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 As Derek Sivers expounds, the first follower is the true leader, showing others how to follow. And even that takes guts. Next, the second follower makes three and "three's a crowd, and a crowd is news!" For indeed, "..and a threefold cord is not quickly broken." (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

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'How to start a movement' on TED

Another failure in the poverty of even the greatest success of Behaviorism that the sheeple are so pathetically eager to settle for: Transparent, public and equal, new followers, with validation, feeling safer to see others joining and climb down off the fence, therefore emulate current followers rather than actually following the leaders. But progress must be visible and measurable and you have to keep it simple make it easy to follow.

And there's rub: Instead, anything worthwhile may often require courage, intent, thought and effort beyond the most virally memetic impulse cultural buy in. Indeed, and to make matters worst, mass marketing demands average ideas for average people, not world changing heresy.

In pursuit any conceivable social interaction not so readily accessible to all, however new and original, precidented or unprecedented, and every question of feasibility, let us remain wary of how collective striving for whatever ideal that never arrives, can often be so cult like, destructive and unhappy. Therefore, first, it is whatever striving first that must be fulfilling, intrinsically, in and of itself, prior to any hoped for results or rewards, and without propaganda manipulation.

Post to the for all to join in, oremail to: aaronagassi@comcast.netif it's sensitive and private.


Please be civil: No flaming! And please help improve, especially anything unclear and not understood. In the words of Simone Weil: “Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.” Any substantive and directly pertinent response, inquiry, comment or criticism, will all be truly and most sincerely appreciated. But in case of any communication failure, do pardon my shortcomings and please specify: Explain whatever might be unclear, how so any why. If I already knew, certainly I would already have revised and elucidated! Therefore, do kindly point out any ambiguity. Proffer any salient proof writing notes. Ask questions of anything not understood, for as the saying goes: No question is too stupid to ask, ore answer to wise to be given.

 • 'Excellence in collaborative miscommunication repair '  - a must read...

But freely express and clearly explain any trepidation or disapproval, don't feign incomprehension simply in order to disengage and obstruct.

If will be forgiven the notoriously vulgar and frustrated admonition of READ THE FUCKING WEBSITE!! What is the point of pretending and bluffing? Who does this? Background context is ever crucial.

And of course, coherent and detailed website trouble shooting feedback, however vexing and unedifying, remains no less crucial and therefore accepted with all gratitude. 

Options of deepest involvement in the master plan: Creativity Should be Social
Let us undertake the numbered protocol of the Unreasonable Demand Manifesto, a sequence of four core questions and tasks to both the abstract inquiry and the tangible objectives of, each question or task contingent and dependent upon the previous question or task for discussion proposed to Dialectic agenda and planning hoped to show itself illuminating and productive.

Help develop any of the Entrepreneurial proposals. Pitch your own, too!

Let us negotiate possibly working together: Realistically, what will make for any
fulfilling collaborative experience and best chance of success
. Let us then work out any action agenda in business planning, strategic partnership, and Management Team recruitment and outreach. Capitalization and implementation must also be strategized, into future action agenda. We might begin by discussion upon the work ethic of optimal reciprocal engagement.
Options of most variable degree of involvement and participation
Participation in collaborative Fiction Brainstorming, can be as much or as little as one cares for. In the Creative Collaboration frame, click on the fiction writing  tab at the lower right corner. Then begin!
Options of more tentative discourse
Select from among the various entrepreneurial project proposals, as ever may pique your interest, to treat in any depth or specificity.  Engage discussion, and stick with it: Begin by simply commenting to the forums, on topic, specifically, and not just on subject most broadly.

For example, not just any old comment or news tidbit upon on Environmentalism most generally, or upon Pro-Space Activism and aerospace most generally, but upon any interplay between the two categories. Or better still, actually browse and then comment upon any aspect of The Green Pro-Space Agenda.

Or not only more of the same, in either support or opposition to Cryonics most generally, but even actually getting down to brass tacks of outreach and implementation as regarding the Project Kriosgrad proposal.

Or, for another example, not just bullying most generally, but how to combat bullying, especially in any informal social context where there are no authorities to speak of, or worst, as all too often, when whatever authorities and abuse of power are a major part of the problem. Or better still, actually browse and then comment upon any aspect of the CliqueBusters TM   proposal, especially the key innovation, new strategy in combating bullying.

But who would be interested in entering such discourse? Answer staying with CliqueBusters TM as example topic: Perhaps anyone with a professional interest, dealing with bullying in the classroom or workplace. Or perhaps anyone with a personal concern of their own, such as anyone struggling to come to terms with finding themselves bullied. Indeed, there is much towards common cause in any of the project proposals. Alas that even the best non uniform and diverse individual personal reasons and motives, may somehow fall short of inspiring deeper involvement in new movements and new beginnings. Perhaps a new kind of movement is needed, to offer new beginnings that will be more user focused and individually pertinent.  

Debate: Much on is oppositional to highly popular and well thought of options herein rejected, of life and death, as Existentially Absurd, unhappy and destructive. In seeking to debate in defense and support of any thereof, please bear in mind how often we have all heard it all before by now, Online! So much Online discourse is somewhat redundant and repetitive. Let us strive to advance at all any further. Please begin by at all browsing the pertinent content on this website, in order to avoid mere gainsaying of points already extensively addressed, but instead to consider content and offer any fresh rebuttal in real argumentative exchange.

Gaining market share is often thought to depend upon accurately targeting a market segment already actively seeking and already receptive. But does the requirement of a market segment already actively seeking and already receptive, thereby effectively rule out innovation of the hitherto unconsidered? -particularly as achieved by "assumption smashing," even deliberate abandon or violation of various assumptions, or via the creativity of making unusual associations and finding novel connections? Is there any circumvention of the requirement of a market segment already actively seeking and already receptive, to smash that very assumption specifically? Too many are already too committed to one path or another. Open mindedness, then, together with skeptical credulity, becomes a crucial market criteria. And what more diminishes the candidate pool then that? Who is there open to anything new? After all, another problem with the requirement of a market segment already actively seeking and already receptive, is that people don't always yet quite understand what they are missing so badly. Many are confused and many more have been calculatingly mislead for so long.

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