The pitch to you!


Q. “You don’t understand my problem” 

A. Perhaps I will understand your problems after you tell me about them.

Q. “How do I know you’re qualified?” 

A. Those who come to know me appreciate my intelligence and care.

Q. “I don’t believe you” 

A. Do I make so many remarkable or surprising claims? 

Q. “I don’t need it right now”

A. If you are like most people, unimportant things are stealing your life. So, what is truly important to you, and how long can it wait?

Q. “It won’t work for me” 

A. It is hoped that interaction and participation will work immediately, in so far as offering each of a challenging outlet for each our talents among peers, something that so many creative people yearn for.
Q. “What happens if I don’t like it?” 

A. Nothing so terrible, so far as I can see.

Q. “I can’t afford it.”

A. But I'm not asking you for any money! It's only our time and effort we'll need to consider, and that, of course, is a serious matter.

Even accepting that one won't get rich quick and easy, there would be great peace of mind in at all setting foot on the right path, steering clear of sheer drudgery and diversion and coming to grips with stumbling blocks. To be appreciated by creative peers, fun putting free time to best use, to build connections that will make a difference. 



WARNING: DON’T EVEN THINK OF COLLABORATION IN ANYTHING AT WITH ANYONE EVER AT ALL UNTIL YOU LEARN THE REAL UNSTATED EXPECTATIONS, THE ACTUAL COST OF GETTING ALONG WITH YOUR PARTNERS. Will the experience be honest, reasonable, congenial and efficient, or just stupid, slippery, oppressive and purpose defeating? 

Losing your money to people who are exploitative or simply wasting your time with people who are not serious can be a long drawn out and crushing ordeal. The hoped for solution is to bond with others who demonstrate genuine interest and persistence and then work together in prospecting for Venture Capital from successful investors. That should be our purpose. If that strikes you as worthy, then read on!



Unless one has had the good fortune to be included in life, unless one compromises whatever it takes to get along, is ruggedly self reliant or willing to make do, how else have small groups ever assembled to make any real difference for themselves and the world?

Here at you'll find a range of appealing project entrepreneurial and civics proposals to become involved with, or else perhaps even a showcase for your own. And there are extensive resources for creativity and decision making, plus common projects in fiction writing, just as a fun hobby. And more! All free!

Guaranteed not to waste your time if you don't waste mine! The sooner we begin, the sooner we may hope for results. You can join right in by posting to the forums or contact me by email. The longer you delay, the longer you may continue to struggle with imbeciles, cast your pearls before swine and watch opportunity pass by out of reach!


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