The purpose of this page is to direct the site visitor to such up to date information regarding the prospect of new business venture creation to help implement CASA as has been made public. 


           Passive/covert aggressive profile (unmatchable?)


Browse: an open to the public ongoing Online business meeting and minutes thereof, in which I, Aaron Agassi, have reiterated, yet again, my standing declaration of crisis, to my mind, still unaddressed. [And Click here to browse the supplementary archive onsite.]
But judge for yourselves, and kindly, gentle readers...

One must join in order to gain access to the archives. But the (renamed) CASAZoo group is public, and membership is open. And so, the inconvenience entailed in "lurking" will be minimal.

("Lurking" is an expression meaning to review or follow a forum without posting thereto, at least until one may later be so inclined.)

The post archive is still not that long. And so, I hope that this will help to abate any confusion and put to rest any misleading gossip.

In case any problems with access arise, at such time I will provide a simple mirror of the post archives from my own records.


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