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Into the Whispering Castle
Copyright 2013 - 2017 Aaron Agassi








Pendragon, voice over: "I'll never forget our first meeting."
Fade in: On the streets of Morocco, Pendragon finds himself snatched into a dark alleyway by a tall and mysterious figure in full burqa, who with crimson manicured index finger to unseen lips, shushes Pendragon and then points, drawing his attention to an angry mob in hot pursuit, demanding their money back!

Pendragon inverts his empty pockets in some consternation! There is only lint. The woman quickly throws off her stifling burqa by sprouting and then retracting gigantic leathery black bat wings, revealing herself as none other than Vampirella, in her signature scanty attire and classic calf high heeled black leather boots. Pendragon is duly impressed with Vampirella's dramatic entrance.

Meanwhile, from his place of concealment, Dracula reaches out with his mind in order to cloud and confuse Vampirella's sense of direction, as, together, Pendragon and Vampirella flee through the passages and alleyways, only to find themselves back on the street, cornered by the angry mob. Vampirella whispers to Pendragon, who reacts in astonishment, producing his telescoping magic wand and announcing: "And for my grand finale, I shall transform my lovely assistant into a bat! Abracadabra!" Vampirella makes good on Pendragon's promise by transforming into a bat! Pendragon discretely observes how the bat's fur obscures a tiny red thong and straps, while Vampirella's stilleto boots are  replaced by tiny back-spiked leather leggings over the bat's talons. The bat then transforms back into Vampirella, posing with a flourish. Passersby throw coins! The mob, amazed, is satisfied and disperses. Only Dracula, observing from the shadows, is clearly disappointed.





Montage of Pendragon and Vampirella travelling around the world and doing their magic show in seedy clubs and bars throughout Rumania, even movie and supermarket openings. -anything they can find in order get by.



Finally Pendragon and Vampirella make their way to Transylvania, where the scene gets really strange!














Vampirella stripping for Creepy and Eerie -  Bruce TimmVampirella stripping for Creepy and Eerie -  Bruce Timm

Upon occluding their act in a particularly seedy strip joint, much to his chagrin, Pendragon observes Vampirella at her most adaptive and chameleonic.  Adam looks on as Vampirella at her raunchiest, imitating the strippers she see performing, pole dances for Uncle Creepy and Cousin Erie making a cameo appearance in the front row. Pendragon delicately congratulates Vampirella as such a quick study, and offers Vampirella a different curriculum which he promises them will help open doors for their act. Pendragon summarily tutors Vampirella in the deportment and decorum of a proper and refined young lady, instantly and utterly transforming Vampirella now supremely poised like a supermodel, even in her own bare pale skin.


Adam proceeds back stage. Vampirella follows, discretely. 

Zoom out from a display of theatrical posters outside a dressing room with a big yellow star. The posters warn and promise: "It'll be the audience that will need restraints!"














Inside, Vampirella stands over Tiffany, writhing, dreaming fitfully, grinding her hips. Vampirella pulls back the blankets, finding a wet spot.

Vampirella then bends forwards to inhale the fresh acrid ripeness, muttering: "I am not a succubus, I am not a succubus, I am not a succubus. Why do you call to me? You do not define me, you libidinously overwrought ideologically pretentious career exhibitionist!"


Tiffany stirs dreamily, daintily proffering a little bouquet: "I am a fragile flower! You are my honey bee! Drink deeply of my nectar!" "Don't mind if I do, replies Vampirella, extending her tongue for the pollen. "Now get dressed. Mustn't tarry. You sent for a priest!" Dutifully, Tiffany rises and slips into a dressing gown.























going commando in distressed denim









"Check to see that my bonds are all secure. Go on. Oh no, I'm helpless! What would you have of me, Father! Don't be shy. And watch closely. Do not allow yourself to be distracted. It's all about misdirection. I am my own lovely assistant!

"Ta-dah! No bonds can hold me. Did you see how I did that? No? You were staring right at me! You're blushing. How adorable! Do you like my perfume? And yes Father, thank you, I am the very whore of Babylon. At least on stage."











Tiffany pauses for a deep breath: "It has to do with why it has been so long since my last confessional." "What now, were you bitten by nuns as a child?" "Closer than you think, Father: It was my time of month." "Free-bleeding, of course?" "In my purest white gown, crotchless to splatter the sidewalk." "Oh good, I will always know how to find you!" "Then I turn the water into wine, overcoming the world in death defiance, rising new Baptized from the Hudini water tank torture. My congregation is never ruptured quite the same twice. Slut power! It never gets dull." "How Avant-Garde. You're so sharp. But you think with your twat!" "And I do my best thinking bellow the belt." "Still, you must know that you are playing with fire." "Yes, I do all that too: Pyromania. Fire walking. Fire eating. Glass blowing. Stay and watch, Father! Say that you will."










"But don't things ever get out of hand?" "Truth to tell, an artiste willing to take risks of audience participation, is not always well received by her public." "Indeed?"

















"I've been scared shitless!






"Which brings us to my confession: I was beginning my escape act, when a gang of really tough nuns charged the stage, and forced me into a pair of granny bloomers, just reeking of the most itchy and toxic of rancid fabric softeners, even as I was being hoisted up into the and chained up. I tumbled into the water tank, hit my head, panicked and nearly drowned. They had to break me out with a sledgehammer! The old harpy laughed her head off. So I slipped my bonds and shoved those disgusting bloomers, still drenched from the tank, right down her throat! She nearly died. I had to resuscitate her. -Mouth to her mouth full of rotting teeth! Out cold, yet she was smiling! The authorities took a dim view, and I've been on the run ever since. That's how I finally ended up here touring Transylvania."






























Tiffany and Adam regard a woman tied up in a chair. "Perhaps we distract your understudy?" muses Adam. "You are not even trying!" complains Tiffany, straddling the understudy's lap. A knock at the door interrupts: "You're on in ten, Miss Tiffany."











Moments later, out on stage, Pendragon concludes with his lovely assistant Vampirella making her entrance transforming into a bat, and back again. Pendragon takes the microphone: "Now what I know we've all been waiting for, give a big round of applause for..." Pendragon blanks out, and so, all bubbly and effervescent, Tiffany bounds on stage effervescently announcing herself: "Tiffany, your very own bondage bunny!" "Everyone should have a bondage bunny all of their very own!" adlibs Vampirella.














As she is is bound, stripped and cavity searched by volunteers ushered up on stage from the audience, Tiffany flatters them in heavy breath: "My, what a lovely charming audience! You're all so attractive. Do I even want to escape?" They all help in application of the restraints and inspection of Tiffany's bonds. They search her intimately for lock picks or other tools. Every inch and orifice is probed, packed and locked locked tight. Tiffany bound, crowd surfs out through the auditorium, for all to inspect close up. The crowd becomes frenzied! As Tiffany, tightly bound, all heaving bosoms, batting her eyes, is brought before him for inspection, Adam crosses his legs uncomfortably, his hands shaking. As Tiffany is returned on stage, Pendragon steps forward to pull the leaver once, hoisting Tiffany, suspended by massive chain from a wrought iron chandelier, up into the air, and then releasing, dropping Tiffany into the full emersion of the water tank torture. The audience gasps! The audience shouts, as Tiffany, plunging into the tank, disturbs a gigantic water snake, LEONG NAJA, sleeping at the bottom of the tank!





























Tiffany in heavy bondage, bracing against the sides, is now immersed up to her buoyant breasts in a glass tank outfitted as a whirlpool bath, spits out her ball gag and sings forth an operetta in ravishing ecstasy, as the orchestra swells behind her.

With her legs spread open and her hips thrashing to the rhythm of her song, Tiffany employs the strategically positioned water jets to work loose the vibrators strapped in front and back, lazily tumbling and drifting to the bottom of the tank. As Tiffany concludes, and the water jets stop, you could hear pin drop!

There isn't a dry eye in the house! In the audience, Adam van Helsing returns to his seat by his squire, the nun Abrial.  

Discreetly in a dim back corner, the silent Rubber Dolls, masked nuns in head to toe latex! congregate. One of then sheds a single tear of blood! Another quickly and discretely wipes it away with a lace handkerchief. As the performance concludes, to standing ovation. All the while, the whirlpool rises higher, filling the tank completely, leaving Tiffany weighted down by her chains and completely submerged.


Adam watches in amazement as Tiffany diving down into the tank, contorts her supple body, escaping her bonds, one by one, even engaging in aquatic dance with Leong Naja. Abriel, scowling, bumps a fist under Adam's chin, shutting his hanging jaw.

Freeing herself, Tiffany gracefully swims up for air. But suddenly the surface ignites! With the heat, brightness and hypoxia, Tiffany experiences visions of Vampirella swimming with sharks and mermaids! But coming back to herself, Tiffany dives down again, reaching for one of the vibrators. It has a trigger handle. It is really a pistol. Taking up the gun, Tiffany covers one ear with her free hand, and presses the other down on her shoulder. Taking aim at the glass as Leong Naja coils and braces for the report, Tiffany pulls the trigger, again and again, clicking on empty, until finally, a shot rings out, shattering the glass, releasing the water, and Tiffany falls to the floor, gasping, lets out a glass shattering high note, shattering a sniperscope! For it was the snipers rifle, that finally shattered the glass. Vampirella leaps down from the rafters, to join Pendragon in attending to Tiffany, but then she spies a fleeing figure, and gives chase. It is Penelope, a young girl, laughing merrily. Tiffany struggling to her feet, casts about for Vampirella. But Vampirella is off in hot pursuit of the assasin.

"The assassin gave up their shot at their target..." observes Adam. "Vampirella?" interjects Abriel. "- in order to spare Tiffany." "Love sick, angry and invisible" muses Abriel. "The assassin?" "Yes." replies Abrial, flat and sullen. "The assassin."

Meanwhile, giving Vampirella the slip, Penny finds herself confronted by none other than Count Dracula! "You sabotaged the performance and forced me to waste my shot!" "Saving sweet Tiffany, a waste?" rejoinders Dracula, "Not to you, Penny." "Spiderella!" she corrects him. "Spiderella, have patience." commands Dracula. "The fun is yet to begin. I have greater plans for your mother. You know that I always do." She smiles, forgiving. "Return to the Whispering Castle, my child" commands Dracula "wait for your mother."


Flash forward: A sleek and naked catgirl, treading lithely silent on the ornate tiles, watches quietly as their master Amfortas sleeps fitfully, dreaming of a bat on the wing under the moon...o


In the royal bedchamber, a pretty little chambermaid sits weary and disheveled, blasé yet pensive with worry, rubbing her feet, and reflecting upon her service of the day.

The catgirl watches quietly as rwo girls from the livery slip stealthily into their tumescent master's bed, in order to fellate him in his sleep. Their master Amfortas lies fitfully, dreaming of a bat on the wing under the moon....





The other catgirls are more frisky and in need of attention, yet wary of the baths.

Meanwhile the bat is hunted by an owl. The bat escapes only by soaring down to the ground, landing, and much to the astonishment of the owl, shapeshifting into the form of a woman, Vamprella! The owl wheels about. and flies off hungry.
Suddenly, in the harem of the Fisher king, a rock from outside breaks the window glass, the noise awakening the King from his dark dreams and fitful slumber.


Vampirella makes her way towards the castle looming in the distance.++













In the dead of night, Vampirella darts through the forest, easily evading the massing cultists, hooded, robed and chanting in deep wet arcane slurping and gurgling syllables.

Stopping momentarily to crouch in the castle graveyard, Vampirella makes ready to move in upon the castle heavily guarded to keep the cultists at bay. Crouching there, Vampirella finds herself distracted by, of all things under the moonlit sky, the tickling blades of grass brushing ever so lightly against the pale, smooth and bare skin of her perfect thighs..



"Brrrains, brrrains... -er, um- booty! Vampi booty!"
However they are not living blades of grass, but feeble bony fingers straining and sprouting up through the grave soil, imploring Vampirella: Redeemer! Save us! What macabre yet poignant fantasy, muses Vampirella, the reality of it never quite reaching the corner of her eye.
Then, stealthily like a shadow, Vampirella glides through the graveyard and past the check point where the worn and decrepit seeming old guard is munching on a mutton lettuce and tomato sandwich and watching TV.It is the scene from 'The Princess Bride' with the famous line: "Have fun storming the castle!" Stealthily, Vampirella breaches the castle's heavy defenses in the dead of night, making short work of the mercenary guards she encounters on the castle grounds.

"Do they still imagine they can detain me? Why bother keeping me naked?" ponders Tiffany. "They've all seen my escape act. Nothing up mu sleeve! I'm so bored. I wonder if I can provoke another cavity search?

"Or should I wait for Aunt Flow?"






























"All remains quiet, serine and routine, the calm before the storm, I am certain. And security will be lax because the Captain of the Guard is so distracted." muses Tiffany. "I wonder how motherhood will suite her? Dear diary: Unable to conceive, Biker Bitch has obtained a surrogate mother, Esmeralda, of whom she has become ever more obsessively possessive as the pregnancy advances. But Biker Bitch is fickle, and this cannot end well."












































 "A gilded cage is still a cage..."


"The world awaits without!"


Meanwhile, as if sensing his moment at hand, from atop his castle, Amfortas now wakened and sharply dressed, awaits, pensively surveying his domain from the balcony of the Royal Bedchambers of the Whispering Castle. What can be in his regal thoughts in a moment so redolent in portent?
































"Hot Bi babes into bondage and domination... Ooh, corrective rape! My favorite. When I discover sinful lesbians going at it, writhing in unnatural passion, I am simply filled with moral indignation, and compelled to intervene. The key to overcoming the temptations of Sapphic turpitude is easy transition: Just imagine the flavor of my hot cum out from her smelly wet twat. I've taste tested it myself. Noe if, for example, you were to eagerly suck my throbbing dick while it just happened to be pounding away inside her filthy quivering plotz, well then, who could criticize?"










Back inside the sumptuous royal bedchamber suite, Amphortas, eagerly awaited, well acquits himself in charismatic unflagging confidence and insatiable virility.

And yet Tiffany the Bondage Bunny, biding her time, remains ever the center of attention.













Fight choreography








The action of the fight scene is intercut with a flash forward, wherein informative commentary is provided by two cloaked figures, speaking animatedly in the same feminine voice. Between the they bring a laptop computer for frame by frame recapitulation of the surveillance footage, and a pair of stiletto high heeled sandals which they take turns wearing in order to follow in Vampiella's foot print debits in the lawn, while the other helps to steady the one wearing them, all in order to retrace Vampirella's fighting moves. Getting a birds eye view is Itsy, hanging by her knees upside down from a tree branch (like Vampirella herself, in the teaser), all giddy, shouting and clapping for joy and consequently dropping a glove, thrilling to the adventures of her heroine.






Vampirella's hand-to-hand combat style, the Drakulon Mantis Cha-Cha, is a modified Northern Praying Mantis Fist, characterized by a continuous whip-quick circular parry-strike, defense flowing into precise hook like follow-up attacks on the return sweep, adapting also the Cha-Cha-Cha dance steps for foot work and movement in very high heels, characterized by shifting hips on alternately weighted legs, and maintaining its offbeat rhythm by warding off the opponent in order to force them into a first half step, and thence position out of balance and vulnerable to attack.

Vampirella's martial strategy thereby, even leaping fair distances at astonishing quickness, is first to continually disperse her assailant, in order then to close in and pick off each individual opponent in turn, in one to one mêlée employing Vamirella's natural attack, a bat like embrace allowing the prey to struggle and turn, facilitating debilitating fresh crushing damage in different positions, front, back and side; full body wrestling holds, powerful bare arms and legs, flowing one into the next. Pulling back by the scalp hair, Vampirella then closes, ruby lips towards the carotid artery at the neck. But Vampirella withholds the final killing bite.

-somewhat to the perceptible disappointment of one of her attackers, and in turn to the irritation of his comrades!



























Meanwhile outside, the next wave of the castle's defenders employs the MimicMan TM, a sort of minimalist exoframe. MimicMan TM is constructed simply from PVC pipe or even Kevlar, a jointed stick figure of the human body, strapped on at belt, neck and shoulders, knees, elbows wrists, ankle and foot brace. The jointed rods of MimicMan TM are worn over the chest or the over the back, arms and legs to the front back or sides, with modular armor plates and guards for hand to hand blocking moves.








With a modular powered option, human strength can be enhanced. Engaging the ratchet function for the joints, MimicMan TM saves energy and stamina for the mercenary guards stealthily free climbing into action. Others speed into battle in recumbent vehicle configuration.

Others still, soar into action with modular attached fan powered ultralight aircraft systems. -All offering Vampirella at all greater challenge.




















But his Scorpion Kung Fu moves are predictable for Vampirella, who easily sets him up for for a surprise left handed boxing jab, followed by a direct right handed karate blow to the chin, rendering him slack and unconscious. But instead of falling, his MimicMan TM exoframe actually keeps him standing!

"Glass jaw!" mutters one of his comrades to the others... 


Vampirella still overcomes them, actually throwing ground troops into the air to bring down the low flying aerial troops.

One of the mercenaries, very cocky and macho in demeanor, and sporting one of those tacky dried scorpion in plastic neck chains, steps forward attempting to match Vampirella's fighting style.

Meanwhile, as the alarm continues to sound, the grumbling old guard at the gate straps on his revolver, grabs and cocks a shotgun, and hurries off in response. But Vampirella, in mounting suspicion, readily disarms and begins to interrogate the bumbling old guard as he arrives:








Why is no one shooting at her? Why do they so badly want her alive? For what are they stalling so? But the old guard is clueless and time is short. Vampirella then takes up but then casts aside, the guard's revolver. She then frisks him and finds no less than two back up pistols, one in each of his boots.










The palace guard comes for Tiffany.








Tiffany resists!











But to no avail.

"I have neglected you of late, Tiffany" apologizes Biker Bitch. "Don't let me keep you from the joys of motherhood." parries Tiffany. "Oh, that. What was I thinking?" muses Biker Bitch. "Where is Esmeralda?" demands Tiffany. "Delectable Esmeralda is well tended to, do rest assured, sweet Tiffany, bondage bunny. Perhaps if you are very good, or if you are very, very bad, I might send you to check in on her later."











"But enough small talk: Time to make you pretty for our honored guest, my tempting little minx: No perfume can be more sophisticated than the intoxicating glow of your own musk, with no accent more enticing than fresh blood and flowing tears. Don't you agree? Say yes!"
















"Pretentious bitch! You mock me with everything I can never be!"

















































Even gazing down at Vampirella from the battlements, fails to distract Tiffany from those hateful panties growing ever more dank and clammy. Surely the most dire constraint, worst torment of all, yet devised by her captors! "Don't get too comfortable." she is taunted. "I gotta pee!" begs Tiffany. "Later" comes the reply.















Meanwhile, Adam and Abrial arrive on the castle grounds. They find one of the fallen castle defenders, ascertaining that he is merely unconscious.
Abrial perceives Adam taking an interest in the MimicMan TM exoframe worn by unconscious warrior, and helps Adam remove it for himself to try out.
Adam then advances upon Vampirella with blood in his eye, no quarter asked and none to be given. Vampirella finds herself hard pressed, and takes fright when Abirial tosses Adam a sharpened wooden stake!





As reinforcements amass about her and close in, Vampirella, finding fingers sticky with blood, pauses to lick them clean.








And then, her voice whetted, Vampirella lets loose a piercing sonar shriek, calling up and setting loose s swarm of bats upon them.


With the castle defenders thus occupied, Vampirella takes up and cocks the security guard's shotgun, but on second thought chooses the pistols.




Then, to the astonishment of Amfortas watching on his video monitors, Vampirella shoots out the surveillance cameras with deadly accuracy while sprinting towards the battlements! A shout rings out in the night air: "Hey! There's a nearly naked woman sprinting towards the battlements!"

"On in ten, Miss Tiffany."








"If they are actually expecting my break in," muses Vampirella "then perhaps they'll fly a flag on the entrance and put out the welcome mat." And no sooner said, than an answer to the previous shout rings out in the night: "Yes, and another one strung up from the battlement!" It is Tiffany, giddy with anticipation of Vampirella's approach.





Even Vampirella does seem momentarily taken aback observing as, in a demonstration of the most limber and hurried contortion, Tiffany at long last shimmies free from those horrid panties blowing away in the soothing cool breeze.



Three other pairs of eyes, all the truest cat green, also bear witness, all from high atop the battlement.



They all share a pair of night vision binoculars (yes, even the cat!), and the same amazement at the high heat radiating from between Tiffany's shapely legs!




"Pussy's gotta breath, right?"

"Alas, sister, that we must squander these luscious moments for changing into something less comfortable in order to greet our esteemed guest properly."









Seemingly winged heeled, Vampirella veritably springs upon the balls of he feet, the very toe points of those elegant stiletto go-go boots!
Meeting no further resistance, Vampirella quickly gains entrance by scaling the vine covered battlements, to ascending the stairway inside.
Inside Vampirella is bemused to find herself watched curiously, by the housemaids, scurrying about their business as quick and quite as cats! 



























































In the enclosed garden courtyard atop the tower, Tiffany strikes a dramatic pose awaiting Vampirella. But Tiffany hesitates tongue tied, as Vampirella finds herself confronted by exotic identical twin martial artists with unique identical tiger scratch tattoos on their shoulders. The tatoos have been imperfectly removed by laser surgery, so that they only manifest when their hearts race and their skins flush. - as Vampirella's keen senses reveal to her... But as formidable as they seem, instead of impeding her progress into the Whispering Castle, first bowing respectfully, they only move to block any possible retreat and escape.

They are the watchers of Vampirella's ascent of the tower, they are also figures in the flash forward, analyzing Vampirella's fighting style!

"I wanted to apologize for not waiting!" utters Tiffany, feebly. But Vampirella is gone. Next, advancing into the gloom, Vampirella finds the stairway behind her barred by an awaiting succubus, surly and malignant in demeanor, crouching to conceal a small spider tattoo about her navel.

Meanwhile Tiffany finds herself summarily recaptured by the Tiger Twins, chuckling indulgently at Tiffany's timidity and frustration!

"You rock those fantastic boots with such authority!" declares Tiffany, beaming with her most wining smile. "Take them, we insist!" reply the Tiger Twins, in unison, pulling of their matching boots for Tiffany to try on as the Tiger twins rub one another's aching feet. 


Meanwhiile, with all retreat barred, Vampirella remain intent upon the dangers before her!
  • Up half a flight from the lovely interior courtyard, Vampirella finds herself at the top of a grand and elegant stairwell at the core of the massive castle tower. The chandelier is fashioned from two tree trunks from the forest outside, bolted end to end so that the roots of one strain to touch the ceiling, while those of the other fan out to illuminate the long descending stairwell beneath.
    A French maid stands before Vampirella with an engraved invitation on a silver platter, ushering Vampirella into the quarters of their little princess, Itsy.


    Everywhere throughout the castle, Vamparella finds tasteful arrangements of exquisite brass urns in different sizes. In the lovely dim light, Vampirella beholds a beam of moonlight reflecting from the urns, leading her ever downward within the tower

    <meanwhile, Tiffany having changed outfits and wigs, and hiding in plain sight atop a precarious rickety old ladder, fastidiously tightens a flickering light, as Vampirella is ushered away.

    The squeaking of a mouse, inside the light fixture, then scurrying away across the grand chandelier, does not escape Vampirella's keen senses. The chandelier hangs from a massive chain, all the way up into a copula at the top of the tower.

    Testing the strength of the chandelier, Tiffany begins climbing. is startled when she disturbs a horrid nest of huge rabid rats. Tiffany, startled, loses bladder control as one of the rats, chewing into the electrical wires, creates a deadly short circuit, the electrical shock then conducted by the wetness of the urine.

    Tiffany, loosing her grip, tumbles into a free fall, into the waiting arms and custody of the Tiger Twins. Tiffany is stark naked, her clothing having gotten caught on the way down through the great chandelier.





    About the pretty neck of the French maid chimes a cowbell, and she positively exudes a certain hormonal glow, packed into her little dress, round and curvaceous. The hem of her décolletage is distantly moistened. Vampirella detects a lingering dairy odor. "Isn't our little princess a bit old for a wet nurse?" wonders Vampirella. "Oh, don't be so... [beat]" giggles one another maid at the coffee service.

    "lactose intolerant!" finishes yet another, uproariously, with a smile and a wink. They too sport identical cowbells.










    Vampirella finally follows suit, just to be polite.


    "Milk is similar to blood, nutritionally speaking, right?" observes one milk maid to the other, who replies: "Hey, we could all be like the Brides of Dracula!" "Now I've really lost my apatite!" grumbles Vampirella, belching sour.




    Itsy, star struck, barely contains herself from just gushing as she approaches Vamirella! "I ran away from boarding school. I didn't last there very long. So, there I was, all so full of myself, that I was on my way to take up orders with the Leather Nuns, excuse me: the Order of the Magdalanes Sisters of No Mercy, but I only ran away back home again. Fathers is angry, but I am glad. I would not miss your visit for all the world!" "I am honored and charmed, Highness." "Itsy, please!" "Itsy. Some matter of delicacy at the boarding school, then?"

    "I think that exhibitionism is simply misunderstood" opines Itsy. "Never apologize: What one must, one must!" prompts Vampirella, offhandedly. "Because our priest withdraws, may I make my confession to you? I have been reminissing. I'm a little embarrassed to admit to you that I was imitating one of the older girls, my bestest friend for life. She snuck out past curfew one day, to go shopping for a little black party dress and a new do.


    "But then at the Asian spa, they beguiled her into a full body wax, which was just terribly naughty, and so she just had to show someone! It was our little secret. Of this she was emphatic!" "We all love to share little secrets." "Oh, we had good reason. The gesture of protest might have been frowned upon."

    "But its only hygiene!" objects Vamiprella. "Maybe for heathen suicide bombers, but not in Christendom." blurts out Itsy: "Or so we were taught in virtue education. They actually tried to sell us on chastity belts in lieu of anything more more drastic.









    "But that only generated business for the locksmith. And so, ever determined and inventive, they modified the design towards character building. And we all discovered new wellsprings of contrition and devotion." 





    "When I was little and first arrived at the convent school, there was that scary dark nun from North Africa. But she wasn't really so bad, or so I am told, and I knew they wouldn't let her really hurt me. When I got older they compromised:
    They only wanted to scare me, and that they did! Then they called me hysterical and sew me shut with pretty laces! I could barely pee. But a voice inside bade me calm, and they were satisfied.
    Then one day the stitching came out. And life was complicated. All the same, I wanted to show everyone."



    Itsy pauses: "Join me for a soak? Do say yes!" insists Itsy, gesturing to into another larger alcove, a vast and sumptuous royal bath. "You go ahead without me." Itsy sulks. "I like to watch." adds Vampirella, judiciously. Itsy brightens up again. Vampirella attends as Itsy continues:






    "My bestest friend for life, kept a small squid or an octopus, I'm not sure, you know..." "For a woman's intimate..." "Right. And I thought she was so wicked, sophisticated and daring. But one night they quarreled over something stupid, the way..." "Close companions will..." "Exactly. And I was just being nice, because he was so dejected. I didn't mean anything by it. How could he... ?" "He was no more angry than a dog humping your leg. The cephalopod are highly sensitive and intelligent.   













        "The future is wild: The Octopussoir are destined to come ashore and take to the trees, but they are not ready yet, and nor are your kind. The Dark One, dead but dreaming, who covets the rule over all eight limbed beings, sends forth his deranged cultists to instigate an invading frenzy. But we are getting ahead of ourselves, Highness. -Itsy..."

    Itsy continues: "Well, eventually he calmed down, and decided to come back out from my tummy. Dropped right out from my cute little pleated tartan miniskirt, just in the middle of geography class! So much for whatever was left of my reputation by then. Those critters really can squish themselves up into small spaces. No bones. I knew where he might hide next. So my friend begged me never to tell. That nasty old headmistress thought any of the rest of us might know, so she caned us all for good measure. But I kept the secret as I promised." "And the squid?" "The cat got'm! The one who likes to sit on my chest while I sleep, and sniff in while I snore out. Well, pussy's gotta breath, as they say."
    "To bad about that." consoles Vampirella. "Oh no," deflects Itsy. "I am well consoled." Itsy merrily presents herself, revealing her indweller: "I wondered what he might have up to up there inside of me. But then some days after he -she?- popped out again, I felt the squirming. Then it seemed like all the little points in motion where cliquing into one larger mass." "They where not ready to fend for themselves, and you just aren't built for their nurture." explains Vampirella. "So they began devouring one another. The strongest one survives." "Well, true as it may be that I am naughty and never learn my lessons, and yet if that awful North African nun ever wants to come and finish the job, she'll find a guard posted!" " "I do hope that works out." replies Vampirella.





    "Oh look, we're bonding!"












    They are interrupted by tittering laughter. "Oh, shoo!" commands Itsy. It is the catgirl from the bedchamber of Amfortas, now clothed as a maid, then joined by another.  "Werecats?" Vampirella puzzles out loud. The catgirl maids stands about, clearly taken with Vampirella. They shyly join their hands into the shape of a heart. A petite Asian maid, Butterfly, grins sweetly in concordance with the sentiment. Vampirella recognizes her from downtown, skirts blown up and then spirited away up into the sky!

    But then the housekeeping supervisor arrives to shoo them off, and Vamperirella finds herself eying the woman suspiciously. She seems somehow out of place. "I've never been less comfortable more warmly received!" muses Vampirella"

    "Not you!" barks the housekeeping supervisor, at one of the departing more human housemaids. A pool of slime has gathered on the floor where Itsy revealed the indweller. "Clean that up!" "Now you'll never get the littler minxes' back to work!" grumbles Itsy. Indeed, they all the more determinedly tarry and peep from hiding, much to the wrath of the housekeeping supervisor.









    "Where is your master to be found?" demands Vampirella of Butterfly. "I am not privy to everyone's comings and goings, but I do well know that the royal bedchambers are just down at the end of the hall." Taking her leave of Itsy, Vamprella's eyes continue following the brilliant shaft of moonbeam reflecting from one strategically placed brass urn to the next. Down that hallway Vampirella spies two elegant young women wandering down the hallway is various stages of undress, one on all fours on a leash by the other. The catgirls hiding around the comer, can be heard tittering at Vampirella's surprise.







    The wench smiles wickedly, assuring Vampirella: "I am unarmed, I promise" assuming the position and adding: "Frisk me!" Vamparella declines.

    Creeping through the royal bed chambers, Vampirella finds Tiffany sleeping soundly. She had fallen asleep, meticulously and critically reviewing her performance in bed, on an array of top of the line video monitors.




























































    Vampirella finds the housekeeping supervisor in uniform as captain of the guard, or rather: out of uniform, also naked and asleep at her post in a very comfortable looking upholstered chair.






    By the giant plasma flat screen, Vampirella discovers a movie theatre hot popcorn dispenser, and strangely tempted by the aroma of fresh hot butter, indulges in a quick mouthful. But she only gets a kernel stuck on her fang! "It's all too easy" muses Vampirella, warily, "with not even so much any token effort to disguise it. Have I ever just walked into such a glaringly obvious trap?" No sooner said, then fetching little Butterfly finally speaks up, genial, beguiling and coquettish, to obligingly point the way: "This way into the trap. It has been set especially just for you, Mademoiselle Vampirella. Mustn't tarry, chop-chop." Yet another shy catgirl maid, Matilda, overhearing, fails to conceal her embarrassment and disapproval at what Matilda regards such so blatant and vulgar display on the part of Butterfly. Matilda is palpably troubled with whatever lies in store for Vampirella. Despite himself, Amfortas, hiding behind a tapestry with Leong Naja, suffers pangs of conscience.
    Resting less comfortably on the cold stone floor, chained up to the bedpost is the downcast and humiliated chambermaid who was tasled to mop up after Itsy's indweller, and as Vampirella gleans from the video recapitulation, had failed to satisfy the Lord of the Manor.
    Indeed, the performance had been for her edification. But wrists bound, she had been unable to take notes. The poor thing may well have been illiterate to begin with.
    When Vampirella removes the timid and frightened chambermaid's shackles, all that she can think to do with her new found freedom is to cower deeper into the corner. But then, clutching her prized cameo locket, she opens the compartment to show Vampirella. "Your loved ones. You endure for their sake." She nods and smiles tearfully, rising wearilly to resume her duties...
    When suddenly:

    "Eeeek! A mouse!!"


    Matilda still toying with the mouse, watches with feral impassivity as Afortas, leaping out from behind the tapestry,  attacks the hapless housemaid as she flees and cowers!
    Terrified whimpers and sobbing are followed by the crashing of crockery and tableware, and followed in turn by grunting and panting, the grunts and moans of carnal struggle.
    Vampirella, shameful and cursing her own cowardly hesitation, remains rooted to the spot. For Vampirella's second sight, reveals the depth of bestial corruption and spiritual decay saturating the very soul of the Fisher King, nourished by the malignant influence pervading the Whispering Castle.
    Instantly, Vampirella realizes that the catgirl Matilda has veritably leapt out of her maids uniforms to catch the scurrying mouse and toy with it. Vampirella is glad, because much to her own chagrin, she herself had to restrain the same urge. Too much time as a bat! "Hey! That's for Renfield!" -words blurted out of her mouth unbidden and mysterious in meaning to Vampirella herself.... Even thus disoriented, Vampirella does not let on that she can well sense Amfortas and Leon Naja behind the tapestry. For they well know the meaning of that unbidden utterance, so unintelligible to Vampirella herself.













    And yet the Fisher King, doubling over in distress, can still find no release! The other housemaids dutifully present. But Amfortas impatiently waves them away. "Your Royal Highness needs to be punished for such wretched and empty transgression!" surmises Vampirella "Yes, yes!" agrees Amfortas, in rasping gratitude.


    The battered maid sits and bears witness in contempt and discontent. Vampirella hands her a loaded pistol from under one of the pillows, a pistol with which she seems somehow well aquainted. But the Fisher King too, only seems to be going through the motions. And so the rough stuff escalates, appallingly, and still no redemption or release, but only mounting shame and frustration for His Royal Majesty.




    The battered domestic bearing witness, lies naked masturbating with the gun....


























    Watching and writhing she flashes back:



    But no degree of abuse brings satiation to either the Fischer King or his victim. Only the gun, cocked and loaded, first on her lips and then jammed between his teeth and chipping an incisor, finally heightens tension and suspense towards apogee: Will she pull the trigger and set him free?

    In the same moment, at last Amfortas reaches achieves a shattering release, and the battered domestic passes out from her own injuries.






    Meanwhile, Biker Bitch, emerging from the shower, vents her agitation in martial arts practice.




    Dressing, she emerges from the bathroom to take back the pistol for safe keeping 




    Tiffany, very blond and very shapely, is now dressed and all; done up, lightening quick, in a skimpy little black party dress, blushing, meek and demure, approaches Vampirella, upper arms cuffed together with a rod behind her back, awkwardly proffering a fountain pen and an autograph book.

    As Vampirella obliges, despite the further distraction the most exotic housemaid yet and even more jiggly, a feminine form in transparent protoplasm!

    The transparent maid is no less transparent in affect, as she shakes her head knowingly at the rising ire of Biker Bitch, a formidable redhead all decd out in in a biker cap and peek-a-boo leather dress, tightly grasping a nasty looking riding crop. She is fresh out of the showers, and still there in her mind, enraged, working up a grudge, shadow boxing wet and naked with the gym all to herself. Everyone knew well to steer clear.

    Tiffany gushes: "Oh my gosh, it's really you!! -I'm Tiffany, by the way..." "Of course you are." Tiffany whispers: "Are you crazy, Vampirella? Get the Hell out of here!" -perceiving the foul mood of the Captain if the Guard, then adding: "Oh, shit...

    "Oh my Captain. my Captain! - with your cloths on and your eyes open!" "So, interloper, you think to minister to the needs of our sovereign. Are you ready to challenge for that privilege? No?" "Who writes your dialogue? But I'll admit, it seemed momentarily  satisfying passing judgment on such a conceited tyrant. Though in the end, it all just leaves me somewhat hollow. A cheap high, that can never be recaptured after the lesson it brings in the let down: Your master is a martyr only to his own depravity, and finds no absolution in any penance. He only envies the degradation he dishes out, an would relish my contempt. The shame and guilt he so abundantly shares with his sycophants, is only another jaded thrill. And so I leave you all to it. And may God have mercy. I did not come here to join you. And I have never exorcized a any house that was haunted by the living. I don't even want to save you." "Then leave us to our curse! You are not needed here. Don't take any of the windows, you'll find that all the obvious exits are covered. Like the décor? Plush, no? But it's all cosmetic, honeycombed with infestation. Bugs and field mice come and go as they please. In the form of a bat, only hunt your accustomed prey. Just follow the other vermin, back into the woodwork, and be gone!"

    "Have you possibly wondered why I didn't just fly in here unobserved? Because where there are mice and bats, there are owls. -Owls awake and covering for you while you all good off, I surmise. But I expect the owls, like everyone else here, are too well fed, sleek and pampered. Perhaps just as debauched, as well. With owls, who can say? They keep their own council. No, never so unnaturally debauched! I bet I could take'm, though. Still, I'd only have to return here later, charming a prospect as that may present."

    "Well, if this is your one special visit, we must strive to make it memorable. Any trap, for that personal touch, needs the right bait. And you're elected, Tiffany sweetie." replies the the one Vampmpirella already thinks of as Biker Bitch, forcefully  hiking up the hem of Tiffany's little black dress -Yup, Tiffany hates panty lines- so that her ample bosoms pop out, and summarily drawing stripes of crimson droplets from tiffanies perfect ass with that nasty borrowed riding crop! 

    The faint scent of the mouse dropping and glue starch behind all of that flawless wallpaper, now mixes with the heady bouquet of blood and lavender.
    Screaming, and dropping her precious autograph book, Tiffany bolts right down the gloomy stairwell. "Tiffany, wait!" calls out Vampirella. "You've dropped your..." But then the Tiger Twins appear, momentarily taking position to block Vampirella's way and throw her to the floor. "Oops! It seems that we've been careless with our bondage bunny." mocks Biker Bitch. "Everyone ought to have a bondage bunny just like our dear sweet Tiffany. Won't you be a love and go fetch her back for us, Vampi-sweetie?" Quick like a shadow, Vampirella attacks! And just as quickly, Vampirella lands on her shapely ass, eyes wide in chagrin. First bowing curtly, their purpose fulfilled, the Tiger Twins withdraw. Tiffany is gone.

    With a hearty chuckle, Biker Bitch resumes, laconically: "You are so wasted with that traveling sideshow act, Vampi dear, that gawd awful magic show. Why, here in Transylvania, -did you know it?- you actually rate groupies! Menace her or comfort her, eat her or rescue her, or maybe a little of each. Why, our tasty little morsel Tiffany is definitely on the menu, and up for anything!" laughs Biker Bitch, malignantly. 

    "Bitch!" curses Vampirella over her shoulder, bolting down the stairwell, following the constant and unwavering moonbeam. "And then some!" retorts Biker Bitch, ebulliently, after Vampirella, already chagrinned in realizing that actually, she rather liked the awful woman! And no sooner is Vampirella out of her sight, ever deeper down the stairwell ever further into the Whispering Castle, then an ominous faint odor curls Matilda's sensitive nose. Matilda snarls under her breath, as Butterfly, nonchalantly retires to the bath chamber to freshen up.



    Butterfly regards the Aggressive Bidets: Cleanliness is next to Godliness, as the saying goes. And indeed, Butterfly, troubled and confused finds herself yearning to come closer to God. And so, with a sigh, Butterfly selects one of the higher settings.

    But no sooner having given herself over to the water jets and probing brush, Butterfly suddenly comes under lascivious attack by tentacles out from the very bowl of the flush toilet!























    Meanwhile, coiled about by the strangely cobra-cowled and massive boa constrictor Leong Naja the Dream Snake, Amfortas himself, the master of the castle, barely worse for wear, operates the MimicMan TM restricted to carefully set range of motion, for correct movement and stretching exercises, but finding himself too agitated for Yoga, with too much muscle ache for martial arts, at the suggestion of Liong Naja, Amfortas settles on practicing the perfect golf swing.
    Just then, an alarm sounds and an indicator blinks. "He's gotten into the plumbing again, Boss" grumbles Leong Naja. The tone of the alarm tone changes, and the blinking light shifts colors. "And there's the Freon. That always cracks the pipes! Alert the Royal plumbers." "Yes Boss, beg pardon: At once, your Majesty."
    Back in the master bathroom, the tentacles recoil and retract in response to the freezing vapors that crack the toilet seat in two, none too soon for Butterfly, bolting out naked from the bath chamber. "This way to the trap, just for you, Mademoiselle Vampirella!" Amfortas chides her, summarily clapping her into the most elegant little irons and chains. "You are a very naughty Butterfly."












    Meanwhile, deep within the labyrinthine catacomb dungeons, a young woman wearing a little black dress in a spider web motif, the threads ever shifting in pattern, glittering in the unwavering moonbeam, even so deep beneath the ground, coyly rearranges her hair, and finally undresses.

    The dress falls away before her, because she is actually lying back up against the ceiling in defiance of gravity! On the ceiling are an overlapping square and circle in chain. Her two arms come apart into four, as to her legs. Taking the stance of the Vitruvian Man, she swings down like shutter on a hinge, deftly and lightly lowering herself into a circular aperture showing a square window behind it, where she makes ready to spin her webs...




    Candelabra in hand to light her way, Vampirella  decends into the dank darkness.

    But then Vampirella, alert to the horrified cries of Butterfly echoing through the Whispering Castle, makes ready to retrace her steps back up the stairs and to her rescue.




    But then, just as suddenly, Vampirella beholds the chilling tableau of so many nubile victims haplessly ensnared like flies in a vast spider web.




    It is a grizzly tableau that greets Vampirella as she arrives in the vast labyrinthine catacomb dungeons sprawling beneath the Whispering Castle of Amfortas, a vast splatter of rancid carnage and poison.





















    Back in the Royal Bed Chambers, Amfortas pauses when the telephone rings, in order to reconfigure MimicMan TM into a recliner and answer the phone: "She's arrived in the catacomb labyrinth? And all is in readiness? Excellent." Amphortas can hardly contain himself.
    The Fisher King doubles over in pent up distress. Nothing else will do, he still needs it rough! His captive whores, ever obliging and quick about it, exact their long simmering revenge. And yet they all hold back save for the abused scullery maid, having taken her lessons to heart with a biting gusto. With an evil glint in her eye, she sprawls breathlessly transfixed as, spraying his contempt, Amfortas agonized, grabs her and raises his hand. But time is scarce. 






    So Amfortas gathers his wits and reconfigures MimicMan TM yet again, with a Orbitron human gyroscope, for Virtual Reality interface, leaping through the stones and gliding through the castle in phantomlike telepresence, observing in rapt anticipation, as Vampirella makes her way warily deep into the castle, past ever more arched alcoves displaying those exquisite brass urns, straight into his trap!









    Vampirella finds Tiffany's clothing ensnared and covered in cobwebs. Only then does Vampirella behold Tiffany, the most terrified of all, stark naked save for her dark stickings, stilleto heels and opera gloves, ever watchful, barely breathing, straining to remain stock still, standing at an uncomfortable angle in order not to brush the cobwebs in which her cloths are entwined, and thus trigger a signal and draw the attention of what ever monster had spun such vast webbing. Vamiprella carefully makes her way across the gigantic spider webs, towards Tiffany.

    All about them Vampirella and Tiffany behold in horror, the ever shapeshifting she-spider, toying with her food, the women ensnared in her great webs. Many are already cocooned, drained and barely alive. Others are moldering with the stench of death.

    Before them comes Count Dracula declaiming in his thick Rumanian accent: "Vampirella is oblivious to all we say and do, Tiffany, because she doesn't believe in me! But you can always believe in me, Tiffany." The she-spider finally speaks! "As I have made my home here, I can invite in anyone I want to." Amphortas, telepresent, gnashes his teeth in response. Dracula continues: "I can make you a vampire, Tiffany, if that will bring you closer to Vampirella. But I would never seek to inveigle you into anything to which you would not be ready to commit your heart and soul. That would be meaningless for me. And you are a clever fetching woman, Tiffany. You can make your own opportunity."





    Tiffany whispers to Vampirella, looking towards the she-spider: "She's trying to decide if you are predator or prey, and thus, I fear, who's prey am I. Quick: Take me over that way." Vampirella and Tiffany come upon an elegant bath flowing with fresh blood from a sculptural cornucopia. The warm gore seeps from the horrific cocoons of still living prey of the spider. "This is the spider's trough" realizes Vampirella. "Hush!" replies Tiffany, quickly shedding her remaining clothing and wading in. Vampirella, stetting at the edge of the bath, removes her garb, while Tiffany helps her out of her boots. "Go on, we have to sell it!" urges Tifany, baring her neck for Vampirella, who takes her at long last! "We could tarry here forever and ever!" gushes Tiffany, breathlessly egging Vampurella on.







    "Will we find happiness enough to share with all?" queries Vampirella. Tiffany stifles a tear: "I will not burden you, Vampirella." Tiffany gingerly extricates he clothing from the spider web, but finding them ruined, hurls them away in frustration. "Go forth, Vampire Ella." sputters Tiffany, slipping back into her stockings, footwear and gloves, sniffling and trying very hard to be brave. I was wondering where they had gotten to." "I will make my own escape while you do whatever must be done." decides Tiffany as Vampirella dresses herself, retrieving the bloodstone and slipping it into her boot. Tiffany makes ready for a dramatic exit into the gloom.













    And only then mysteriously, Vampirella seems to sense Amphoras' telepresence even as the trap is sprung: Writhing tentacles slither up from a massive grate, shutters opening with a rusty creak. -tentacles whipping upward to ensnare Vampirella by her long, shapely and supple legs, from the very floor beneath her elegant stiletto boots.

    But when Vampirella quickly reacts, making good her escape by air in the form of a bat, her sonar reverberates from more of those exquisite brass urns, deafening and disorienting Vampirella so that she flies headlong into the stone ceiling, then falls ensnared into a giant spider web!















    Only in the nick of time do the massive tentacles repel the giant spider, in struggle with Vampirella! Vampirella is then beset by the henchmen of Amfortas only just before succumbing to the tentacles! Vampirella is barely conscious as the giant spider morphs into a woman with a spider tattoo about her belly, hungrily grasping at Vampirella until Biker Bitch roughly pushes her aside, wrenching Vampirella free and standing weakly, still dazed.

    "Oh, poo!" complains Penny. "No one told me that villainy is even more frustratingly disciplined than virtue!" "Them's the breaks, darling Penny." answers Biker Bitch, throwing herself in to assaulting Vampirella, even somewhat to the dismay of the on looking Tiger Twins. "Spiderella!" corrects Penny. "Spiderella. Sorry." apologizes Biker Bitch, wailing on Vampirella.














    Meanwhile, Tiffany, distracted, falls prey to the tentacles from the floor grate! But worse, is the psychic attack of the neither being. But Tiffany is rescued by Leong Naga and the snakes of the crypt. communing with them, she is illuminated.


























    Meanwhile, Vampirella fares poorly against Biker Bitch, as the Tiger Twins look on.











































    When Biker Bitch tries to drown Vampirella in bath, now running clear and clean, Vampirella finally rallies in a savage counter attack!

















    But just as suddenly, Vampirella keels over, wretched with sickness!





    As much to Tiffany's horror, Spiderella, disgruntled, withdraws seeking consolation with Esmeralda, barely concious, partially cocooned and covered in venomous love bites!





    Tiffany quietly and diligently sets to work exploring for any flaws in walls of the vast crypt, when unexpected opportunity for her great escape fortuitously presents itself as the cleaners suit up troop in from an antechamber.








    Tiffany is presented with the exit she seeks, as the housemaids, steering clear of giant predators, file in through what can now be seen and recognized as an indoor rock garden, protected in latex from head to foot, are busy with a veritable crime scene cleanup. The overwhelming odors of death and toxins mix with the aromas of bleach, spectracide and dry steam. But no perseverance of elbow grease can banish the unquiet spirits!




    But one of the maids is careless, and runs afoul of the grate in the floor!



    Voice over:
    "Passing modern high tech security points along the way, Vampirella finds herself spirited ever deeper into a subterranean complex, dungeon chambers and passage ways integrated with catacombs, a model of wretched Medieval efficiency.
    "When space in the graveyards outside was needed, the bones of noble and commoner, torturers and tortured, all alike, neatly found there way back here again to disturb, marvel and edify the tourists of a later age."
    From beneath the massive grating, the horrid frustrated gurgling roar of the monstrous dweller deep in the catacombs, still rumbles through the castle, resonating through the urns, as Vampirella, strapped into one of the MimicMan TM exoframes, joints locked and immobilized, with modular wheels configured to the ankles forming a hand truck and restraints.

    The catacombs are undergoing an expansion. And one slave is particularly furtive, and only Vampirella notices her making her escape! But then she is caught again. It is Tiffany's traveling companion in the trunk of the car.




    Ever deeper into the catacombs, they drag Vampirella.











    demands Vampirella
    For surely the venom is working on her mind:
    In her head,
    it seems that Vampirella hears the skulls chanting,
    calling out to her:   

    "Redeemer, redeemer, save us, save us..."






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    Vampirella in the Crypt of Depravity 




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