Why, oh why, isn't it painfully obvious to all that substantive results in serious and involved undertakings (such as are the primary subject matter and concern of this very website) will tend to require time, focus and concerted effort?

The Web is overrun by monosyllabic wanna be authors expecting effortless sonnets from sheer Stream of Consciousness, would be Captains of Industry acknowledging no need even to balance the books, and mass movements with no mass and less movement. For such are the delusions of impatience!

Yes, yes, we've all read about those dire statistics reporting oh so authoritatively to the world all about how most people Online (that means you and me, folks!) only spend scant nanoseconds, the very blink of an eye, on any any given webpage before lapsing into some comatose fugue state of sheer boredom. But isn't that just supposed to be during the surfing/searching process, and only until anything in particular finally merits/requires/captures one's attention? The least confusing part is anything you'll actually at all read! Make no mistake, any good information filtering behavior must have more than one "setting", because even finding anything worth doing may often require shifting and varying degrees and closeness of attention, concentration and commitment such as this very website often requires. Simply getting enough sleep may make all the difference! And unlimited and unrestricted Internet access at will can be no less crucial, because reading retention may suffer from undue haste.

    Why, even if one knows perfectly well how, comprehension and retention from reading at all nevertheless reflects the accustomed effort that goes into reading. Indeed, by unconscious habit, the eyes of highly literate people go back and forth rescanning a line of text until they either understand adequately or else can at least pick apart, locate, engage, identify and point out, even question and criticize or research, specifically, whatever ambiguity it might be that they may still find unclear. Whereas many others may, instead, let it all slide, actually becoming paralytically anxious and even resentful and abusive flamers. They neither rescan nor process more deeply, and very easily grind to a halt like a computer crashing! Or perhaps they may even make genial confusing non sequitur response based upon vague unstated and erroneous assumptions and often without even clear reference or context. But when the miscommunication is pointed out to them, they respond, if at all, only with various further non sequitur. They either fail or refuse to begin actually negotiating whatever reciprocal incomprehension, or even to simply supply the missing context or reference. Such may be the deep seated reluctance to risk uncertain, unfamiliar or challenging ideas. -The tabooistic terror of either committing or even perceiving, much less pointing out, any ambiguity or mistake of and kind, even so much as a damn typo! FNORD

    Any such debilitating phobias may even be in some part conditioned and reinforced by, at the opposite and picayune pedantic Reactionary extreme, those others, evasive "soft flamers" and Netiquette Nazis no less vexing, who utterly refuse to move on and proceed to ever making any relevant or pertinent response or discussion of actual content/topic beyond picking apart grammar, type setting and such! -So that whatever intent of the text need never be reconstituted from it's constituent syntax, let alone ever acknowledged or in any way addressed substantively. A heavy penalty of underhanded belittlement and disregard for even the tiniest imperfection! FNORD

    Yes, in summation, there those who refuse to pick things apart, and then there are those who refuse to "connect the dots"! But there can be precious little substantive analytic facility without functional impulse formation into both modes of scrutiny/criticism, hair-splitting and reintegration, together in concert and free from phobic hostility. -even in the very act of reading, first of all, let alone to then offer cogent response, critique that is even comprehensible or useful.

    I seek to reach out to more serious and better focused prospective collaboration partners even for fun hobby projects, let alone on any more weighty undertakings, all as can be accessed back from the gateways page.

    This page is not, by any means, an hostility, but begins simply with these brief explanations as to why short attention spans will simply not function on this website, not to mention the autonomy that willful chronic attention deficit actually abandons in life.

    Indeed, even the old card catalogue in your local library, requires either facility or patience, if not both, depending what one hopes to ferret out. Computerization only makes it more convenient. It doesn't mean you'll ever find anything if you just don't really care and just can't be troubled! Or picture borrowing anything like the Mishna (the traditional meticulous Hebrew scholarly annotation of the extensive Talmudic commentary upon on the Torah) but for only five minutes at a time! Imagine how furious you'd be with your doctor or your stockbroker, if you ever discovered them treating their work so cursorily! And then think of how engrossed people become with pointless sports trivia. Gentle reader, can I possibly impose upon your undivided attention precisely for whatever will not be instantly clear at first glance, as ever it comes up? -To stay interested...! Because that may be the minimum requirement even for getting through this very page!

    This site is also intended to function as my own personal working filter out from people who are just never serious and seek to waste my time or worse, in short, people who are actually hurt and offended at even my most minimal expectations of them in this regard. Please don't be hurt or offended! It's just that most of the various subject matter is somewhat involved, not to mention that the effort on the part of anyone who so chooses, required to seriously inquire into much less actually participate in advancing any of the different projects proposed, must be focused and enduring. And what applies to active reading, comprehension and research, is no less true of real creative problem solving and planning, never mind following through in action and risk taking.

    Not everything can be glanced at and then forgotten as effortlessly as a traffic sign! Nor should it...

    It has even been suggested that webpages will never substitute for print until the next generation of display monitors with at least an equal resolution to paper. In other words, that we can, at least in part, blame Online short attention span and reading impatience on sheer eye-strain! To whatever degree that explanation may be true, then, in that case, despite every effort at scanability of inverited pyramided prose style and text setting and never to burry the headline, voluminous complex essay length content websites like this one will be seriously handicapped. Indeed, there are various common neurological problems, to whatever degree, that make the strobing of the screen all the more tiresome. Too bad. There is nothing I can do about it.

    The illiteracy of affluence is much like unto obesity that is the malnutrition of affluence, in that such is what comes of an excessive bland processed over sweetened predigested and nutritively void intake. You, there! Don't be such a fathead!

    First time visitors may wish to continue to the next pages of this fair warning to know what will be expected of you to even be capable to read, use and understand this website. For some people it even goes without saying, but for others it's all unheard of and quite unreasonable, if not incomprehensible.


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