98173_max.gifintro 98173_max.gifplot   clapboard_t.gifscene ../brainstorm%20pix/theater%2520masks.gifdrama ../brainstorm pix/CoolClips_vc090021.gifconflict  3D_Character_5a.gifcharacter  Motivation.gifmotive  kisses2.gifsex!
writing_style.gifstyle Dialogue-bubbles2.gifdialogue meaning2.gifmeaning planetbot.gifScience Fiction   setting & AG00007_.gifWorld Building
tension.giftension & Y96_Suspense.gifsuspense Pathos-Executive-Coach-Heart-Broken-e1265936830352.jpg.gifpathos 2511103684_102e2789e21.jpgPOV: point of view   headbang.gifblocked?
The above are links to fiction writing and creativity tools and guides assembled for helping to revise, improve and complete, the unfinished works of fiction provided as point of departure. Try it! Join in! Post your input to the Co-Author Forum. If you enjoy this process, then we can even begin new stories to whatever your own tastes.  This is something new: