Believe it or not, on more than one occasion, I have actually been obliged to add to my pages the instruction to scroll down! (Please begin scrolling now, as you read...)

Said instruction has been included on my pages for the benefit of of site visitors who could not find the various web content promised by the logo or introductory paragraph even as positioned directly beneath said logo or introductory paragraph!

On one occasion, for one of my pages, I just gave up entirely, and added to the frame a handy little script that scrolls the page automatically!

Now, if scrolling down the page makes for a daunting mental gymnastic, then clicking the links provided for further information on different topics as they arise, makes for just an unreasonably obtuse expectation on my part! That is why, on my pages, please note that instruction as well, to click the links provided for further pertinent information at each point, likewise, is made explicit, just to avoid any possible confusion.

nevertheless, and amazingly, it can occasion that a site visitor who still fails to understand any part of what is writ, nevertheless manages, unerringly, to home in on whatever unspecified content, from among all the different materials provided, that will then, none the less, give them offence somehow.

Choleric propensity of this nature perhaps suggest that criticism of some kind and on whatever subject, when volunteered, can at least be recognizable as such by others so that they may then take resentment to it.

Or, an alternative hypothesis is that vague hostile response in this manner may be indicative, at least, that the pictures on this site, if nothing else, can be located and viewed, even by non readers. But not, alas, that art, good or bad, is ever fated to be understood or accepted any better than text.

Then again, others have read in such disparagements as that had never even occurred to me!

In any case, if there are any other problems in navigation or ambiguities in the content, please be explicit that I might remedy forthwith, to the best of my ability.

For the purpose of such communication or any other, one can email me at at any time by clicking on the email link that says Or by clicking on various funky little animated email icons through out this site. Or else, if your email client is not properly configured to your browser, by highlighting, cutting and then pasting "" (without the quotation marks) into the address dialogue in your email client or webmail. Press the right click button on your mouse to access a roll-over menu including the copy and paste functions.


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