The Enemies of the Open Society and their Dysfunctional Motives


The emotionally troubled publisher of a pathetic photocopied amateur magazine interminably wheedles everyone he knows for contributions to flatter his own insufferable vanity, but then becomes too consumed with jealous rage to actually use the submissions, at least too prominently, and instead obsesses endlessly.

An insecure lonesome expert desperate for admiration seeks collaborators on his grandiose pet project, but then sabotages the effort by passive aggression, withholding from his collaborators whatever crucial assistance he had committed to just when the undertaking begins to show promise. Of course, this recalcitrant passive aggression comes as a shock when it emerges and proves monumentally crazy-making after the time and effort already invested by those who have joined in, to "have the rug [thusly] pulled out from under them". And so, of course, the expert then complains bitterly of verbal abuse and pressure from others. The expert then belittles the contribution of  the others which he has sabotaged, participates in destructive evil gossip against his former collaborators to secretively recruit new collaborators whom he then promptly deceives in exactly the same manner! All the while, the expert continually exploits what work product of writing and thinking that has accrued from each round of collaborators, in trawling for new victims and towards the further aggrandizement of the great concept which serves as his ego substitute, even while passive aggressively frustrating the achievement of his hapless collaborators not to mention the success of his own grand vision! And, hypocritically enough, all in the name of volunteerism and self reliance...

A crank newsgroup theologian gains his first disciple but then turns upon the disciple in savage and vehement rage when the disciple seeks to advance his own ancillary crank theological theory in homage. Obnoxious USENET flamers then provide the crank with a convenient diversion, excuse for the crank to fume and bluster thus evading the challenge of rational criticism and questions from any more serious posters on the forum.

An annual convention grows large, prestigious, rich and widely renowned thanks in no small part to the many various and popular volunteer contributors to it's events and programming, until the convention committee self-destructs the convention by turning upon and driving out all of it's supporters by imposing ever more narrow definition the subject and purpose of the convention. And the new annual convention arising to replace the waning original convention actually presses shocking new frontiers of hypocrisy, power madness, mean spirited in fighting, intolerance and abuse! And the scenario is typical. Resultantly, the entire culture of interest centered upon such gatherings faces decline, fragmentation and erosion.

A great and declining nation corrupted by a vast monopolistic eco-rapist plundering over privileged Multinational Military Industrial Complex, instead of expanding any vital constructive enterprise or politically and economically supporting peaceful and democratic Liberal free market underdogs around the world, abandons the struggle for freedom, real production, true economic growth, progress and prosperity for all and the conquest of outer space, and instead commits itself to world dominance by perpetual skullduggery until the very fanatical terrorists whom they sponsored in the first place, finally and spectacularly bite the hand that feeds them, inflaming popular passions thus conveniently playing into the criminal leadership's darkest and most repressive agendas including a Quixotic moralistic "war", so called, on vice, instead of urgently needed urban renewal and infrastructure rebuilding.

All such, from the ridiculous to the abominable but all quite destructive, is the very antithesis of good sportsmanship, spirited competition, open criticism, congenial collaboration, group Entrepreneurship, free exchange of ideas and brainstorming, to which this website is dedicated.

Copyright Aaron Agassi, 2002 - 2013


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