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Concepts for a Personal (pre-)Incubator

Establish life-long customer base for infrastructure services including Entrepreneurial Consultancy, Continuing Education and Logistical Support, all to be integrated with advanced automated Sociometry as well as to the proposed Turn-Key CGI franchise. 
The lone entrepreneur, abandoned to their own devices, is bereft of all manner of support as routinely facilitated by corporate division of labor. As the saying goes: Don't do, delegate! But this may be easier said than done. The answer may be in a concept sometimes called: The inverited corporation. In order to free the small business owner or even lifestyle entrepreneur, to concentrate upon the specialized skill sets and interests unique to their business concept. there is a tremendous market potential for all manner of services to small business, including: Accountancy, managerial consultancy, sales, promotion and more. 
The gap, the underserved needs herein addressed, begin with formal education, conventional schooling.


Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Specialized Top Quality Distribution Requirement Courses  

The problem/gap: 
As a rule, Collegiate Distribution Requirement curriculum is mediocre and of poor quality, and the text books abysmal and exorbitant. But the hapless students are stuck with it for the first two years of Under Graduate studies. It's a Monopolistic racket! 
The solution: 
The damage can be minimized by warning and advising students to enroll in small and obscure Colleges and Universities that actually offer academic excellence and quality teaching, for the first two years of undergraduate studies, and transferring to more prestigious or specialized institutions only as Juniors. 
The opportunity: 
To design and to promote a specialized painless and first rate Collegiate Distribution Requirement curriculum offering few or no electives, electronic syllabus inclusive with registration. Plus Study Advantage.
By product: 
Wider publication and marketing of the electronic syllabus. 
General Marketing to student body. 

Follow up:
Expose students to other unique quality programs, and they may even stay. 


The Study Advantage Curriculum

The concept is of accelerated quality remedial education, for the rest of us, and with no stigma attached!
The concept of the proposed Study Advantage Curriculum is to integrate, as very much applicable, the following, into the other programs specified herein:
Stenography (consisting of functional literacy including, concurrently, keyboard and filing as well as Composition, Grammar, Linguistics and Logic), Library Science (meaning research skills, Online and Offline) and Accounting, (with an emphasis upon spreadsheets and Statistics to tabulate supporting data and make projections).

The course work for the proposed Study Advantage Curriculum is to consist of whatever papers and presentations that are to have all already been assigned to the student in whichever other program that the proposed Study Advantage Curriculum is to supplement, with little or no additional work load. Because such is exactly the kind of attention that can help a mediocre student excel thereafter.
Throughout, students, learning at their own pace, are to help one another review, test and retest on all crucial tangible skill sets acquired, until they are each and all down pat and proficient for every student. The Study Advantage Curriculum is to actually integrate and foster study/user groups, rather than leaving such crucial adjunct to maximizing education to individual student discipline, popularity and chance.

The proposed Study Advantage Curriculum would be well suited both for creative people to gain pertinent technical proficiencies, and for technically oriented people to improve lucid communication. Indeed, most anyone that is strong in one part of such skill sets, often turns out to be weak in the others.
Moreover, given the ongoing decline of High Schools, the proposed Study Advantage Curriculum as conceived, is to also target the market for both open and acknowledged and covert purveyance of what has emerged to become for all intents and purposes: "3 R's"  remedial education, but catering to the well established market preference of full course credits towards graduation and unblemished academic records. Indeed, a Privatized Charter School version may also be marketed.
Additionally, the loathsome traditionally Inductivist Computer Science Distribution Requirement can and must be replaced with an Elements of Programming Style course series coding with a proposed Hierarchical Consolidated Interface software and serving, also, as an introduction to3Cyberpedant4TM Computer Graphics on the job Distance Learning for the proposed Turn-Key CGI franchise. 


Undergraduate Transparent Entrepreneurship Program Personal (pre-)Incubator (proposal)

The current evolution of Management Education increasingly assimilates and incorporates the Entrepreneurial, not merely for it's glamour and appeal, but for it's genuine utility and interest. Nevertheless, Management Education is carefully structured to actually erode and stifle persistence of genuine Entrepreneurship and, as ever, to encourage emphasis upon matriculation into employment Careerism. For it remains easier to pursue mock business plans for a grade. And students are subject to attrition and exhausted from pursuing their dreams (at least just enough more than they are actually in any way encouraged) so that they will then tend to fall back upon struggling to get good grades and graduating to become employed as consultants or else to fail, give up and drop out. And even whatever programs seeking to shuck off the baggage of MBA Academia and Corporate Careerism, instead geared to the real world practices of established Entrepreneurs, remain horrifically obscure to the outsider looking in.
Practical Intelligence is the ability to discover the best fit between oneself and the demands of ones environment, use acquired knowledge, placing problems into real-world context. Practical Intelligence is the common sense or "street smarts" deemed weakest in highly intelligent underachievers, feasibility study in practical application of abstract creativity and analysis, the acumen to suit solutions according to context of the actual requirements of specific problems, and thus confident and even entitled socially skillful negotiation of multiple communal and professional environments in order access the resources necessary to their endeavors. "Purposive adaptation to, shaping of, and selection of real-world environments relevant to one's life" (Sternberg, 1984, p.271)  Not only cognitive abilities but attitudes and emotional factors, consciously or unconsciously, in adaptation to, modification of, or selection and transition between environments in order to meet goals. Sounds a lot like Inductive conformity! Indeed, perceived intelligence and real world performance of the same individual, may vary between cultures, according to Sternberg. The problem, then, is Anthropological, and should be skilled even subversively as applied Anthropology, navigating, utilizing and even hacking the social system.
The Applied Anthropology of Transparent Entrepreneurship should begin in user friendly demystification in cultivation of subversive Practical Intelligence and competence, equipped also with logistical support infrastructure, all in order to help realize the bold visions and aspirations of even hitherto inert creativity and abstract reasoning, creative and analytical intelligence, even by the hitherto uninitiated. And not merely Entrepreneurship as an educational subject, but mentorship within the educational institution as the mere pretext for a complete and viable Entrepreneurial support system for anyone, an environment best adapted to the student customer aspiring Entrepreneur.
True innovation bridges the artificially imposed great divide between the vocational and the academic.
Treat the student as a valued customer/consumer. 
Clearly listed and conveniently provided should be all required course materials, literature, software, etc. 
The Active audit program:
A support system geared to open opportunities to entrepreneurially network and team up with students, even without or before enrolling in the full program oneself.
Preliminaries to Entrepreneurship:
Again, Preparatory and Orientation including the minimal basics of Accounting with Cost Projection and even spread sheet How-To, as needed, are to be part of Study Advantage.
  1. Extensive Brainstorming. Hypothetico Deductive Method. No Inductivismin real ongoing workshops instead of traditional classrooms, affording the luxury of time and attention to better formation of teams and fuller development of business plans, without artificial time pressures.
  2. Entrepreneurial infrastructure. The needed expertise on tap and logistical support for your new business venture start-ups through out, beginning with Study Advantage.
  3. Through out, students, learning at their own pace, will help one another review, test and retest on all crucial tangible skill sets acquired, until they are each and all down pat for every student.
  4. Team up with an engineering student and a law student for your first patent filing, together, by graduation. 
  5. Your own successful Online Storefront or Virtual Business, however marginal, by graduation. (Beginning even by learning, in practice, how to make supplemental income on EBay, etc.)
  6. Complete your own real serious Business Plans, and not just some Mickey Mouse project for a grade
  7. Membership in real Management Teams with other students into Post Graduate phase. 

Post Graduate

  1. Licensing of student patents. 
  2. Brainstorming next round of patents and other proprietary intellectual properties. 
  3. Maintenance and nurture of student Virtual Businesses. 
  4. Further refinement of Business Plans. 
  5. Outreach for further recruitment of experts and professionals onto student Management Teams. 
  6. Begin prospecting for Venture Capital according to the Social Entrepreneurship Model


  1. Establish Consultancy. 
  2. Begin Freelancing. 
  3. Build your resume and enhance your value on the job market, from Entrepreneurial accomplishment.
  4. Sell your successful business.


Tie ins:

1.The Biz Plan Metacontest
Capitalism at it's finest! The idea is to use other people's prize money to drive our own promotions!  An Online Community, data base and resources for interpersonal networking towards new venture formation for entering various contests. The concept is of a continually updated roundup of all available business plan contest information, with tools and forums, to bring aspiring entrepreneurs together to develop and pursue new proposals.
2. Educational marketing of 'Vulcan Master' and other proposed media ventures and properties.
3.On campus field testing of CliqueBusters TM  for maintenance of a bullyproof study environment.

 Study Question:

Who are the Entrepreneurs? Are Entrepreneurs interactive within effective affinity groups, as in the formation of Management Teams and Committees, or, being that Entrepreneurship is a challenge to Autonomy, are Entrepreneurs therefore solitary like writers? Is preparation for Entrepreneurship best facilitated by a rounded and self adequate skill set, or by attention to interpersonal human resources networking?
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