To whom is targeted? Who has proven most receptive?

While it is true that in order to bring about change, it may often be important to sway the moderates and not to shock or otherwise upset them unduly, such is not the principle concern of this website. In the various topics treated, the primary hardcore interest of remains consistent, less concerned in swaying moderates than in the cultivation of new things in the interest of the one way or another hitherto unrepresented.

The  major categories of subject matter on are proposals in entrepreneurship and also grass roots political Activism for development and implementation and fiction writing simply for it's own sake. And the goal has been to draw others to become involved.

(The other two categories are generally helpful straightforward writings in the Philosophy of Science and general pointlessly bandhogging arbitrarily self indulgent Photoshop kludged Java/DHTML eye-candy.)

As to the various entrepreneurial and grass roots Activist political project proposals in their hypothetical nature, apparently these have best fit the expectations of MBA types, among others, who can relate to these texts as preliminaries in identifying opportunities and defining agenda. And by "MBA types", is meant the mindset, not degreed MBAs exclusively, but also MBA students, lobbyists, and also whosoever equivalently self taught or life experienced. Although, recruitment of whatever all other needed skill sets and expertise is no less a crucial priority.

All too often there are just those who are initially tempted by the prospect of entrepreneurship, but then lack the risk tolerance for anything more daring than studies for good grades and a degree and/or standard employment with a reliable paycheck from the start. A major problem is that many who post online about their various world changing big ideas, cling to unrealistic expectations and unproductive half-assed modes of interaction. Indeed, anyone who's serious understands that, alas, I've barely scratched the surface. And serious people do not consider such prospects lightly, tend to be very busy already, and are the hardest contacts to establish, the most difficult to recruit. But those who lack seriousness either pay very little real attention or else complain bitterly, actually feeling overwhelmed by the exposition presented on, either way, with no sense of the probable scope of the proposed undertakings, the difficulties confronted in the real world, the effort likely involved and the many complex details.

And as for the CliqueBusters TM  page in specific, while also serving as polemic against obscurantism and apologism and to help raise public consciousness regarding such progress as has been made by the anti-bullying movement in general in at all coming to grips with the oft ignored yet pandemic menace of bullying, the primary outreach is for anyone genuinely exasperated enough to go beyond all of that and at all seriously consider a modest proposal in guerilla social engineering! And such will never please the squeamish, either.

Lastly, the fiction writing section of was conceived to fill a gap, to create something that I have not been able to ferret out anywhere else Online at all. Writers' groups Online as Offline, can be evaluated by the quality and utility of the feedback they provide, and generally can be divided, sharply, into those active in serious critique, cliquish personality cults centered upon collective adoration of any howsoever at all professional writer they could recruit to the purpose, and for all intents and purposes pointless support groups for empty encouragement, that are neither serious nor critical, only a disappointing waste of time. But writing collaboration endeavors Online are another matter. Many are just abysmally amateur and autocratically repressive, even downright prudish, while the better ones are less about truly writing together than one way or another simply taking turns in contributing to a common work or cannon according to whatever sort of experimental structure, one way or another. However, what is offered only here on, is the opportunity at free wheeling brainstorming and true serious close collaboration together in fiction writing on various open common projects.

And that is why the comprehensive resources provided on, both hosted Onsite and linked Offsite, cover not only fiction writing in specific, but collaboration, creativity and decision making in general, omni-purpose.


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