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The following is  a proposal. Products and services described do not yet exist. No promises or guarantees are expressed or implied. In so far as this document constitutes a prediction or prognosis, it is a best effort


The Penny Stock Arcade TM
Investment as Casino alternative TM
Our motto: "Life is enough of a gamble!" TM



An Internet Virtual Trading Room, offering comprehensive electronic/online trading beginning with simulations and interactive software tutorials plus optional instructor/broker support, without any real money until the End User learns how to profit before investing any real money. Both home and Cyber Cafe versions.

And with the availability, now, of electronic dollar-based investment, for the purchase of stocks and index funds in dollar and cents amounts, rather than only set stock units, an exciting new possibility has arrived:

The possibility of vending even very small stock purchases at any cashier counter, even without prior stock trading accounts at all, by simply printing out a receipt referencing a numbered account created on the spot. In other words, dollar stock investments as an alternative to lottery scratch tickets!

Plus lucrative trademarking!

Online, the user is to be offered a choice of appealing interactive graphics motifs, including a glitzy 'Virtual Vegas' style motif, humorously (or not!), day trading as already described above, pitched as an alternative to self-destructive online gambling.

Other themes are to range from CyberSpacial video game like economic warfare visual metaphors to lavish classic 1930's Robber Baron Corporate Art Deco motifs.

The concept is, not only of an Internet accessible online system for home use, but also a version for installation into the ever more popular online cafes and similar establishments. Plus lucrative trademarking!

And even the packaging of interactive Webcast auctions of equity in new ventures, to the highest Capital bidder! -With optional tie-ins to  The Biz Plan Metacontest as proposed.

Users are to be encouraged to stick with the simulations and tutorials, until showing consistent simulated earnings, rather than losses; because, only when dealing in recommended investments, The Penny Stock ArcadeTM must only profit from a percentage of investor earnings, on the back end. And anything that delays ill considered investment, and instead sustains interest for new investors, in adequate self-education, makes good public relations.

Also, the concept that end users contemplating investment Online, might even be profiled and matched for error covariance and improved judgment as facilitated on the frontiers of automated Sociometry

This can also serve as a lucrative hub for many other products and services, including investment educational software. For example, an interactive home study primer aiding preparation for state stock brokers exams. Becoming a licensed stockbroker would eliminate that tier commissions for the end user, affording an improved profit margin for day trading. -Even if one does not enter the work force as a stockbroker. 

And to motivate such an added software purchase, The Penny Stock ArcadeTM interface is to instantly tabulate and correlate all fees and commissions, real or simulated, and the possible revenue enhancement, all at a mouse click.




Get Involved: Enter the Virtual (pre-)Incubator

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