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Copyright Aaron Agassi, 1999 - 2004

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'The War of Agreement' - Conspiracy Spy Thriller
Aaron Agassi, (617) 628-2339
September 26 1999

Farce turns deadly, as an easy going Palestinian from Brookline
Massachusetts, on a bet with an Orthodox Jewish friend, converts to Judaism
in order to emigrate to Israel. -Only to stumble upon the dangerous
discovery that the PLO and the Israeli government have conspired from the
beginning to keep the Middle East in turmoil, as an excuse to each dominate
and exploit their own peoples! And our hero, because of his contrived cover
identity and dual affiliations, is mistaken by both factions as their double agent

'Rogue Earth', Hard Science Fiction
Aaron Agassi, (617) 628-2339
26 September 1999

Orbit catastrophically perturbed by a mysterious gravity transmissions from
deep space, the Earth is slingshotted close to the Sun, and out into a Grand
Tour of the Solar System, in the far future, at the next planetary
alignment, to encounter each planet in turn, now populated by different
PostHuman GELFs and AIs.

'SPACE: 1999', but with drama, science and respect for the intelligence. 

Now moving towards production as of 2010?

'Time Skein', Science Fiction Gothic
Aaron Agassi, (617) 628-2339
26 September 1999

The brooding Lord of Skein Manor, a temperamental TV producer, stalks the
mansion's corridors of time, struggling to change history in order to
retroactively prevent his own secret terminal illness.


'The Castrated Woman', Psychological Thriller
Aaron Agassi, (617) 628-2339
26 September 1999

A starlet on a Sit Com struggles to break loose from her strange and
controlling rich and powerful fiancée and producer, the Lord of Skein Manor,
and his spooky circle of friends, to embark upon a life of sexual adventure.
But instead, she suffers a panic attack and a strange episode of lost time.

A Feminist 'The Prisoner/'The Fugitive/'The X-Files'

'Cheshire Catharine', Comedy Sit Com/Fantasy
Aaron Agassi, (617) 628-2339
26 September 1999

A show within a show about the mistress of a bizarre and temperamental
producer, the Sit Com actress who plays:

A buxom young woman driven to such depths of awkward self consciousness,
that she tends to fade away, except for her gravity defying boobs, floating
in mid air! -which her skinny kid sister then likes to borrow. An
hysterically jealous supervisor at work slyly manipulates both Catharine and
the shy nerdy mail clerk, to keep them from connecting and breaking the

'BEWITCHED' or 'I DREAM OF JENNIE' as done by Ernie Kovacs visits with




Dycote Orion
The Space Nukes for Peace Conspiracy
Aaron Agassi, (617) 628-2339
                         9 September 2000

Comedy Spy Techno-Thriller Mystery Mocumentary

(The protagonist investigates) Indian and Pakistani Peace Activists and double agents conspiring together in an audacious disinformation campaign to spur a commercial space race between their respective nations instead of imminent war, by cultivating suspicion in each government that the other nation's above ground nuclear tests where, in fact, secret R&D for cheap and powerful (but somewhat "dirty") atomic bomb driven Heavy Lift massive launch vehicles intended to achieve Earth orbit, once, with huge payloads, such as entire disassembled space stations, and there after to go into extended service through out the Solar System mining Asteroids and so forth (effectively resuming Project Orion which was abandoned by the United States after the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty).

'The Mouse that Roared/ on the Moon' meets 'The Man who Never Was', 'Kim', 'City of Hope' and 'Star Cops', sort of.


Aaron Agassi, (617) 628-2339
24 November 2000

A disillusioned time traveling political intern discovers that politicians are only interested in fore knowledge of elections and appropriations, but refuse to rethink policy, no matter what the foreseeable consequences. And so (s)he quits the internship in disgust to begin a career as a cynical time traveling lobbyist for hire, but is quickly drawn into a pathetic pro bono cause.


Phases of an Alien Moon
Aaron Agassi, (617) 628-2339 
23 August 2001

"very interesting history of the prejudices in aviation against women - which doubtless were inherited by NASA. There was a series of accidents in the 1920's involving menstruating women pilots - things like the wings of the plane coming off."  

-Footnote to interview with Constance Penley 

Yes, the curse of menstruation has always attracted killer Gremlins! And, what's more, that's also what actually happened to Challenger. But watch out, Alien BEMs! Ripley's gone PMS...


The Life and Times of Johann Konrad Dippel
Aaron Agassi, (617) 628-2339 
                         29 January 2002

The exploits of the notorious real life Alchemist and grave robber who's legend may well have inspired Marry Shelly.



'Buckaroo Banzai and the Isolinguals'. 
Aaron Agassi, (617) 628-2339 
15 April 2002
Tongue-in-cheek Science Fiction Adventure

L. Sprague de Camp's first published work: 'Isolinguals', Astounding, September 1937 later anthologized by Damon Knight in FIRST FLIGHT : MAIDEN VOYAGES IN SPACE AND TIME. Lancer, PB, in 1963, would be ideal for adaptation into a Buckaroo Banzai Adventure, 'Buckaroo Banzai and the Isolinguals'.

Buckaroo Banzai, of course, is a latter day pulp fiction crime fighter and super scientist who was played by Peter Weller.

Chaos reigns as, one by one, the population of the city revert to identities from ancestral memory. The Isolinguals of the title are different confused roving gangs made up of anachronistic identities each speaking ancient language similar enough to at all communicate. Can Buckaroo Banzai and his friends figure out what is happening and respond in time to save the day?



Stoning the Houri
Aaron Agassi, (617) 628-2339 
26 April 2002

A devout Muslim woman runs away to a Pacific island and goes native! So her Western educated but Muslim Fundamentalist [son/brother/husband] must honor-kill her. But he has a dream about fanatical Mujahedin in Paradise, who cannot understand that they are dead, and start stoning the Houri!



Word of the Prophetess
Aaron Agassi, (617) 628-2339 
6 May 2002
A desperate female Muslim fugitive is declared Prophetess (with four husbands and all!) by an opportunistic publicist who has given her asylum, garnering for her a fatwa, media attention and all the protection and all of the commotion of a high profile.



Proctors of Janat
Aaron Agassi, (617) 628-2339
6 May 2002

An easy going and hither to generally unnoticed Polynesian island community finds itself under the jurisdiction of a fanatical Fundamentalist Islamic nation.



'Commandments of Time' - Bible Epic/Science Fiction
Aaron Agassi, (617) 628-2339
From a suggestion by Dr. Peter Choras
                         August 10 2003

Was God a time traveler? And did He intervene in history? Moses, like unto Sisyphus, climbs the mountain again and again, bringing down variant Tablets of the Law and smashing them again in frustration. For at the foot of the mountain, he is always greeted by generations of his descendants, relating to their revered Patriarch what has/will come to pass from each variant set of commandments in turn.
With his last breath, Moses hands down the final Tablets of the Law fit for the true liberation from bondage, of justice, clarity and flexibility, sanguine that by God's will he has finally gotten it right. But then the High Priests rejecting it all as too complicated and unsuitable for keeping much needed order, instead just dash off a quick rewrite of the Code of Hammurabi, the familiar commandments we know. And the rest, sadly, is history.


Aaron Agassi, (617) 628-2339
March 19 2004
Political Satire/ reality TV/ campaign proposal, truth-in-jest
Styling himself after Robin Hood, an enterprising publicist and his Merry Men create a sensation by setting out to illegally improve the completely inadequate, confusing and poorly visible street signage for the hopelessly convoluted street system of Boston Massachusetts, even going so far as to optimize the hitherto poorly synchronized streetlight timing! Announcing his next strike, our hero successfully orchestrates the public announcement of his candidacy for the office of Traffic Commissioner while being led away in handcuffs before the media, and then wins by a landslide!


'Working Relationship'
Aaron Agassi, (617) 628-2339
December 06 2004
A cheap detective has enslaved his mortal enemy, a vengeful and blood thirsty vampire and genius mathematician, by cunning exploitation of an obscure weakness cursing all vampires, the irresistible obsessive compulsion to solve puzzles of every kind. And the vexing conundrum in question is the massive raft of statistical anomalies of the election fraud and intimidation that the detective has been hired to investigate. But once the case is solved...


'Molest Me Now, Scumbag!'
Aaron Agassi, (617) 628-2339
July 25 2008
Oddball Short Comedy / Social Commentary
A demented cartoonish Shirley Temple lookalike relentlessly and aggressively attempts to seduce a timid, haunted and terrified recovering paroled child molester fleeing from her, stumbling over his own feet and screaming hysterically!



Documentaries and game shows


'Vulcan Master'
Aaron Agassi, (617) 628-2339 
29 January 2002
Game show:
Spot common logical falsities, follow premise to logical conclusion, win real life arguments, parry leading questions under pressure.
"Is your Logic commanding? Are you a true Vulcan Master?"
A proposal for a flashy 'Star Trek' parodying TV game show that will challenge reasoning skills rather than rote memory ability. 


Aaron Agassi, (617) 628-2339 
29 January 2002
Reality TV Video verité and/or fictionalized movie, marketing spin-off from a proposed anti-bullying initiative. The problem of bullying in just about every social context is finally beginning to emerge as a viable video journalistic theme. Yet only CliqueBusters is a concept for intervention!
Real life 'REVENGE of the NERDS' / 'HEATHERS'? Can it be done? 


Ploutos Illumined
Aaron Agassi, (617) 628-2339 
21 July 2015

Celebrating and luxuriating on a yacht and finding themselves lured into extraordinary rendition at sea, the arrogant Wall Street tycoons, unpunished architects of the global financial crisis, are finally brought to trial for acts of economic terror in an international tribunal convened in Greece.


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