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In so far as this document expresses objectives that we are committed to, it still, however, represents no binding commitments to anyone else. Any existent or future contracts and guarantees what so ever are simply not dealt with here in, and are or will be a matter for entirely separate documentation.

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Services to Media Industry in Marketing distribution, promotion and market-testing:


A serious problem is that Media needs promotion and a market testing methodology to be valuable, and consumers find it difficult to differentiate between websites and find Media Content to match their tastes and interests so that Content Creators can market their works to distributors. Technology for interaction on the frontiers of advanced automated network Sociometry will better enable Media Content creators, distributors, investors, and entertainment-seeking Internet users to exchange value Online, to market-test film, TV, video, and music pilots by releasing them Online. Customers purchasing whatever equity in a venture will become small investors, owning fractional units, by the purchase, in advance, of a finished viewing of the completed work, either by broadband Online, or at screened at a local Venue franchise.

Members will also have Online access to see weekly video coverage of production, interviews, and interact with the Content Creators and Talent. And if a project ever exceeds a certain minimum profit margin, the members, as small investors, will receive dividends. Media ventures may even go public.

Another tie in to further help integrate Marketing and Promotion with Development, will be Online writing communities.

Market testing on the frontiers of automated Sociometry generate data for the analysis market interests and customer preferences. Members will also generated good word of mouth by using advanced automated Sociometry technological tools. The market-selected works will be released online directly to broadband customers, and the traditional rights will be sold or leased to distributors domestically and worldwide for box office, video, and cable/satellite dish/networks. Also merchandising, cross-promotion, product placement and other tie-ins. 

Existing (?) competition:
There is a start-up by the name of FILMTHEM.com that has filed an abstract on venturevortex.com


  • Production and Postproduction services and facilities

  • Hierarchical Consolidated Interface software 

  • Bartering for TV air-time

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