Story outline conceived as a sensationalistic fictionalized Action Film Noir screenplay vehicle for the reformer's urgent social message, for you to help flesh out and finish. The concept is inspired by background information and historical/political claims as expounded in 'DECLINE AND FALL OF BUDDHISM' (A tragedy in Ancient India), all about how it came to pass that SATI WAS STARTED FOR PRESERVING CASTE.

    For even I was astonished by the systematic plight of the Devadasis, truth or incendiary propaganda ideology? You decide! behind Mythology, stranger and more luridly depraved than my wildest Science Fiction! Optionally, perhaps dissident Dalits, in angry rejection of Hinduism and caste persecution, have increasingly also come to embrace instead Transhumanism and the shocking taboo of Cryonics. The world in which the story is set, might even be an alternate history.


    The protagonist is a humanistic well educated Middle Class Brahmin, an honest Bourgeois Cop who alone among his clan is spared his life, for refusing, in righteous disgust, to search, as prescribed by ritual, amid the ashes of Sati for the widow's treasure. For the spent pyre is booby trapped, and the immolation, legerdemain! For the widow has escaped, leaving ashes filled not with the melted precious metals of her fineries, her life savings, but only lethal bear traps and razor wire!

    Laughing sardonically, she reappears before fleeing the scene.*

    *Credit where due: The above scene is inspired by the poisoned funeral feast in 'Courtship Right' by Donald Kingsbury.

    No trace can be found of the Merry Widow, as the Press dubs her, any more than had she really gone through with becoming Sati. But her shady past as an illusionist and escape artiste traveling with the Gypsies is brought to light, as well as her life long contempt for caste, and the pressure that had been brought to bear upon her to become Sati after the suspicious death of her husband, a friend of the protagonist who had been wanting but hesitant to talk to the Police about something troubling.

    Then, one day, a courageous group of enlightened progressive student activists presses for Police action against the despicable extortionist Brahmin Pimp-Cult pressing half-cast girls into lives of prostitution. But the Pimp-Cult goons are brazen and relentless, even to the point of forcing Police women to worship the Devi, on their knees stripped naked! 

    (The above actually based upon alleged true life events!)

    After this, even a glance at the cursory investigations logged in the cold case files, cannot but raise consciousness for the protagonist, of the pervasiveness and long historical tradition and precedent of caste bigotry, Misogamism and sex trade exploitation.

    Finally, the protagonist finds himself hard pressed to accept help from the fugitive Merry Widow, the slayer of his clan, in bringing down the Pimp Cult...


    The astonishing backstory of the Merry Widow comes to light in police investigation:

    As it turns out, the Merry Widow may have had a history with the student activists, but then rejected their Gandhian saintly ideals and Buddhist inspired passivism, as dehumanizing helplessness engendering vulnerability to exploitation.

    The Merry Widow may once have been a devout Muslim woman, a fugitive who ran away to a Pacific island and the had gone native! And so her Western educated but Muslim Fundamentalist [son/brother/husband], -the rumors where inconsistent- pursued in order to honor-kill her. But then he had a dream about fanatical Mujahedin in Paradise, who, unable understand that they are dead, start stoning the Houri!

    Next, when the easy going and hither to generally unnoticed Polynesian island community suddenly found itself under the jurisdiction of a fanatical Fundamentalist Islamic nation, she was declared Prophetess (with four husbands and all!) by an opportunistic publicist, illusionist and escape artist. This she was pressed to accept in return for asylum, garnering for her a fatwa, media attention and all the protection and all of the commotion of a high profile.

    But after barely surviving an assassination attempt, a bomb that killed all the others, she finally disappeared, later creating a new Hindu identity in India and remarrying.

    But, as fate would have it, she had not escaped the tragedy and danger of womankind under superstitious oppression! Overwhelmed, she struggled to fathom the will of the Devine, and drew her deadly plans...


    Yes, without a doubt, 'Honor killing demands global response'.

    Indeed, according to 'DECLINE AND FALL OF BUDDHISM' (A tragedy in Ancient India), in a contention perhaps supported by 'Porn in Hindu Scripture ?' 'Devadasis were Degraded Buddhist Nuns' all as part of 'GENOCIDE OF WOMEN IN HINDUISM'. (Although, interestingly, by reversed yet similar tactics, the Vestal Virgins where cloistered Nymphs, at least according to Robert Graves.) 


    Caste based prostitution: The DevaDasi System - forced into religious prostitution, the courtesans of God!  

    Truth stranger than fiction, or incendiary ideological counter-propaganda? You decide! 'Pimp Cult' is still an unfinished story outline conceived as a sensationalistic fictionalized Action Film Noir screenplay vehicle for the reformer's social message. And you can brainstorm and collaborate help to write the completed story!


    So, what really happened? And what happens next? How will the story end?

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