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The vortex has deposited us onto a world of shared imagination! 


Where we find ourselves participating in a Science Fiction writing workshop, pitching various 'SLIDERS' fanfic premi. Perhaps this even reminds us of somewhere we have been before... 

Collaboration on fiction writing Online is growing as a popular pass time. There are many different forums and formats. And the techniques of brainstorming have even been applied, though often subject to some unfortunate distortion. 

But if we're game, let's give it another try...  



Recalling the phenomenal response to the Sci-Fi Channel SLIDE-IT-YOURSELF contest, on the Dominion BBoard, that makes a hard act to follow. Not to mention a distinct cautionary, considering that they also managed to rather thoroughly piss off so many of us! 

But this is expected to be a small gathering -at least at first. An intimate soirée. Thus, let us not stand upon ceremony, at least for the moment. No need for the distinct separate "stages" on any schedule as we may recall from SIY. Although, beginning with short pitches was fun and even productive.  

The singular characteristics of 'SLIDERS' for television where in that it was character driven rather than plot driven, and that it dealt with the wild premise of probability worlds. 

The best advice on writing 'SLIDERS', with it's unique concept, is that what makes best subject matter for 'SLIDERS' is whatever can only be done on 'SLIDERS', and cannot easily be rewritten for any other more conventional TV show. Too bad they didn't always stick to their own good advice! 

The idea of SIY was to reduce episode ideas to short catchy blurbs, if at all possible or appropriate. But, as your moderator, I am taking the liberty of  revising this customary approach to writing for TV to better suite 'SLIDERS': 

Instead, let us allow for two separate log-lines for each episode concept, subplot, throw away concept or premise of whatever sort. One, as is standard, for the plotline. And, additionally, a separate one for the back story, the concept of the alternate history or society and so forth. Then we can even mix and match! 

As we go, pitches of a similar theme will be grouped together, and the posting boards expanded to accommodate. From thence more complete story lines can be fleshed out. 

The idea is for us each to freely add and build upon one another's ideas. To make variations and combinations, change them and twist them around. 

Also reasoned critique, attack and defense of ideas, tear them apart and find fault, and then advice offered to see if story weakness can be improved. Open and brutal candor, but no personal attack, whining or flaming!

This is a forum of free speech and thought. 

No one can be compelled to create outside of whatever their own personal comfort zone. However, restriction of anyone in the name of or the sake of the sensibilities or convenience of anyone else, is a separate question entirely, demanding no small degree of care. 

As ever desired, all may browse the FAQ for further exposition of the purpose of the moderator, in steering clear of actual censorship, even while thwarting willful acrimony should ever such arise. No matter inevitable personality conflict. Also in height and breadth, the full range and scope of fiction writing subject matter and technique. Lively discussion and debate all of which is certainly encouraged. 



Just jump right in! 

I've even written up some notions myself, just to help get the ball rolling. 

Respond to whatever you find hosted on this website of submitted to these forums, that may catch your imagination, and/or go right ahead and post your own. Start at any time. 

Or, for anyone who feels any need of further preparation, there are the following additional resources provided: 




Additional Resources: 

Look back (in wonder or in anger?) upon the original SLIDE-IT-YOURSELF.  

Research the known previous fan follow ups


To learn more about brainstorming, collaboration and fiction writing technique, browse extensive FAQ

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