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The Biz Plan Metacontest is a concept that will appeal to the fascination with innovation and the tantalizing prospect of the realization of bold new ideas by the inception of new business ventures from the ground up. The concept of the Biz Plan Metacontest pitch has been targeted as a Promotional Exchange for Strategic Partnership with Entrepreneur oriented websites and Online publications. 

Just as a metasearch engine poles multiple search engines, the Biz Plan Metacontest, as it is conceived, is to track all known business plan contests, scholastic and private, and provide eligibility requirements, evaluation criteria, time frames, and other crucial information, for real time manipulation and presentation, in some sort of coherent and User Friendly data base, Online. 


In other words, the idea is to make most opportune use of other people's prize money in order to help promote:
 Virtual (pre-)Incubator  
Without a doubt, Capitalism at it's finest! 

The Biz Plan Metacontest, as conceived, will also provide a suite of tools and forums for brainstorming new ideas and to help Management Teams coalesce, organize their proposals, and prospect for Seed Capital. 
In particular, to find new mentorship for emotionally exhausted Management Teams dropped from successive contest rounds in order to keep going and perhaps even to proceed and advance in other contests entirely.
One way another, to cultivate and sustain promising ideas.
The Biz Plan Metacontest  inclusive of extensive optional tie-ins to
The Penny Stock Arcade TM and the Undergraduate Transparent Entrepreneurship Personal (pre-)incubator, is also conceived as a vehicle for the recruitment, promotional, and Capital raising needs of the various interlocking proposals already indexed at the Virtual (pre-)Incubator.
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