmental concerns to be addressed include emissions from lift off and even that the flames and heat of re-entry may promote a pollutant atmospheric chemical reaction. All such questions may be cause for concern to be addressed by appropriate Environmental Impact studies and recommendations there from. 

  • Also the growing hazard to Astro-Workers from potentially catastrophic tiny fragments of trash orbiting at bullet-like speeds need to be brought under control as soon as is practical. (Indeed, NASA has made progress in this area with lasers to de-orbit dangerous space junk in the path of the space shuttle.) And highly valuable orbital space-junk should be routinely recycled in orbit instead of going to waste. Likewise, natural space debris, as well. Moreover, space probes must immediately be mandated to be completely sterile and fully radiation shielded so as not to contaminate that which they are sent forth to discover.

  • Crucial benefits to be accrued from peaceful applications of spaceflight include improved orbital Environmental monitoring and even the audacious Solar furnace proposal for solar refracted orbital laser cleansing of the upper atmosphere of chlorofluorocarbons so as to allow the thinning Ozone Layer to replenish itself. All such depending very much upon ever cheaper and safer reusable access to Outer Space.

    Alas, the Main Stream of the Environmental Movement tends to remain under the tight control of it's leadership, tending towards resistance to change and rejection of new ideas. On the bright side, however, the Green leadership may tend to follow it's membership rather than risk their own positions. Such Standard Operating Procedure even seems to express their primitive understanding of democracy!


  • But in the absolute worst case scenario of such sinister Consensus and Facilitation chicanery as is typified by The Delphi Technique [DIAGRAM], Green Pro-Space Agenda volunteers, even functioning as CliqueBusters TM , would be well to know how to defuse/disrupt it. *

  • (*WARNING: Questionable ulterior political agenda in evidence!
    On her excellently informative WebPages in resistance to consensus manipulation, linked above, Lynn M. Stuter herself nevertheless remains seemingly oblivious to the sheer irony of righteous indignation against consensus manipulation while proclaiming a Christian American nation and calling, on constitutional grounds, for the elimination of government run public schools, while explicitly denying to me ever harboring ulterior motive whatsoever, let alone that of restoring prayer into the context of what passes for education. Hardly!)


  • But, to reiterate, there are, after all, swelling ranks of deep disaffectation from the main stream of Environmentalism and the rest of the sham opposition, by genuinely caring and well informed citizens for a return to any genuine concerned science. And who shall stand and express dissidence in the face of dubious consensus building, if we never regroup?

    In any case, should, as is likely, the a fore mentioned opinion makers prove inaccessible or unsympathetic, then a tailor made full scale Green Pro-Space Agenda consciousness raising campaign directed from inside the Environmental organization's membership will proceed, all about how spaceflight is crucial to the interests of the key people, leaders, fund raisers and famous backers.

    the Rocky Mountain Institute, and in conformance with the Social Entrepreneurship business model, combining profit, non profit, and even government funding, central organizational objectives of the Green Pro-Space Agenda will be to establish a non profit organization that will own a for profit consultancy, specializing in Pro-Space Environmental expertise. The team will need a Space Industry Scientist, a Green Industry Scientist, two Green Activists with connections, two Pro-Space Activists with connections, a Webmaster, a Public Relations Director, a Financial Director, a translator, and a qualified full time leader to make a long term commitment and put in 20 hours a week. They will also coordinate logistical support for the Green Pro-Space Agenda Outreach Activists.

    Green Pro-Space Agenda Corporate sponsorship opportunities

    Exciting promotions for alternative
    commercial sponsors perhaps better deserving of the tax breaks, may afford any more morally uplifting and cost effective path to Political influence than traditional bloated and openly corrupt Campaign Finance and Lobbying.

    The Green Pro-Space Agenda curriculum

    The Green Pro-Space Agenda suggests a wide range of subject matter for
    education by voluntary choice, at any age, instead of testing and punishing us lest we forget, all "for our own good"! The bullies that need to be reformed in school, alas, include the Administration. The mechanized Space Age will need thinking people, not drones.

  • This concludes the bare bones of strategic consideration toward initial action  agenda. What follows is platform in depth.


  • The Dullardly Tyranny of False Dilemmas

  • Perhaps the worst casualty of polarization is sheer irrelevance of frame and consequently, the ingenuity gap!

    Leave us face it, all the world is becoming America. All the more responsibility, then, as to what kind of America we all want to live in! For all the world yearns for the American dream, but instead suffers under the American foreign policy nightmare of incompetent demagogues ever failing upwards, and consequently embattled with American foreign policy Frankensteins! Alas, especially for Israel, how American forego policy is all in support of democracy, but only in nations of no strategic importance.

  • Basically, we are still all being called upon to choose up sides in the Spanish civil war! -and with all much the same players on the world stage...

    But Americans are neither oppressive centralized micromanagers nor corrupt and cavalier laissez fair bastards. And yet, every election is the same tired referendum between Anarcho-Capitalism versus comprehensive state planning. Americans are neither Imperialists nor Isolationists, and yet every election turns upon the same agonizing referendum between the Manifest Destiny of Neocon Imperialism and the Prime Directive of Chomskyite Isolationism with no room for moderation. Americans need neither to mindlessly tow the line for our oppressors, nor to cast out the proverbial baby with the me6taphorical bath water as exhorted by our fanatical enemies.

    Apathy towards campaign finance reform remains at least understandable, because it consistently costs more to unseat an incumbent than to achieve reelection, fixed equal budgets might actually be unfair and regressive. Besides, there will always be the overwhelming demand to find loopholes!

    Rather, let us follow the example of the great state of Minnesota, and legislate to remove
    obstacles, encourage and open the field to new independent candidates and not just the very rich. (Although, some celebrates entering politics are genuine independents and not all just ambitious party hacks.) Never mind hobbling two Goliaths equally. Just be sure and let David into the ring at all! Otherwise, what chance for new ideas?
    What would George Soros do?     Where are the opportunities for constructive positive intervention, particularly at the grassroots?
    Coercion as the primary tool of policy, both foreign and domestic, has failed, historically,  no less miserably than moralism and comprehensively centralized state planning. And likewise, foreign aid with massive strings attached and squandered by the apparatchiks is decimating the developing world. Instead, let us support pro-democracy grass roots activism and social entrepreneurship around the world, as directly to the people at local community level as possible, under the George Soros doctrine of constructive positive intervention and harm reduction.

    We need real decentralization, not just lip service.

    We can and should support emerging free markets and real pro-democracy activism, globally. Indeed, even the most effective espionage actually partakes of social work, not wet work! But clandestine coercion, destruction, and collusion with criminals and tyrants, will only return to haunt us, no less than irresponsible passive bystanding and indifference.

    Now, it's not how much you borrow, but to what purpose. All the world benefits from investment that profits and advances labor saving automation ever increasing real production. Especially in so far as distribution can also be improved, and affluence expanded to all.

  • Yes, Americans understand the distinction of good debt, investment that profits, especially by deriving passive income, from bad debt, borrowing money squandered unnecessarily or else just as often, simply to get by. And yet, as decided every election in turn, the deficit increases or decreases only in the same interminable bad debt.

  • For just such are the fluctuations as the smug and powerful effortlessly brush the rest of us aside from the trough to tighten our belts, tote that bale and mortgage our future into ruin. Instead, Americans want to increase good debt in order to reach for the stars (more specifically, the abundant resources of Cislunar space and also the deep oceans), wage the peace, foreign and domestic, creatively and efficiently. -And to replace the Military Industrial Complex with the Peace Complex, expressing vested interest in peace and prosperity rather than in the violence growth industry. Because Capital should be the prime tool of policy. Therefore, policy must no longer continue as the corrupt tool of Capital.



  • Towards a Consumerist Anarchism?!

    Of course, Pierre Joseph Proudin's original concept of Anarchy was not of any extreme or Utopian bench mark, not of bomb-throwing and violence nor of brutal Communist nightmare bureaucracy, but a perhaps proto-Popperian vision of ongoing revolution, a moderate, Liberal and civilized institutional process to curtail centralized power and abuse, improve decentralization and enhance autonomy.

    But perhaps Proudin over estimated the long term importance of praxis and failed to appreciate the emerging power of market forces. For with increasing automation and affluence, relevant struggle is less of the working proletariat, but of the bourgeois consumer, and less against Management for control of the means of production than against Monopoly for real choice in goods, service and better customer care. Of decentralization by the remarkable efficiency of liberated free market forces and guided evolutionary problem solving Versus indifferent Monopolistic efficiency by the imposition of shoddiness and infliction of alienation.

    Perhaps Anarcho-Consumerism, then, would be the struggle for control of economic circulation and thence, Capital incentive. A mandate for the Rule of Law in preservation of genuine Liberal Free Market Capitalism, under Capital and market forces as the tool of democratic policy, rather than the trappings of democracy as a tool of rampant war profiteering Pluto-Kleptocracy under ubiquitously entrenched Thatcherite soft Fascism. Even tyrants have been endured since time immemorial, in order to keep order. Similarly, in our time, the most crushingly disproportionate wealth disparity is endured under Capitalism that has shown itself so productive for everyone. But when the rich pillage ever more, and produce ever less, the people cry out in defense and enforcement of the social contract of Capitalism, to reward productivity, not plunder that must instead be punished and suppressed under the Rule of Law. 

    The spread of democracy and free market prosperity, with it's attendant slick/hokey cultural media counter
    propaganda, is often demonized as Cultural Imperialism by petty despots pledged to keep their people destitute, chaste, pure, virtuous, downtrodden and stupefied. Indeed, just as Imperialist Expansionism is the war footing essential to the health of the nominal Republic or Machiavellian Principality, Cultural Imperialism is the footing of the true aggressive waging of the peace and real economic growth of the Peace Complex, essential to the health of a genuinely free world.

  • And Constructive Positive Intervention, as according to the George Soros doctrine, is highly cost effective and efficacious commerce together with precision strategic finance of philanthropy and activism all as principle tools of foreign and domestic policy.

  • But instead of any trifling pother with even attempting at fair and objective Empirical case by case examination, the regressive Orwellian pejorative 'Cultural Imperialism' blithely malign-equates whatever struggle for progress under whatever entirely voluntary embrace of howsoever attractive and beneficial foreign influences by whatever exercise of individual informed consent, with the forced acculturation of a subject population by foreign dominance.

  • Of course, that those with the resources may concern themselves not so much with merely making more money, but with shaping the world in accordance with any ideological agenda or dogma outright, is nothing new or unique to the West. But in affluent democracies, those with the resources may very well concern themselves indeed not so much with making more money, but with shaping the world in accordance with a certain vision. And by a propagandistic malign equivalence, such has been condemned as cultural imperialism. It remains, however, that as for the means justifying the end, the means of Cultural Imperialism, so christened by it's very foes, nevertheless are philanthropic, activist, just and constructive to begin with! And that the welfare of our fellow human beings is indeed ever more and more something that we must make our own affair.

  • Therefore: Viva Cultural Imperialism!

    Today's Cultural Imperialism endeavors beyond merely exploiting the economic resources of other countries, but strives at shaping the societies of other countries even according to such ideological agendas as progress, justice, the rule of law, freedom, democracy and universal affluence. Cultural Imperialists on location now include along with foreign diplomat missions and foreign businesses, also foreign NGOs, in which cultural imperialist activists often have any say. Cultural imperialism must also strive at reshaping not only foreign policy but our own societies into the gentler ways of cultural imperialism and constructive positive intervention, and also in domestic affairs.

  • Because this world, our modern society, the environment that human beings, just as any other organisms, create together simply by abiding therein, should exist for one purpose above all else, and that is to maintain each individual at the highest possible standard of living, freedom and opportunity. Poverty has a part in every social and ecological ill, making prosperity indispensable to most every real solution. And what transforms dire need, cherished value, ideal, preference, desire and sheer consumer whim alike, into surging economic demand, has always been one thing and one thing alone, that being: money, disposable income, real buying power. Therefore, the top priority and of true leadership and global responsibility must be to make certain that anyone and everyone has plenty of money, by whatever means necessary, convenient, efficient and appropriate, so that maximal demand always approaches an ever expanding production potential. And this can be accomplished by dynamic commerce, intense investment, rising employment under better working conditions, generous entitlements of Negative Income Tax, and/or whatever other channels of distribution that may come to hand, through the public, private, profit and non profit sectors in combination, advanced by persuasive counterpropaganda, supported by artful diplomacy and secured under the democratic rule of law, such an aggressive peace will be not only lofty and humane and at the same time obscenely profitable, but most of all, optimally efficient and responsible. After all, the best material nurture can contribute far more for positive character development than all of life's needless suffering, sacrifice and Reactionary selfless rationalization of endless brutality. Why should we? Because we can!


  • The Manifesto of the Green Pro-Space Agenda


  • All the needed technology is already feasible now for decades, and increasingly practical with the latest off the shelf parts!

  • The greatest obstacle to outer space remains psychological!


  • Policy platform in a nutshell:

  • 1) Government finance: a) Give the Treasury the same powers to sell debt and issue currency, as the Federal Reserve, in order to work in concert with the IRS: b) Give the IRS the mandate to broaden the tax base and collect more taxes. Empower the IRS to spend as they see fit, and to give tax breaks and incentives, all in pursuit of and answerable to that very mandate. A separate office would be empowered to veto measures obviously contrary to public policy, no matter how profitable, and by the same powers, to nurture Social Entrepreneurship. c) Institute Negative Income Tax, as a tool to the aforementioned mandates, to better serve the public and to cut down on needless bureaucracy. 2) Waging the peace: a) Transition out from coercion as the failed default tool of both foreign and domestic policy, instead to the George Soros doctrine of constructive positive intervention. Massive government programs of direct action fail disastrously, but indirect small actions bring large results. This would transform everything including our "wars" on poverty, hunger, vice and terror, indeed all policy, foreign and domestic: a) Democracy and civil rights are the answer. No justice, no peace: secularize Israel! b) A new global Marshal Plan including: i) Issue unsecured money out from thin air for stimulus including highly successful and effective Third World microloans. The new money won't inflate the currency, so long as it expands the economy! ii) Support the private industrialization of outer space. The transfer of heavy industry offworld, with all the advantages of microgravity, will open the endless bounty of the Solar System, ending scarcity that drives war, as well as Terrestrial air and water pollution, facilitating also the full detection and prevention of catastrophic random asteroid impact and resultant mass extinction. 3) Environment: a) Conservation alone is not enough to arrest and reverse climate change. Environmental repair demands even simple engineering solutions. b) Be that as is may:  What we need are laws and treaties mandating 120% carbon offset, before point of sale, on all combustible fuels produced or consumed within the United States and Canada, with favored nation trading points for other countries following suite. It's a win-win solution: Whereas climate change denial lobbying and propaganda is so costly and wasteful, in the alternative there are many quite profitable green investments such that sequester or offset atmospheric carbon as a beneficial side effect. c) Re-grow the Amazon, "the lungs of the Earth," with a slash-and-burn permit system: Jungle can be re-grown in three years lying fallow, simply by spreading the seed impregnated manure of the fruit eating timid mall animals that won't come out into the clearing. A slash-and-burn permit for one acre, would be earned by fertilizing four acres of spent and abandoned soil. Food sprinkled into portable faux shrubbery, could be used to lure out those little incontinent critters, out onto the exhausted soil of the clearings. Advance into old growth would soon be slowed, replaced by a more sustainable cycle of fallow and re-growth, slashing and burning only the same land, repeatedly. d) Global Aquaculture: We are starving the ocean with misguided environmental measures that break the cycle returning nutrition down the rivers and into the sea. The marine ecology is a dynamic system. Let's recycle organic waste by using it to feed the coral reefs in order to cultivate a marine population explosion! -Good for both the environment and fisheries... e) feasibility/impact/safety study of proposals by the Thorium League 4) Defense and police: Of course, dealing with the root problems in order to promote world peace and an end to crime, would be best. But as a matter of responsible piecemeal engineering and interim reality, we should promote the use of non lethal weapons technology, not only less destructive, but much less expensive. 5) Healthcare: a) Behavior Modification (no matter how insidiously "cognitive") is a dangerous cult, pervading every sphere of life, traumatizing the defenseless and unwary! b) Modalities of spinal care including Chiropractic are not, and should be fully integrated into healthcare, as they are in Europe, where their effectiveness actually saves money for the insurance companies. Indeed much as with their attack upon Medicare, monopolistic AMA anti-chiropractic propaganda is a pack of lies and slander; so the courts have determined. c) Free universal cryonic neurosupension coverage as an option for all post mortem cadaverous/organ etc. donors. d) Support research into the aging cure and eradication of natural death along the model of the eradication of other mass pandemics such as Polio. No, this will not exacerbate problems of overpopulation, but actually reduce the impact by eliminating the tremendous expense of merely treating the arising symptoms of aging, by returning our sagacious senior citizens to youthful health, vitality and productivity. e) Approve Zinc Alpha 2 Glycoprotein for weight management. 5) Abolish the Electoral College. Switch to preferential voting like in Australia. 6) Net Neutrality. Municipal Internet. Broadband for Kansas. 6) Combat bullying, the new hate crime and civil rights violation, in every social context, not just employment and school. 7) By external intervention, end conditioning, indoctrination, rote learning and deliberate production of stress in formal education, instead teaching deeper thinking skills for lifelong learning, and begin transition out entirely from the use of coercion as a "motivator" in education, which has only accrued pandemic generalized anxiety and helpless dependency upon authority, all typically going untreated. 9) Assertive honesty in political rhetoric: a) Expose the hypocrisy: Any free market solution to our insurance needs first requires a free market for insurance, and not just ideological propaganda pretense. b) Let's be insensitive! Take the offensive against propaganda of absurd superstition: Corporations and zygotes are not people! If consciousness actually begins at conception, then lets demand rational compelling evidence! Otherwise, what other value takes priority over individual freedom and reproductive choice?

  • Any fanatical ideologue Mickey-Marxist or Mini-Maoist who truly believes that landlords and merchants do not labor or add value, is just out of their fucking gourd! No less, and likewise, investing successfully is also often hard work, and crucial as better motivated decentralized allocation of vital resources. However, it remains that even the most predatory and exploitative of crime outright, also may entail great effort and risk for whatever it's reward, and yet in sheer depraved indifference of however dubious whatever the added value as compared to the clear and serious detriment. And the very self same question remains fair for any human endeavor, ultimately, whether it be productive or predatory. Nevertheless, responsibility only means ongoing reform such as will not throw out the metaphorical baby with the proverbial bath water, especially as to exactly what interactions, however imperfect, will be criminalized next. In the alternative, progress, ongoing improvement, may ever be achieved by ongoing correction of problems as they arise.

  • Because poverty and oppression are no more corollary and intrinsic to capital than famine is to food. The evils are in Orwellian artificial scarcity and bait-and-switch. Capital simply does not meet the real demand anywhere near optimally. Humorous mortgage television advertising notwithstanding, there simply isn't anywhere near enough real competition among lenders and investors, nor even among educators and experts to better help facilitate formal business planning for first time entrepreneurship or even small business expansion. One way or another, the lions share of both funding and knowledge seems only to chase after the same and thereby close off to the rest of us. For the rehabilitation of modern society, to share the wealth non destructively and without squandering it all, what will be needed is the de-stratification and better integration of Capitalism into the fabric of society via Social Entrepreneurship. Only work out how to safely open the capital spigot, and there can be any chance that the market system may at long last deliver at all as promised:

  • True burgeoning production growth and ever rising standards of living for all!

  • Modern monetary theory, also known as:  neochartalism, stresses the abstract nature of money, deeming to ever run out of money, no less Absurd than running out of numbers to count with! Fiat money, established and created exclusively by the government, and printed out of thin air, may enter the economy via government spending which can include any desirable purposes or social programs whatsoever. Especially, for example: meeting the entire demand for Third World microloans. Indeed, if stimulus spending is successfully targeted at growing and expanding the economy, inflation with not result so long as the economy does indeed expands to absorb the new money supply. Otherwise, if necessary, private tax obligation payable in the government's currency to help create new increased demand for the money, can then be levied In order to prevent consequent inflation. One way best to tax the ultra-rich who lately so tend to hoard all the money, would be to create a new entity similar to the Federal Reserve, but wholly owned by the United States Treasury. Fractional lending facilitates obscene profit down the entire chain of larger banks making loans to successively smaller banks, finally ending in private capital and personal loans. The new Treasury owned Fed-clone would serve as a mechanism for the nationalization of any portion of the top tier first round of profit, into the Treasury, defraying the burden of taxation for those most needy and keeping said perpetual windfall from the least productively overprivileged. The new treasury bank could minimize redundancy, by hiring out operations to the Federal Reserve Bank, thus keeping on all Fed employees.

  • Run away corporate crime in the financial industry has brought the world economy to the brink of ruin, forcing a taxpayer funded bailout from which the CEOs have promptly awarded themselves record bonuses. Their political shills have strong-armed government into enormous tax breaks, and demand to balance the budgets on the backs of the working poor. And as jobs continued to be shipped overseas, Americans are exhorted to woo back industry by forsaking Labor Unions coming under renewed attack, and in stead to accept Third World wages. Plutocratic kleptocracy is more brazen than ever and it's enough to make a sane man Marxist! Of cause, the abuses of Communism are even worse. But in the alternative, John Kenneth Galbraith famously proposed that instead of seeking employment, labor could organize more entrepreneurially in order actually to rent production facilities and hire management as needed. Thus turning the current order upon its head, would help render practical the theoretical freedom of individual labor. With current events Galbraith's concept is more timely than ever:

    Yeah, fat chance!! 

    1) Police/military action as the primary tool of policy can only fail abroad no less than domestically. Global responsibility under the Rule of Law will be more demanding than that. It is not the size of the debt, but the cost of servicing said debt Vs the revenue to cover and profit besides. In our dysfunctional human family, the doomed lackluster go-along / get-along Democrat sham opposition, still absurdly promoting themselves as revolutionary firebrands! are the weak enabling mommy who typically taxes and spends on inept and corrupt care giving and codependency, while the Republicans are the blustering and posturing power-drunk daddy who borrows and spends on corrupt overreaching disciplinarian forceful coercion.

    But there is no one who has any "lobes", motivation and acumen, for the human family business (as it where), the honest and responsible clarity and responsibility also to borrow and invest for real production growth, the way we're supposed to. Indeed, no less than the famous leading economist John Kenneth Galbraith advocated actually doubling the deficit, but primarily to invest, Venture Capital where ever most sorely needed, especially in crumbling infrastructure rebuilding which is also central to global responsibility. 

    It's raining soup, and here we are standing around with forks!  And worse Hell is getting jabbed with the forks! But there is hope...
    Boundless untapped resources
    It's raining 






     and we're

     with forks







    2) Idle money funds the devil's work! Economic forces bottled up are consuming themselves! In order to steer clear of mischief, all that is needed is vision and ambition, something more expensive but less wasteful to do. The economy needs to grow, and first beginning with the untapped resources of the Deep Oceans, limitless room for expansion awaits on the High Frontier beginning at Cislunar space, a desirable trend for immediately removing the pressure and incentive to war by rendering control over dwindling Terrestrial resources a moot issue! Then, at long last, the Third World can finally be needed to be liberated as an increasingly affluent true expanding free market for all such burgeoning new real production, instead of a toxic waste dump, desperately impoverished cheap labor source and subsidized battle ground as it is now.

  • The message of the Green Pro-Space Agenda is that it is gravely irresponsible, Politically, Ecologically and Economically, to persist in Heavy Industry on the Earth's surface. But, obviously, air and water pollution are quite simply impossible in the vacuum of Outer Space, where, also, Solar Power is actually abundant and becomes practical not only for every use in Outer Space, but also for beaming back endless and bountiful clean energy for cost effective redistribution back down on Earth. And that if we don't learn how to reliably deflect dangerous Asteroids and comets, and capture conveniently near Earth passing Asteroids and comets for mining and fueling (not to mention water to drink and Oxygen to breath - or else use robots), an inconceivably vast and bountiful material resource, then we are only waiting around, declining in our own neglect, choking in our own filth, starving in our depleted Terrestrial resources, blind, unprepared and dumb complacent, for yet another catastrophic impact and our own Mass Extinction this time. Did you read about the most recent near miss in the news? What shall it be? Wealth or death

    3) Hydroponics, Aeroponics and Aquaculture are crucial for cost effective inc
    reased food production on a fraction of the land, to end hunger, improve flavor and nutrition, liberate Oxygen and reduce Greenhouse Gas levels, preserve biodiversity even while advancing bioengineering, cut back on traditional farming to offset Urban Sprawl, and to advance the study and development of self sustaining closed Eco-systems, essential to long term survival in Outer Space and beneath the Oceans. 

  • Why, it is even technologically feasible and cost effective to produce meat without animal cruelty!

    4) We are starving the Ocean. We take without giving back. Actually, we do give it back but in the wrong way, so that it only tends to bog down in the cycle, undigested, so to speak.

  • Instead of uniformly, routinely and misguidedly actually treating much needed dissolved oxygen as a threat to the balance of aquatic ecosystems, an Entrepreneurial custodial strategy called Global Aquaculture must aim at engineering Oceanic population explosion, by actually feeding the Ocean, returning, with compounded interest, sterilized non toxic non sticky and adequately oxygenated hydrocarbons to the aquatic food chain, but in a way that will be adequately processed by the marine ecosystem. This will revitalize the dynamic Marine Biosphere and Fisheries Globally. Moreover, hence forth, Scientific Whaling proposals submitted to the International Whaling Commission (IWC), should be submitted for peer review; whatever additional processing costs thereby incurred, to be borne by the applicant.

  • 5) Just because Communism has failed, does not mean that Capitalism has succeeded. Deficit reduction complete with tax loopholes for the rich, only starves real production, while war and prisons, the only remaining major growth industries, continue to increase the deficit all the same. Laissez faire by any other name, remains a classic Big Lie because real productivity simply cannot compete in the short term, so long as the unfair advantages of plunder and exploitation are permitted and encouraged rather than being policed and penalized economically.

  • Indeed, the greatest obstacles to reactor safety not to mention cost effectiveness, only for one example, are just such lawless anti-competitive societal problems and vested interest on all sides, more clearly so than any true scientific, technological or engineering challenge.

  • Safer existing reactor designs, that actually cannot melt down, are not commonly used. But at least European reactors are standardized and design tested, without the frightening surprises that come with American custom constructions. Also there are highly successful safer practices and protocols for the operation, even of the most inherently unsafe designs, specifically those of nuclear submarines, that from an engineering standpoint alone, as actually mobile nuclear reactors, would be the worst conceivable menace. Reactor safety is a human problem more than an engineering challenge. Anyone involved in building a nuclear power plant, should be involved for the long term, instead of anyone else being left holding the bag. And while it is all too common for an industry regulatory body to become, instead, their advocate, this is particularly unacceptable for nuclear power, for obvious reasons. Worse, in its rigid design parameters, the Nuclear Regulatory Agency is even known to stifle innovation even in the field of reactor safety. They need to be more ready to intelligently and responsibly evaluate designs instead of simply dictating them.

  • War and profiteering are the evident manipulative barely hidden agenda behind ongoing destabilization, convenient CIA "blowback" and chronic missed opportunity in foreign policy towards the Third World. Again, idle money does the devil's work!

  • In the alternative, clean and safe exponential production growth, as outlined in the four numbered points above, along with a global Marshal Plan of enterprise loan programs for new and expanding ventures of all sizes, will be essential to establishing the Peace Complex, a network of vested interest in the well being of society, to actually out compete the ongoing mergers, take overs, Economic liquidation, Environmental despoilment, oppressive Post Colonial human exploitation, Corporate Welfare, all such sheer out and out consolidated pillage, plunder and predation at the hands of the current Military Industrial Complex, and put an end to war and profiteering once and for all. In short, to curtail the Feudal Oligarchic Monopolistic Kleptocracy of the10% who own 90%, and most especially the 1% who own 80%, of the world's wealth (as estimated by Forbe's), end their strangle hold, return government election to the people at last, transform the Corporate world, liberate productive Entrepreneurial vitality, doing well by doing good, in an Open Market for an Open Society preserved under the Rule of Law, and abandon the corrupt and oppressive War on Vice forever so that understandably terrified, Paranoid and threatening centralized policing can be abandoned in favor of a return to neighborhood policing, with rehabilitated beat cops as an integral part of the community instead of the reciprocally alienating and mutually irresponsible Blue Wall.

  • Towns that offer property tax breaks for renovation, and tax penalties for squalor, rapidly beautify. Desirable and promising enterprises can and should be similarly encouraged, and destructive unscrupulously advantageous anticompetitive business practices deterred, by similar highly efficacious prizes, tax and other fiscal incentives and disincentives, which, alas, have been perverited into the pork barrel of Corporate Welfare sans accountability, all courtesy of the governments the Multinationals have purchased and cultivated.  

  • Money should simply be issued ("printed") for the expansion of successful microloan programs, so long as high repayment levels continue despite applying virtually no collection pressures. This will not increase the money supply over all, and therefore cause inflation, because it makes the economy expand. But better still, administrative expenses also need to be reduced, in order to lower high interest rates for the impoverished.

  • Much of the above reforms can be part of a new role for the world's tax collection agencies, given new a mandate to offer ongoing recommendations for actually broadening the tax base (beyond simple tax investigation and enforcement) as well as enhancing oversight by the conduct of  a newly instituted ongoing public audit of government accountability and inefficiency.

  • To avert "the tragedy of the commons" the Consumer Society must also manifest as the society itself, empowered as collective consumer, expressing market preference regarding  such consequences, externalities, good or ill, whenever such may not by themselves adequately manifest on the bottom line. Toward such end, we must assert real leadership. "Money is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master." In a true democracy Profit Motive should be a primary tool of policy, and never again vice versa as it is now. One Evil Empire down, one to go! 

  • 6) Put the whistle blowers in charge!

  • It is the real life clash of dramatic conflict on every level, internal or external, classic reversals in the estrangement of the bullied idealistic whistle blower.

    Let us unite to effect what would amount a real life happy ending and triumph for all humanity!

  • 7) Workers of the World, relax! Economy and Ecology are similar complex dynamic systems, needing similar management as policy, because food chains always begin at the bottom, never (sic) Top Down

  • Francis Bacon said of money, that like dung it is best spread. Or, better still, money should always be continually and ever more widely circulated for true economic growth. True visionary and dynamic Liberal Free Market Capitalists in the foot steps of the likes of Henry Ford never just hold all the cards, they play and risk them, raising incomes, lowering prices, and casting money free to circulate and return. Not like those wage-slave driving Monopolistic Oligarchic Robber Barons, indeed such as Henry Ford himself gradually degenerated into, who just squeeze it out and hoard it all! Indeed, with exponentially increasing mechanized production, ever lengthening leisure time must accrue. And there fore, positive intervention, not only conscientious, reliable and consistent political support for pro-democracy movements and contingents anywhere in the world (instead of typically abandoning them and then backing thugs and loons of convenience instead!), but a global Marshal Plan of investment in Societal infrastructure via small and medium sized business loans, direct massive Venture Capital investment (bypassing the wasteful and corrupt bureaucracies and Apparatchiks ever drooling over traditional foreign aid pork barrels) for new start-up and expanding businesses of every size and scope, but also better and more widely disseminated financial education along with ever greater sheer individual disposable real buying power for all, must be constantly and ever more widely re-circulated, by whatever means, public and private, from the bottom in order to bubble upward so as to continually enhance and broaden a healthy and dynamic civilian consumer base capable of sustaining a perpetual upward spiral and ever growing tax base, until one day scarcity is eliminated entirely and Robotopia achieved.

  • A global Marshal Plan, at home and abroad:

    Q. What is positive engagement?

    A. Political pressure and support in favor of struggling non violent pro-democracy concerns.

    Q. What are smart sanctions?

    A. Smart sanctions are cunning sanctions designed to actually inconvenience and irritate otherwise vain and indifferent indolent over privileged dictators personally, without burdening their impoverished countries and oppressed peoples.

    Q. What is positive intervention?

    A. All manner of real political and economic assistance, support and
    education for the advancement of democracy and free markets, that doesn't come out of the barrel of a gun.

    Q. What are the spectacularly successful enterprise loan programs, such as revitalized Poland?

    A. Capital made available to medium sized and small business, cash flow for public works and infrastructure rebuilding, even very small loans to mom and pop enterprises, only so long as they put together proper business plans.

    Q. What is wrong with conventional foreign aid?

    A. Not only is conventional foreign aid typically contingent upon the agenda and interests of the donor, but the aid money then must first pass through the coffers of corrupt foreign government bureaucracies, pork barrels, ill considered grand schemes and Oligarchic carpet baggers. Whereas, the funds for positive intervention including enterprise loan programs and micro-loans to the destitute, even gifts of genetically modified livestock, all come in from the bottom, often even going fairly directly to the people and administered by citizen comities locally.

  • The immature and excitable are so often wont to take the great military strategists out of context, focusing only upon the thrilling passages depicting fire, storm and the flashing sword of vengeance! But the warrior sages all understood that lasting victory is all in the preparation. In our times, our best option is first to envelop the world's cancers of grimmest tyranny in just such true democracy and prosperity as despots most revile, fear and loath, no matter what options to choose there after in moving against them, and in our own good time, meanwhile marshaling international cooperation, goodwill and popular support against Organized Crime and Terrorism. When Sun Tzu says "all is war", this is but to counsel the importance, first of all, of "waging" (cultivating) the peace, patiently, aggressively and unflaggingly. Whereas, in the alternative, the simplistic self-righteous depraved indifference of amoral sociopathic RealPolitik offers nothing but chaos, costly carnage, complication and quagmire, in truth,  no less vicious, loony, foolish and fraudulent than the hypocritical Laissez faire of oily war profiteers carving up the pork barrels and plunder, despoiling the Environment, hobbling and bleeding real production dry. All most inopportune opportunism and unbusinesslike business!

    8) No more Draconian false dilemmas between human subsistence versus Environmental preservation!

  • It's not like we can't pick and choose from amongst responsible and competent drillers with far stronger environmental records, and form new corporate alliances only all too glad to provide all the oil they can get, all the oil anyone wants, at a simple reasonable set mark up from their own costs, with no more monopolistic market manipulations. But in that case, a new law must be instituted, requiring every barrel of combustible fuel to be carbon offset by any specified measure actually greater than one hundred percent, say even as much as: 120% before point of sale. Then we can use as much petrol as we want, safely and in good health, actually lowering carbon levels in the process. Moreover, this strategy ought to be far cheaper for the oil companies, than the current massive campaigns of climate change denial. Indeed, there are many profitable businesses to invest in, that actually bind carbon as a side effect. It's a win-win! By instituting these proposed measures, we can all eat our cake and have it too, improve the environment even while using as much oil as we care to. The only psychologically unappealing factor in this proposal, is that it is not virtuous, entailing as it does, no sacrifice., and thereby disappoints the disapprovingly Moralistic cult of austerity. Scarcity is a dastardly Neo Malthusian myth promulgated by Monopolistic Industry and embraced also by the equally effete Environmental Main Stream. The only thing we need to sacrifice, is sacrifice itself! Help end the cult of austerity, the Moralistic Big Lie of our times! It is observed more and more often that Environmentalism in global politics is increasingly a reflection of competing interests, to the pointed exclusion of science, reason and problem solving. And, everywhere, Industry and the mainstream Environmental Movement only vie and then collude for effective control over the same despicable manufactured  scarcity. Conservation alone is not the answer!

  • Moreover, aging itself presents far more of a tremendous drain upon the resources of society than cumulative population alone. Indeed, the massive population of the baby boomers, is entering into old age, and the imminent projected logistical and economic burden will be somewhat daunting to say the least. Therefore, in truth, far from a burden upon scarce resources due to the increased population, in the eradication of aging with the advent of radical life extension, the sooner the better, is actually projected tremendous healthcare and other savings, especial as currently incurred during the final two most awful, medically expensive and generally wretched suffering declining years of life into the looming ever nearer horror of death. Research, therefore. should be made a priority

  • The problem of resources remains that of vast inefficiency of so many kinds, not of demand to begin with. And with or without a regular death rate, the aim of population control remains that of simply restraining the rate of population increase to remain within the rate of production growth. And the most effective means thereof has been in raising the standards of living. Indeed, with the extension and even perpetuation of youth, productivity, health and fertility, many people will naturally tend to put of procreation in order first to optimize circumstances for planned parenthood and child rearing. Rather than Moralistically and Masochistically shunning all such great gifts, instead we should all strive to become more worthy thereof, thereby to hasten the requisite technological and social progress.

  • What Thomas Robert Malthus actually said:
    Far from any pessimistic, cynical and heartless Social Darwinism (actually rejected by Darwin himself, incidentally), in his famous essay on population, Malthus was, in truth, very much concerned with the elimination of laws, customs, and social structures perpetuating poverty, as well as the redirection and optimization of the beneficial effectiveness of charity. However, Malthus also observed, as had others already, that while population growth unrestrained tends to be exponential, increase in agricultural production of food has always been merely arithmetic. Hence, Malthus was not even the first to argue that hunger and want result from the forced equilibrium of the slow variable keeping in check the fast one. Hence, all Swiftian irony aside
    , Malthus actually advocated the prudent preventative check of planned parenthood by the strategy of marriage later in life, in order to reign in population increase just enough to effectively curtail the brutal corrective check of starvation. But by simply ignoring Malthus' actual advice, under the blithe assumption of only corrective check, hence all somewhat out of context, Malthus' theory became the standard cynical argument for the futility of expending resources to ever help the poor at all, who, after all, would only breed and multiply themselves back up into the margins of survival once again.

    Moreover, even living and dying, as he did, under modern commerce but just before the Industrial Revolution and all of it's surprises, all the same, apparently, Malthus never actually asserted fixed resources or upper limits to growth. Only our own damn fool post industrial latter day Neo-Malthusian fanatical Luddites have ever pressed anything so utterly inane and delusional. Indeed, artificial scarcity is the Orwellian big lie and willful ingenuity gap of our time agreed upon both by the main stream of Environmentalism and by Monopolistic Plutocracy in effective collusion.

    Malthus, praised or denounced, must be one of the most wrongly cited authors in all history!

    Industry has actually embraced the fraudulent statistics originally exaggerated and fabricated outright by the Environmental Movement of the the scruffy bad old days, in their desperation to reign in the most deplorable eco-rape and pillage being ignored by the world! Because, since then, Oligarchic goals have shifted from wanton plunder to strangulating Monopoly. Thus, pseudo-Malthusian mythology is no longer even a nuisance, but actually a tool. It is, indeed, a fool --or a knave, not merely a rogue- who comes to believe their own lies. And as Nietzsche opines, a king of fools, is the greatest fool!

    And so, now all factions, Industrial and Environmental, may as often form strategic partnership as they contend with one another, over mutually agreed upon and fraudulent artificial scarcity and zero-sum. And this becomes more of an internal power struggle than real Grass Roots politics at large. What once heralded improved awareness and the respectability of such an important issue, Ecology and Environmental preservation, now increasingly resembles corruption, tacit conspiracy and power madness, all around.  Indeed, far from conspiracy proper, nothing is more prevalent than sheer irresponsible denial! The shame of it is that Industry, now a days really does listen to Environmentalism. But for this, Environmentalism needs vision to share, not just devotion of righteous passion so easily perverited. Now more than ever, awash as they are with perfectly good money, and the darling of celebrities. 

      • Case study: Get the skinny... ! I am indefinitely withheld vital life chafing medication, forever tied up in foolish red tape!
           Not even the smallest step is allowable because of an impossible and irresponsible demand for complete certainty!
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          • Mideast Food Fight
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