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pilot Online screen writing joint authorship workshop




The following details a proposal. No promises or guarantees are expressed or implied. Only assessments and goals. All statements made here in must stand or fall on their own merits, and are presented to aid in the formulation, for each reader, of an opinion of their own, freely expressible. 

In so far as this document expresses objectives that anyone is committed to, it still, however, represents no binding commitments to anyone else. Any existent or future contracts and guarantees whatsoever are simply not dealt with here in, and are, or must be, a matter for entirely separate documentation.

In so far as this document constitutes a prediction or prognosis, it only constitutes a best effort, but not a promise by anyone to anyone else. 




Q. What is an Online writing community? 

A. An Online writing community is the electronic interaction of different people (some engaged in writing activity and discussion, and other spectators "lurking"), to keep visitors to the sight returning to read and respond to new contributions, story additions, revisions, and modifications, and electronic message bulletin board discussion posts. 


Q. How is future interaction on the frontiers of advanced automated Sociometry, as conceived, proposed to make for distinction of these Online writing communities from all prior offerings? 

A.  Online communities, for writing or anything else, like any other successful immediate social networks, may be best facilitated by personality profiling and matching for compatibility in future interaction on the frontiers of advanced automated Sociometry.  Because, writing communities, like every other human interaction, suffer from interpersonal incompatibility and working at cross-purposes, not to mention entirely differing priorities and tastes. Particular goal and priorities put forth from motivation according to character, even in ostensibly much the same cultural interaction, all typically vary widely from person to person, and often come into conflict on many levels, dramatically.

After all, user satisfaction may very much depend not only upon the ease of use, flexibility, and structure of the website and tools, but also upon human factors, including compatible interactivity partners and good forum moderation.  And compatible interpersonal introductions for any purpose, business or pleasure, activity recommendations and team building is to be all be among the functions of future interaction on the frontiers of advanced automated Sociometry of which online writing communities ,ight serve as an excellent field test, as well as another splendid opportunity for end users to have fun and bond. Reading and writing communities may also subdivide for particular genres, interests and other preferences, which also are to be subject of profiling for optimum customer satisfaction. Genres ranging from Historical Romance and Comedy to Action-Adventure, not to mention Science Fiction and fanfic, as in the demo brainstorming community right here on this website. 


Q. What are the various paradigms for Online communities of joint authorship in fiction writing, their strengths, pitfalls and potential marketing niches? 



Q. If the current open ongoing workshop in beta test (free of charge!) is only the barest partial demo, then how is the proposed webpromotion in it's entirety conceived? 

A. There is to be a story pitch board, an open posting area for brief pitches. It is to be regularly reorganized to group inevitably similar pitches together. It is also to be threaded and icon coded, for comment and development, respectively.

There is to be another open posting area, the proposal board, in which some initial loglines are to be presented for comment and development, and then replaced by website user contributions. Selected "winning" concepts, or aggregates of similar concepts, from the pitch board are to be continually graduated to the proposal board for further comment as new proposals, to replace the old proposals that, as they develop, in turn to graduate to the projects board, amid much fan fare:

The projects board is to be divided into general public posting areas, and password restricted posting areas accessible by invitation only. "Winning" contributors, who have posted significant contribution to develop any of the proposals, is to be invited, by email, to join "writing teams" to complete the proposals as projects, each team and project with their own threaded moderated posting areas. The "writing teams" are to be given the opportunity and support of writing professionals to develop their projects through the stages of screen writing, beginning with the presentation of beat sheets, and then finished scripts, that are to be presented on WebPages.

The most promising treatments, the "winners", are to enter into Preproduction. In other words, the best scripts are to be selected to be promoted as properties to studio Producers and to Venture Capitalists as Indy film ventures. -or simply licensed to film student ventures, if all else fails. 
The radical concept has even been suggested of Online auctions of units in equity to raise Venture Capital! Perhaps via The Penny Stock Arcade TM
"Winning" team members would be afforded equity participation or some opportunity for gainful involvement should anything come of any of this. 
Existing Competition: 
I have striven to improve upon the Sci Fi Channel Dominion's successful promotion, the 'Slide-It-Yourself' contest (based upon their popular 'Sliders' TV show). 
Also enjoy my own high concept contest losing version of our jointly authored 'Sliders' Beat-Sheet


Q. What services to the Media industry that are proposed to advance properties such that ever do find backing? 

A.for the next part of this proposal...


Q. All of these ambitious proposals, of course, are hoped for to the future, with no promises or commitment stated or implied. But, in the mean time, what are your terms for helping me add some sort of fiction brainstorming promotion to my site, workshop or forum? 





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