Backstory, Freud World:
The defining point of historical divergence came when Martin Buber arranged funding for a troubled young Adolph Hitler's Psychiatric treatment by the controversial Dr. Sigmund Freud. But, as it came to pass, Hitler the respected architect was brutally gunned down by a deranged fanatic while orating passionately before enwrapped throngs, against the unspeakable horrors and societal consequences of child abuse, in his opening address at the public inauguration of his brand new Civic Center for the Vienna Circle.

Thus gaining a martyr, and by challenging taboo and confronting such deep seated motives for murder on any scale, this world averited a second world war, and the Vienna Circle succeeded in reshaping society.

Backstory, Polynesian America:
To accomplish their lofty aims, the friends of the Vienna Circle may also have embarked upon an ambitious agenda to instigate nothing less than Polynesian Cultural Imperialism.