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Throughout this website, also offers exciting, unique and varied additional Strategic Partnership opportunities towards Promotional Exchange appropriate to the different content and projects.

The FoolQuest Link Strategy!


How it works!

I do fairly well on the search engines, and without even trying, not by trying to fool or outsmart their algorithms, but simply by giving them what they actually want, content, text, links and images, and updating it all frequently.

"Content is king" as they say nowadays. That, or connectivity. Because, what else is more all important than to draw whatever target audience and keep them returning? And links are only connection to offsite content. The high quality links that not only rise from the clutter but generate qualified traffic are best targeted, those that are most pertinent and best integrated. That truly inform and direct.

If one takes the trouble to browse this site, it may come to one's attention how I am always looking for materials and resources, Offsite, to integrate right into my own hypertexts. Generally, that which I may need but do not find, or not to my own satisfaction, do I then try to produce myself for publication Onsite.

This return to the original concept and creative intent of Hypertext authorship, to bring coherent meaning to the Web, best improves websites, best caters to the websurfer, and, apparently, may even derive the best results in search engine ranking! No kidding.

Because, what search engine companies are working towards are formulae by which to follow some real criteria not only of popularity but of importance and relevance of pages from the way they are referenced by other pages. And to thwart, if not actually penalize, all of that devious and deceptive "search engine voodoo"!

-Indeed, much as websurfers learn to filter out extraneous advertising, unless their interest is first piqued, and to anything somehow relevant, so that whatever link in question can attract positive attention and follow through instead of simply disrupting reader concentration.

And so, in order to get the best links from within the actual text body on my pages, what participants in the Pertinent Hyperlink Strategy are called upon to do is to play the part of a consulting hypertext editor, and advise me what to insert links to on this site, how, where, and why, in order to actually enhance this site. As much or as little as you see fit, just to get started...

And be specific so that I can find both your suggested insertion points in this site, instances of which words to hyperlink as well as the specific pages and tags/bookmarks to link to Offsite! These can be for your own pages and tags/bookmarks or anything else of anyone else's.

For example, the word 'Asteroid' on The Green Pro-Space Agenda would be ideal for linking offsite to an Astronomy page about dangerous near misses with the Earth.

Similarly, other terms still available for hyperlinkage include 'Hydroponics' and 'Aquaculture'.

Or have I perhaps missed any good resources pertinent to the 'sex appeal' entry in my fiction writing guide?

So just head on over to the Beyond SPAM message board to post your request(s)! Or else, if it's private, go ahead and email me...

And then reciprocate, similarly, please. Hyperlink my pages into the text on your site, where and as desirable and enhancing!

Why not start by checking out the FoolQuest Free Webcontent and see what's hot!

In this way, let us hope that both websurfers and webspiders will begin to recognize all of our hard work and all that we have to offer! So that best content can finally rise from the clutter!

Then, to fill in any gaps, we can even collaborate on new expanded content and promotion.

And by engaging in the Pertinent Hyperlink Strategy, one to can earn, as a token of appreciation, the not actually coveted or renowned Hyperaward!

One may also make liberal use of any of the various FoolQuest forums accessible from the different pages, within the guidelines of course. But review the SPAM-faq!

Help "seed" my forums and I might reciprocate!

Pertinent hyperlink exchange and general discussion on cross-promotional strategy on forum, Beyond SPAM.



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All indications are that every one of the following awards was granted each by a single individual to just about every applicant. (Indeed, one that I came across was even quite candid in that regard.) And all with hardly so much bother as even browsing the websites of the applicants. In other words, just a contrivance to barely disguise the real worthlessness of yet more entirely unfiltered link exchange, by any superficial pretense of personal attention. I soon lost interest.