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The central question of these terms of use, is that of what are the minimal requirements, realistically, for any individual engaging productively in any of such endeavors as are the focus and purpose of this website.


And so, it may only make sense, first to ask:
To whom is targeted? Who has appeared most receptive? (Click the link.) is all about collaboration, and largely in the effort of writing, whether in fiction writing just for fun or proposal writing with the intention of then prospecting for Venture Capital. (Also, as regards whatever feedback just as pertains to improving this website, but we'll come back to that.)

And there are vital qualifications for joint authorship, for whatever purpose or context. Because writing is really the process of improvement, correction, editing, of continual rewriting. That is a large part of what joint authors of whatever sort must help one another with, following the Dialectic of Socrates, beginning from ignorance and incomprehension and seeking clarity and truth in problem solving. And so, one major qualification as a writing collaborator, is how one copes, what one can do and how one can help, all the more so when one does not understand, for example, when one fails to comprehend a block of text.

To wit,
persistence, the negotiation of reciprocal incomprehension, how one will work to figure it out, articulate one's incomprehension by asking cogent questions, pointing out whatever ambiguities, linguistic/syntaxic or otherwise,  specifically, to give ongoing feedback, and in that process, help one another to rewrite for improved lucidity. And so, anyone who simply stops dead or only protests vaguely, whenever they don't understand on the first pass over the text, or responds only with feeling and impressions broadly at best instead of anything substantive, offers only the most unfocussed critique or sidesteps whatever question or questions, therefore would make a difficult writing partner at best.

Moreover, even cleaving the essential from the extraneous may be somewhat subjective, contexted by whatever one's own focus of interest, needs,  prior background, purposes and priorities, and perhaps even rightly so. Making the unfamiliar and complicated accessible to everyone at all is challenging.

Indeed, need I state more or less, in this very document? Is this very page tiresome statement of the obvious, or else, just the opposite, impenetrably obtuse? -And to whom? To many, the expectations expressed herein are actually unreasonable and objectionable, if not quite baffling.

And so, put simply, the chief qualification of any writing partner must be the motivation, curiosity at all, Critical Thinking and the simple desire and care at all to understand.

The other qualification, reciprocally, is the desire to communicate, again, persistence, to be likewise forthcoming when the other party or parties are stuck and cannot understand a passage of theirs. Anyone who tends to refuse to be helpful and forthcoming to others by answering questions and offering explanation, for example, one who actually stonewalls or only repeats themselves, would also be disqualified, no less than one who simply gives up (or worse, actually becomes hostile) when they are not quite clear or do not understand something.

Here, then, is the light without the heat:
Writing is work! Even reading may be an effort. For example, when the subject is difficult in any way or for whatever reason, or complicated, or just substantial, or if there are daunting problems to be grappled with (as on this website, at least for me!), and not only when anything is wrong or lacking, either with the text itself or with the reader's ability, always both distinct possibilities after all. Worse, there can be no guarantee that whatever one seeks is even here to find, yet or ever.
If more is needed, browse these rants on short attention-span semi-literacy

nevertheless, sometimes, for some, the bother may possibly prove all the more rewarding, none the less. Otherwise, why be upset? One cannot feel very cheated without first yearning for something.

Indeed, there are certain chronic complaints and objections that ought to be addressed not to the webmaster of this website at all, but rather to the Creator of the Universe. To wit:

Why, oh Lord, must it require more focused  concentration to process more complicated or just voluminous information and ideas? Why, oh Lord, must it require greater effort and dedication even to write fiction very well? Why, oh Lord, is it so difficult to initiate, follow through and bring about world changing initiatives, such as in Entrepreneurship or Grass Roots Politics?

Why, oh Lord, must the paralytic comforts of passive denial and blind persistence (rather than persistent critical inquiry and investigation) so utterly undermine and obstruct all better coping and problem solving?

And so on and so forth...

Suffice that such is reality.  
Or at least such are the Ontological working assumptions of
But if only this simple and sober truth fails to intimidate, then you too, can help!
Or will anyone actually dispute the point?

Any pertinent brainstorming or feedback whatsoever into the various currently embarrassingly dormant forums will be appreciated. Invite others, as well!

Cross-promotion on the forums is heartily encouraged, but first be sure to check the SPAM-FAQ! And to actually exchange best targeted quality links from within this very website, read all about participation in the link strategy!

However, alas, the mortal limitations of the webmaster, exist to compound those of existence itself. To wit:

Firewalls of whatever sort, if any, are entirely your own problem. The MS FrontPage generated spaghetti-code, absolute positioned overlapping image html collage, plus free JAVAscript inserts and worse compounded, kludged and flagrant gimmickry still, of this website, is warranted at all only for browsing with the latest edition of Internet Explorer and any sort of broadband connection, and unlimited unrestricted Online time with access at will.


While it is quite frustrating enough whenever software fails to provide useful and informative error messages, it is absolutely infuriating when human beings refuse to! Therefore:

Please abide by requested coherent site critique feedback parameters including user story format for all trouble reports, including not only for troubleshooting technical problems, but also to point out navigation interface usability issues and especially in the submission of irate prudish content warning demands.

Because, whatever needed particular corrections to this website will first require specific error descriptions and locations.


Anyone who enjoys fiction writing as a hobby is invited to input into the open common fiction writing projects!


Moderation: Minimal terms of civility and sequitur for emailing me and posting to site forums. Because flamers suck!

Terms for assistance/feedback, the exchange of critique, in creative writing and fiction.

Terms for joint authorship in fiction writing.

My own terms for helping to create new custom themed collaborative fiction brainstorming for other sites, workshops or Online communities.


Collaborators are sought for in development and ultimately implementation of a range Entrepreneurial and political proposals. And/or, reciprocally, pitch your own...  

However, terms for collaboration in Entrepreneurship and/or Activism are, as one might reasonably expect, at all more stringent, because, of course, fame, fortune and saving the world, all tend to be somewhat daunting goals, weighty matters and indispensable commitments deserving of sober deliberation.


If you agree to these terms of use, as applicable, then you are permitted and invited to return to the gateways page to make your selections...

Otherwise, responsibility is reciprocally disavowed by the Webmaster.


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