Does this look like a damn kiosk to you? Or are you now accessing the Internet using a more general purpose computer?

The point being that, thankfully, one can still distinguish the one experience from the other, of quickly consulting an automated kiosk in the Mall or out in the streets, from surfing the Web on any more general purpose small computer at one's leisure.

And we must resist any half-baked Orwellian agenda of so called "Usability Movement" radical faction pressure groups to accommodate an emerging truly moronic short attention span by effectively abolishing scroll bars to dumb down the Web into a collection of PowerPoint "slide shows", wherein one page must take up no more than one screen. Is that really what you want?

Because such inane standards only serve for Online shopping, and at that, barring search engine research by any informed consumer prior to purchase.

What we face here is an attack not only upon Computer Literacy, but Literacy at all, on the Web! Will they think to launch such an assault on USENET next?