Welcome! Let us share: I express unto you my candid exasperation. For you have gravitated unto the black hole of the lost on FoolQuest.com! And what, pray tell, does this say about you?! I am greatly disappointed!! Verily, who so finds themselves disoriented in site navigation unerringly arrives here to become either gravely offended or vastly confused. (Or both, which at least given awareness thereof -by logically obvious reciprocal exclusion- should not actually be possible.) Unless, of course, there is anything else that is even less ostensibly pertinent to their search and the more confusing or some other content of which they would disapprove of even more vehemently. How? It's a mystery! But I'm entirely sure it's all my fault. File a detailed trouble report!

Now then, for anyone who still cares at all, grock the following definitive context note:
This is a gallery of the quite probably misleading and entirely gratuitous cheesiest of cheesecake "space babe" photo manipulation character sketches in the most rarified purest drooling perpetually nerdy adolescent outaku fanboy tradition, for the fanfic "virtual series" concept: 'Star Trek: The Ship of Fools.'

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So now you know. And I can accept no further responsibility. So consider yourself warned. Either be guided by your own puerile curiosity, harmonize with your inner drooling perpetually nerdy adolescent outaku fanboy and enjoy, or else hurry! -bail out and save yourself NOW!