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Clearly, I have bitten of far more than I can chew, but someone had to try! The intent of this website has been outreach for variously much such that I, the webmaster, yours truly, have, for myself, sought out unsuccessfully and found nowhere else Online at all. Indeed, anything at all similar thereto has proven, one way or another, woefully and wholly unsuitable. Therefore, now FoolQuest.com exists in an effort striving to address just such unique unmet needs, hopefully not utterly my own alone. But alas, response, seemingly even comprehension, has been poor. Can you help?
FoolQuest.com is a prototype Online Community / forum and Virtual (pre-)Incubator, seeking to bring together and recruit various different talent, as cofounders to develop together viable business plans and then prospect for Venture Capital. Cutting edge bold innovation, new venture creation from first concept to completion. Various interrelated unfinished proposals are already showcased as brainstorming points of departure. 

•Affinity in alternative Grass Roots Politics and Activism is also an objective of FoolQuest.com and approached similarly.

Effort and struggle for serious people, towards the goals of fun and profit doing well by doing good.

•Free of charge and with no obligation, FoolQuest.com also includes comprehensive resource hypertexts on collaboration, decision making, creativity and including as an application thereof (just for a trust-building fun hobby) fiction writing (of any genre), complete with ongoing open Online common story projects, plus the Philosophy of Science with application to education.
Intersubjectivity is achievable at all only by rounds of specific conjecture and refutation. Communication of novel ideas and careful salient details depends upon the exacting negotiation of reciprocal incomprehension, fallibility and inevitable misunderstanding, until such incomprehension or misunderstanding is located, identified, referenced, contexted and then bridged and finally resolved.

Creativity, as well, is the process of conjecture, of association, of finding or imagining connections even amid utter random chaos, in experience of external reality or by the process of inner life alike, and then by some means of filtration and choosing amid the results.

Investigation or reality testing, in particular, is the process of elimination via systematic doubt. Again, a process of pattern creation and recognition towards the negotiation of incomprehension, but in partnership with an indifferent universe.

To this end, as sapient social beings, our own meaningful exchange of disagreement is the practice of argument/debate/polemic, serving the purpose of filtration via the attack and defense of competing viable hypotheses in the hurly-burly process of Evolutionary Epistemology towards the survival of fitter ideas in the ongoing advance of better understanding.

Indeed, there will be very little on FoolQuest.com that will not, and of necessity, demand painstaking engagement in the negotiation of reciprocal incomprehension via critical thinking, following the logic and working out context, simply as the minimum real literacy requirement, which must go beyond merely parsing the most basic syntax. And this may be due, more than anything, to my own overreach. 

Because, as always, the challenge of writing anything at all new, and nevertheless to really speak to the reader and hold their attention, includes adequate explanation without belaboring the obvious.

And more, to accomplish all this for all comers, regardless of widely varying individual assumptions and unique prior background knowledge. In short, all things to all people.
And so, anyone who is here to partake in the struggle for communication will not be disappointed. Otherwise, expect to experience, at best, disinterest, indifference, or worse, perhaps even a measure of aggravation and distress. Worse still, without determined and exacting endeavor at lucid exchange, alas, there can be neither remedy nor accommodation.
After all, just such reciprocal persistence as must inevitably become indispensable to successful and substantial communication, is only the beginning of responsibility, reciprocity and problem solving essential to cohesive group formation towards effective and close collaboration undertaking important and unique new venture creation from scratch, which is the goal of FoolQuest.com

Indeed, FoolQuest.com is a showcase for a range of collaborative project proposals, conjecture and ambition ranging from the serious and challengingly difficult Entrepreneurial or grass roots Activist concepts to collaborative fiction writing just as an amusement. Hence, if participation in any at all such appeals to you, then, just perhaps, you may have found your way to the right place online.

Copyright 2004 Aaron Agassi

Much of this website is long and wordy text, grappling as it does, with such complex challenges.
Short attention span Cretins, please consider yourselves duly warned!
No responsibility can be accepted for any manner of anger, confusion and incomprehension in the minds
of those, by free choice and preference, quite simply too impatient for actually reading anything.
                Loss of interest outright is no grave injury, but even a time saver for all concerned