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Genre: Tentacle Hentai Nunsploitation

Tag line: A friskier date movie! / Appalling: Everyone will want to see it!















Something to offend everyone!
So bad that anyone should be able to help improve it.
Yet barely good enough so that anyone who really can't do better,
at least can help make it even more preposterous!
So Gawd-awful lurid, presented in inspiration to aspiring writers to participate one way or another:
Let's play a fiction writing game:
The object is to sequence images from the web, organized by theme, into a surprising or not so surprising story... The most inventively lurid pornography, as it turns out, is positively redolent with drama! Moreover, pornography is often used in the alleviation of depression. So give this a try and see how you feel. 


Note: Our feature presentation: 'Vampirella: the Redeemer' is preceded by our short subject: 'Pedo Panic'





Teaser: Triennia Robins finishes her initial sketch of Vampirella according to the description supplied by Jim Warren, and hands it to him. In return, Warren passes her the telephone receiver, for her to explain to none other than Frank Frazetta on the other end.

Cut to: As his Mom clucks disapprovingly, an adolescent male discovers the premier issue of 'Vampirella' on the news stand comics rack. As the lad sucks back a sudden nose need, the camera zooms in to the cover art work then coming to vibrant life! A montage follows, of black and white classic Jose Gonzales Vampirella comics pages, super imposed over Jose Gonzalez himself at the easel, working with a model for Vampirella, of whom he is plainly enamored, transitioning into the opening credits sequence, striking up the 'Vampirella' theme:


[For tenor or baritone, except for the second verse refrain for alto or even soprano choral]

Vampirella, interstellar
She's the deadly spawn of planet Drakulon

Vampirella, so iconic,
don't you find it,
quite ironic?

Vampirella, midnight dweller
Chained up naked, in my cellar
Vampirella, I'm yer fella

Rolling in the mud, we can be best buds
I will be your stud, if you'll just suck my blood!

Vampirella, Vampirella, Vampirella, Vampirella...


Cut to: Establishing shot of Castle Amfortas, 'the Whispering Castle', in Transylvania.




Inside a chapel, a woman costumed as Vampirella, is shot death with an arrow.

The chapel is part of the castle. Outside in the graveyard of the Whispering Vastle, a priest, Adam Van Helsing, and a nun, Abrial, are performing crime scene investigation on a skeleton also costumed as Vampirella.




Adam and Abrial enter the chapel to examine the gruesome freshly impaled bodies, as others bear witness, all realizing that this carnage has taken place only momentarily and right under their very noses.

"Costume notwithstanding" declares Adam, "it's not Vampirella. None of them are. I think that they are the Vampirellas, admirers of Vampirella seeking to tap into her power in order to stem the Rising Darkness. Dracula resents them, laying claim to Vampirella all to himself." "But why are we all still alive?" "To make a point."













Meanwhile, in the town across the lake from the Whispering Castle, Biker Bitch, the Captain of the Guard, wasting no time, arrives, careening in and screeching her car to a halt, and takes a high vantage point surveying the lake, acquiring her target, a waiting a row boat aproacvhing the shore.                  


A young woman. Tiffany, rows across the lake and away from the Whispering Castle up on the hill.

Sweating, eyes accustoming to the sun, she strips bare and throws it all into the lake.

Finally she reaches the other side and comes ashore...

... Where she is summarily captured.

... And brought to Biker Bitch, waiting with a fetching change of cloths.

Tiffany clenches up in fright! "I have an assignment for you and that formidable love-muscle of yours, actually vital national security" announces Biker Bitch, hand cuffing and then ramming helpless Tiffany, then deftly dethatching the brutal strap-on, adding a quick smack to the buttocks, as Biker pitch tosses Tiffany, stripped naked, into the trunk the unmarked sports car: "Keep this sacred relic lingam, in safe keeping for the Fisher King, and tell no one, my treasure buried in yours."   



Meanwhile, throughout the village, the roundup proceeds smoothly...


As the guards are notorious for playing favorites, some guests arrive at the Whispering Castle more comfortably than others.



To Tiffany's astonishment, the trunk pops open, for a terrified young girl, naked bound and gagged, to be thrown in with Tiffany. Her hair smells of lilacs.  Biker Bitch explains to one of her subordinate guards: As planned, Tiffany, knowing that they'd never get far together, forgoes what would be for her by herself an easy escape, rather than abandon the poor girl. 

Meanwhile, Her Majesty Karma, the Queen on her high horse, returns to the royal stables stables nearby the Whispering Castle.















Tiffany, winded, grovels naked on the grass in the graveyard of the Whispering Castle, captive of His Royal Majesty Amfortas, the Fisher King. They struggle, sweating and breathless.



"Remember after that little mishap of yours, getting up on the wrong side of bed?"



"We got that work done, remember Tiffany?" pants Amfortas.





"Any store front once boarded shut, whatever goods once on display, must to continue, struggle in providing backdoor service. But you are ever agile, readily adaptable and always a quick study.





"And once the stitches came out, the results have been as tight and tone as ever!"

Amfortas thrusts and withdraws, trailing lubrication out to irrigate Tiffany's sphincter pulsing in quivering anticipation, before plunging in anew. Winded and rasping, short only of passing out, struggling Tiffany protests: "I know that you can feel the ill wind rising, Milord. Let's all make ourselves scarce while the getting is still good!" 




"I know just how to shut you up. Mind your breathing. You'll know when I'm about to cum, when I jam it right down your throat. Swallow every drop, bitch!" So saying, her caresses her throat, with practiced dexterity, while holding her nose as he thrusts. But suddenly, Amfortas, wracked with spasm, remains unable to ejaculate. By dint of will he slaps Tiffany in the face, startling her into opening her jaw in order to remove the ring gag.

Two housemaids look on, intently eating cherries, spitting out the pits, and then presenting the Cherie stems tied in knots, on the tips of their tongues.

But by then Amfortas is apoplectic, lying helpless and tumescent. "Lick your lips!" he demands. "Then say: yummy!" demands the Fisher King, withdrawing the ring gag. "Yummy!" declares Tiffany, inching over to stricken Amfortas, with a feather light flick of her tongue to the royal member, followed by a puff of breath, before swallowing whole.

A nurse standing by video taping and taking notes, observes: "He's only getting worse." The two house maids, also still observing, practice Tiffany's agile tongue contortions most studiously.

"You could just try kissing me." whispers Tiffany, hoarsely. "You won't" answers the king. "But you can try." "You where more pleasing silent!" roars Anfortas, reapplying the ring gag.













Cut to: Inside the Whispering Castle, Karma, The Queen, is jubilant: "Oh Tiffany, thank the Good Lord and praise be to Sweet Jesus, for your safe return, our precious Tiffany!

In his grand and opulent office within the Royal Suite, His Majesty Amfortas, the Fisher King, receives an empty envelope. "What is the meaning of this!" demands Amfortas, sternly. Tremulously, the terrified secretary blurts out: "If it pleases Your Majesty, an empty manila envelope raises the question: Where is the letter? It alerts the recipient to look for a message!" "Intriguing. Foreboding."
With everyone finally distracted, Tiffany shucks off her bonds, with blasé practiced ease


  • A little girl, the Princess Emmette, Emme, Ette, or: Itsy, quietly plays by herself off in a corner.

    Zoom out from the disturbed little girl so  intent upon spanking a doll with a hairbrush:

    Acting out on her little dolls, Itsy imitates what she witness of her mother The Queen, exuberantly  disciplining one of the maids before the rest of the house housekeeping staff, with Itsy finally hiding and peeping out from behind her nanny's skirts, struggling to process what is deemed normal in the Royal household.






    Taking time out from household management, Amfortas works feverishly at his drafting table as, naked bound and helpless, Tiffany is lashed into spread eagled poses modeling for the Fisher King.









    As the Queen rests from her exertions, waited upon hand and foot, she hears Amfortas calling out from off scene: "Honey, who's this at the reception desk?"






    The Queen answers: "It must be the new temp, darling. Don't micromanage!" "That's easy to say, dear," replies Amfortas. "The last one got her dress caught in the paper shrewder!"



    "Yes, that was fun!" admits the Queen
    "And she did take it well in stride..."




    She rises to retrieve the coin, but becomes ensnared in the headphone cord, knocking the computer off from her lap and onto the floor

    The temp is an attractive young blond woman staring blankly down at half size laptop, typing away furiously. And pinned to her blouse, Amfortas discovers a note, in bold face, reading:


    Amfortas scratches his head: "Oh Miss, what is that you are working on? Miss?" But she continues mute intent upon and typing away all the more rapidly and furiously, her countenance ever askance.

    Finally in impatience, Amfortas fumbles for his cell phone, dropping also a penny to the floor. Ammfortas drops to his knees, only to find the screen of his cell phone gone dark. Trim ankles, though!







    Exasperated, Amfortas rises in order to extricate her from the headphones and be heard. Oblivious, she only continues rising to stoop for the coin. Amfortas observes with some approval, that she has forgotten to put on her panties! "Tiffany!" he blurts out in dismay.


    Amfortas, by reflex trying to catch her as she stumbles, is left with the note in one hand and the headphones in the other, screaming for help as Tiffany slumps down as one dead, right onto the floor, a wisp of vapor escaping from between her teeth!






    As the palace guard leaps into action, quickly applying futile CPR, Amfortas notices the keyboard of the half size laptop beginning to smoke! "What was on those headphones?!" Wonders Amfortas. In curious trepidation, Amfortas listens: "Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale..."
    To his horror, Amfortas discovers weird runes and symbols now scrolling on the monitor having come back to life, and slams shut the half size laptop. "Quiet!" demands Amfortas. "Can't you hear it?!" Throughout the castle breaths a deep rumbling gurgle, resonating from arrangements of exquisite brass urns on display throughout in every hallway and chamber.
    "The dweller in the crypt stirs!"
    In the dark gloomy and fetid depths of the catacomb dungeons beneath the Whispering Castle, something living and massive groans and stirs to be free. Throughout the castle, everyone in momentarily stricken by intense migraines, dark thoughts, even copious nose bleeds and bloodshot eyes.
    In another fateful touch of the macabre, the coins, now two of them, have somehow faller over Tiffany's eyes. Only then does Amfortas discover their chilling antiquity: The coinage is from the reign of Voivode of Wallachia, Prince Vlad Drăculea the Third. Suddenly Tiffany bolts to her feet with a great gasp and a startled expression, deftly catching the coins in her hand.










































































    Vampirella arrives in town together with Pendragon.

    In signature scandalous attire yet ever poised and ladylike, Vampirella, ever elegant in her own pale skin, demurely accepts a paper rose from a love-struck street mime while rendezvousing with new friends, exchanging introductions and networking, all the while off handedly chatting up the locals for information.

    Vampirella, the world's most conspicuous detective, epitome of Philip K. Dick's paradoxical unknown celebrity (as a passer by in a propeller beanie remarks), is working the crowd with practiced elan.
































    Vampirella bears witness as a wind rises through the streets, an unruly updraft with a mind of its own, first blowing up skirts, next denuding entirely before spiriting one woman after the next, up into the blue! Vampirella leaps into action to save them as they recede high up into the clouds! But not even Vampirella can be quick enough.




    "What must it be like?" wonders Vampirella "To be ravished by the wind!"
    A cloud of menace hangs over the Whispering Castle. Taking flight in the form of a bat, Vampirella finds the dark and tempestuous skies teaming with the denuded and disappeared!
    Meanwhile, back inside the Whispering Castle, a label printer on the reception desk, suddenly disgorges a shipping sticker which Amfortas, regaining his wits, instantly snatches and slaps onto the still smoking half size laptop, summarily scooping it up onto the mail cart nearby, like the proverbial hot potato. The shipping sticker is addressed to Vampirella in care of the Styx Media offices in town!

    Meanwhile, a strangely cobra cowled enormous boa constrictor, Leong Naja, coils down from the chandelier above, to whisper in the ear of Amphortas, who nodding thoughtfully, orders a lockdown of the castle, and for his children to be sent away to safety. "I shall assemble the retinue for travel, Majesty!" barks the captain of the guard. Just then, Tiffany on the floor, bolt up in to a sitting position, the coins falling off from her eyes, declaring: "No, in secret and incognito! " Replies Ledonh Naga: "Itsy is already long gone. How many time have we already played this out before? Quick get that accursed laptop into the mail and advance the plot!"

    Cut to: Vampirella in bat form, barely misses being blown right into into the face of the clock tower by the violent storm. "Just look at the time!" she squeaks to herself, veering off and landing poolside in human form.





    Cousin Eerie is there, setting up camera equipment, and checking his pocket watches with approval.

    Even amid the increasingly foul weather, Vampirella poses for a swimwear shoot, slipping off her boots variously adjusting the straps on her costume (worn inside out to conceal the bat emblem) and wearing her hair all in different styles, in order to create various new looks on the fly. Vampirella and the photographer, are quick and agile to catch and right the lighting stands as the wind keeps blowing them over.

    Later, as the camera man packs up his gear, making ready to take his leave, Vampirella accepts from him some quick cash, pulling the vial of blood substitute concentrate out from behind her ear and rolling the bills around the vial, before returning it again into her main of tapered raven tresses.




    Cut to: Framed publicity posters on the wall in the dark and empty waiting room of the locked Styx Media offices, touting: 'Vampirella's Cavalcade of Taboo'. A poster of the Amazing Pendragon and his lovely assistant, Vampirella, has recently been thumbtacked onto the inside of the office door. Whereas the walls of the more private back office, are festooned with pictures and blueprints of the Whispering Castle. But oil portraits of Cousins Creepy And Eerie hang in places of honor. A crumpled photo page of the Crypt Keeper is taped over the dart board on the door.   

    No sooner returning to the gloomy Styx Media office suite, boots and jewelry in hand, then a delivery boy, finding the door ajar, enters: "Is Ms. Vampirella here?" "Who wants to know?" answers Vampirella, out from the gloom, disguising her voice, basso profondo. "I have a package delivery. Please take it!" pleads the delivery boy, tremulously.

    Out from the gloom, Vampirella steps into view: "I'm Vampirella." "Nice try, lady." replies the delivery boy, flatly. "Not that you aren't good looking or nuthin'..." Vampirella then realizes that she is still wearing her costume inside out concealing the bat emblem, and with the straps crossed across her belly instead of under her neck, and with her hair combed out over her shoulders concealing her little starched white collar.

    Vampirella then turns discretely to adjust the straps, swapping coverage over her breasts and tossing back her flowing raven tresses to reveal the signature little starched white collar, slips on her jewelry and jumps into her boots.

    But striking a pose draping her hand so as to obscure the absence of the little yellow bat emblem emblem at the plunging crotch of her crimson loin strap, from wearing the outfit inside out, then Vampirella notices the roughness of protruding stubble. "Yuck, five o'clock shadow." mutters Vampirella to herself, quickly dry shaving herself smooth with a flick of her long enamel red razor-sharp nails, in the process revealing a glimpse beneath the scanty coverage: Yes, under the yellow bat emblem, a remaining wisp of pubic hair is shaved, likewise, into the silhouette of a bat!

    Only then does Vampirella turn again, with flourish, presenting herself anew. But the delivery boy remains somewhat confused and conflicted. Quickly, Vamirella runs a drop of the fluid from the vial, onto her hand and over her scalp, willing her disheveled tresses into a flowing tapered main. The delivery boy is then greatly relieved. "Thank Heavens it's you! Sign here." Trembling, the delivery boy proffers the smoking half size laptop with a clipboard and quill for Vampirella to sign for it.

    But the quill is dry, and no ink well has been proffered. Understanding immediately, Vampirella jabs the quill into her own palm, signing in blood. The delivery boy winces apologetically, dutifully presenting Vampirella with a literal invitation on a silver platter. As Pendragon arrives, he is quite pleased to see the silver platter remaining behind on a little flower stand, as the delivery boy, duty done, beats a hasty retreat.










    Cut to: Emmette, Emme, Ette, or: Itsy, now a young school girl sits at her desk in class. Flashing back, Itsy broods upon her shameful terrified helpless violation, encircled by powerful constraining tentacles winding up beneath the little pleated skirt of her school uniform!










    Distracted, queasy and doodling crude and disturbing depictions of Vampirella and tableaus of grasping tentacled attacks, Itsy becomes sick and lets loose with gut wrenching coughing, as, to the consternation of the schoolmarm and the sneering disgust and reprobation of her classmates, a weird grub like mass of squirming tentacles emerges from her body, dropping out from beneath the little pleated skirt of her school uniform, the one that Vampi loved to borrow when she posed for Itsy to draw her.

    How silly Vampi had looked in Itsy's tiny training bra! But who would know? No one believed Itsy, even though everybody knew new Penny, the spider child of Vamirella. But only Itsy actually liked her. Was that the only reason Vampi ever hung out?



    Cut to: a discrete and private space within a larger structure. Weeping and cries of pain and the percussion of the lash, echo from somewhere just beyond. 

    "I have always adored the legend of our order, Adam van Helsing. It holds a special place for me, I can relate." "Indeed?"

    "Sometimes I even dare imagine that my own kind might have been the Imps of our legend. The depth of the Earth are our natural abode, yet my kind like the legendary Imps, find ourselves drawn to the human world under the sky." "But you were pure. I am ashamed to admit that we moral men and women were your corruptors."

    "Nevertheless, Paladin Commander, we are a quick study. We are apt pupils of your human condition. That is our nature innately, so do not be too quick to paint us all as entirely naïve sweet jelly." "I wouldn't dream of it!"




    "For that matter, like the Imps corrupting yet exalting the Matriarch and her Brides of Christ, we too are changeable and androgynous when that amuses us." "I take your thrust!!!" "Thus endeth the lesson: Beware, the enemy is wily and beguiling." admonished the slime mold. "I must return to the Whispering Castle before I am missed." And with that, the slime girl collapses into an amorphous blob, seeping out through the plaster between the stones in the wall. So, why did she bother to dress again, first? The evening gown and high heels lies in a bubbling puddle on the stone floor, the scent of her perfume mixing with that of her own natural mildew. Adam sneezes, violently!










    Just beyond the discrete antechamber, Itsy and several of her classmates are getting caned en mass, lined in a row. Says one to the other: "I don't see why we should suffer for her sake! What have we done?" "Shut up. What has she done in the first place? Hasn't she suffered enough?" "Well, I guess this is better than honor killing." Grumbles another. Interjects an older girl: "The Fisher King is debauched, arrogant, and baits the Nospheratu."



































































    This remark clearly upsets Itsy. The older girl continues:

    "Something must be done. This time, I mean it. Come first light, I'm off to take up vows with the Leather Nuns, if only they'll have me. Then I will be exempt from corporeal punishment."

    "The vows undertaken by initiation into the Order of the Magdalanes Sisters of No Mercy are nothing to be undertaken lightly." Admonishes the Reverend Mother.
















    "Our exemption from chastity and mortification is not meant as an incentive. You'll be honor bound, for life and limb, to heed the call and take up arms against the forces of darkness!"


    "Jeopardy and hardship with purpose, at least, instead of petty suffering with no point. So who's with me?" "Brave talk from pink bottoms!" the on looking Mother Superior of the Leather Nuns mocks them.

    But the Mother Superior's attention is divided, focused also upon the visiting Reverend Mother who leads the Leather Nuns is the ceremonial blessing of their new Paladin Commander, Adam van Helsing.













    "Don't be so quick to exchange your little burdens for an ongoing suicide mission." adds the Reverend Mother "The Mother Superior bestows upon you God's mercy. Discipline is love! You must learn faith and obedience." Cries out Itsy: "Prophesy is nigh: Vampirella the redeemer is coming to penetrate the Whispering Castle and vanquish the Great Perverited Cephalopod! Ow! Ow! Owwww!!!"











    "Stop!" commands the Reverend Mother. And there is an immediate halt in corporeal punishment. "Confession is good for the soul: Truthfully, why are they being so strict with you, girl?" "Second offense at least, as they see it." admits Itsy. "Oh?"








    To the astonished amusement of the Reverend Mother, and the angry embarrassment of the Mother Superior, Itsy, collapsing sprawled out in a daze on the tiled floor of the cathedral, lights up and takes a drag, and coughing violently, tosses aside the but in disgust, and continues her confession:

    "In my own defense, I was a little over excited at the time." Why?" "That nice boy I roofied and smuggled into the dorm had so much trouble with his disguise. He was found out!" "And?" "I think I also got dosed, a little." "Why do you say that?" "I had a wicked crush all along, on that cute biology teacher, and I think got him fired! He does smell nice. And so sincere! I know that I can be impulsive at the best of times." "True, enough." "I broke down and confessed myself to him in class. I think He took it with mixed feelings." "Indeed!"


    "Well, okay, one time I did dye my hair shocking pink. And the rug matched the drapes!"


    "You also stole hormones from the dispensary, in order to increase your bust size, and ended up lactating uncontrollably." "Yes, Ma'am." "You also stole hormones from the dispensary, in order to increase your bust size, and ended up lactating uncontrollably." "Yes, Ma'am." "The rabbit ears where a nice touch." "Animatronic." "But the gropey gloves, really?" "For sensor variable support. -that was the idea..." "Did you have to go braless in the first place?" "My nipples got so sensitive."











    Itsy pauses and continues: "Okay, before you ask, I soon panicked and stole a nun's habit in order run away incognito. But once again, my brilliant disguise quickly fell through." The Reverend Mother smiles: "Still you will implicate no one but yourself. Impressive. So I can only wonder what manner of sin in collusion, that leaves you so adorably excitable. Your past assessment here consistently describe you as frighteningly precocious. We have to wonder about your home life. Because I can't see for the life of me, where you'd imitate and learn any such conduct here in the wholesome environs of a God-fearing environment of our prestigious convent school!"












    The Reverend Mother claps her hands: "Break's over." and corporeal punishment resumes, eliciting fresh breathy whimpering of despair. Then the procession of the the new Paladin Commander begins, leading to the tests that he must endure in order to be worthym and the suffering schoolgirls are brightly enjoined to be heartened to think of themselves as privileged sharing in his sacred tribulations.










































    The Reverend Mother movingly recounts a tale of forbidden romance, of passion and refined letter when they where together, and comfort when they could be together. But such happy tranquility was not to endure, an illusion that would be abruptly shattered.























    Gazing up to the holy relic of their founder upon the wall, the Reverend Mother begins reciting the litany of the origin of their order, a tale of a great love, of her passionate submission to a succubus.



































    It all came apart one day as the nun stumbled upon the Ifrit having her way with the other nuns, and cried out for help. For the nun recognized, with shame and remorse, the face of her lover.

    It was disgusting, and yet compelling to behold. The succubus, irritated with the interruption, ravishes the nun on the spot.

    The nun would later compare the encounter to the rapture of Saint Teresa.

    Which is fairly nunspeak for as to say: You don't always get what you want, but you might just find you get what you need!

    But perhaps no one should ever be called upon to be quite that honest with themselves. But that's magic for you.


















    But to no avail!
    In vivid mystical experience and visions, the nun began to share the tumescent androgeny of the succubus' true nature.

    All she could do was to pray. 









    Then one day she'd had enough!





    And when the nun resolved to cast out the demon, the succubus readily demurred to the Name of the Holy Ghost, and meekly accepted chastisement.


    Sweet and docile, the she-daemon allowed herself to be bound by the authority of Christ.




    The nun thrilled in exaltation, to the quiet sense of control,
    after such protracted and shameful helplessness.


    But soon enough, it was the nun who succumbed.
    The Nun was seduced and smitten with the infernal temptress.



    "I love you so." the ifrit told the num. "I want to take you home to Mother!"



    And soon the nun found herself joining in the most shocking debauchery,
    sporting with the succubae and even sharing in their true androgynous nature.

    But to become one of them, the nun was unready to learn according to their expectations.

    And there were consequences


















    And so, there was penance to be done, by one day setting things right, sending all the fiends loosed, one by one back to Hell, by the founding of their Mystical Order of the Magdalene, Sisters of No Mercy, the Leather Nuns...











    Fade out.



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