Time Travel and ideology have made for a bad mix!


By Aaron Agassi
With convincingly realistic Paranoid raving hostility courtesy of Tony Teulan

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"And then I asked myself: If you could, Herr Doctor Freud, would you really alter personal history for the betterment of each patient? Indeed, I realized, surely, that would be a remarkable tangible realization of all that Psychoanalysis has only accomplished symbolically. And, conversely, though as many as there are who have regrets in the past, I warrant that there may be as many others who at some point in their lives yearn just as much to see what will follow them, in the future, from the seeds they have sown." 

-Sigmund Freud


"The fateful question for the human species seems to me to be whether and to what extent their cultural development will succeed in mastering the disturbance of their very manifest collective memory and identity by the human instinct of aggression and self-destruction. It may be that in this respect precisely the mastery of time deserves a special interest. Men have gained control over the forces of causality to such an extent that with their help they would have no difficulty in retroactively exterminating one another to the last pre-human. They know this, and hence comes a large part of their current unrest, their unhappiness and their mood of anxiety. And now it is to be expected that the other one of the two ‘Heavenly Powers,’ eternal Eros, will make an effort to assert himself in the struggle with his equally immortal adversary. But who can foresee with what success and with what result?"

-Karl Marx


Marx is radical in his sociology and conservative in his social psychology. Freud is radical in his social psychology and conservative in his sociology. Each attempts to discover not only explanations for human suffering but practices for reducing it. It is surely the action implications of their systems (revolutionary retro-political movements for Marx; Psychoanalytic Temporal Regression Therapy for Freud) as much as their content that bother their detractors and nearly anyone new to them. And for good reason. With whatever errors and limits, if Marx is right concerning the structure of domination in societies, and if Freud is right about dynamics of internal and external oppression, then the mutable history of society as we know it is not merely where suffering happens, it is in complex ways its multifaceted context and variable cause.

Source: http://www.brandeis.edu/departments/sociology/Syllabi/Soc141aSyllabus-Spring2003.pdf


Edward L. Bernays, nicknamed the Father of Spin, was the creator of modern propaganda. Bernays was Sigmund Freud's nephew, and applied Freud's work to the art of mass persuasion by blending advertising techniques with an understanding of human psychology. Bernays worked for the Committee on Public Information, otherwise known as the CPI. This government agency was created by President Woodrow Wilson in 1917 for the purpose of mustering public support for the Great World War.

The original propaganda campaign had three rules:

1. Stress emotion over logic,

2. Demonize the enemy, and

3. Promise a war that will make the world safe for democracy.



Currently, all three major time traveling factions, the House Committee on Untimely Affairs, the Commintemp and the Vienna Circle, each operating within parallel legitimate legal authorities in each their own timelines, demonizes the others as aberrant historical holdovers while touting themselves as the glorious embodiment of Revolutionary consciousness and power, and promising a safe and rosy future from out of retroactive ideological conflict.

Indeed, propaganda has actually been so compelling that adherents to any one ideology are so often shocked with incomprehension to realize that the other factions operate in parallel societies with nearly identical views of one another as mustache twirling villains bent on ultimate destruction and oppression!

The danger in this simplistic tendency is of reducing the enemy to cardboard characters, rather than delving any deeper into the more interesting and compelling motivations behind conflict, essential to growth and real progress.



At the height of Retro Scare hysteria and realtempolitik, the House Committee on Untimely Affairs earned notoriety for the retroactive destruction of the lives of so many accused "pre-sympathizers", allegedly destined to support enemy conspiracies against established history.


Here Richard M. Nixon rails against a hapless refugee from an alternate reality who finds himself accused of future abetting of the enemy such that he has probably yet to even form the intention. Although it's becomes increasingly easy see why the hapless and terrified time-orphan might well come to yearn to help in any way the the creation, or from his own point of view, the restoration, of the reality from which he hails.

The Communist Intertemporial and the Vienna Circle exist throughout time for the destruction of Time's very stability. Their insurgent operations are not localized to one given era. I am sure there will be those who will tell stories from their own point of view and we will welcome them... Democracy after all stands history in good stead. But I caution all of you on this august committee that this sympathizer is a menace. Let me make one thing perfectly clear. He has turned to exploitation of the very thing that holds us together:
Tradition - both in the literal sense of connection to our roots in the past, and in the customs and affiliation by which we abide together and find meaning. What good can happen from doing acts such as attempting to murder Winston Churchill and giving Hitler modern weapons?
Winston who? And what would the Vienna Circle ever want with weapons?

These are just two of the acts we have evidence of them planning.

Son, I caution you very sincerely: Do your patriotic duty. Give us names and dates, or face banishment. No matter where you seek to flee to in Time, we WILL find you and you'll be sentenced to immediate termination - or banishment millions of years BC. I'm sure you would not like to be a dinosaur's lunch.

Besides, we could do with more talented propaganda pushers like yourself.



Here in another extract from the minutes, Senator Joseph McCarthy himself is browbeating a CIA analyst who has not shown the proper zeal in providing the interpretations preferred for supporting Administration policy:

CIA analyst:
Just as you yourself predicted from the get-go, Senator, America and our allies taking the hard-line position in commitment to preservation of every semblance of historical events, even after such a dramatic alteration as the revelation of time travel, necessary as that was in combating the threat of temporal insurgency, has inspired festering resentment and burning hatred in response to their primary mission, effectively to preserve intact, not only our great advances as is, but all the suffering and tragedy of the Twentieth Century as well.
We stand much maligned for supposedly stressing Conservative emotion over logic. You want to be logical? The Vienna Circle and the Communist Intertemporal's missions are to disrupt the very fabric of space-time itself. You play around with that too much, universe goes BOOM. Simple.

Nor do we demonize the enemy, the Commintemp blatantly demonizes itself, a moderneseque bunch of Genghis Khans despite any claims to any harmless easy going Liberal attitude.

CIA analyst:
The goals of the Vienna Circle are distinct from those of the Comintemp, Sir. The Vienna Circle temporal agenda originates in correspondences of Albert Einstein, raising awareness of time travel and it's implications among the Freudians.

The Vienna Circle, to their own minds badly misunderstood, earned a reputation as a band of time-assassins by their exacting meddling in personal history, both for purposes of therapy, and in the conduct of experimental research. Because, individual destiny, even life or death, will often hinge upon the collimating events that Psychoanalytic Temporal Regression Therapy intervention does seek to modify, retroactively, following the model of Dr. Sigmund Freud, who now helps his patients to truly relive and to change their traumatic pasts!

However, as "Fellow Time Travelers", many of Freud's patients associate with the Comintemp in dedication their lives to averting historical tragedy, including one Adolph Hitler who's work with Freud and the Vienna Circle in raising public consciousness and breaking the widespread denial regarding child abuse aims at the retroactive prevention of so much bottled rage from erupting into a second world war.

Certainly, the Commintemp at least has scientific principles still in mind - however it butchers scientific ideals to its own twisted version of Utopia -- where parallel timelines diverge to create chaos. I don't think that anyone here would argue with me on this.
CIA analyst:
Yes, the Commintemp itself are Marxist inspired retro-Revolutionaries, with an agenda of Historicism, class struggle emerging through the ages, to retroactively improve society as a whole according to that vision and at any cost.
Diligence, not aggression. Temporal terror can not and WILL NOT stand. That is when the enemy wins, when people can't go about their daily lives without feeling their very existence is under threat. We saw, or will, see this in New York City on September 11 2001, and thanks to the numerous temporal interventions already carried out, we cannot even choose to prevent this as this would add too great an additional domino ripple. Yes, this was partly due to America failing to satisfactorily resolve several cascading sequences of events in time (if you pardon the double entendre), but it was primarily due to the naked AGGRESSION on those who would stand to rip history and future history apart.
CIA analyst:
Theoretical Temporology is not my field, Sir.
Whatever are jawin' about "theoretical", Son? We all know that domino ripple effect dangers are a proved and accepted Scientific fact!
CIA analyst:
To be honest Sir, on my off hours I am still reviewing the published sources to make sense of all this "domino ripple" stuff. As I understand it, both Einstein and Heisenberg thought it was sheer nonsense! Can you help me here?
Let it not be misconstrued: America -will- detect any individual or organization that poses a threat and we will prevail. That is our sworn and solemn duty. It is up to each Patriotic individual whether or not you are part of victory of what is right or join the enemy in defeat.


Copyright Aaron Agassi 2003 - 2005

'Commandments of Time' - and other time travel loglines...



And he Housed a Built-up Crook...

A crooked 1940s Hard Boiled PI must investigate after being drawn into an ill advised caper by his Mob connected former army commander using stolen technology if not forbidden magic that he has acquired, a crime involving time travel to the Old West that goes wrong, leaving the army veteran mobster himself dead in the past, and, ironically, somehow altering the PIs own personal history and character, making him upright and honest and therefore a target of Mob assassination upon returning to his own present, his upstanding alternate self having just been freshly whacked!
Indeed, the Mob is baffled and astonished at the seeming return from death, of their crusading nemesis, and determined to get the job done properly! 

The pivotal clue arising is how the dead man, the PI's mobster army buddy, who originally had been instrumental in drawing them all into lives of crime in the first place, had somehow been drawn into the time travel crime from five years earlier than the others. So that is why his death has changed everything.

The PI learns of the treachery of the other participants in the crime, his closest friends from childhood, damaged Lesbians embroiled in an explosive dysfunctional relationship. For upon the advice of their therapist Dr. Sigmund Freud, they had resolved to change their own personal history as means of radical psychotherapy for their relationship. But what they had withheld even from Freud, where certain details of their plan: Tasked to recruit others for the job, they enlisted an earlier version of the PI's mobster army buddy from five years earlier, and then arranged his "accidental" death in the course of pulling of the the crime otherwise according to plan in the Old West, and taking his share of the loot.

In the end, however, having successfully retro-transformed themselves into functional and decent people, indeed loyal and true friends to the PI, they end up sacrificing their own lives to save him from another assassination attempt!


Copyright Aaron Agassi 2009






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