copyright Aaron Agassi 2912 -2017
Rectangular Callout:  And any permitted temporary or otherwise insanity defense for any crime of overwhelmed passion, should be explicit, with all of the legal burdens thereby entailed thereupon. A moral rapist, perhaps even egalitarian and bisexual, who only targets the most utterly abusive and deserving, would be an extremely unusual personality.  
So: Yes, meet SEXtER, ever baiting his trap with risqué SMS, the serial rapist only of other serial rapists and abusers, coming to SHOWTIME any season now! I know I'd watch. But let's remember that anything  dramatic in fiction would constitute suffering in reality. Case in point: The rape fantasy of rough sex, is as to the horrific reality of rape, as a thrill ride is to the calamity of a real vehicular accident. Much as any Sadist by preference may often seek for any sort of a beaten and willing victim, anyone Masochistic and self destructive enough to seek and desire actual assault, sexual or otherwise, is clinically insane. Jaded edge players are whack! Pandering to self destruction remains nothing more than exploitation, hipocritical Satanist glorification as consensual courtship not withstanding. 
And the best remedy as ever, remains in autonomy support, not only preservation of our rights in the abstract, but sex positive optimum promotion of better opportunity for all.















Jury nullification is the endeavor to gain acquittal nevertheless, in even darkly absurd tacit conspiracy with a sympathetic and complicit jury fully knowing and understanding the defendant to be entirely guilty. Traditionally, jury nullification finds long and ugly application primarily to revenge killings and, indeed, the most blatant and unambiguous forcible rape. So, what possible sympathy could there be for rapists, except from other at least self perceived potential rapists, in fear that anything at all howsoever alarmingly deemed  normal or customary and reasonable being in danger of actually becoming treated as actually criminal as under the law?

Over every desire or aggravation imaginable, we have all had our feelings toyed with. Should a victim of such actually ever be permitted or even encouraged whatever forceful redress by their own hands?` Or does the very premise collapse under its own weight?  In specific, what about implications of forcible rape as ad hoc restorative justice in remedy for blue balls? Seriously: Surely anyone of so pitilessly low a moral standard, may also likely have a similarly either chronically enraged or coldly sociopathicly low threshold of temptation to begin with.