The following is part of a proposal. No promises or guarantees are expressed or implied. Only assessments and goals. All statements made here in must stand or fall on their own merits, and are presented to aid in the formulation, for each reader, of an opinion of their own, freely expressible. 

In so far as this document expresses objectives that we are committed to, it still, however, represents no binding commitments to anyone else. Any existent or future contracts and guarantees what so ever are simply not dealt with here in, and are or will be a matter for entirely separate documentation.

In so far as this document constitutes a prediction or prognosis, it is our best effort. But this document is not a promise by anyone to anyone else. Only the prospect in and of it self may be deemed promising. Such is hoped. 


The stages of Production:


Preproduction entails such preparations as research, writing the script, scouting locations, and designing the sets and costumes, as applicable. 

Production means shooting (and/or computer generating) the footage. 

Finally, Postproduction, or: 'Post' for short, consists of Nonlinear Editing, also adding FX, musical score, foley, and so on. In short, creating the finished work.

The emphasis in this proposal has been on CGI (Computer Graphics Imaging), including Computer Animation, CAD (Computer Aided Design), FX (Special Effects), simulation, Digital Artistry, and so on. Even Video Games and VR (Virtual Reality)! 

And the Digital Artist need hardly miss live video, film, or even photographs. But their incorporation, if available, does even more dramatically expand the range of possibilities. And the proposed system will offer complete Postproduction, including nonlinear editing, and FX, for film and video, whatever the source; live action and/or Computer Animation. 

Basic H-8 Near Broadcast Quality Videography capability is already included in the proposed hardware budget. But that cannot provide the full range of live action Content. 


Live action content acquisition strategy: 

The concept here is to barter access to complete Postproduction for the services of fully equipped film and/or video crews and talent, as ever needed or desired. 

Crew is anyone helping to shoot film or video footage, while talent is anyone performing or appearing in front of the camera.

Postproduction being perhaps the single greatest capital expense in independent film and video production, considering that talent and crew, fully equipped, will generally work for equity or for free, just to gain experience and contacts. For the barter of Postproduction to independent producers, it's a sellers market.

The general surmise is that they will tend to be willing shoot what ever we need; and in exchange, gain access to Postproduction for their own projects. And thus, the concept is to not only accrue their services for our own use, free and clear; but  to also to retain part equity in their Media ventures in the bargain. 

Digital video (video which comes in the form of computer data) and/or computer generated sequences and/or film and/or conventional analog video, that must first be digitized (converited or translated into an appropriate form of computer data), are then edited (arranged and strung together into sequential composition) using a computer system.

There are even dedicated lap top computers for digital video editing, that could be lent out to the independent producers supplying the desired live action content for the needs of the venture. 

Once the preliminary editing of the independent feature is accomplished on the portable digital editor, the identical editing can be carried out at full resolution, by automation, on a Super Computer, prior to further processing, including the musical score, folly and FX


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