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In the Crypt of Depravity
Copyright 2013 - 2017 Aaron Agassi


























"I was so bored" complains Penny, "but now I'm not" as Tiffany, the reluctant courier, makes ready to surrender the package to an uncharacteristically gentle Biker Bitch who murmurs: "This is going to take some help."


















Penny stands by gaping in sheer amazement. "But I'm a good girl!!" weeps Tiffany, biting down on her gag. "I know, sweetie" answers the lab supervisor, extracting and cleaning a transparent Lucite dildo. Before their very eyes, the dark liquid inside, agitated so, slowly turns sparkling clear.


"I'm sure that is why the sacred lingam fought so hard to stay with you," muses the slime nurse, piously. "But now we must make do with amy more prosaic hiding place."

"Ma'am," interjects the naughty nurses breathlessly: "shall we log this under hygiene?" "I'll leave that in your capable hands." -words already filling the supervisor with trepidation when she sees how they all smirk. 








When she returns, the supervisor discovers much to her chagrin, that what had begun as a dispute over hygiene had expanded into a wider gynecological controversy. When the lab supervisor finds what the nursing staff has gotten into, she is reluctant to admit that she feels herself losing authority. She is also of half a mind of just giving up and joining in! But not in front of Penny."You understand" she grumbles "that a legitimate scientific experiment, takes more than hooking up a bunch of expensive equipment. Where are the control groups?"










But no, the only thing to do, as the supervisor realizes, is to swallow her pride and reach out for help in restoring order before the Lord of the Manor returns. No sooner so resolved in the mind of the supervisor, then to Tiffany's astonishment, Biker Bitch, fuming and irate, has made herself otherwise barely recognizable! "Hey!" protests Tiffany, "Have you been raiding my wardrobe?!"

Biker Bitch now in her guise as the senior housekeeper, tasks one of the house maids to assist in disciplining the naughty nurses. She is Tiffany's shy and terrified companion from the trunk of the police car, now having entered into the spirit of things with such gusto.

"Incidentally," reveals Biker Bitch to the lab supervisor, "That's not Spiderella." "No, it's just me! But don't I look all so grown up?" "Itsy!" exclaims the senior lab supervisor, quickly correcting herself: "-your Highness..." "And that's not Tiffany." "Spiderella!!" exclaims the lab supervisor, in horror, as Spiderella morphs out of her form as Tiffany, still naked, breaking her bonds, deftly stripping one of the nurses being spanked and slipping into her uniform. Spiderella looks to Biker Bitch: "Tiffany is always on. And she only cultivate drama to make her act more suspenseful. She never really liked all of your rough stuff. But the king gets so needy for it, and I was curious." "Put yourself at Vampirella's mercy, if you really want to know." retorts Biker Bitch. "Ironic notion, considering circumstances..." muses Spiderella.






































Meabwhile, as Vampirella helpless in bondage, approaches, descending with her captors through the labyrinth of the dungeon catacombs, Amfortas approaches just ahead of her, leading by the tether, a fetching brace of terrified struggling housemaids to be broken in on their first day, bound and gagged, into the vast and seamlessly gleaming examination chamber, to be stripped and probed by a cadre of strict yet naughty nurses. - now themselves properly chastened...















The whimpering captives begin to fall silent, as their attention becomes riveted upon the conversation in an adjacent cell:

"I know that we have no hope of ever seeing the light of day. When I dream, I know that the Fisher King too dreams. Vampirella is coming. And Amfortas is fascinated with her unholy thirst!"


From beneath the massive gratings, the horrid frustrated gurgling roar of the monstrous dweller deep in the catacombs, still rumbles through the castle, resonating through the urns, as Vampirella, strapped into one of the MimicMan TM exoframes, joints locked and immobilized, with modular wheels configured to the ankles forming a hand truck and restraints, finds herself thrown into the dungeon at the very feet of Amfortas releasing his pent up excitement upon the housemaid chained from wrought iron chandelier beneath the projected sky of a reflective planetarium dome.



































Explicit penetration all as from Vampirella's own voyeuristic POV as captive audience. Vampirella observes Afortas slipping into a strange shuddering and bloated spasm, a distinct momentary seizure, as he finally lets loose. Afortas stays up on his feet by dint of sheer stubborn pride. With a swift and sharp parting slap to her sweaty buttocks, Anfortas zips up his fly, as the housemaid hangs limp and spent from her chains, stroked and cradled by the other two girls. To the palpable self-satisfaction of Amfortas, the shackled housemaid cannot escape the fascination of her own reflection in the huge concave mirror that forms the chamber floor beneath them.




Knowing that Amfortas, thrusting deep and charged with anticipation, would likely find himself too keyed up to reach climax, the two girls from the livery, seen earlier, stand at the ready, licking their clever tongues. They listen for their master's grunt of frustration, for tender intervention and ministration.




Amfortas, fully aware of her dangerous powers, gloats over Vampirella, his captive. The MimicMan TM unit in which Vampirella is helplessly bound, is variably arranged in order to readily shift helpless and captive Vampirella from one compromising position to another at will, with Leong Naja slithering over her body, coiling himself about her shapely and supple form.
For the MimicMan TM in which Vampirella finds herself restrained, is a special custom model, not only variable in range of movement and resistance, but sturdier with extreme torque countering Vampirella's superhuman srength. Additionally, the restraints at wrists, ankles and neck, are connected into spring loaded reels, adding further torque and  denying Vampirlla all leverage. They grind and rattle loudly, as Vampirella writhes, strains and struggles. But lustful Amfortas turns and repositions raging Vampirella, suspended, with greatest ease, like posing a life size doll or mannequin for his own entertainment, trembling as he touches her, pale skin slick with the sheen of perspiration and condensation.







    High drama quickly escalates into In-Yer-Face: Gloating, Amfortas warns Vampirella how shape shifting into a little bat will only tear her apart in her bonds. Grabbing a pair of dental calipers from a tray of instruments proffered to him.
    Amfortas jams them between Vampirelaa's ruby lips, eagerly examining Vampirella's pointy vampire fangs with his probing tongue!
    One of the curvaceous naughty nurses is Penny. They each brandish a fresh hypodermic. Pennu comes forward. But is the needle for Vampirella or for Amfortas himself?

    Groping and manhandling her, Amphotas demands of Vampirella to bring him across, to make him a vampire. -his only desperate hope of survival, as his condition is terminal, and time is running out. "Dying from what? Terminal satyriasis?" demands Vampirella, coldly."
    "I know you saw what happens to me. Oh, don't be too sorry for that stupid wench you found chained up to my bedpost. She damn near killed me! And God help me if they ever unionize. I heat up suddenly, quickly and easily, and sicken unless I get immediate satisfaction. For me, blue balls are life threatening.
    "But with age, climax becomes ever more difficult to reach, requiring ever more imaginative stimulation, because of my growing dread of the worsening seizures which accompany ejaculation. The end is near. My time is running out. I must transcend death. I am ready to rise again as a vampire!"
    "You're enough of a vampire already!" retorts Vampirella "-And as much of one as you will ever be."
    And yet Vampirella's anger is eclipsed by astonishment: "What, don't you people have cryostasis? No once living thing can return from moldering rot into the soil.




    "Welcome once again, to 'Vamirella's Cavalcade of Taboo'." "Hey, am I still getting residuals for... ?" wonders Vampirella, straining in the sinewy coils of Leong Naja. The video fast forwards: "Death and funerary practices... (fast forward) macabre? (fast forward) ...graveyard, burial at sea, cremation... (fast forward) ...ashes launched into outer space... (fast forward) ...fed to the vultures... (fast forward) ...Plastination ...(fast forward)  ...Plastination ...(fast forward) ...Plastination ...(fast forward) we explore the seamy underbelly of organ donation... (fast forward) ...the weird underground of Cryonics... (fast forward) ... the same question applies: How dead is dead enough? ...(fast forward) ...






























    "Surprisingly, what our focus group discovered was that average people, approving of organ donation while remaining hesitant themselves to sign up as donors, and also squeamish about Cryonics, then arrived at distinctly positive feeling about the proposal of Cryonic Neurosuspension (freezing of the head only) as an optional and well deserved incentive reward for donors. The proposed plan overcomes market obstacles not only of expense and logistics, but perhaps more importantly of perceived selfishness, of survivor guilt. Organ donation and cryonics, each more toxic than the next, that is in terms of Public Relations. And yet, together they become somehow palatable, even inspiring..." 

    "Bah humbug, Vampirella." declares Amfortas. "What a crock! Your kind has indeed long ago transcended death. But you withhold the secret for yourselves, and leave mere mortals to our own devices!" "Devices, indeed!" Vampirella strains in bondage. Vampirella, gasping for breath in the writhing coils of Leong Naja, struggles to explain to Amfortas that she cannot turn him into a vampire, because the undead are a myth, and the supernatural a waste of precious time and resources. Vampirella even offers to advise Amfortas in advanced extraterrestrial medical science and technology.

    But Amfortas refuses to believe Vampirella at all. Leong Naja, coiling about Vampirella, begins probing Vampirella's mind. Leong Naja whispers to Amfortas: "I still can't get though, boss. I think she might believe all that she says!"





    As the drugs slowly deepen in their effect upon Vampirella, Amfortas leans close: "What if I share my secret with you first? -My own quest for the medical secrets of indefinite longevity... I discovered oozing from these very walls an unusual versatile protoplasm, and I worked to enhance its qualities, until I successfully duplicated Rossum's work, and Pygmalion-like, shaped it like dough, into a human form, an adorable comely wench.







    "So one day on a whim, I gave her a poke. Well, at first, like a good girl, she was perfectly appalled!




    But soon she grew to like it so much, that she began attacking my house keeping staff.

    She had begun the evolution of licentious tentacles by the time I was forced to drive her back into the stonework, until she was ready to behave. After that, life became more complicated." "Fool!" rebukes Vampirella. "That slime is the ichors of the Crypt Dweller!" "Yes, and it's in your intravenous drip!"












    "Vampirella still resistssss...' complains Leong Naja, sibilantly.

    "Not for long." replies Amfortas. "And I know just how to pass the time!"


    And with great flourish, Amfortas pulls out a coffee table volume of photography, and flips out the images from within onto an impressive array of large flat screens.









    "Actually, I have enjoyed your work, Vampirella." But Vampirella only stares blankly. The picture on the flyleaf, is clearly of Vampirella herself, and yet utterly unfamiliar to her in any recollection of setting, attire or prior events. "Brief us, Leong Naja" commands Amfortas in exasperation. And clearing his throat, Leong Naja obliges:

    Cut to:

    Flashback montage, Leong Naja v. o.:

         "For all of her regal and practiced coyness of blithe ladylike ingénue and impeccable poise, nevertheless in truth Vampirella just has to be something of an exhibitionist. Consider Vampirella's brief but notable career in photography, nude, not as a model but as the photographer.




    Vampirella specialized in capturing the most fleeting of reactions. But Vampirella soon abandoned photography because the still image could never do justice to all that her keen senses revealed to her about the body, time and passion. For candid photography on location, as a paparazzi Vampirella came to rely upon her wits, invention and ever shorter skirts, flashing at lot more than her handy strobe attachment.
                        "'Cause pussy's gotta breath!"








    On the giant plasma screens, the slideshow of Vampirella's own photographs, publication and exhibits, gives way to surveillance upon Vampirella herself, at work ."You can always plan what and whom you will be watching and when," observes Penny, nurse succubus, "but you can never be sure who's watching back!"










    "In truth, however," Leong Nasja continues, "the entire perfectly insane charade was a brazen sensationalistic put-on contrived as a cover story, a ruse for hunting the minions of Dracula who had learned to shield their minds from Vampirella's innate proximity detection, much as they knew to mask the graveyard molder with a range of overpowering popular colognes and body wash. The glimpse and the scent of clean shaven freshly douched hot wet and sticky, excited the licentious bloodthirsty fiends into dropping their guard to Vampirella." 

    Crouching and shooting, Vampirella in a range of disguises, stalking her prey, indulges in a pointy toothed grin at the glimpse of the wolf in the fold, the predator becoming prey.

    For to Vamipirella, exposed in her viewfinder, is the slinking predator amid his unwarry prey, eyes fleetingly dilated in blood crimson!


    A scene from 'Liquid Sky' plays on a monitor in the window of the comix shop nearby: "I kill with my cunt. This pussy has teeth!"

    Cut to: In an ally way, the intended victim of the vampire screams in terror, witnessing as Vampirella, having pinned the vampire helplessly down on the asphalt, legs kicking, the wrists of his flailing arms in either hand, her legs over his chest, his head in a vice like grip between her thighs with his face up her micro-miniskirt.

    Straightening her knees, Vampirella literally rips his head off from his neck! Vampirella takes immense satisfaction in the ensuing shower of fetid gore! Sensing the other terrified lurking vampires watching, Vampirella then actually shits down his neck! And the expression is clearly heart felt. The intended victim of the vampire, flees in stark terror at the sight of Vampirella in feral rage all covered in blood and shit.

    Cut back to the the present im the dungeon catacombs, Leong Naja still briefing Amfortas:






    Leong Naja continues: "Clearly, here was the fallout of some intense and lethal sexual betrayal. It was as though some intimation of the impact of what Dracula had in store for Vampirella had affected her retroactively: Vampirella was a killer bitch in heat! But her prey wised up and the tactic stopped working. Eventually, rage finally gave way to grief, the relief of tears, and the vulnerability exploited by Dracula, to finally get the drop on Vampirella, subjecting her to the so-called Vampire Nation's own version of MK-Ultra, replete with deranging exposure to pages from the Necronomicon and sensitization to the maddening psychic broadcasts of the Dark Ones to their misanthropic cultists. Her mind in shambles, Vampirella escaped, seeking refuge in yet another preposterous alter ego, in a scenario exploited by Dracula to extract from Vampirella unwitting collaboration in at long last solving the arcane conundrums that increasingly obsessed his malignant intellect, until Dracula, in his monumental caprice and vanity, quite simply tired of the charade and triggered Vampirella to return to herself."




    "Most inventive, if somewhat lurid." remarks Vampirella. "I bet you can top me" parries Amfortas, dryly. As the toxins course through her, Vampirella's trance deepens: "Is this memory or pure suggestion?" she wonders. "You must tell me!" urges Amfortas. And Vampirella complies:

    "The minions of Dracula have me on the run. I sense them in the crowds, but I cannot pick them out. In the window of some dingy little store, there is little short cropped blond wig. I dash through the store unseen, taking the wig. I crash a house party where I swap cloths with a drunk girl. She and her friends even help me get into the little wig. Meanwhile the minions of Dracula arrive with a beer keg. That is how they got themselves invited in. I was cornered, just wishing I didn't exist. For the first time, I hid my mind from them!

    "I grabbed a big clunky old box camera from a young man taking pictures, in order to conceal my face with it. The minions of Dracula would be momentarily confused by the woman wearing my attire.

    "She was about my height and build, with long dark hair. And in all the commotion, I never slipped on her superfluous undergarments. I could barely contain... my terror. I left a brown stripe on the upholstery.

    "In a moment of raw survival inspiration, I reached in between my legs and touched myself. Then I opened wide, grinding salaciously, my sharp scent wafting through the air. They dropped their mental guard and I spotted them before they identified my scent.

    Then with the advantage of surprise, I turned the tables! Now do you understand who you trifle with?








    "I pursued and killed one of them in the john of a sleazy dive. And that excited me! So I continued hunting them in the ally way in back, where we all encountered Adam who had been tracking me. I tore off their heads and shat down their necks! But you know that already."

    "I want to know everything, Vampi my dear." prompts Amfortas. "You're so interested in me!" replies Vampirella, sweetly stoned. Then she weeps, bawling like a babe. "What's the matter, little girl?" oils Leong Naja, sibilantly. "I get so homesick! But that's none of your business!"








    Vampiella's blood thirst grows ever more keen grown as the the night wears on. Worse, festering black marks swell on Vampirella's arms and legs. Nurse succubus grins wickedly, administering an injection. The holographic nurse, ever perky, warns of the patients increasingly erratic vitals. But Vampirella struggles to keep her wits. So Leong Naja bites her inner thigh! As things begin getting hazy, sensor lights in the restraining MimicMan TM neck brace begin flashing, the impressive array of giant monitors comes to life, and the holographic scenes from Vampirella's mind, of the women of her lost home world, finally begin to coalesce in a nimbus of light above her, pale, shapely and writhing, snarling and thrashing for escape from her devious restraints. 






  • Vamprella herself is seen attired in weird peek-a-boo armor and spikes, standing out even amid all of the wild future forward fashion of the populace. In the lengthening hours, tension growing, the shrieks and roars of the unseen creature of the catacombs rumble through the dungeon, from the vast, dark and dank mist enshrouded pit. Leong Naja, frightened, tightens his coils about Vampirella.


















    "What can you remember now, Vampirella?" demands Amfortas. In her thoughts displayed holographically, Vampirella and her people are bat winged and capable of flight. Their wings somehow fold snugly against their backs when not extended for flight.
    They live in futuristic cities located in vast caverns, opening out onto vast deep, dark unspoiled woodlands, whence flows a lazy winding river of crimson.
    The Vampyri, living and loving idyllically, bathe and slake their thirst from the winding copiously red river, becoming intoxicated and inspired to new heights of art, science and engineering!
    "Cam it be? Is that the Styx?" wonders Amfortas, agog in wonder. "Is this Hades?" "When Odysseus journeyed to the Underworld, the shade of his mother needed blood, in order to be able to speak to him." remarks sagacious Leong Naja. "But in a river coursing with blood, the shades are positively loquacious! They are become eudemon to the demons! One might not entirely fear such an eternity."
    Vampirella relates to Amfortas her escape from the privation and violent disintegration of all social order on the dying planet Drakulon.
    Drakulon under the twin suns Satyr and Circe, Drakulon, a world scorched by the variable star Satyr, Drakulon where the life sustaining river of blood has run dry, by commandeering the space craft of hostile invaders from Earth in order to escape the death of her world and find safety on Earth.
    When Vampirella attempts recognizance in the form of a bat, one of them shoots at Vampirella. To their astonishment, the bat transforms into a woman. In the skirmish that ensues, Vampirella drains and kills them all.
    But Amfortas scoffs and pokes scientific holes in her story. Assuming Draculon orbits Proxima, 4.22 light years away, the closest stellar neighbor to Sol and the Earth in orbit, Amfortas works out the shortest travel time there and back, would require a space expedition from Earth initiated by cave men using technology still unknown on Earth even today!
    And that would be from the nearest star, Proxima, never mind the nearest double star, let alone one of the pair being variable. Vampirella is dumfounded, but the drugs take ever deeper effect, and interrogation intensifies. As Vampirella recalls Draculon, the mountains are shrouded in mist, and the twin sun are discernible in a hazy sky. But nurse succubus gives Vampirella another injection, and as the mists begin clearing, the mountains begin sloping ever upward. There is no horizon! And the twin suns shine at the center of an inside out world surrounding them! - twin suns then totally eclipsed by twin moons!
    With the glare abated, the gleaming spacecraft from Earth also becomes better discernable. It is a tilt wing cargo plane standing on a makeshift landing field! On board, Vampirella finds wreaths of garlic, bottles of holly water and bundles of wooden stakes. In the cockpit, Vampirella discovers the vectors of their flight path plotted on a graph. Reversing the direction of the flight path, Vampirella resolves to trace their point of origin. But Vampirella's flight takes her over a strange canyon formation, where a vortex seizes the plane inexorably downward, disgorging it into the stormy skies over Antarctica, where the plane, out of fuel, crash lands, and Vampirella is rescued.
    "Liar!" shouts Amfortas. "Scheming daughter of false penitent Lilith, next you'll be feeding me bullshit about Grey Aliens and Moon Nazis! You are delirious with hunger. Yet you reject me. Am I truly so unappetizing? Bite me like you hate me!" 
    Amfortas, who had clearly been expecting her, next reveals that he knows how Vampirella, under cover of her travelling magic act with Pendragon, has come following the trail of clues across the world, from highly guarded secret laboratories, remote assassins' strongholds and lost sunken ruins, all in quest of the Holy Grail. - a hopeless fool's errand. Indeed, Amfortas himself has long scoured the castles in order to find the Grail, and together with Leong Naja, searched every nook and cranny in vain for so much any another clue. Vampirella privately observes how even this vast darkest pit is festoons with arrangements on display, of those brass urns in different sizes. Says Vampirella, enigmatically: "Any problem benefits from a fresh set of eyes. The Holy Grail might be right under our noses!"

    Insert edit montage:

    Flashback: Tiffany, holding a chalk and naked except for a lab coat, struggles with equations on a black board. A beautiful deep red nailed manicured hand, slips into view, likewise holding a chalk, much to Tiffany's surprise and delight, to correct her equations. Finally she turns: It is Vampirella, also sporting an open labcoat. The shoulder seem of the sleeve is a little torn. The security guards are all sprawled across the floor.

















    In the imaginative mind's eye of Amfortas, Vampirella slices open her own chest with her razor fingernails alone, expands open her own rib cage with her own bare hands, all in order to wrest out and cavalierly discard her own literally black and shriveled heart!
    Then, in a single precise strike of her hand and long manicured deep red nails, Vampirella easily plucks out the still beating heart from a horrified passerby, a Falun Gong handing out protest leaflets against executions and organ harvesting in China. Without missing a beat, Vamparella then deftly operates upon herself with needle and suture, by touch alone, to transplant and receive the still beating heart of her victim!
    Afterwards, Vampirella, all closed up again with suture, contemplates a pair of silicone implant bags, one in each hand.
    Cut back to reality in the present, as: Vampirella bursts out in broken laughter of desperation and incredulity, cursing the barking madness of Amfortas! Even Leong Naja seems embarrassed! Vampirella pleads and insists that she is no mythical undead, there are none, and that she has no power to transform him into one, only to kill if she doesn't get free to restock on her concentrated blood substitute immediately!


    "Very well" declares Amfortas, releasing the straps of MimicMan  TM. "Hurry off and feed if you can." But Vampirella, drugged and envenomed, finds herself limp with paralysis. "But we serve meat here, not red tinted powdered tofu. Isn't she a tasty morsel, Leong Naja? Vampirella, you must either feed or become food."
    Carefully retracting his venomous cobra fangs as he uncoils from Vampirella. Weakly, Vampirella manages to sit up before Leong Naja. Leong Naja summarily begins boa constrictor-like ingestion of Vampirella whole, in slowly undulating wave like crushing contractions with every bite, drawing Vampirella, feet first, ever further down the length of his serpentine gullet, while Amfortas deftly removes Vampirella's bracelets.
    "I can safely state that you really are *ahem* one tough broad, Vampirella! But this just isn't going very well for you at this point, and no one would blame you for conceding while you still can."
    Meanwhile, on the surface, the Leather Nuns have arrived in force!







































    Meanwhile, at this point Leong Naja, still at work engorging himself upon Vampirella whole, still laboriously slithers to rear his strangely cobra cowled countenance for a mouthful word in the ear of Amfortas: "She dresses with the understated elegance of a stripper and comports herself with all the poise of Jackie Onassis or Princess Grace, blithely unmindful of any impropriety."

    And to drive home the point, a monitor plays back surveillance footage of Vampirella gracefully and unselfconciously strolling Les Avenue des Champs-Élysées, breathing in the scent as though the very fragrance of ambrosia, from a single long stem rose, ever so graciously accepted from the hand of a besmitten mime.
    "But somehow I don't think she's livin' on the spectrum. Maybe she really is a space alien, with none of our own long honored traditional limitations for keeping the supernatural in check. And a deadly extraterrestrial life form at that. Because, oh yah, what's more, even with that rockin'n bod, no one stares at her tits, no one dares! -Except for you, Boss, because really you do take it with even half the relish with which you dish it out. You think you've got nothing to lose, but there's always..."


      The slime girl maid hovers curiously over Vampirela and Leong Naja: "You are not actually here to serve canapés, are you?" remarks Vampirella, off handedly.

    In response, the slime maid merely smirks and morphs into her nurses uniform, in a glorious shimmering rotation of rainbow colors! But Vampirella realizes that this is not entirely an effect of her own anoxia: The slime nurse has stepped into the path of a laser beam. The lovely refracting colors fan out like blazing angel's wings! "Show me more!" mouths Vampirella, giddy, silent and breathless as the blackness embraces Vampirella, undulating down the unhinged gullet of Leong Naja...

    And when she awakes, covered in snake spittle and vomit, Vampirella finds herself once again immobilized in bondage to MimicMan TM. Vampirella notes that her jewelry has been so thoughtfully returned onto her arms. Amfortas and Leong Naja still quarrel:


    Hovering just before full consciousness, Vampirella recalls a vision of an angel in bondage, an angel reaching out to Vampirella, an impatient angel irritated and beguiled with Vampirella. "You are the Grail!" murmurs Vampirella, groggily. But no one notices.

    Amfortas silences Leong Naja with an angry retort: "Nothing that runs and shoots in stiletto go-go boots is natural! Without me, who will guard the castle and fend off the cultists from freeing the denizen of the crypt? Who will protect us all?" Vampirella scoffs: "Who do you think of? Your people or your own sweet self?" "You are right, Vampirella! If you won't save me, then it's every one for themselves! God help me, to Hell with everyone else! Even a verminous cockroach obeys its drives and fights for its own little life." 
    In a final desperate threat and provocation, Amfortas pulls on a great lever, and sets loose from the catacombs, their horrid denizen, revealed as none other than the eldritch tentacled despoiler Hentai-BemSothoth the perverited one, upon Vampirella, also instructing his henchmen by phone, to clear the way for the dread Hentai-BemSothoth to be set loose upon the hapless populace.





    On the surface, the Leather Nuns arrive, meeting no human resistance, finding the palace guard in utter disarray, quarrelling amongst themselves as to whether to obey Amfortas and actually seek to direct the monstrous neither being to attack the nearby population center, or to aid in evacuation and save them. More and more of them, already too long exposed to the baleful psychic emanations, fall entranced and begin chanting along with the cultists just beyond the gates in the forest.









    As the advancing Leather Nuns find themselves embattled with the the lecherously tentacled crypt dweller, Vampirella, still barely conscious, receives another vission of her angel, now free, this time spreading her winfs in benediction before a brilliantly illuminated stain glass window.

    "Heaven is with you all!" Mutters Vampirella, deliriously.









    Even as the Leather Nuns press on their assault through the ground floor chapel of the Whispering Castle, the lecherous tentacles of Hentai Bem-Sothoth wind their way upward through the spires, the crypt dweller's psychic emanations deepening the helpless torpor of those who slumber, even amid the din of battle beneath their very beds!





    Inside in the grand throne room on the ground floor of the Whispering Castle, leading into the chapel, the advancing Leather Nuns come under attack by massive tentacles erupting from the ornate mosaic floor.








    The mass of writhing tentacles breaches the dungeon.


























    The writhing pseudopodia are already well on their way, snaking ever upward through the castle after the maid service, even the cat girls, who fair any better at escaping onto the battlements and out into the graveyard. But the mere human maids cannot keep pace.

















    The surging penile appendages even breach the plumbing: Yet another of the maids barely has time to wonder as to quaking of the castle about her, before coming under attack out from out the very commode!
    Meanwhile, Matilda finds herself ensnared and violated, but claws free with the help of her feline sisters. But Matilda is helpless to intervene as Butterfly is lasciviously ensnared and plunged into the depths of the dungeon catacombs bellow where...










    As the vaulting masonry shudders and tumbles down, terrified Leong Naja flees, slithering into the stonework, just as the massive writhing tentacles pulse outward, upward and back again, coiled about the screaming women from the castle above, uniforms quickly ripped to tatters, heaving bosoms suddenly, rapidly, and painfully expanding with milk, bursting their buttons, in helpless violation of every orifice by the frantic spawning of dread Hentai-BemSothoth, despoiler, the perverited one.






































    As the massive and powerful tentacles encircle Vampirella, forcefully snatching her out from her bonds, out from the proverbial frying pan into the metaphorical fire, Vampirella is quickly overcome by their violently crushing grip.
    Vampirella struggles in vein, heaved aloft, overpowered and violated by the frantic neither-spawn. Vampirella finds herself helplessly suspended high up in the vaulting ceilings of indeed a massive chamber, high up above the dungeon floor along with the other women by the powerful slithering cephalopodic appendages encircling her.




    But as the engorged pseudopodia of the odious neither being writhe and probe at every orifice, Vampirella, berzerk,  rallies her superhuman strength and pulls free to lashes out against Hentai-BemSothoth, smashing its sensitive eyestalks and wresting the horrid creature apart, tentacle from tentacle!

    The agonized death throes of the vast and heaving bulk, toss Vampirella arching upward like a hapless ragdoll, smashing her against the vaulted ceilings of the chamber, whilst rending asunder the very castle foundations!






































    Battered witless, Vamirella, reduced to pure violent instinct, fights for her life as never before! Diving, graceful and deadly, plunging downward to tackle Amfortas awaiting her below with open arms, standing neck bared in exaltation, paradoxically triumphant. Vampirella tackles Amfortas in a crushing viselike embraces, breathing in his scent! At long last, Vampirella animalisticly slakes her thirst, gorging herself upon the ecstatic Amfortas! The fallen Amphortas then pleads with guilt ridden Vampirella, standing over him covered in the slime and ichor of Hentai-BemSothoth and in Amfortas' own blood, to complete the process and transform Amfortas into a vampire before he dies from Vampirella's attack. But Vampirella only stares blankly at the Fisher King frankly dumbfunded. "A virgin, how sweet!" rasps Amphortas in agony, chiding Vampirella.








    Cradling broken and mortally wounded Amfortas in her arms, Vampirella resorts to her formidable powers of Mesmerism: "Your consciousness becomes subject to my will, and your pain fades, receding into distant abstraction and calm. Look onto my eyes. My eyes are up here! Never mind, whatever works." Amfortas breaths more easily: "In the Himalayan, where you stole the scroll... Is it true?" "Yes, Lord Amfortas. Beset by Ninjas, I got my Draculon fighting strip caught on an ancient rusty nail and dropped the scroll. I was so startled, that my boots transformed into bats, and flew off without me. So there I was, draped in nothing but the veil in which the scroll was kept, fleeing the Ninjas." You must have been quite a sight!" "I imagine that I was at that." "And did you really... ?" "Yes, naked and barefoot, I had to double back and scramble up into the rafters again, for the scroll and my garb. "But first the temple guardians, whether from ironic whimsy, or whatever brand of honor and fair play, came forth to confront me, likewise, all of them stark naked!








    "Fortunately, my boots came when I called." explains Vampirella to fading Amfortas, quiet and gently. "I used the pistol I had in my boot, only to shoot out the torches and lamps. And yes, one of them in bat form, found the presence of mind to bring uniform back to me in her talons. Then I finally retrieved my clothing and the scroll, making my escape. Though they braved the bitter cold out of the monastery fortress library, onto the windswept wastes beyond its walls, none of them could follow me down the frozen cliff."
    At his instruction, Vampirella cuts herself with her long elegantly +clawed fingernails, and makes ready to feed Amfortas her own blood. Rapturously, Amfortas anticipate the once in a life time sublime rush of power and connection in the bond that he will share with Vampirella, but then in desperate consternation only gags on her blood! It's not working. But Dracula said...
    Vampirella is astonished: Dracula is real? Yes, Dracula, old Vlad Tepid himself, Amfortas chuckles to himself painfully, offered to make Amfortas a vampire.

    Dracula assured Amfortas that he would not have to become a sniveling Renfield, but that he had the drive, confidence and supremacy to rise as a master vampire, even like unto Dracula himself. More like domineering Narcissistic arrogance, retorts Vampirella. You say tomato..., deflects Amfortas.


    But yearning so for immortality, why didn’t Amfortas accept Dracula's offer? Amfortas explains: "The Ninjas would have followed you down the cliff, Vampirella, or given their lives trying, had they not spied the young monk coming up the trail down below. For the young monk is none other than the holy man FeatherFist, an adept of great subtlety and power, with all the mastery from countless previous incarnations. FeatherFist is so known, for the very slightest brush of his knuckles to the appropriate chakra point, will bring healing, incapacitation or Tantric bliss!" "How lucky I was spared, then!" retorts Vampirella, saucily.
    Insert edit: FeatherFist stands between an assassin with a gun, face shrouded in shadow, holding beautiful woman hostage, and the assassin's target, a frail sick person in bed, who looks like Amfortas. In one graceful arc, with the lightest brush of the knuckles of his partially closed hand, FeatherFist heals the sick person, who instantly recovers and rolls out of the way as the assassin fires, incapacitates the assassin, and brings the adoring human shield to sublime Tantric ecstasy! She looks like Vampirella.
    Laughing ragged and painfully, Amfortas continues: "On the Himalayan mountainside pass, FeatherFist acknowledged you as the new guardian of that infernal scroll, to depart in peace, Vampirella, Redeemer of the Transvaal Carpathia."
    "Get thee behind me, Satan!" declared Vlad Tepes, when the Devil came calling. "I want nothing that you have to give me!" So the Devil made an offer too tempting for the Prince of Wallachia to refuse, indeed giving him nothing, only reliving him of the one burden that he saw standing in his way of living as a most righteous and pious man and Defender of the Faith." "His soul." "His soul. You ask me, Vampirella, why I declined to become like Dracula? Because," confesses Amfortas, "I don't want to be anything like that monster Vlad Dracul, I want to be brave, caring, heroic and even melancholy. I want to be just like you..."
    And with that, Amfortas expires. Tenderly brushing her cheek, his bloody hand falls limp and still. "Farewell, Amfortas. I understand now that you would have happily shared everything with me, but there is nothing you could ever have that I would ever need."

















    Little does Vampirella suspect, hanging upside-down and torpid like bats, still and patient like gargoyles, the mysterious figures move and become alert for action, as if sensing the passing of Amfortas.



    Preconscious, in the back of her mind, setting her teeth on edge, is an intimation of the Brides of Dracula milling about the catacombs, scaling the very walls in agitation, scuttering across the vaulted ceilings. Then everything becomes a jumbled blur until Vampirella becomes aware of the naked and blood splattered housemaids fleeing up the stone staircase. And it is only then that Vampirella notices that beneath the gory tatters of his clothing, Amfortas' sports a deep red leather jock with suspenders, featuring Vampirella's own bat emblem!
    "I thought nothing was worse than to be bereaved of my home, a refugee, a monster." muses Vampirella. "But now I'm his role model! That is by far a greater mischief, when others will look to me for their salvation that I can never bring them." Vampirella lays the broken body of Amfortas to rest, and begins working out the hiding place of the Grail.


    The dungeon chamber is indeed tomblike, and the walls are carved with all manner of drawings including Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, famously encompassing the entire arc of movement of the human body, into a circle and an offset square. -Along with other illustrations and formulae that had so clearly inspired Amfortas to invent the MimicMan  TM.

    Indeed an assemblage Vitruvian men and women adorn the walls, many engaged in some impressively supple Vitruvian debauchery!


    At long last, Vampirella can turn her attention to the brass urns. Upon examination, Vampirella discovers how they reverberate, one to the other, with every sound or utterance. Vampirella sings a scale. "Echeia" muses Vampirella.

    Homing in  by her bat sonar, on the one jar that is off tone, hiding its sacred treasure within. "Not Vitruvian  Man, Amfortas, Vitruvian acoustics, harmonics for the forgotten incantations to bind captive the horrid denizen of the crypt!" 

    But this urn is different, transcribed with a deadly rune, the sign of Pandora. And every time Vampirella opens it so much as a crack, foul fumes billow forth, forming into ever deadlier smoke monsters for Vampirella to do battle.
    Pressing forward into a final assault, Vampirella screws up all of her courage to finally pry the resistant lid all the way off from the top of the urn, to defeat the most powerful and dangerous of smoke monsters. And then, what does Vampirella find at the bottom of the urn, but a tin of cookies with a dildo inside! Bereft of hope, Vampirella cackles in madness! But as she shakes with laughter, the darkm fluid inside clears, refracting and focusing light.
    Then Vampirella beholds nurse Spiderella, lingering still. Spiderella moves over to a full length stainless steel mirror reflective panel, and strips bare. She then hides behind the mirror, peeping out half of herself and extending one shapely leg, creating an illusion of spread eagled levitation. With some annoyance, Vampirella beholds Spiderella's seemingly pointless clowning with the steel mirror. Spiderella is then gone, withdrawn behind the mirror, slipping away into the night.
    But then, inspired, Vampirella beholds again the moonbeam,
     glittering from a narrow fissure in the ruined dungeon walls. Quickly working out the ruined architecture, Vampirella rearranges the urns to reflect the moonbeams into their intended path, until the moonbeam passes through a shard of stain glass, a relic hidden in plain view, mounted in a test tube clamp amid the clutter of Amfortas' laboratory.
    A second glance into the cookie tins, reveals them to be, in actuality, communion wafers. Vampirella then retrieves the discarded dildo, and finds within the white wine filled clear acrylic, a set of prisms. Vampirella then aligns the lingam to split and re-converge the moonbeams through the stain glass, which then projects a wondrous hologram of the Holy Grail!


















    Pensively, Vampirella in her mind's eye, imagines a powerful laser on a space probe landed on the moon, powered by an unfurled solar collector, and trained right down on the ruins of the Whispering Castle! In the dim and lovely light, Vampirella beholds her own reflection in the smooth concave laboratory floor. Vamprella then realizes the purpose of its design. First clearing as much of the debris as possible, Vampirella takes her place at the focal point of the huge concave parabolic mirror beneath the matching parabolic mirrored ceiling, producing an upside-down three dimensional refection of herself, hovering there right over her own head!

      Clam shell mirrors: Floating coin illusion3D-MIRASCOPE (illusion scope)  




    Vampirella then reaches out for the holographic Holly Grail with the hand of her reflection, finding then the tangible manifestation, solid and palpable right there in her own hand! 

    "Talk about: fake it till you make it! Crafty Amfortas. The Grail was at your beck and call all the while! My faith is vindicated. Praise God! Can this be His plan? Lord of miracles, show me the way!"


















    But no sooner has Vampirella attained the Grail, then the castle finally tumbles in on itself! Amid the rubble, Dracula and his retinue appear! They have already rounded up and captured the ravished of the Dweller, in dungeon shackles and chains, breast already round and full. Declares Dracula: "Heeding the lyric call of Ioan Budai-Deleanu, I am come to sort the the mad from the wicked, then to set fire to the prison and to the madhouse alike."
    All but catatonic from her ordeal, one even swelling with the spawn of their horrid sire, right before Vampirella's eyes, is mesmerizes and scrutinized by Dracula. He throws her to the infernal brides of Dracula, who, brushing aside Renfield's feeble attempts to bar their way, claw open the woman's belly even as it expands with horrid life, and gorge themselves greedily upon the gory writhing spawn. The other housemaids can only scream in horror, reverberation cascading from the urns!


     Spiderella, feasting with the brides of Dracula, reassures Vampirella: 


    "It's for the best."
    Conciliatorily, she offers some to Vampirella who declines, disgusted, as the other housemaids, naked and slimy, huddle together an cower before the gore splattered naked and slimy feasting brides of Dracula, undressing and playfully tossing their clothing and undergarments at prudish and servile Renfield to fold and tend, in order to spare their finery as they gorge.






    The maid who can't stop screaming is summarily gagged, but her eyes, so huge with fright, still speak volumes. Appalled, Vampirella strives to pay no notice to the vampiress who offered to share, regarding Vampirella with unfathomably mixed emotion. She is coifed and made up much in homage to Vampirella herself. But on her belly there is a spider tatoo. "Spiderella!" curses Vampirella, in recognition, finally, under hear ragged breath.







    Spiderella pulls out the hypodermic needle, smiles and winks! Shapeshifting: She was nurse succubus! realizes Vampirella. But Spiderella seems frustrated trying to get some point across.

    Meanwhile Renfield sheepishly explains to Vampirella: "With Amfortas dead, it is no longer his home, and therefore no invitation is required in order to cross the threshold." "That never stopped me" retorts Vampirella. "On the contrary, Miss Vamiprella," rebuts Rebfield, obsequiously, "what have you followed here but a most venerable and ancient invitation to who so with the wit understands it?"

    "I am confused" replies Vampirella in annoyance, "In the movies you where the realtor sent by Harker to close the deal with Count Dracula in Transylvania. But in the book, you where just an in patient at the asylum conveniently vulnerable to Dracula's influence and exploitation. So which is it? Exactly who are you?"
    "Oh Miss Vampirella, moans and wheedles Renfield, "Stop it please do, Miss Vampirella. You are making me dizzy!" Dracula silences the sniveling toady Renfield. "I fear this lively debate has nevertheless lost any of its charm for your clever new friend." The ironic emphasis on the word 'new' spoke volumes to silence Renfield.
    "Well done, Vampirella, applauds Dracula. Now turn over the Holy Grail to me, and take your rightful place amongst the brides of Dracula."


    The brides of Dracula are all submissive, but glower with burning jealousy, even as they dress and groom Vampirella in a fine crimson gown. But Vampirella casts the dress aside: "It was you I felt in Morocco. You wanted me to lash out and become reviled as a monster. Then you would so graciously take me under your wing to join your coterie of predators. And that is why you humored poor desperately deluded Amfortas. But I trust you no more than he did, old Vlad Tepid! And I still have no use for any of you." So saying, Vampirella shucks off her new finery and shakes out her hair.

    Dracula rebuts: "Blaming me is to easy, Vampirella, but you are always more honest with yourself than that. You cannot deny that darkness is bound up in your destiny, and in truth, not without its allure for you." "I'm not bad" sighs Vampirella, adding derisively: "I'm just drawn that way... ?!" "Pw-w-w-wease!" retorts Renfield, sheepishly.

    Meanwhile, in idle curiosity, Spiderella finds a utility for hacking the moon laser on one of Anfortas' laptops, and watches the feed as it broadcasts an alert of the collapse of the Whispering Castle. "A range finder. But who's watching?" she ponders, zooming the video feed in and out from the Earth in the lunar sky, all the way down to the fresh smoking ruins of the Whispering Castle from above. Then she pivots the laser, taking in a panorama of the surrounding lunar landscape. Next she trains the laser on a nearby bolder, and melts the facing surface smooth with a powerful burst, until it becomes reflective. And the refection is revealed on the side of the laser mount, a swastika! "Uncle Vlad!" calls out Spiderella. "Can it wait?" replies Dracula. "Okay." Agrees Spiderella, like a good girl. Well, she did try to tell him, she smirks!

    For even as Spiderella hacks the Moon Nazi laser, Vampirella almost fights her way free; well and bravely, inflicting heavy casualties, until, Dracula once again makes use of his mesmerism, this time to compel Vampirella to sprout huge bat wings, awkward and constraining in the narrow collapsed space.


    Dracula's powerful influence dredges up a repressed memory, of Vampirella as an an anachronistic schoolmarm at a modern day public school. The blackboard is covered with equations similar to the ones on the scientists blackboard in the earlier montage. As the bell rights for the end of the last class of the day, much to the oohs ahs and laughter of the children, her boy friend arrives to pick her up, bearing gifts. Dressed more casually, nevertheless, he is none other than Dracula! No, you shouldn't have! -she protests... Just a little something for our summer vacation, darling! He protests.

    Cut to: Vampirella trying on the gifts at home: First the signature earrings, sitting before her vanity. Not her usual style, but who knows what pleases men! Next the armband and the bracelet, solid brass. She flashes back: Taylor made just for you. I memorized your measurements. I'm sure! she replies, huskily. Vamprella exits the school arm in arm with Dracula. Utterly beguiled, Vampirella completely fails to notice the dark cloud that follows them, tracking their every move, shielding the Prince of the Undead from the warming brightness of the afternoon sun!





    Home again, from one package she tries on a pair of ankle breaking stiletto high heeled boots, and from a little shoe box, she discovers a length of red satin leatherette, a daring one piece swim suit. She imagines actually swimming in it! To her chagrin, another box contains a package of surgical gauze microwavable epilating wax strip and a pink plastic disposable razor in a blister pack! quick cuts: The microwave dings! Close up of her face, grimacing, with the sound of the wax strips zipping off! Cut to: Vampirella, in stinging pain and sensitized pleasure, running her hand over the new smoothness of her skin. The tiny outfit covers, but just! Remarkably, it fits like a glove.

    Combing out her layered raven tresses standing before the full length mirror, at last garbed as herself, Vampirella -reflects. For an instant, gazing into the mirror, her hazel eyes dilate like the wolf's! Shocked, Vampirella runs her tongue across the points of her own fangs! And knows again the taste of blood.

    Back in the present, outnumbered, Vampirella is overcome just short of escape. "Gooble Gobble, One of Us, We Accept Her One of Us!" gloats Renfield, obsequiously. Count Dracula is holding court: "Honestly, Vampirella, how did we ever endure those snot nosed brats and those PTA cretins!"

    "Yes, Vlad Dracula" replies Vampirella. "Soccer moms, patronizing school teachers, snot nosed brats: Lets round them all up for a permanent summer camp!" "Never compare me to Hitler!" roars Dracula. "I am proud of my wartime service!" "Don't I know it." agrees Vampirella, all demure. "Those treacherous Lycanthrope, the Children of the Night, our creatures in long and hallowed tradition, nourished by the hope of rising again glorious as vampires themselves, by dying in our service, and should it please me. And what did they do? They turned on us! The very gall of those hairy beasts. They even unfurled the banner of their own dog pack aristocracy! But this was not enough, they infected the Hun, the Nazi invaders of my beloved homeland, lending their strength to that monsterous cause. So, at the Battle of the Bulge, as the Nazi werewolves infiltrating the Allied ranks, came out from cover and ran in rampant carnage, I lead a small squad of my best, and hunted down the treacherous dogs, with most fierce dispatch. Oh Vampirella, you should have seen it! If only you had been there."

    "Truly, we all do God's work." ponders Vampirella, dryly. "Shut up, wench." breaths Dracula, quiet and dangerous. The other vampires know to take their cue and stand back from them. Renfield averts his gaze. The pleasantries are over. Dracula will raise his hand and assert his mastery.
    The brides of Dracula giggle and titter in anticipation. The surviving housemaids huddled together, with no other recourse, are lead in fervent prayer by one of the nuns.



     flashing back to a classroom:




    Vampirella has her students all clearly hot for teacher, anemic with little bite marks, and all completely mesmerized save for Tiffany, unaccountably blind.

    The mathematics is advanced beyond anything known on Earth, dealing with advanced theoretical physics of gravitational topology. But the unusual teaching methods are amazingly effective.


    "An apple for teacher?" Vampirella demands of Al, saucily. "Naughty boy!"


    INSERT EDIT: A drivers license in the name of Alvin Ucarde.
    Indeed, Dracula is there in the classroom too, in the role of her charming boy friend and Teaching Assistant, reviewing the lesson, but actually debriefing the students for his own edification.
    Tiffany understands but never lets on.



    "A bribe for a passing grade? Or for more personal attention?"





    blindness is an hysterical defense against Vampirella's powerful mesmerism.
    One day, Vampirella grows impatient with Tiffany, and summarily commands her to see: And her shrunken pupils dilate!
    Tiffany is disciplined in order better to apply herself! But she gates being made such a spectacle. And so, much to Tiffany's consternation,  Victoria resolves to sign her up for the cheerleading squad in order to bolster her  public confidence.


    Increasingly, Vampirella is subjects to stifling episodes of suffocation, opening ever more buttons and shedding more layers of clothing. But she soldiers on teaching.






    One day, a classroom topology demonstration doesn't quite go as planned. Watching in fascination, Tiffany squirms in sympathetic discomfort, closing, crossing and uncrossing her legs ever more tightly, until discretely shedding her ripened panties in tremendous relief, but no less intent upon the topological problem at hand.

    Back in the present, thinking quickly, Vampirella, still hobbled by her giant bat wings in the enclosed space of the once so vast but now collapsed chamber, scrawls formulae in the blood and muck glistening on the stone floor of the dungeon. Dracula, his hand only just raised to discipline willful Vampirella, finds himself transfixed. "I've learned so much more since the days when you where privileged to serve as my Teaching Assistant." explains Vampirella,
    "All of it, I must have all of it!" demands Dracula, falling to his knees on the ichor splattered stones, throwing himself into work at solving the equations, loosing all dignity before his followers. "Finish what's on your plate like a good boy. Then we'll see." condescends Vampirella, just like a patronizing schoolmarm, meanwhile keeping Dracula's vampiric minions childlike enthralled by an exhibition of impeccable impromptu shadow puppetry.
    Much to Dracula's irritation and distraction, his brides, becoming increasingly mischievous at Vampirella's sly provocation, have already gotten into the hydro-genecology works at the nursing station. But even as the shadows come to life and Dracula's minions become increasingly raucous, Vampirella finds herself plunged into a vision. Dracula struggles to resist, because in his consternation, Dracula's psychic probe into Vampirella's mind, has just kicked into reverse! Vampirella begins to experience Dracula's memories:
    Dracula sits bound with garlic ropes before a PC. "I see dead people voting." "What's wrong with that?" Shrugs Count Dracula. "You are compelled to help me solve this problem." declares Tiffany. "Nothing will stop me from that, or from repaying you once we are done, girl. Unless you are ready to end me first. And think how many have tried." replies Dracula. "I regret that I have but one life to give for my country." answers the Tiffany. "Indeed, if nothing else, we are both patriots." muses Dracula. "You risk your life, your very soul, to expose your stolen election. But speaking as a tyrant myself, tyrants do not readily stand corrected, and people are sheep!" "Yes, I must admit, you ought to know." "I cannot work like this. Let me go on my word to return. You know that I am compelled to puzzle out your challenge."
    "Everything you need is here." "No. I have an expert of my own to consult. -In person." "A hot date?" "And how!" Dracula has piqued the Tiffany's interest. "Hacking is just a bag of tricks. Your talent as mathematician should be honed. I shall arrange for you tutelage unlike anything of this world! I do not lie." "Tempting, I admit." "You fear the blood of innocents on your own hands, by setting me loose to feed." "Yes." "I will not forswear forever what I am. Nevertheless, I am guest in your fair city, and do nothing to offend my hosts." "It's true then, the Masquerade, vampires among us, infiltrating public life and  forsworn from killing humans, in order not to draw undue attention to themselves." "That is your guarantee, until our work is done and accounts between us will be settled." "I only ask that I will not be turned against my loved ones, or allowed to return to them and do them any harm." "Come what may, your loved ones are safe, off limits. Damn you! I swear it upon the Styx!"
    Dissolve, flash forward: "You have come to love Vampirella dearly. And so, in the spirit of our compact, I have set her loose from my thrall allowed her to depart unharmed until or path inevitably cross once again. We have completed your brilliant mathematical demonstration of election fraud, and at the press of a button, you have disseminated our results as widely as you know how. -for all the good that any of this will do." Dracula then picks up a plastic bin full of booby traps, stakes and crossbows, and scatters them over the floor. "Competent workmanship, but nothing I haven't seen before, countless times. And now your comeuppance, girl:" To Tiffany's astonishment, looming over her, Dracula pulls out a check book! "Dracula is many things." explains Dracula "I am a naturalized American." Dracula displays the passport of Alvin Ucard, Dracula's alias as Vampirella's Teaching Assistant and adoring fiancé.
    Voice over, Tiffany: "As you might expect of a check bearing the signature of Count Dracula, it was returned by the bank, unpaid. But then, on a lark, I put the check up for auction, and it fetched me almost to the penny, the dollar amount of its face value. The word of Dracula, his debts included, are never true nor false, but chimerical and paradoxical."
    Voice over, Vampirella: "Enough reminiscence, I would know my future!"
    Flash forward, in a dank dark sewer, Vampirella is finally ready to get the drop on Dracula! One of the brides of Dracula cowers, shaking and begging, clinging to Dracula's ankles, as Dracula loads silver bullets into a pair of six-guns, then holstering them into a gun belt he wears. She is drenched in blood, cradling a dead baby. "Help me, help me! You are the lord and master of all vampires, lend me succor!
    Frightened and disgusted, Dracula kicks her aside. But no sooner does Dracula relent, bidding her to follow, then he smacks his shins, right onto a box of what could be cough medicine bottles. Grumbles Dracula, in heaviest sarcasm: "No one wants to take their medicine. No one likes dietary substitutes. Today's advertisers could learn a thing or two from apologetics and propaganda: Why no, what is on offer is no mere imitation of nature, oh no! The warm blood pulsing through human veins is illusion, the devils bait. By the miracle of transubstantiation, what we have here in our little bottles, nothing less than God's blessing, that is the true blood of our Savior! -In a soft drink, yes?" "My blood substitute serum mass marketed to all vampire-kind! As a soft drink?" muses Vampirella in amazement. Dracula spreads his hands an gazes Heavenward in supplication, before opening a bottle for himself and another to his wretched bride. "To the future!" toasts Dracula, taking a swig and summarily gagging!
    "No, you cannot deny me my vengeance. You cannot repent! You cannot reform! I have no right to kill Dracula."
    And with that, Vampirella snaps back to the present:
    Taking advantage of the entire diversion, Renfield, to Vampirella signing finger to lips for silence, begins stealthily freeing the naked, violated and terrified captives to flee for their very lives, up to the surface and out into the night!
    Suddenly, at long last, the Paladin Commander, none other than Adam Van Helsing, leading the Order of the Leather Nuns Sisters of No Mercy, his controversial schismatic sect of vampire hunters, breaches the dungeon catacombs and attacks!

















    A chaotic three way melee ensues as Dracula finally loses all concentration, and Vampirella's phantom batwings retract back into her body, freeing her to move about once again. The formulae on the blood splattered dudgeon floor stones, are all smeared away in the confusion, but their puzzle still consume the powerful mind of Dracula.


    The petite Abrial, Adam's squire, set upon by Dracula in wrath and blindness of obsession and vexation, misfires her crossbow, nearly killing Adam. But as Vampirella escapes with the Grail, she tackles Adam, saving him, barely, from Abrial's errant crossbow bolt. Poor Abrial is sent sprawling, right into a fisure in the ruined dungion walls. while Adam and Vampirella lock gaze, momentarily, and Adam hesitates to kill Vampirella.


    Adam flashes back: For Adam Van Helsing is one other than the intended victim of the vampire that Vampirella tore apart with her bare hands! Meanwhile, hapless Abrial, flailing about, clutches the Grail from Vampirella's hand, and tumbles into to a fissure in the dungeon walls opened by the horrific death throes of the massive Hentai-BemSothoth.






    Suddenly, the slime maid flowing out from the ventiation shaft and across the ceiling, drops down to the floor, advancing into the mêlée...















         ...ravishing, devours and satiates...





    ... expecting ultimately only to find herself alone once again, comforted by the feeling of being a veritebrate, at least until the skeleton too is digested.

    Slime mold, loneliest of monsters!












    The Slime mold divides to envelope first Adam and then Vampirella!

    Unnoticed sprawled out upon the floor, Amfotras gasps and stirs, barely alive! Pain wracked, yet as a man possessed, the Fischer King scrawls arcane symbols in the muck and gore, muttering incantations before passing out again. Adam and Vampirella drowning in searing acidic slime, each begin accumulating a glowing and crackling charged halo! The Slime mold then re-converges, bringing back together again Adam and Vampirella. The resulting blast splatters slime mold all about the dungeon! The droplets of goo seep into the walls and escape. 

    Meanwhile, Abrial notices a draft in the fissure where she finds herself wedged in and trapped, wafting down the scent of the night air above.
    Vampirella, all slimy, readily squeezes in right after Abrial trapped in the fissure and snatches back the Grail, even as the melee continues.

  • "You're smothering me with your absurdly enormous breast!" breathlessly gasps petite Abrial, huskily in perfectly adorable protest. Vampirella, apologizing, blushes demurely.
    Then, right there before poor startled and shrieking Abrial, Vampirella transforms into a bat!
    Suddenly, slithering Leong Naja wounded and in a state of panic, erupts from the crumbling stonework to attack and devour Vampirella in her bat form.

    Pinned and helpless, Abrial can only watch as Vampirella escapes Leong Naja, clutching the Grail in her talons, bearing aloft the weight of the Holy Grail with some apparent difficulty. Then Vampirella is gone, up and away into the darknss of the fissure.
    Abriel is surprised to hear the serpent speak: "Hide me, it's the wife!" exclaims Lion Naja, as just outside the fissure, a pretty blond no sooner tastes the air with a flickering forked tongue, then swallows another woman whole! The Leather Nuns savagely attack the blond, struggling to extricate her prey. Then, much to Abreal's even further astonishment, bleeding and exhausted Leong Naja again begs her for mercy.
    Meanwhile, naked, gore splattered and slimy, the housemaids huddle together in terror. "Wait a minute!" blurts out one of them in a moment of realization. "Who are you?" Four among them are unfamiliar. Taking advantage of the chaos and distraction, the weresnakes move to swallow the gapless maids whole, and recede into the gloom!





    It begins to seems like feeding and fucking, eating and being eaten, are all one and the same. And resistance give way to docile acquiescence.







    Meanwhile, Adam comes upon the broken skeletons of a vampire and a Leather Nun still locked in combat, sizzling with acid, covered in gooey slime mold. Adam takes a drop on the finger tip of his leather glove, putting the sweetness into his mouth yet remaining bitter with remorse: "Damn! Why did you have to..?"





    Meanwhile, with the Holy Grail now lost to them thanks to Vampirella, Dracula and his forces beat a hasty retreat, leaving the Leather Nuns to lick their wounds. Adam bolts for the exit, bounding up the stairway, only to find his way barred by Tiffany, naked and draping herself languorously over the stairs. Clutching Adams legs as he tries to pass, she pleads" "I'm grateful, she saved us. But now I understand, blood will tell: She is brave, she is noble and breathtaking, but above all, she is unimaginably dangerous. So let her be. I can give you everything you want." "Some other time" gasps Adam, vaulting over her, onward up the stairs, adding over his shoulder, in a note of honest fear and gratitude: "Bless you for the thought though, my child." 

    Meanwhile Vampirella, on her flight up the fissure, encumbered by the weight of the Grail, arriving in another crumbling dungeon chamber, alights to pause and take human form once again. Though Vampirella sees perfectly in the dark, she finds a sparker to light the braziers, only to find Adam Vanhelsing awaiting her, winded from racing up the stairs.
    "Well" remarks Vampirella, languidly drapingjerself over the stairs, "I still can't tell if you want to kiss me or kill me!" "Is the enemy of my enemy my friend?" demands Adam.

    Because of the phenomenal acoustics, Abrial still frustratingly wedged into the fissure, overhears everything. Vampirella's dulcet voice caries softly and clear as a bell:

    "I know what Dracula fears: The obsessive compulsive intellect of the undead is as unrestrained as their malevolent passions. To what purpose, Dracula wonders. His answer: To break the ceils of Revelation. To herald the End of Days."
    Taking a firebrand from the brazier, Adam lights a fireplace. "A homey feature for a dungeon chamber," Adam remarks.
    Turning he finds Vampirella sitting on an ornate wooden chair, carved with her own bat emblem. "I see that Amfortas had accommodations specially prepared for you."










    "I've made do with worse." replies Vampirella, lounging on a comfy sofa. Adam changes the subject back again: "Is that what Dracula wants wants, the End of Days?"


    "No, quite the contrary: Count Dracula likes things as they are, and typically in no false modesty, fears that he himself is on the path of destiny to break the ceils of Revelation, simply because of the consuming obsession of the undead with puzzles. He...
    Wait! Can't you hear?"
    Adam then straining and catching a muffled groan of distress, and probes the wall for the sliding stone to move the massive sliding wall into the hidden chamber concealed behind it, for a contingent of Leather Nuns to rushes in to the rescue of one of their own, most mysterious amongst the vampire hunting Leather Nuns, known as the Rubber Dolls, quick, graceful, demure, masked and mute, concealing all trace of individual identity.


    For Adam discovers one of them hands shackled behind her back, sustained by the Grail, calling to her from the corner where Vampirella has hidden it, fumbling with the text to speech function of her smart phone, in order to cry out, the other barely conscious, chained from the dungeon chamber ceiling. She breaks whatever vow of silence, in urgent rasping whispers to her rescuers. Adam steals a quick glance over his shoulder, but Vampirella is already gone, vanished, quickly ascending the fissure once again in the form of a bat, the Grail clutched in her talons.
    Emerging from the ruins of the dungeon, Abrial finds no sugn of Vampirella, meanwhile working her way up into the collapsed ruins of the great tower, resuming human form, only to find the place scurrying with rodents, mice, rats and bats. And Vampirella well knows what they so fearfully flee. The hunting owls are there feasting, right before her eyes, as the rodent nests, disrupted, disgorge their tenants. But the space is confining and beams and stones are unstable, liable to tumble down like an avalanche at the slightest vibration. Therefore Vampirella dares not remain in human form.
    "Well, did I not tempt fate bragging that I could take 'em, those sleek over fed owls; and just as surely, was not God as ever, listening?" muses Vampirella to herself, rhetorically, contemplating a grizzly end as owl food, and shapeshifting once again into a bat, a tempting morsel eyed by the great owls perching on the tree branches overlooking the ruins!

    It is at this inopportune moment that Vampirella fatigues and enters a vision! Vampirella beholds her mother Lilith, well endowed with engorged masculine genitalia! Lilith stroke and painfully bends her own penis into her own vagina. Breaking and cracking noises are heard. Lilith ejaculates black bile into herself, and swells with pregnancy. smaller blulges erupt, with impact noises. Grimacing, jubilantly, Lilith gasps: "She's kicking!" as eyes open on her belly...
    The eyes dissolve into the eyes of the bat, as Vampirella targets the biggest and fattest of the owls, gouging out its baleful eyes! The other owls well consider stalking easier prey, as Vampirella takes the Biker Bitch's good advice, wheeling about, retrieving the Grail, and belatedly following the other vermin back into the woodwork and out from the ruins of the Whispering Castle!
    At the same time, Vampirella catches sight of Matilda, climbing the tree and dispersing the owls!
    Eventually returning to human form and clawing out of the soil with one bare hand and the Holy Grail in the other, at last Vampirella emerges once again into the night air.



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    Through the Dark Forest 





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