More than a mere footnote to the Green Pro-Space Agenda, Emorto-Feminism is truly Promethean, in it's own right!

Too many have forgotten that Feminism is more than mere workplace Egalitarianism. Feminism, like Emortalism, is centered upon the overthrow of Biological Destiny.

Biological Destiny is realized in youthful crisis pregnancy soon followed by Sexually Transmitted Disease bringing summary and horrible slow death. To which, from time immemorial, Sexist Moralism reacts imposing the tragic stigma of sin.

That is why Feminism is centered upon reproductive self determination, disease control, and, without compromise or apology,

the dignity of sex for pleasure, now most aggressively championed by the doctrine of Transhumanist Militancy.


While Emortalism is the social and technological movement to end death, as expressed in Cryonics and the search for the aging cure, which, to say the least, will be no less revolutionary than Birth Control and Penicillin.

The Interim Reciprocal Survival Proposal

1) Adopt, universally, the assumption, as in the French legal system, that unless otherwise declared, anyone is an organ donor, instead of the American assumption contrawise. (In other words, if ya
really wanna take 'em with ya, then, fine,
just say so!)

2) Offer to organ donors the guarantee of Cryonic Neurosuspension as a reward, paid for as an organ transplantation expense. (A fair and equitable trade!)


3) Abandon the futile War on Vice and rehabilitate our shell-shocked Peace Officers back into our communities, where they are so sorely missed. Free Love can out-compete Sex Industry, in an Open Society! And even Drug Culture copes more responsibly than Criminalization.

Copyright by Aaron Agassi 2000 - 2009



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