The following is  a proposal. No promises or guarantees are expressed or implied. Only assessments and goals. All statements made here in must stand or fall on their own merits, and are presented to aid in the formulation, for each reader, of an opinion of their own, freely expressible. 

In so far as this document expresses objectives that we are committed to, it still, however, represents no binding commitments to anyone else. Any existent or future contracts and guarantees what so ever are simply not dealt with here in, and are or will be a matter for entirely separate documentation.

In so far as this document constitutes a prediction or prognosis, it is our best effort. But this document is not a promise by anyone to anyone else. Only the prospect in and of it self may be deemed promising. Such is hoped. 



Case Study


The pilot program:

To reiterate the executive summary, this will be a pilot program for a franchise. But let us return to that, momentarily. In the first phase, the pilot program, the goal will be to recruit strategic partners, backers who will also become clients. The consortium of strategic partners will include a Public Relations firm, as already described and explained in the Executive Summary. The others may even be start-up or expanding clients (Initial Public Offerings, or private placements). Together they will be prevailed upon to pool their resources and buy me a $300,000.00 Super Computer, to share the benefit from a shared in house High-End Digital Media Content Creation Unit. This technological resource will equip me to crank out flashy High-End computer animated TV commercials for them. Also, whatever other type of Media Content they might ever need, including graphics, layouts, brochures (traditional hard copy, print, FAXable on demand, or clever emailable interactive brochures). These will be dispensed from telephonic voice menus, online from WebPages, and on CD-ROM. The WebPages and CD-ROMís will come complete with video games, VR worlds. As a byproduct, CAD designs, clothing patterns and such will open merchandising opportunities. All such labor will be remunerated by equity in their ventures, including IPOs (a mixture of reserved and common stock, going public), warrants, and futures.

The terms to be offered must be advantageous to new and expanding ventures, as well as their backer financial institutions. The concept would make a good deal. Estimated cost is only $300,000.00 over a five year lease purchase for the needed equipment, including a Super Computer; plus an estimated $2,500 per month in operational expenses. In addition, personal support and benefits must be negotiated.

And the strategic partners of the consortium will easily qualify for the credit to make the lease purchase. So they won't even need to work hard or spend much time raising the extra capital for the purchase. And labor is to come in exchange for equity in the aforementioned ventures of the consortium of strategic partners. Thus, the digital artist(s) would be properly motivated. And this will also help to conserve precious start-up or expansion capital. And the proposed service is to be comprehensive. To crank out whatever is needed, from conception to completion. 

After cutting our teeth on advertisements, the primary output, the concept is to move onward onward to barter-syndicated TV specials and series. 

By contrast, the disgruntled predatory technical consultants hired on a piece by piece basis are motivated to do less, and squeeze out ever more fees; and not to do the best for the client, at all. While supporting expertise must be recruited onto the management team, it is crucial that labor is never over qualified, because that may be costly in ways that are obvious and worse ways that are not.

Perhaps the most important benefit of doing things this way, instead, will be in prearranging so completely, for such an important aspect of marketing, as attention getting Media Content for promotion and clear communication; a vital consideration that often comes under funded and too late. Too many great ideas, even under excellent management, die from under exposure, Vs the majors. This foresightful arrangement is concieved to help to prevent such an alarmingly common dismal fate.

And, as already mentioned, this is to be a pilot program, to be repeatedly duplicated as a lucrative franchise, at other venture finance institutions, with their IPO clients. The concept is, that having organized it once, for ourselves, we will be ready to do it again, for others.


Franchise it!


"We don't make profit for you. But our franchises cost effectively make your other investments safer and more profitable."

Yes, the proposed endeavor is also to be a pilot program for a franchise. If it can be done once, it can be repeated. The franchise will be marketed through out the financial world, to stock brokerages and private placement consultantships, to form consortiums with their start-up and expanding clients to share similar facilities. Larger business concerns might also be interested in acquiring fully staffed in house turn key facilities, that are lean, efficient, and productive. And for human resource, they will only need someone creatively inclined and computer literate.

The pilot project will also be seminal to the support structure for the entire franchise network, including technical support and on the job training. The expert support, already on the management team from the pilot program, after gaining the experience from working out the bugs, will come to serve as the support backbone for the franchise.


Marketing Strategy:

This marketing campaign will be refined by the Financial Institutions involved working together with the Public Relations firm vending the franchises. It will be implemented after initial market penetration by the Public Relations firm, as described in the Executive Summary.

The marketing campaign will be centered upon an offer of partial Capital (in the form of the equipment lease plus Digital Artist sweat equity), and help in raising further Capital, and in Marketing as well (because that is what the flashy commercials etc. will accomplish). The prospectus of each new or expanding venture targeted will be examined. They will then be contacted with an offer to negotiate capital (as stated), but for a specific use (acquisition of what we offer). That specific use, as we will explain it, will be to rectify either of two possible flaws, which will have been most fortuitously discovered in their financial projections:

Often in new and expanding ventures, promotion and advertising is badly under funded, not only for raising capital, initially, but also in marketing there after. On the other hand, if it is adequately provided for, then they are simply wasting money for mediocre results by not using our better way of creating Media content.

First, Private Placement consultants, IPO Stock Brokers, and Investor Relations firms will be approached. They will be solicited for prospectuses of their clients, new and expanding ventures seeking capital.

The concept is that we will present ourselves as Venture Capitalists interested in facilitating a substantial investment, the first of many, but only provided that we can specify how it will be used. It will be explained that this is because while promise in the venture is seen, expert analysis has also uncovered a deadly flaw that must first be rectified. The message will close by offering to go into further detail, if they are interested. Upon response, the Public Relations firm will then follow up with an analysis, and our offer:

The analysis will reveal that promotion and advertising is disastrously under funded, not only for raising Capital, initially, but also in Marketing there after. Or else, if promotion and advertising is adequately provided for, then the analysis will reveal that the venture is simply wasting money for mediocre results by not using our better way of acquiring Media Content. In that case, a demonstration of how the savings and improvement of doing it our way will enhance the bottom line, and that they cannot afford to pass by this offer, will follow.

Either way, then the pitch, as conceived, is to conclude with our offer of our solution, and Capital in the form of the lease for equipment plus the labor of a Digital Artist on an equity basis. We will offer both sole usage and Co-op options. Private Placement consultants, IPO Stock Brokers, and Investor Relations firms will see the attraction of sharing a Cutting-Edge High-End State of the Art Promotional Media Content Creation Unit together with their new and expanding clients, strengthening their own capabilities, and also offering an added value to their clients.

To a variety of companies, the appeal can be to offer confidence and expertise in the face of an uncertain new frontier. But the High Tech firms will be a harder sell, because they will invariably already be doing their own promotional Computer Graphics and Animation on the side. So why will they ever need us? The answer is, first of all, that what we are to offer is to be continuous with their current Digital Media Content Creation method, and only the logical evolution of what they are already doing, indeed, indispensable for their growing company.

In order sell to such companies, Marketing must work closely with Technical Support, in order to be useful and credible.


To whom has this proposal been directed?

This proposal has been directed towards Stock Brokerages, Private placement Consultantships, Venture Relations, and the start-up or expanding business ventures for which they find capital. And some have expressed interest.

To reach start-up or expanding business ventures, where better to turn, than Stock Brokerages and Private Placement Consultantships? This proposal will not only be useful to stock brokerages and Private Placement Consultantships, but also avail the Stock Brokerages or Private Placement Consultantships of an added value to even better serve their start-up or expanding clients.

And, additionally, since it is expected that one of the strategic partners in a consortium sharing a franchised in house Digital Media Content Creation Unit may well be the Stock Brokerage or Private Placement Consultantship raising capital for the others, as further enticement, The Penny Stock ArcadeTM is conceived as a related joint project. 


Why is any of this important?

This proposal is offered to provide a needed service for start-up and expanding businesses, which is often badly under funded; much to the detriment of these start-up or expanding businesses. And I propose to offer it under terms that will prove irresistible.

What I propose, in the simplest of terms, is a barter of the finished product and service, as needed, in return for capital expenses. These payments will come in easy staggered payments. The Capital outlay will go toward the acquisition of the means of production, and the expenses of ongoing operation.

This will be a product and service that will increase profit. It will also be offered under terms that will reduce expenses.


Buy now. Pay later:

Except for the needed capital, in staggered payments, for operational expenses such as the lease purchase payments; I am willing to barter primarily for remuneration in equity; and there by participate in profit, down the road. In lei of straight wages, I will accept equity in the ventures, strategic partners, for whom I will provide. And these ventures will also form a consortium to share the burden of said operational expenses, further reducing the impact upon any single member venture in the consortium.



The down payment on a lease purchase is typically double the monthly payment. A lease purchase is not merely an expense. It's quick finance based on good credit, without all the work of raising Venture Capital. In addition, office expenses and such must be budgeted. Technical details and cost breakdowns will be made available upon request.

The cost for the essential computer system itself is estimated at $300,000.00 over a five-year lease purchase. To expand the labor force, the price tag of additional Work Stations, connected locally or remotely, is deeply slashed; given the purchase of a Super Computer. Additionally, a budget must be made for operations, office supplies, removable media, rent, utilities, insurance, and so on. This is estimated at $2,500.00 per month, conservatively. Living expenses and benefits must also be negotiated, for full time labor. Given a home office situation, further economy, enhanced efficiency, and productivity can all be achieved.


And, why is any of this so crucial?
Why can't one do well enough, without?

All of this is most relevant to any marketing intensive endeavor, such as a new soft drink or record label, competing for attention against the majors. It might seem less so, for strictly business to business goods and services, such as the supplier of Helium to a major automobile manufacturer, or the fishing fleet that unloads it's catch directly to a major restaurant chain. But this may be deceptive. Even if the goods or services are not marketed directly to the public, stock offerings or private placements for start-up or expansion, generally are. Hence, all the more vital need for attention getting promotional Content, and clear communication.

The typical start-up or business expansion needs to squeeze out one hundred and thirty five percent of the value of every dollar of capital they can lay their hands on. Budgets must be made, and priorities set. Manufacturing any goods or rendering what ever services must come first, in order to even have anything to market. And Advertising is subsidiary to marketing. And Content is only one expense of Advertising. It is frighteningly clear where this leads. Many a new or expanding venture sinks without a trace, for want of attention; no matter how good their product, service, or management. Promotion, especially Content, is under budgeted, inadequate, and comes too late.

But it does not have to be this way. One advantage of this proposal, will be in getting all the very best of what ever varied Media Content needed, comprehensively, fully finished, rather than just making do with what one can afford, half finished, and over budget. The other advantage will be in still shelling out a lot less for expenses, in the mean time, since remuneration will be in equity. This immediately increases the remaining margin of cash for the other vital expenses of Advertising and Marketing, aside from actual Media Content.


"Caveat Emptor" - Buyer Beware!

How and why this is the smarter and safer way to do business:

There will only be minimal cash out lay needed for operational expenses. And even most of this will be staggered, in monthly bills and lease purchase payments.

Capital is required to establish the facility and maintain operation. And, in order to get it, I am willing to make the commitment of profit sharing in the ventures we service, rather than just billing by the hour, open endedly, for open ended projects, as is customary among computer consulting professionals.

Make no mistake:

That's what the other technical consultants will do to you, unless they are participating in profit, as I offer to do. They expect abuse, and then take their own back. The less capable they are, the more they will put on airs and charge you for the time to educate themselves, by screwing it up for the client. Then they often go into business, for themselves, in direct competition with their former employer employers. They tend to be over worked, over paid, and arrogant beyond belief! -Unless they only profit, as does the client. If one is too stingy to offer, or too stupid to insist upon, profit sharing, or they're too shiftless and disgruntled to accept it, then expect the worst.

Tired of being left high and dry, the job half-finished, and the result half-baked? Imagine, instead, your own comprehensive full service bureau for dazing computer animated promotional and instructional video and multimedia presentations, from conception to completion, plus accompanying Advertising lay outs and press releases, emailable or color FAXable brochures, audio production for radio advertisements, and WebPages, complete with games and links into astonishing Virtual Reality worlds, to visit on line, and much, much, more! 


No one else offers these services on these terms!

These high-end systems are both powerful and intuitively User Friendly and a joy to use if one can only get access. I, myself, anticipate coming up to speed fairly smoothly with the software on the pilot system. This is exactly what aspiring Digital Artists want to be doing. Moral will be excellent. This is the technology that empowers Digital Artistry. One only needs to be creative. Applicants will be committed to the work, if only they can get it. And in for the long hall, by the terms of the arrangement.

Such is the state of the art that one doesn't need to be technical oneself, only computer literate, just as long as one has not only adequate crucial reliable technical support for a reliable system (the current systems ever less maintenance intensive), but also, as here in conceived, unprecedented and truly first rate end user support, 3Cyberpedant4TM

Also a cutting edge proposed new software package, an Hierarchical Consolidated Interface.



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