Executive Summary


This is only an introduction. Further details, including technical specifications and cost projections, will be forth coming as requested. Structure and control of the deal, which is in the works, will also be customized to the needs of the strategic partners. 

This is a proposal. No agreements are as yet finalized, and no promises or guarantees are expressed or implied as of yet. 

The opportunity and strategy comes by way of a revolution in computer technology in Graphics and Animation. This technology offers unprecedented performance, productivity, and ease of use and learning curve, all with less labor and maintenance, for the independent Digital Artist to become attractively competitive in the creation of truly High-End Media Content.

Also see: Services to Media.

The concept is to market a fully supported turnkey in house Digital Media Content Creation Unit, complete with equipment lease, an Hierarchical Consolidated Interface software package, support, on the job training with 3Cyberpedant4 cutting edge Distance Learning, fully accredited and complete with student loans and Human Resource on an equity basis. The typical operating budget will be approximately half a Mil, over five years, including a $300,000.00 equipment lease through that term. The purpose of the output (the High-End Digital Media Content) will be dissemination in the form of flashy TV commercials, WebPages, print, FAX, emailable electronic brochures. Etc.

The target market is comprised of new and expanding ventures, each raising from 3 to 8 Mil, that can benefit from such a cost-effective Media edge, as a resource first in raising capital, and then in marketing. Optionally, to be even more thrifty, several such ventures can even share a single such facility, together as a co-op. This may even be arranged for them.

Stock brokerages, private placement consultantships, Investor Relations and Capital raising companies will be approached to offer added value by forming consortiums with their start-up and expanding clients for this purpose.

Public Relations firms currently reliant upon out sourcing for Media Content Creation, are also to be approached with the opportunity to join with other strategic partners in backing the pilot program, and to serve as franchise marketer there after. Such a Public Relations firm would immediately benefit from an in house Digital Media Content Creation Unit. But, most importantly, they would be the ones marketing the franchises which will essentially be duplicate fully supported turnkey Digital Media Content Creation Units, in turn, to their clients. The Public Relations firm would bring clients in the front door, simply by marketing their established Public Relations services, just as they already do. Then the Public Relations firm would also be able to provide for the client's Media Content Creation needs, as well, in house; with no more need of going out source anymore. Finally, clients would be availed of the opportunity to acquire their own fully supported turnkey in house Digital Media Content Creation Unit, as a franchise.

The advantages of such an arrangement are numerous, and include cost effectiveness, capital raising and marketing advantage, the ease of lease capitalization for the Hardware and Software, and the compelling motivation of equity participation (constituting another increment of capital) to focus the labor of the Digital Artists.

Indeed, one marketing strategy will be the offer of partial capital (in the form of the lease plus sweat equity), and help in raising further capital and marketing (because that is what the flashy commercials etc. will accomplish). The prospectus of each new or expanding venture will be examined. They will then be contacted with an offer to negotiate capital (as stated), but for a specific use (acquisition of what we offer). That specific use, as we will explain it, will be to rectify either of two possible flaws, which we will have most fortuitously discovered in their financial projections:

Often in new and expanding ventures, promotion and advertising is disastrously under funded, not only for raising capital, initially, but also in marketing there after. On the other hand, even if such is adequately provided for, then they are simply wasting money for mediocre results by not making the transition to a better and more advantageous business model for Media Content acquisition.



"We don't make profit for you. But our franchises cost effectively make your other investments safer and more profitable."



The vision for future expansion consists of duplicating this deal multiple times, as already explained. The Management Team for the prototypic pilot program, along with all of our suppliers and support services, will redeploy as franchise support, in this prescheduled shift in venture architecture. It is hoped that this opportunity will make a selling point for good terms from suppliers and support services, from inception, just as is also hoped that the success of the pilot program will later serve to enhance demand for the franchises.

Eventually, as business grows and output requirements expand, the Public Relations firm will farm out Content Creation to the franchises, to meet the need without the liability or expense of endlessly expanding what will have begun as the pilot program. The Digital Artists of each franchise will be permitted to take such assignments on the side on a freelance basis, for a source of supplemental living income while their sweat equity matures. The established franchises would also support and assist in the transition, as the Digital Artists in training of new franchises complete their orientation, and come up to speed.


As an added spin-off, down the line, the pilot program with expand production to also create and give away a TV series to TV stations, across the nation and around the world, with our own (our strategic partners') commercials preinserted, already edited in. Each TV station will profit by inserting paying advertisements of their own, into the blank spots provided. In return, we get free airtime for our client-backer's TV commercials, already edited in.

This procedure, like the other facets of the operation of the pilot program, will be duplicated in the support structure of the franchise. Our distribution channels for our first TV show, once established, will be redeployable for each franchisee to follow suite, to distribute new TV shows of their own.



This concludes this executive summary. Thank you kindly for your time, trouble, and attention. Further elaboration and detailed case study follows, for those who want it. Strictly optional.

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