The following details a proposal. No promises or guarantees are expressed or implied. Only assessments and goals. All statements made here in must stand or fall on their own merits, and are presented to aid in the formulation, for each reader, of an opinion of their own, freely expressible. 

In so far as this document expresses objectives that we are committed to, it still, however, represents no binding commitments to anyone else. Any existent or future contracts and guarantees what so ever are simply not dealt with here in, and are or will be a matter for entirely separate documentation.

In so far as this document constitutes a prediction or prognosis, it is our best effort. But this document is not a promise by anyone to anyone else. Only the prospect in and of it self may be deemed promising. Such is hoped. 





Concept for a complete universal Multimedia authorship software package: 

There will be multiple levels of interface: 
First, a special interactive application of Word Processing to programming code which in turn controls all manner of command line software. First, tame the code! Only then, a User Friendly Graphical User Interface over the coding word processor. In that way, the GUI will enable every functionality that the word processor understands about coding. Even for end users who hope never to so much as see a line of damn code! 

No more "featuritis", meaning, libraries of costly applications with redundant overlapping functionality, just to get all the features desired. Only extensive core software, now all integrated.  

Plus, flowcharting and story boarding will record and control every step of every creative process, integrated into Document Sharing. 

Note: There will be recursion, in that features number one and four must support one another. 

1) Interactive capability for editing script and command lines including HTML etc., into a robust word processor as described in feature number four. Such that, not only will the Word Processing features included spellchecker complete with pronunciation sound files, pictorial support (icons to differentiate `pear` from `pair` or even `pare`), but that grammar check, automatic sentences completion, would come into play also for editing code. Because the software would also prompt as an expert system, on the complete range of grammatically acceptable terms, values and expressions at any point in a line or block of code, with all compliance variations, offering explanations, substitutions and downloading updates. Complete
3Cyberpedant4  interactive tutorials and suggestions,
advanced automated Sociometry and brainstorming tools with sophisticated document sharing, all integrated. 

Interactivity will be such that the software sees to it that the user is supported in the range of functionality, and will get properly functional blocks of code, even without programming knowledge. Only beginning by making choices from complete explanatory menus of the the coding languages used.  

Capability will be further supported by a library of scripts and subroutines. 
3Cyberpedant4 will also cover programming style, without teaching any language in specific. Because all such particulars in coding will be automated. 

Thus, complete access to the capabilities and full features of core software and programming languages and scripts can be attained without expertise whatsoever. 

Next will come further levels of graphical user interface to enable every functionality that the word processor "understands" about coding, even for end users who hope never to so much as see a line of damn code! 

2) A flowchart interface as in and including Visual Basic with Computer Telephony,
Unified Messaging integrating
advanced automated Sociometry plus remote control and programming of the Intelligent Home. 

3) A High End graphical user interface for the coding word processor then will function as a GUI for all the functionality thus supported, presenting all the usual intuitive visual interface and
3Cyberpedant4 integrated interactive menus for setting all variables, including, also, a simple interactive test pattern to demonstrate graphic SFX settings and such. 

4) Full integration of all graphics, draw, paint, animation,
fonting, icon crafting and more, full word processing, desktop publishing and webdesign unified in HTML, featuring, nevertheless, extensive full formatting and functionality including font encapsulation and every other convenience and enhancement, all likewise integrated with
advanced automated Sociometry into Unified Messaging complete with file conversion for all popular standard document formats. 

Even support for such novelties as printing with special toner cartridges, for mat versus gloss, silver and even scratch-and-sniff scents. 

Also full coding support as described in feature number one. 

5) Integration of every functionality with animation, integrated and optimized for every format and usage of animation, from HTML with JAVA to real time computer animation games and simulations to fully rendered CGI. 

a) CAD fully integrated with modeling, rendering, simulation and factory grade robotic remote control integrated with Lego Mindstorms demo, or a cheaper clone. 

b) Everything will be integrated and object oriented. And the integration will be charted by the visual mind mapping interface: 

c) Instead of the usual limited and opaque "undo/redo" feature, the software will retain memory of every step and move in the creative process, recreated in detail, even brush stroke and hand writing dynamics, and represent it all on a branching omni-purpose story board integrated with fiction writing, cybercomix, video game and simulation authorship, animation, CGI, non-linear video editing, multi-track sound studio, sampling, synthesizer, Foley, even Nuvation/DigiScents iSmell olfactory commands, integrated into flowchart, Visual Basic and omni-purpose Document Sharing. 

Thus, every drawing, painting, CAD session, etc., will be represented on the omni-purpose story board and played back as an animation! -To be refined and smoothed out, etc. successive iteration, with customizable animation smooth out styles ranging from 'Feminine Script' to 'Raster', 'Laser Show' and 'Spray Paint Graffiti Bomber'. Complete with appropriate Sound FX, optional. 

All changes made returning to an earlier point, as in Document Sharing, would be recorded distinctly, annotated, and would likewise be represented by branching of the omni-purpose story board/flow chart. And different variables could be introduced, to automate changes in repeating a creative process. Rather than struggling to remember every step whenever one wants to redo a process, say, with a different version of the same graphical object or model. Steps done by hand might need to be repeated likewise. But these would all be retrievable and represented intuitively to make such repetition easier and less confusing. 

6) Multiple perspectives facilitating Stereoscopy will also be fully integrated in to modeling and the story board for video editing and animation, TACT* integrated, for the derivation of three dimensional animated imaging from film or video. 

*Tuned-Aperture Computed Tomography is a superior, more flexible and more mathematically efficient system for computer modeling from images of whatever sort from any different angles, initially developed for dental X-rays, but applicable otherwise, for all manner of Media and Simulation, even for unpredictably jittery moving objects as in Electron Microscopy. 

7) Transparent Archive. Click on a file or folder that's not in the computer on in the network, and the computer tells you by name which external media you stored it on, to insert. Or even automates retrieval by a jukebox or similar device, which may be CAD remote control programmed. 

8) Integration to support use of digital camcorder as analog video capture device, webcam and also, on macro, as portable hand held scanner, even assembling the complete image from video tape input, later on, and effective dpi increased by special snap on magnification lenses. 


Proposed product development and marketing stages.


  1. C++ macros of the Basic instruction set for compilation and/or emulation, including the additional instructions for Computer Telephony programming. 
  2. Word processing spell check, grammar and syntax check from right click menu, for use with all other software that takes text or command line input.

These will be handy tools that will become very popular, the latter possibly as a Freeware loss leader into the next stage: 




  1. Adapt and expand word processing spell check, grammar and syntax check capabilities for computer language coding and command line entry, with an expert system and interactive entry of all permissible variables and parameters and extensive help and tutorials fully integrated.
  2. Flowchart software which will also double as GUI for using the C++ Basic instruction set macros as Visual Basic
  3. Automated translation between different computer coding languages. 

"Killer Applications" for any sort of programming or development, and the core software for a proposed Elements of Programming Style curriculum


  1. Compiler integration with emulation and mediation between networking and file transfer protocols.

For cross-platform power.


  1. Add comprehensive support for HTML etc. for Webdesign, word processing, document preparation and desktop publishing.
  2. Include Application shell with code text editing and page preview. 

The Penultimate in Webdesign, to culminate in the pinnacle of comprehensive user friendly power and Media mastery:


  1. Intuitive Graphic User Interface with graphic editing and widgets for all variables and parameters plus Visual Basic.
  2. Support for Digital Artistry, PhotoShop, Animation, Postproduction and Game Authorship, with full sound studio and synthesizer, all integrated. (All currently and extensively available as command line Open Code, but sans the crucial GUI for the rest of us.) 
  3. Visual Basic flow chart upgraded and expanded into advanced branching storyboard interface.
  4. User Support including Alpha Test of advanced automated Sociometry User Groups, 3Cyberpedant4, and on the job Distance Learning curriculum for the proposed turnkey in house Media Content Creation unit franchise prototype



Additional Proposed Services:
  1. Advanced automated Sociometry enabled services to Media.
  2. Barter Syndication.



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