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Devil Worship?

Compliance as the sole therapeutic criteria of so-called Behavioral Medicine, the way that obedience is likewise an heteronymous virtue in religion, wherein the older mythological figure of Prometheus sentenced to excruciating torment in punishment for the theft of fire hitherto withheld from humanity by the gods, in order to give fire to the cold and grubby masses of humanity, the rebellious benign martyred trickster and redeemer of downtrodden humanity, in an authoritarian twist, is split into two newer characters: Prometheus vilified, is the punished Fallen Angel, whereas Prometheus co-opted, is the suffering Redeemer sent forth in Divine authority, the Christ or the Buddha as Avatar of Vishnu. It's all as implausible and ambivalently rationalizing as revealing that Martin Luther King was working according to the benevolent plan of General Robert E. Lee all along! By contrast, Manichean Luciferian Gnosticism embraces a spiritual Prometheus, denouncing the Creator as a demeaning deceiver, the Maya. In a more modern take, there are actually Transhumanist Pro-Space Activists embracing a reverence for a Promethean figure hailed as the liberator not from spiritual worldliness as such, but actually from the constraints of gravitation itself and all that Terrestrial Earthbound civilization holds back in human progress and evolution. Indeed, traditionally often Devil Worship may actually only express Promethean reverence of freedom and autonomy.













Must one truly trade away ones soul in order to attain ones heart's desires?





For that matter, n the older myths, the Redeemer and the Trickster are one and the same. In the original Babylonian account of the great flood, the gods in callow and petty quarrel amongst themselves simply went nuclear, so to speak. And it was the Trickster Redeemer by guile and stealth, who managed to save any remnant of human kind. By contrast, the Biblical account of a moral God passing judgment upon the masses of the iniquitous and dispensing mercy only to the most worthy, indeed sounds the hollow ring of typical propaganda pandering by kneejerk Moralistic authoritarians evading responsibility for calamity while also stealing credit for progress. once institutionalized. I
Indeed, veneration of any Devil has often signified Luciferian Gnostic Mysticism and even resistance to pious oppression.
Ah, but what of any true devotion to evil?
I am sure that if the devil existed, he would want us to feel very sorry for him.  Martha Stout, 'The Sociopath Next Door'
Obfuscation and apologetics aside, could there ever even truly be such a thing as genuine open Devil Worship? After all, should not a true malignant devotee of utter evil, actually treasure and prize hypocrisy above all things? Indeed, is that not precisely what it really means to be possessed by gloating evil? Indeed, the free and open practice of Satanism so notoriously propagandized by the likes of Anton LaVey, remain no less than Manacheanism, a distinctly a Christian heresy, in Satanism's top priority above all of shunning hypocrisy, even by the extol of such extremes of radical honesty as the flaunting of basest selfish and outright hostile motivations, even no less than the Seven Deadly Sins, as to be attested and celebrated in open Devil Worship! -Even thereby making cynical Nihilistic implication that to do otherwise at all, is indeed the most foolish hypocrisy of the uninitiated. Aviad Kleinberg denounced self-righteousness as the eighth deadly sin. And self-righteousness is precisely what hypocritical Satanism ever so vigorously both denounces and indulgently panders to.

I hope you have not been leading a double life, pretending to be wicked and being really good all the time. That would be hypocrisy.

Oscar Wilde

Satanism is influenced by the Zen moral Nihilism of Friedrich Nietzsche and Ayn Rand, likewise paradoxically altruistic in striving to influence and help others to better realign their priorities, shed the snares of altruism so often stifling to individual human potential, look after themselves and grow.

But there is worse, because, as the saying goes, the Devil will tell the truth when it serves his malevolent purpose, indeed perhaps even more often than not, all simply to build credibility and conceal the one key lie undetected why which to ensnare and forever damn the unwary. Indeed the eclectic dilettante grab-bag of Satanism is nevertheless hypocritical and dark in concept, even accepting the aforesaid premi. First and foremost, Satanism partakes in the ongoing distortion of Nietzschian Individualism, by befouling Hedonism into the very debauched corruption all along inputted thereto by Moralistic Christian precepts wherein: Debauchery, wanton self-indulgence self unrestrained by conventional inhibition or even by compassion and sound judgment at all, can denote even orgiastic seduction or can further indicate the erosion and debasement of morality or purity, as if all the aforesaid where one and the same unworthy of the trouble in distinction: To debauch meaning not only to corrupt morally but most specifically by agency of intemperance or sensuality, in order thereby to lead away from virtue or excellence. Whereas Hedonism in its own right need not intrinsically extol cruelty, even in pursuit of pleasure. After all, shared pleasure may even be entirely companionable, actually inspirational of gratitude, charity and hope.

One might hope that amorality at least may embody the saving grace that it cannot be Moralisticand judgmental. And yet, whereas Nietzsche, for the sake of individualist values amorally extolled, beyond good and evil, the equal rejection both persecution and altruism as worldly snares to be rejected and avoided by the critically minded and rational superman, the true individualist and latter day Zen Master, by contrast, Anton LaVey's Satanism that he apparently first cooked up together with his publicist, preaches spiteful judgment upon the intrinsic merit and worth of others, unmediated by any thirst for justice and equality. LaVey'hereby even well exceeding the bile of LaVeys sociopathic role model Ayn Rand who so venomously castigated the helpless and needy as parasites in society.

It's not just fictional Bond villains: There have always been those amoral or even immoral sociopathic visionaries. But in order to ever be anything more than prominent cranks the likes of Rynd and LeVay, such all the more must heed the admonitions of Nietzsche (if not of Gautama hither to) and nevertheless ever shun all cult of personality.

In deconstructing BullySpeak, it is striking how bullies often Nihilistically reject concepts of objective reality and truth or honesty thereto, let alone justice and fairness, all hence of guilt or innocence from right or wrong action or conduct and responsibility thereto, in favor of propagandistic and arbitrary judgment of personal worth, effectively justifying such discrimination as an article of faith as actually codified in the notorious 'Satanic Bible' of that pretentious snob Anton Le Vay, wherein: Wrath is extolled hedonistically on the same footing as any harmless pleasure, Sophistry apologetics are advanced extolling judgmental attitude regarding the putative worthiness of others, and revenge is valued. In other words, Le Vay commands his cult followers to relish judging and taking (such utterly unearned!) revenge upon those one deems unworthy, generally because of their social standing. 

Indeed, the debauchery that is Satanism in extoling revenge as merely another Hedonistic heady sensual indulgence, presdictably endorses Sadomasochism. Indeed, Anton LaVey's puerile and facile Satanist Sophistry and Apologetics for Sadomasochism, bald facedly equates predation and baiting with courtship between informed and desiring individuals. Of course, even as distinct from ever popular kinky erotic role-play of bondage and dominance fantasy, likewise even the most dangerous and demeaning hardcore edge-play is supposed to rely upon explicit permissions of Faustian contract replete with the panic-button of safe-words in order to remain at all within bounds. But then, increasingly there are those who complain and demand greater spontaneity, as indeed may be sought for in the escapism from responsibility of frenzied Panic magic ritual. And of course, all manner of darkest occult abomination is ancient, even replete with organized crime cults for deeply religious criminals.

It all begs Mulder's salient admonition: "How can you invite the Devil and expect him to behave?"" The X-Files: 'Die Hand Die Verletzt'

In summation, whereas ever proselytizing religion and Zen Mysticism alike, antirationally urge self abnegation as key to salvation, LaVey's Satanism in the eager embrace of damnation, has done them all one better in perhaps the very ultimate in hypocrisy, the demeaning extol of exhalation via the most bestial reciprocal degradation.

Furthermore LaVey's Satanism, in apparent contradiction with espoused individualism and instead somewhat wishful aspiration to conspiracy, therefore also elevates worldly prestige and authority in their own church membership heiarchy.

Nevertheless, let's all be thankful how, by in large, the Satanists seem to be all such a bunch of New Age posers taking delight in scandalizing Christian Fundamentalists. For whereas the Nazis where the only villains to actually dress the part, all said, the greater portion of Satanism seemingly remains more often merely silly and trendy, if at all fanatically religious, than actually otherwise all that evil, except as ever taken up in self validation by only the most singularly twisted souls, evil doers to begin with and adolescent sociopaths at that. The persecution of perceived and accused Satanists by deluded fanatical Christian Fundamentalists abusing secular powers of the state and law enforcement, the hysteria over mythical Pedophile daycare centers and global Satanic conspiracy, was a deplorable destructive hysteria of lunatic Fundamentalist witch-hunting, a joyless and chaste debauchery, even while actual Pedophile priests continue to be sheltered by the church even after so many thousands of years.

The Devil would be well pleased.

Therefore sink not into evil simply from despair with worldliness in the human heart. Innocence is so often and vastly overrated. Mourn not the loss of innocence, the mythic fall from Eden. Little as we do actually know, can it truly be the Higher Ways of Truth Ever Unfolding, that humanity is simply better off kept in the dark? Or is innocence indeed but the seedbed for growth in at all better sagacity? Indeed, by contrast, to the Fall from Eden, the legend of Prometheus finds humanity not in any Garden Paradise, but miserable, grubby, dank and cold. By the theft from the gods and gift to humanity, of fire, Prometheus symbolically liberates humanity from helpless ignorance, delivering redemption from heteronymously overrated innocence. The fire is a more positive symbol than the apple, for the dawning of the Transactional rational adult ego state from which rational interpretation and perception of reality, consciousness of past and future and hence scenario planning with purposeful strategy, even meaning and questioning, all ensue, opening the way to uncertainty, freedom and responsible autonomy, without sainthood in specific any more than infallible impossible and unnecessary complete certainty in general. Faliblism offers hope that is not utterly unreasonable, pride that need not be vainglory, and perhaps even perspective at all of humility, or more precisely, merely of moderation and proportion, but without call to demeaning mortification. The loss of innocence does not inflict impossible and unnecessary demands for purity and perfection, but only the need of fair and even minimal responsibility in light of reasonably foreseeable consequences. That is how faliblism vastly reduces Existential anxieties. It is from faliblism that there is everything real to gain. Otherwise, many people become so tough on themselves as then to lose hope completely as imperfect human beings.

In short, embrace always and never scorn the striving of integrity as merely human and fallible.
For the hubris of perfectionism only ends in the darkness of despair.

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