Flashback: Flapping along the ceiling like a gecko lizard, Vampirella stealthily slithers through the rafters in a vast ancient library guarded by deadly Ninjas, and purloins a very specific little scroll. Making her way down the chill windswept Himalayan mountain side with the purloined little scroll in hand, Vampirella encounters a young Buddhist monk: "Who are you?" he queries in amazement. "I am a thief." "You wear very little." "It is all that I need to wear." "Namaste." "Namaste."

Flashback: Vampirella's elegant stiletto heeled boots sit neatly folded on the most gorgeous and isolated beach. Beneath the azure waves, Vampirella effortlessly glides, free diving amid the coral encrusted sunken ruins, teaming with splendiferous sea life, to find a massive crumbling wall in relief, of Lovcraftian writings and monstrously illustrated diagrams, embellished by dreadful carvings. The yellow bat emblem emblazoned upon on the low slung crotch of Vampirella's scanty costume functions as an electronic flash camera!

Amfortas, lecherously stroking through her raven tresses, snatches out the vial of concentrated blood substitute upon which Vampirella subsists, and smashes it before her very eyes, so that she will starve until she finally she can only break down and feed upon him.
Amfortas taunts and rails at Vampirella:
"Look how well marbled I am, my blood so rich and tasty. Don't you want to eat me? I t'ought I saw some pussy fangs. Has this bad pussy got teeth, meow?" As Amfortas shifts Vampirella about in Mimic Man TM bondage, straining open her knees until the crotch of her costume tightens into camel toe! Vampirella humiliated and enraged, fights down her hunger, nearly losing control when Amfortas slaps her full in the face, venting his frustrated desperation.


Still in heavy restraint, Vampirella, containing herself, hypnotically beguiles labored gasping Amfortas into resting his weary head upon her heaving bosom, so that amid the heady pheromone scent, in dawning awareness of the warmth of her skin, Amfortas finds himself astonished to discover Vampirella's heartbeat.

It beats, it beats, it beats!

Amfortas grasps to explain it all away, accusing Vampirella of ingesting silver nitrate that might give even a vampire a running fever, of bare handedly ripping out the still beating human heart from the body of an innocent, for transplant in replacement of her own black heart, and all in order more readily to pass for living.-And of covering up the surgery scars with a boob job!