'Templates of Force' 
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The following is an incomplete story outline, with notes, for a 'Star Trek: The Ship of Fools' adventure.  

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Spock is spirited away to the Guardian of Forever by the enigmatic 'Q', whom Spock recognizes as Trelane.


Lucid Psychotic and NeoGnastic Science Fiction writer Philip Kindred Dick, adapting hypnotic Past Life Regression to Astrally project back in time from his death bed in March of 1982, with the help of VALIS, the Vast Active Living Intelligence System manifest as the mind control laser satellite from Albimuth (Fomalhaut), in Earth orbit, during the production of 'Blade Runner' from PKD's 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?'.

Finding himself on the streets of prewar Vienna, Phil is amazed to recognize the face of Marilyn Monroe, here and now appearing as Marlene Monroe, in a night club poster plastered on a wall. 

At the club, Phil also recognizes Spock, who, knowing his Earth history, and also recognizing the anachronistic face on the poster, has also come. Phil hypothesizes to Spock that Marilyn Monroe, like Phil himself, is Astrally Projecting from her death bed, in the Kennedy era. And for them all to have been gathered here can be no coincidence!

Phil relates to 'Marlene' and Spock his revelation from VALIS, of which he believes the Guardian of Forever is a part, that they are all here to make a better world, by seeing to it that Adolph Hitler will become a patient of Dr. Sigmund Freud.

Norma Jean, pleased to be united with other time lost people, gets Spock and Phil jobs at the night club.


"As legal custodian of the Nietzsche manuscripts, his sister and her husband assembled 'The Will to Power' in which she interpolated anti-Semitic and pan-Germanic passages, thus attributing to Nietzsche sentiments which were exactly the reverse of those he had expressed verbally and in writing on many occasions (while) Nietzsche, ill and helpless, was unable to prevent this action (...) His sister usually saw to it that Nietzsche was dressed in a white robe, reminiscent of the classic philosopher's toga, and presented him thus to his visitors."


Frau Elizabeth Foerster-Nietzsche, Friedrich's Nazi sister, warned of Phil's plans by the Devil, calls upon her coven for an invocation enabling her to time travel by occult means in order to thwart the plan of VALIS. And, to accompany her, she summons to her the Astral Projection of Erwin Rommel from his death bed some years later.

Arriving in prewar Vienna, Liz shows Rommel forged orders ostensibly from German High Command to cooperate with her to the fullest, and magically befuddles his memories, that, apparently, it was/will be Hitler himself who orders Rommel's death! Rommel cannot help but be intrigued by a time travel mission, and works with Liz to organize a Fifth Column here in, what is for both of them, the recent past.


Meanwhile, Norma Jean's legendary insecurities are exacerbated by Spock's brilliance and unattainability. As a result, to compensate, she finds another outlet:

Norma Jean and Erwin unwittingly engage in fraternization with the enemy, in a whorl-wind torrid illicit affair. It is Phil who finds them out, because Spock simply fails to relate to such nuance as an afterglow.

Together Spock and Phil tail Norma Jean and then Erwin back to Elizabeth, who's villa Spock then bugs. When she finds out, Norma Jean is furious! And then shocked to learn Erwin's true identity. Spock pleads with Norma Jean to simply go on with Rommel as if nothing has happened. Which is all that Norma Jean really wants to do, anyhow.

Phil again urges Spock and Norma Jean to help him in his mission from VALIS. However, Spock is bound by the Prime Directive. But not so Norma Jean. And what about Liz and Erwin? Surely, they cannot be allowed to tamper with history. But Spock reminds Phil and Norma Jean that Since Nietzsche's sister is here to prevent history from being changed, Liz will do nothing until she sees history threatened. Thus Spock schemes to cultivate stalemate.

Until, one evening, Liz slyly accompanies Erwin and Norma Jean on a night on the town, to get Erwin drunk enough so that he lets it slip that the war will go badly for the Nazis! Liz, unable to accept this, then concludes that history must have already been tampered with! Liz speaks of this cryptically, little suspecting that dumb blond Marilyn is in on the whole thing.

Norma Jean excuses herself to the powder room, and runs to warn Spock and Phil, who have been trailing her not far behind. There is no more room for fence sitting! Liz will now actively move to reshape the past. History must either be improved, or else it will only be completely destroyed!

Much to Norma Jean's elation, Spock is defeated by her logic. But to Norma Jean's disappointed surprise, Spock suddenly dashes away. Phil and Norma Jean rush after Spock, only to find him at a public phone, placing a desperate Transatlantic phone call. It is to himself in America, to the effect that there may no longer be any point in the death of Edith Kealer. Phil follows. But it's already too late. Spock reproaches his own timidity. Spock is then nearly completely convinced of Phil's madness when Phil tells Spock all about 'Star Trek'!

At last, Phil's holly mission to get Adolph Hitler into the care of Dr. Sigmund Freud begins in earnest.

End of 'Templates of Force' - Part I




'Templates of Force'

Part II

Norma Jean has little trouble catching Adolph's attention, once they track him down, so that she, Phil, and Spock can insinuate themselves into his life. Adolph and Phil passionately debate occultism and mysticism. For Adolph, in his howsoever distorted fixation upon Nietzsche and the will to power of the superman, decidedly fails to relate to Divine compassion, central to Phil's views. And Adolph finds Spock's alien vibe distinctly off putting, even repugnant, to his Xenophobia. But Spock brushes aside the hair that he has let grow to cover his ears and brow, and in the most devilish aspect he can muster, promises to show Adolph the way to true power. This gambit proves a huge success, as Adolph enters a fugue state, slack jawed and eyes agog!

By and by, however, Norma Jean is infuriated to find Adolph even more distant a character than Spock! Worse, Erwin finds out and becomes jealous, and they quarrel! But in the end, Erwin has to approve of the plan to get Hitler much needed professional help. Which enrages Liz, who bursts in, shoots Erwin, and flees the scene. Spock and Phil and even wounded Erwin all urge Norma Jean to run, as the police converge. But she refuses.

Still, the police have no grounds to hold Norma Jean, and she even gives them an excellent description of Liz. Meanwhile Spock and Phil run to keep an eye on Adolph, and escape an ambush by Liz's goons on the way.

The next morning, while Norma Jean returns from the police station, Phil accompanies Spock to a safety deposit box to retrieve his tricorder and phaser. Spock sends Phil to intercept Norma Jean while Spock goes after Liz. Phil and Norma Jean both find themselves hunted by Liz's thugs. But wounded Erwin has given Norma Jean a hastily scrawled map and tactics by which to escape them through the surreal twisting back alleyways of Vienna.

Meanwhile, Spock, using his tricorder, has little difficulty in tracking down Liz, nor in stunning any of Liz's goons who get in his way, with his trusty phaser. But Liz protects herself by means of the occult, and jumps into time, just as Spock catches up with her.

-Leaving our heroes free to work on Adolph, as his new bestest pals!

Confirming once and for all historical speculation that Hitler himself had faced persecution on suspicion of being a Jew, back in his home town in Austria. Alois' mother worked in the home of a wealthy Jew and there is some chance a son in that household got the woman (i.e., Hitler's grandmother) pregnant. With Adolph established as a Jew suffering from the after effects of persecution, appealing to Martin Buber, Phil then finds money from a Jewish benevolent fund to pay the exorbitant charge for Adolph's treatment by Dr. Sigmund Freud. A poetic touch, brags Phil. And Norma Jean, also, is tickled by the irony. But Spock admonishes Phil the needless plot complication, which may likely come back to haunt them. There is simply no telling how Adolph is liable to rationalize whatever he cannot abide, or how he might act upon it!

Indeed, when Spock gets a chance to slow down tricorder images recorded from the Guardian of forever, there is revealed an alternate history in which Hitler and Hertzel working together appear to start the Second World War in Palestine through the Middle East instead of in Germany and through Europe! Fortunately, and much to the relief of our heroes, Zionist rather than anti-Semitic Megalomania proves a passing phase with Adolph, under the care of Dr. Freud.

But not before Norma Jean actually becomes protective of Adolph, from her own bad experiences with Psychotherapy, decades into the future. So Phil tells Norma Jean all about his own beloved Dr. Stone. But Norma Jean remains skeptical that Phil was much helped!

Later on, when Norma Jean has a crisis when she discovers what Adolph wants from beautiful blondes:

To be kicked and beaten! -Even defecated upon. And Spock's logic, to remember what is at stake and put aside personal repugnance, only irks Norma Jean the more, to Spock's even demeanored and school boy ironic Misogamy and chagrin. But Phil speaks to Norma Jean's childhood neglect, and all the times when even a beating would have been better that simply being ignored. And so, Norma Jean reasserts her composure with some effort.

Meanwhile, the cocaine addicted Sherlock Holmes has also come under the care of Dr. Sigmund Freud (as seen in 'The Seven Percent Solution'), and the father of modern Psychoanalysis begins to acquire an appreciation for the Art of Deduction, taking a new interest in Adolph's bestest buddies, Norma, der Kindred and Herr Schpock, whom Freud, hither to, had half suspected where sheer fantasy!

And so Freud become a regular at the night club and a big fan of Marlene Monroe, always affable, running into each of our heroes ever more frequently, genially sounding them out at every opportunity.

And this does not go unobserved by Sherlock Holmes, who ascertains very quickly that Frauline Norma Bäcker, better known as Marlene Monroe, "Der Kindred", and Herr Schpock have no prior recorded existence before they first appeared in Vienna.

Holmes also discovers what remains of the gang of their enemy, militant German Nationalist and Eugenics advocate Frau Elizabeth Foerster, who has disappeared without a trace. Dr. Watson explains Eugenics to Holmes, who shudders to think what it would take to impose such a plan, however admirable in it's own right, upon society.

Meanwhile, Norma Jean bids a tear filled farewell to Erwin, fleeing town before Holmes catches up to him. Erwin fears implication for his part in prior shady dealings of Liz's.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to our heroes, Liz materializes again. And plots anew...

As time passes, Freud encourages Adolph to develop his gift for oration, while Adolph himself searches for a purpose to his life. Picture painting leading to disappointment, Phil encourages Adolph's passion for architecture. "I have my plans for the Jews." Adolph announces, unfurling blue prints for a cultural center in the Jewish district of Berlin.

Coming to grips with his violent abuse at the hands of his Aloise, his pompous petty bureaucrat foster father, and actually beginning to read the writings of Dr. Freud, discussing them with the others, Adolph finally comes to an epiphany of his true calling!

CUT TO: Freud, Phil and Norma Jean watch spell bound, as Hitler orates to capacity crowds on the taboo subject of the horrors of child molestation, at the inauguration of the majestic new Geodesic Bau House style cultural center and Berlin headquarters for the Vienna Circle that he has designed.

(Hitler's actual speeches are here interpolated, raising passion in this time line, not for anti-Semitism and Nationalism, but against the childhood trauma known and understood at the root of all such destructive manias...)

"The art of counter-propaganda lies in understanding the emotional ideas of the great masses and finding, through a psychologically correct revelation, the way to the attention and thence to the heart of the broad masses. The fact that our bright boys do not understand this merely shows how mentally lazy and conceited you have become.

"True, nature is cruel; but therefore are we also entitled to be cruel? I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Merciful Creator by defending myself against the past abuse of my angry and vein

foster father, as I was unable to at the time. And by speaking out I am defending all helpless children, I am fighting for the work of the Lord!

"And the louder the uproar from taboo against speaking of this, the further will spread the fight against this evil, to be used as food for forbidden thought, and in every family, which will have it explained to it why, and the hour will come when the enemy of all times, or at least of the last thousand years, will have played it's part to the end.

"And know that this will not lead to an estrangement between people; but, on the contrary, it will bring about for the first time a real understanding of one another. At the same time, however, it will prevent any further child molestation that is now rife everywhere.

"All such devilish, life-denying and destructive doctrines of denial as excuse child molestation will be exposed and thus purged from German thought, making an example to all of Europe, and tomorrow... The World!"

Erwin, however, with little taste for Hitler's oratory style, which he still finds silly and embarrassing even in a better cause, excuses himself to assist Spock, who, as Freud knows and remarks, has cunningly assumed the identity of Sherlock Holmes. Spock has taken charge of security. Spock, dressed as Holmes, runs a quick tricorder sweep of the venue. But a figure creeps up upon him. It is Liz, magically protected from detection. And she summons up a Poltergeist to attack Spock, leaving Liz herself free to gun down Adolph at the podium! Pandemonium erupts!

Erwin confronts Liz. Give it up, Erwin tells her. There is no more Führer to protect from infection by Jewish ideas, and there will never be any Thousand Year Reich! On the contrary, retorts Liz maniacally, Hitler was weak and foolish, as Erwin himself said, no sort of soldier. It is my rightful destiny! I was meant to be the true Führer! gloats Liz.

Meanwhile, Spock comes to and recovers the tricorder from under a chair. But then Spock pats his jacket and empties his pockets, looking as if stung by a bee! Something else is missing! Just then Spock beholds as Erwin pulls out the phaser, and disintegrates Liz once and for all! And right in front of Sigmund Freud.

Our heroes rush to Adolph's side. Adolph gasps:
"My own fault. A king of fools must play the fool himself to be accepted by them" and expires.

Norma Jean is overcome with the shock, and faints. But upon examination, Freud finds erratic pulse and pupil dilation, and other symptoms of barbiturate over dose with alcohol. Erwin, however, assures Freud that Norma Jean is clean and sober! Norma Jean looks up sadly at the others, as realization dawns. And then she fades away! Next, Irwin falls stricken, with symptoms of cyanide, before, likewise, fading away. Phil explains how they are each astrally projecting back in time from their death beds, and just run out of time. Phil hands Freud a talisman, and then winks out in turn.

Next, a coruscating light opens up in mid air behind Spock. "IT IS DONE, RETURN NOW." intones the Guardian of Forever.

'Q' materializes, expressing his disappointment in Spock, rigid, boring and by the book, squandering the opportunity, the possibilities! 'Q' mimics and mocks the booming voice of the Guardian of forever.

Spock, with no patience for 'Q', wheels about, getting a running start to leap into the swirling nimbus.

"Never mind you stone faced party pooper" gloats 'Q', " I believe that I have just found someone more amusing." -Just as Freud, in a moment of resolve, and much to 'Q' 's delight, dives after Spock into the vortex.. But as they penetrate the hazy cloud of light, the view out from the gateway Guardian of Forever, on the planet's surface, becomes clearer. And there is the form of a person aiming a weapon into the portal gateway of the Guardian of Forever, and right at Spock as he exits!

Freud rushes ahead to tackle Spock, but ends up taking the weapon discharge himself! Freud's limp body tumbles back to the floor of the hall in Vienna, but his Astral body surges ahead with Spock, out the portal of the Guardian of Forever, as the would be assassin flees.

CUT back to Freud, waking with a shock from self hypnosis in his office in Sickbay, onboard USS Anfortas and simultaneously gasping on the floor of the hall in Vienna!




End of 'Templates of Force' - Part II


The previous was an incomplete story outline for a 'Star Trek: The Ship of Fools' adventure.  

You can help improve, develop and flesh it out!



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