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Silly Billy, Modulus Fashion Lab fetish fashion designer, says:

"Party down with buxom Playboy Playmate Tammi Ellynmarler at Cannes !"


Silly Billy's outrageous Publicity Stunt for the Cannes Film Festival!


Playboy Playmate and actress Tammi Ellynmarler is off to the Cannes Film Festival IN May, cast against type to portray The Unknown Model, in an outrageous Publicity Stunt Happening to promote Silly Billy's Modulus Fashion Lab TM fetish fashion on the photo frenzied topless Rivera beaches!

As the unsuspecting porno starlet beach bunnies all parade topless for photo opportunities on the beach, our Tammi will mount an hilarious improvisational guerilla performance art parody ambush, clad head to toe in a Modulus custom spandex Rose Body Suit with thong, wig, glasses, and fluorescent shocking pink faux nipples!

Let's see who garners more press!

Party down with Playboy Playmate Tammi Ellynmarler, at Cannes !

Yes, it's hard work on the sunny Rivera beaches mocking big time porno chicks before those manic media shutter bugs, but Tammi's evenings remain free! And the vivacious Playboy Girls of South Beach sensation has got to be seen, and people to meet! And for that, she needs to crash those all important Film Industry parties at the Cannes Film Festival !

Yes, gorgeous Tammi needs your help!

So, if you have wrangled an invite to any of those all important industry parties, then you could make the scene with our favorite Playboy Playmate on your arm! Go ahead and invite Tammi to accompany you.

She might just say: Yes!

Contact info:

Silly Billy, fetish fashion designer, the Modulus Fashion Lab

Position open for documentary film maker(s) to cover our Tammi's antics!
c/o Crazed Guerilla publicist, Aaron Agassi
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Cannes party invitations to:
Playboy Playmate Tammi Ellynmarler, A.K.A. the Unknown Model: 
Available for photo and runway modelling