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Through the Dark Forest

Copyright 2013 - 2017 Aaron Agassi







Using her own hair to wipe the cup clean again, Vampirella discovers how the bell screws and dethatches from the stem, allowing Vampirella to thread the stem trough the ring clasp of her collar. But Vanpirella is awed and astonished as the grail bleeds and fills with blood, poring copiously over her hand!

But suddenly, Vampirella is startled by a forest of skeletal hands sprouting from the graveyard soil. Erupting from the earth, a mob of risen dead advances upon Vampirella who stumbles over a gravestone, her ankle in the grip of skeletal fingers grasping upward out of the dirt! Springing up from the ground, the skeletal warriors advance upon Vampirella, stumbled and doubled over a gravestone.

















Suspense mounts as the nearest of the skeletal warriors grows closer, and smacks her bare buttocks, first once and then again! "Vampi booty, Vampi booty!" chant the others in lecherous approval. Flush with insult, Vampirella wheels about, wagging a perfectly manicure index finger in approbation. But one among them, treated with deference by the others, comes forward, demanding order: 

With that the skeletal legion, unwilling to hear any more,  marshals to attack Vampirella, but then they cower as she makes short work of their leader.
Suddenly those little werecats that Amphortas domesticated as housemaids, reunited with their larger feral cousins, come charging in on all fours, to route the hapless skeletal legion, making off with their very bones for their supper! Matida even seems happy to see Vampirella.





"What have you done!" accuses their leader. "The Dweller in the Crypt is no more" replies Vampirella. "You are all free to move on."

"But you were to stand glorious by the side of Count Dracula under the Eldritch Banner of the Elder Cephalopods!" "I fear that we have all been somewhat misinformed:

"Not only where your desires unclear to me, but first of all, I am the mortal enemy of Count Dracula, and secondly it would seem that Dracula himself is actually sworn to protect the world from..."











With enemies and allies alike so suddenly dispersed, Vampirella finds herself solitary and feeling strangely lonely as the storm gradually rises. It is in that melancholia that Vampirella discovers a fissure in the graveyard soil, where piled up sculls have been thrust up from the catacombs below, in the violent death throws of the massive crypt dweller. The monsters blood has pooled about. There Vampirella takes a moment in repose. 
Vampirella sets down the Grail, as of its own accord, the Grail ignites a burnt offering for the Skeletal Legion. "Your struggles are well finished." says Vampirella. "I am sorry to have disturbed your well earned rest. Do not judge me as I do not judge you." It is then that the night sky opens up in sheets of rain, quenching the little fire as if in rejection of the offering. While back down in the fissure, Abrial is soaked!

Someone finally helps poor klutzy little Abrial, still gazing upward in astonishment, out from the tight rocky fissure, just as Adam returns to take confession with their priest, of how he was beguiled by the raven tressed vampiress. Abrial stands unnoticed, humiliated in rejection. Soaked and bedraggled Abrial has become even the more invisible to Adam, whom she so clearly hero worships. But then Abrial takes fright to discover another one of the housemaids dead, collateral damage from the mêlée, becomes ashamed of her petty selfishness and moved to compassion. As the surviving housemaids receive first aid, Abrial surreptitiously retrieves and opens her duffle bag, setting it by the fissure for Leong Naja to gratefully slither in.



On the surface, in the flashing lightening, Vampirella catches sight of the brides of Dracula, levitating away beneath the moon, blowing Vampirella farewell kisses. "You'll catch your death, dear!" With the rumbling distant thunder comes the cleansing downpour, and Vampirella once again in human form, checking her boot, and still in possession of the Grail, turns her face up to the cleansing rain.
But Vampirella, bare and pale skinned, betrays no discomfort from the damp and cold, even as the torrential rain begins to turn to sleet! When she first arrived at the castle of Amfortas, Vampirella's scanty fighting attire clung to her curves like shiny crimson duct tape. As the evening wore on, the fabric began to stretch much as a one piece bathing suit. In mortal combat with Hentai-BemSothoth, Vampirella's outfit has rolled up and bunched together into a heavy string one piece thong.
At long last, Vampirella suffers a major wardrobe malfunction: Strolling through the downpour, Vampirella suddenly sneezes! And her tits pop out! At the bottom of the screen, shadows of the audience rise in standing ovation!




In startled disbelief, Vampirella shrugs off and forgets this surreal breech from across the fourth wall, and squeezes the straps of her outfit clean of all the slime and gore, snapping and flattening out all of the scant material so that the smart fabric once again shapes and clings over her supple contours. Thunder and lightening! Preposterous, am I?! Vampirella rails into the elements...
"If there is anyone watching me, then just what in this life, can they be waiting to see??!"
As if in answer comes the crack of the lash, and cries of pain stifled by a gag. Vampirella beholds a tumescent naked man with a whip, fleeing back into the forest.




















Vampirella finds housemaids and even Spiderella's intended dinner entrees, standing naked, cold, wet shivering, bound and gagged, shackled to heavy wooden blocks, offerings of devotion to slain Hentai-BemSothoth. The poor things, they didn't get far!
Vampirella quickly frees them with her superhuman strength as the hooded cultists scatter silently back through the graveyard and deep into the woods. Suddenly a voice rings out: "Let's play: Is there a God?" "I like not the sound of that!" mutters Vampirella, wheeling about to behold two women dressed in Cabaret costume negligee, one hooded and trussed up all set to hang from a gallows, and the other set to kick the stool out from under her. Two other women, terrified, naked bound and noosed, await their turn.
In a flash, Vampirella grabs the would be executioner, kicking and screaming unintelligible curses. It is the North African nun! "That little whore of Babylon, unclean consort of the deep dwellers! She begged me for death." Breaking her bonds and pulling of the sack off from over her head, Vampirella finds the imminently condemned girl drooling and catatonic. It is Itsy, then smiling, beatifically, ravishing, tilting back her head, baring her throat to Vampirella. The other two regard one another, quizzically. 
Vampirella mischievously grazes Itsy's throat with her fangs, only scratching. "Oww!! What was that for?" complains Itsy.
"What's the matter deary my" laughs Vampirella, merrily "don't you love me any more?" "You're a meany!" sulks Itsy, pouting. Suddenly she cries out in alarm!





Suddenly the North African nun lunges for Itsy's crotch. There is an eruption of tentacles and gore splatter as Itsy falls.
The next thing Vampirella knows, it is she herself on the end of the noose, fed upon by the minions of Dracula. And as Vampirella struggles for her own life, a third figure sets himself to the grizzly work of the hangman, with prodigious alacrity.
Then in a flash of lightening, Vampirella beholds Abrial at the edge of the murky forest, gone again on the dark. Warning or beckoning?
Vampirella, in fresh resolve, breaks free, casting aside and thrashing her attackers. No longer benefitting from the advantage of surprise, the cowards quickly disperse. The North Africannun too, runs off cackling madly through the graveyard and into the forest. The girls still standing, rush to save the others dancing at the end of the noose, those for whom it is not already too late. Even while springing give chase into the woods, Vampirella beholds Itsy stirring and opening her eyes. Vampirella tastes a splatter of blood on Itsy's cheek, declaring: "Octopus ink! Crimson octopus ink? A mutation..." Itsy weeps to discover severed tentacles in her lap.




Meanwhile, in the deep dark woods, where the the slime mold magic mushroom grows, awaits the lurking mystery woman, for Vampirella...






"Hey, are you okay?" queries Vampirella, only then perceiving that this is Spiderella. "You!" exclaims Vampirella.



Giving chase through the graveyard and into the deep dark and gloomy forest, Vampirella discovers more live offerings of the cultists, so relentless and eager to draw out the malignant neither spawn, object of such manic veneration: Yet more naked housemaids, trussed up in the tree branches. With her second sight, Vampirella perceives that the trees are actually Dryads, Wood Nymphs. Because she wears the Grail, the tree branches obligingly lower of their own accord, for Vampirella to untie their strange fruit, the exhausted naked and shivering girls.


    Tiffany, still naked, now cold and shivering, cowers. sheltering in a tree hollow, eyes imploring Vampirella not to give her away. Something is still very wrong! What does she hide from? Out from the woods wanders another woman with a red umbrella, standing before Vampirella and smoking so copiously, that the unnaturally sudden and snowy cold snap even seems to have calumniated out from from those billowing fumes!


    The scent of opium laced hashish is overpowering.

  • The mystery woman appears very, very stoned!





  • "Oh, better than just okay!" replies Spiderella: "Wanna toke?" And with that, she lets loose like a dragon, from between her fangs, with a great vortex of smoke, like a thing alive, straight into Vasmpirella's face!







  • Unleashing also her powers of mesmerism, Spidereella begins shapshifting all the more into a seductive double of Vampirella herself!








    And Vampirella finds herself compelled to tilt back her head and bare her neck languorously, to the vampiress having taken Vampirella's own form, but with bleeding punctures on her throat."See, Vampirella?" breaths Spiderells. "you are supposed to have delicious beauty marks like these. You want to, don't you? Keep sweet! Just let me fix that." And with that, Spiderella closes in, making good on her offer. 

    But just as all seems lost, her adversary's fangs at her jugular, a sapling in the howling wind, whips at Vampirella painfully, startling her back to her senses. Vampirella finds herself enraged, a sharply broken tree branch in hand, impaled through the chest of Spiderella thrashing six long and dangerous spiny arms in most horrific death throes, plaintively croaking:

    "Are you going to tear off my head and shit down my neck?" "Oh, Penny!" laments Vampirella, "Spiderella." Spiderella corrects Vanpirella. "Spiderella" agrees Vampirella, solemnly. "Call me Penny, Mommy..." pleads Spiderella. "Oh Penelope!" weeps Vampirella, reaching for the Holy Grail about her neck. But it is gone! 

    "Thou shan't have the Grail, unless to fulfill prophesy at the center of the Earth, by awakening our sisters." demand the Dryads.
    What?!" blurts out Vampirella, in consternation.
    "If you are the Redeemer," pronounce the Dryads, "then tell the answer: Who are the pollinators of Eden?" "This is no time for riddles!"
    Only then in a flash of lightening, does Vampirella catch sight of Itsy, watching.
    Vampirella, in tears, scrambles through the brush, searching in vein. For momentarily, it is already too late. But unseen by Vampirella, and unnoticed in he gloom by Itsy, the crumbling carcass shell of Spiderella writhes with a live clutch of fresh hatching spider eggs! Itsy is surprised at the lightness of the body, as she tenderly bears bears Penny away.
    Meanwhile Vampirella, regaining her composure, finds her rain soaked hair ensnarled in cobwebs. And there is the Grail, right there in that soaking, matted and tangled mop! But rushing back for Penny, Vampirella finds Penny's body gone!

    At long last arriving by the roadside, down the hill from the ruined castle, Vamprella rendezvous with a van sporting a custom paint job proclaiming: 'The Amazing Pendragon'. Finally, they make good Vampirella's escape.



    As the van lurches and swerves across the rain soaked roadway, for the first time Vampirella, hastily buckling up, finally betrays mortal terror: Old Pendragon behind the wheel, and as ever already well inebriated, hits the liquid courage especially hard! In a thunder clap they catch glimpse of a dancing specter, set to pirouette En Pointe and caper like a satyr!




    Vamparella finds herself awash in a flood of vivid  memories: Penelope was so cute when she was little, before her appetites turned to people and her idea of play became homicidal. Then she styled herself 'Spiderella.










    A violent sneeze erupts from the back seat. Vampirella turns about: It is the old guard, miserable with the flue, shivering and wrapped in a blanket. Vampirella and Pendragon let him off at a roadside diner for a warm plate of soup. As Vampirella and Pendragon turn to exit the diner, he feebly attempts to return the borrowed blanket still wrapped about him, but they genially refuse. "Who are the pollinators of Eden?" Vampirella demands of him. "A rock group, maybe?" sneezes the guard. Pendragon shrugs.

    Back in the van, Vampirella reflects upon her recent adventure, remembering the tiny family photo in the cameo of the miserably shackled chambermaid. In it, the woman stands with her husband and children. Sharply, Vampirella realizes that the husband is none other than Amfortas! Meanwhile, back in the ruins of the dungeon, a cry rings out: "He's alive!" Meanwhile in the van, a radio news flash announces that His Majesty Amfortas is in critical condition after the mysterious collapse of the castle. Back in the ruined dungeon, the Leather Nuns have called in their own corps of paramilitary paralegal paramedics. As his stretcher is lifted by crane, out from the ruined dungeon catacombs, Amfortas clings to life. His Queen, the much abused chambermaid is there, once again resplendent in the finery befitting her station, laying flat on the palatial marble floor, peering down into the fissure in the ground, shouting down to Amfortas, as the crane extricates his stretcher.

    "The degradation! Can you ever forgive me?" rasps Amfortas. The acoustics are still remarkable. "He's dead? He's good and dead?" demands the Queen, in trepidation. "Vampirella did it! The demon of the pit is destroyed. The mad desperation of it's unholy thoughts no longer permeate the either. I am myself again and whole. The curse is lifted. But where are the children?" "We sent them away, remember? Itsy came back, and she has gone to bring Bey back home, even as we speak. And darling, don't apologize. It had to be real, but it worked. No one knew me for myself, me least of all. Karma's a bitch alright, but she lost my scent. My shadow has yet to catch up with me."  

    b n

    No sooner said, then a shot rings out! The Queen lies in a pool of her own blood. The Leather Nuns leap into action to treat and protect her.

    Back in the van, Vampirella, flashing back to the bloodied hand of Amfortas brushing her cheek, now speaking of this with Pendragon, recollects out from the jumbled blur, with the help of nurse succubus -Spiderella! giving Amfortas a blood transfusion as she cradled him in her arms, regaling Amfortas with her exploits in the Himalayas, but then quickly and instinctively repressing the memory in order to guard it from Dracula as he arived. Amfortas had indeed seemed dead. His heart must have only stopped long enough to afford entry for Dracula and his minions.

    Amfortas rests on a gurney on the surface, being made ready to be rushed to hospital. His neck is heavily bandaged and a Mimic Man TM appendage is immobilized, serving as a quick splint for a broken arm. The Queen, nursing bruised ribs, is pealed out from a Kevlar bullet proof vest taped over with punctured bags of stage gore. "Poppa!" announces a young girl beside the gurney of Amfortas. It is Itsy! "Momma!" Itsy rushes to embrace the Queen, who beaming, nevertheless motions her off because of the messy dripping stage gore and her bruised ribs. Turning back to Aphortas, Itsy speaks to him: "What a tragedy that brought us Vampirella the Redeemer. The scorching devastation of her beautiful home world!" "But Daddy," queries a little Bey, "if these Vampyri where so scientifically and technologically advanced, did they not foresee the danger from space, well before hand? Why did they not prepare and forestall such catastrophe?" "Politics, I imagine." muses Amfortas in reply. 

    Meanwhile, nearby, Abrial speals with Adam, repeating what Leong Naja whispers to her, coiled and flattened like a great taper, under the her habit and matching poncho: "There will be eye witnesses having caught some fleeting glimpse of a receding shadow in flight from the crime scene. Ballistics will reveal the rifle, never reported missing, to be from the Queen's own registered fire arms collection." "So this is not an isolated incident." replies Adam. "Hardly."   

    Vampirella and Pendragon continue their journeys together, subsisting from their travelling magic show, the same lack luster performance with the big finale of Vampirella turning into a bat! An audience member, the old guard, not so clueless after all! discretely uses his cell phone to video record their act, which soon turns up on YouTube, discovered online by dutiful Abrial and watched intently by Adam Van Helsing and the Leather Nuns, now in possession of Amfortas' powerful Mimic Man TM technology.

    At the table sits a blind old man with a crystal ball, whom Adam addresses as Dad. It is the old guard, actually Conrad Van Helsing, the blind psychic father of Adam Van Helsing, who sees through the eyes of every person and animal nearby, even video feeds as well. Conrad Van Helsing is the head vampire hunter for the Leather Nuns, brooding in silence. Adam and Vampirella will meet again.



    Cut to: Itsy still bearing Penny's body, is lost in a reverie of Penny, emerges from the forest into the cemetery adjoining the ruined Whispering Castle.



    How noughty it felt to sneak off to raid the secret stash of Playboy Magazines and lingerie catalogues, that the boys all hid under their beds.







    Background music: 'Peter Pan': 'I won't grow up." Flashback: Young Spiderella and Itsy run and play. Cut to: They have fallen into a heated argument. "The reason the neighbors are so cold to you, is that no one knows if your coming by to volunteer at the nursing home or to eat the family dog. -or the family. You can't be all that surprised. And you really need to stop getting stoned trying to kill your Mom!" complains Itsy. "I do what I want!" retorts Spiderella. "You're doing it for attention." "It works for me." "But it's not necessary! Vampirella is always there for you." "Always up my ass!" Insert edit: A man, shaken and bloody, covered in cobwebs, beholds Vampirella spanking Spiderealla, who cries out. Vampirella is infuriated and really waling on Spiderella! Cut back again: Itsy: "I don't know why I bother!" "Please, Itsy. You're my only bestest friend!" "Yeah, well it's not entirely unconditional. If you kill me, I'll never speak to you again." "Well, hardy har, har!"

    Itsy breaks from shoveling, to continue chiseling the the epitaph on a great fieldstone. The music rises, concluding crescendo:

                           "I'll never grow up, not me!"             

    At Itsy's feet, spiders swarm to climb up her legs! Itsy smiles, as the spiders, human featured, nestle on Itsy's shoulders.





    On each shoulder, when she blinked, Itsy found a femlin princess! Itsy beheld their retinue congregating at her feet.

    They were all so thrilled when Itsy wanted to take them home in her lantern. They were all so adorably tiny!






    They lounged around so languidly, the way that femlins always do, until dutifully cuing up for their elbow length black gloves, issued so sternly by the Master Sergeant. To pass muster, they all measured up before him. But when they ran out of black nylon stockings and stilettos, they simply had to make do first with silk stockings or shiny wet look vinyl. -And when those ran out, just rock'n with those thigh high dominatrix boots!
    The femlins striding in the boots, inspired such sweet submission from the femlins in black stockings.






    "Femlins!" mused Itsy, delightedly. "They're real! And they come in all sizes!"
    Itsy beheld as the full sized version composed herself, striking a dramatic pose right there before her in all of her naked glory!




    '"Femlyn'....-is that my name? How sophisticated!" pondered Femlyn, languorously.

    Then one of the little femlins also wanted to go blond. "No, stay as you are. I will be dark and mysterious, like my little sister femlins." resolved Femlyn.      .  
















    Femlyn was lots of fun, quite a performer!























                   "Alas, poor Penny... !"






    Some of the catgirls wandered back again, all hot to be femlins too!


    It worked out well, because Femlyn decided that she wanted to play some soccer. And the agile and powerful catgirls took to soccer quite naturally. Itsy got some good exercise joining in































    As the hours grew late, Itsy finally took Femlyn home to be looked after by one of the very proper nannies' on staff at the daycare facility. But Femlyn was one tough broad, increasingly bored with all those itchy cloths and stuffy manners! 




    Femlyn finally managed a nice relaxing bubble bath...



    Femlin agitated, suddenly became quick and fierce! The Master Sergeant would have been proud.
    The very shadows became steeped in an unwelcome presence!
    Vigilance all to no avail!



    Extricating herself, Femlyn finally caught the spy in their midst.

    "You better talk!" barked Femlyn in what she hoped was a commanding tone..
    It must have been, because Itsy was frightened, and scolded Femlyn to behave!





    Femlyn was was sorry. "You know how I am. How will I ever learn?" Femlyn pouted.


    "You love me. Not that cold fish of a Nanny. You know what's best. You must bend me to your will!" resolved Femlyn.





    "All you really need is a little time out." resolved Itsy.



















    "We've been playing all the games that you know, but I learned some pretty interesting games away at school, that we can try. This time I will never let you go, Penny! It's you, Penny, isn't it?" Femlym slipped her bonds, with practiced ease, and embraced Itsy. "Only in spirit, sweetie."

    "Tiffany?" "Who else do you know who bathes in a giant martini glass?"

    "Me, when you aren't looking." "Oh, I saw!" "Oh, my head!" "The venom is wearing off. You need to learn that not every spider is Spiderella, not even here in Transylvania."









    Itsy paused: "I saw you with a gun sticking up your own shadow!" "I should have worn my disguise." "To mask your intent, Tiffany?" "Itsy my Princess, it wasn't mine, it was Karma, your mother the Queen's shadow trying to attach itself to me. Something that even I might find myself hard pressed to to escape." "Sounds like what the Paladin told you, but I still don't understand it." "Don't you? The assassin's bullet! Your royal mother's shadow has finally caught up with her. Didn't you see me disarm that shadow? Do you think I pulled you mother's Kalashnikov out of my own twat?" "Is the armory not secure?" "Try locking anything up from your own royal shadow!"











    "But what were you doing out in the graveyard, Tiffany?" "Practicing my art." "In the kitchen, out from the refrigerator may be just for practice, but from a casket six foot under seems somewhat more in earnest, especially with no audience. No, Tiffany: You where digging out from your own grave! You are preparing to become a vampire. You are worse than my father the King! Both of you so hot for Vampirella. Oh, don't pout! But why the boots and gloves?" "Why, leathers to protect my arms and leg, of courses." "Naked?" "I didn't want to spoil my good cloths. And I never wear just any old rags."












    "And the color of your hair?" With a flourish of prestidigitation Tiffany shook out her hair: It was fiber optic, and glistened in a rainbow of color! Tiffany became a flaming redhead and then a platinum blond. "Men are fickle. A gal's gotta be flexible."

    Itsy laughed: "Everyone should have a bondage bunny of their very own!" "You should be thankful to the catgirls. They had the inspiration of playing soccer to sweat the venom out of your system more quickly." "I'm bushed." yawned Itsy, lying down in the couch, soon fast asleep. Tiffany tucked her in with a comforter.






    The spidery femlins buzzed and tittered at Tiffany's feet, for the femlins all knew that Tiffany lied. "Shoo!!" she barked at them, and they scattered into the shadows and back into the woodwork, looking for more trouble, and always finding it:!







    "Did I expect a bed of roses?"













    Zoom out: Amfortas and his Queen with their remaining retinue make themselves at home in great geodesic dome over the ruins of the Whispering Castle.

    Amfortas is still haggard from his ordeal, and uses a cane. But his accustomed vigor returns, nigh miraculously.









    v.o.: "The femlin looked on and beheld, as Her Majesty the Queen found herself hard pressed in labor renegotiations with the remaining staff, and wondered how long the Queen's trigger-happy shadow would thereby be exorcized." 

    Cut to:

    ESTABLISHING SHOT: The sign says: American Kindergarten. Inside, Lil' Princess Tutu, a darling little trick-or-treater costumed as Princess Tutu, demands in alarm: And what happened next? They are in a kindergarten all decorated for Halloween and filled with costumed little trick-or-treaters, listening to story time. With Vampirella sitting beside him, shooting him a warning glance, old Pendragon, pretending to read from a great tomb of a plushy Necronomicon, replies, pantomiming with Vampirella, now sporting thigh length high heeled wet look leather boots.

    Well, um, falters Pendragon, looking to Vampirella for approval, then... the monster tickled poor Vampirella without mercy!

    Insert edit the fantasy thus conjured: Vampirella, barefoot, ensnared, coiled about in massive writhing tentacles of Hentai-BemSothoth, shrill giggling like a demented little girl! One tentacle holds Vampirella's boots, neatly folded, while the tentacles coiled about Vampirella, laughing to tears, mercilessly tickles her bare feet with a quill feather!
    There in the kindergarten also sits demurely the cat maid Matilda, cradling a femur bone in her lap. Vampirella rises: "And now children, just as a I promised, our extra-spooky special guests! Enter freely and of your own will!" With this, Pendragon rattles a thunder board, a metal sheet for making a boominf cacophony of thunder claps, reflective for also producing the accompanying flashing effect in the gloom with the lights dimmed and curtains drawn.
    Vampirella's eye gleam bright and red, as the doors are flung open, and the skeletal legion enters! "Your promise." Vamprella reminds Matilda, who returns the femur to the Commander of the Skeletal Legion. Lil' Princess Tutu sneezes, complaining: "They smell!" "That's not nice" chides Vampirella. Tutu looks to Pendragon for support, but in vain. The other children clap and cheer in delight, as the limping skeletal commander reinserts his femur bone into place! But the adults are horrified.
    "All of it." demands Vampirella of Matilda, who, reaching into her buoyant décolletage, hands over a worn out tourist map of the Whispering Castle grounds, with an 'X' scrawled thereupon. "I suppose that you are meant to dig for it yourself." apologizes Vampirella. "Oh, the indignity!" laments the skeletal commander. Vampirella addresses the horrified adult care takers of the American Kindergarten: "Tend the grave yard of the Whispering Castle ruins, as your very lives depend upon it!" she declares. Vampirella explains to Pendragon: "Every time it rains hard, the Skeletal Legion works double time just to keep the soil over their skulls. If that dirt goes any more bald, there will be a mudslide right down the hill from the Whispering Castle, through the Dark Forest and straight into the lake. And there remain things under that brackish water best undisturbed."

    Cut to: Abrial bringing Chinese takeout to the Leather Nuns on vampire hinting surveillance stakeout, watching as Vamirella at curb side in front of the kindergarten, now garbed in a brief black leather jacket over her outfit, replete with fingerless driving gloves and 1970's vintage black SIDI Fullbore Motocross Motorcycle boots. With her superhuman strength, Vampirella effortlessly lowers a custom paintjob Harley Davidson motorcycle with of all things, a blunderbuss strapped to the side over her saddlebag, from a rack configured to the back of Pendragon's van, and makes ready to don a matching color schemed Thermahelm motorcycle helmet remodeled from the classic Tutankhamun Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper Helmet. A relief of Vampirella's bat emblem, replaces the viper crest.

    As Vampirella mounts her Harley, Lil' Princess Tutu saunters over with her trick-or-treat bag, and tugs on the cuff of Vampirella's boot: "How did you know those mean old spacemen where from Earth?" she queries.

    Well, replies Vampirella, flashing back in dawning comprehension: "They told me, they shouted! swearing great oaths that Earth was their birthright, and indeed, when I took their ship from them, it brought me here from my dying planet, here to your Earth..."

    "Kids say the damndest things!" remarks Pendragon.

    "Mermaids! Mermaids are real! There have to be mermaids!" next blurts out little Princess Tutu. Vampirella flashes back to free diving amid the ruins. Scrutinizing and photographing the inscriptions, as she finds a mermaid at her back peering over her shoulder. Then Vampirella is startled to find herself surrounded by curious mermaids. The waters have suddenly filled with mermaids darting quickly in formation like great schools of fish! When one of them locks with Vampirella in a piercing gaze, Vampirella, flustered by the sudden intimacy, releases breath from her lungs in a great shimmering bubbles rising. Vampirellam beginning to drown, quickly reaches for the vial of oxygenated blood substetute in her boot. But her boots are neatly folded on the beach! Flustered, Vampirella remembers that the vial is now in her hair, but she fumbles and drops it open, to be swept away by the ocean currents. Vampirella quickly breaks free for the surface. End flashback.

    "They wordlessly are profound and mysterious," Vampirella assures little Princess Tutu. "For such are the murky shadows the suffocating pressure of deep and cloying smother love. But I try not to judge them. Because in life, unless I take care, I can all to readily find myself on either end of similar Transactions." says Vampirella, flashing back to cradling the dying Amfortas.

    "How do you keep your costume on, changing into a bat and back again?" queries Lil' Princess Tutu. "Spider silk memory fabric, elastic, versatile. durable and light weight." replies Vampirella. Tutu frowns at Vampirella, aseptically." "What?" demands Vampirella. "Cold, gentle cycle, with a little baby shampoo, and then conditioner in the rinse." "And?" "It clings to me like a living thing, because it is a living thing, of course." "It needs your blood!" oils Tutu, darkly. No sooner said than Vampirella's costume begins fading from vibrant crimson, into a blotched, mottled and sickly pallor. Vampirella summarily punctures her own palm with her long red nails, and discretely wipes the blood onto her costume. The crimson blood splatter quickly spreads, and the costume revives. "Not all the time!" protests Vampirella, feebly.
    "Your jewelry?" "My jewelry is imaginary." snaps Vampirella. "Shapeshifting is too much of a distraction and I forget all about my jewelry."
    "And those boots?"
    Vampirella flashes back to a cobbler's shop. To the cobbler's astonishment, Vampirella, braless and pantiless in a filthy hospital scrubs, bleeding from bandages on her shoulder blades, is dragging in two great bloody stumped Giant bat wings on her tippy toes!
    Cut to: Vampirella returning to the cobbler's shop wearing a waitress uniform, limping, tears streaming down her face. Vampirella removes and hurls away her flats shouting: "What kind of cruel fetish...?" Donning her new stiletto heeled calf boots to pirouette En Pointe and caper like a satyr, Vampirella adds in exuberance: "At last on this savage world, sensible foot wear!!" Vampirella's doctor is there, explaining to the astonished cobbler, and holding up Vampirella's x-ray slide: "See? They only look like feet. They're actually more like hooves."

    The x-ray slide reveals the high heel ready little feet of a Barbie doll come to life!

    Hesitant to make her new foot wear jealous, nevertheless, Vampi cannot resist trying on those comfy looking roman sandal hoofboots.

    Back to the present: Lil' Princess Tutu insists: "Tell me about your boots!" Vampirella replies, flatly: "That's personal."


    Adam in the surveillance van, exhausted, has dozed off, and dreams of Vampirella rising naked from her candle lit rose petal blood bath out on  a vast red alien tundra, anointing herself gory with the Gail! As Vampirella's lips, fangs and intent hypnotic gaze close in, Adam awakes with a start as Vampirella, loudly gunning the Harley's engine, rides off down the tranquil suburban streets.













    Abrial, in reverie, chuckles to herself at a private joke: Underneath the minimal coverage of that yellow bat emblazoned on the crotch of her tawdry little stripper bathing suit, does Vampirella shave her pubes similarly into a tiny bat silhouette? Would Vampirella nick her privates doing that, as a normal vampiress, casting no reflection? Or would she only enjoy the pain?



    Gazing in the mirror, would Vampirella admire the crimson one piece thong, floating there in mid air? Suddenly Abrial gasps in fright, as Leong Naja, still winding about Abrial under her habit, and grown impatient with Abrial's snarky thoughts, quickly tightens his grip, sharply squeezing the life breath out of her!





    There is a snap, as Abrial falls to her knees, rubs her neck with approval, and smiles in relief, yawning. Stress making me catty! Patience, your time will come, Leong Naja coiled about under her habit, assures jilted Abrial, exhausted and worn. Abrial plops down for a snooze in the the back of a nearby pickup truck, Leong Naja coiled under her back as he shields her face from the sun with his great cobra hood. 

    Menwhile on the sidewalk in front of the kindergarten, Adam observes the little Princess Tutu shouting after departing Vampirella: "Take me with you, Elvira!" - the sound fades away on the wind for Vampirella, roaring out from suburbia on her Harley onto the open road. Adam, tailing Vampirella, through his binoculars, watches as Vampirella makes new friends. What fun! Damn, I'm made. As Vampirella rids off again, Adam contemplates taking a fresh approach... 








    Cut back to Vampirella on the road: Soon enough, Vampirella finally succumbs to exhaustion and highway hypnosis. In the dream, Vampirellas flashes back, to being pulled from the wreckage of the spacecraft in the wilderness, and spirited off to a remote clinic for emergency surgery. Her wings are broken and hemorrhaging. There is no other remedy but amputation. Cut to: "I can still feel them." weeps Vampirella, sitting up in bed, gradually becoming aware of her doctor's astonishment, as emanating through the bandages on her back, phantom batwings emerge and solidify!

    Then Vamparella dreams of struggle with Hentai-BemSothoth, deep in the bowels of the Earth, in a vast rumbling magma chamber.

    The housemaids are also there, ensnared and violated in the pulsing tentacles, exploding with vile spawn from their quickly bloated belies. Vampirella catches several of them in her fangs, and gobbles them down without thinking, even whilst struggling with the massive tentacles, slaying Hentai-BemSothoth, and in the process denuded of all but her boots, jewelry and the little white collar and ring clasp of her outfit.

    Next Vampirella finds herself standing over a mermaid, torn at the throat, flopping like a fish out of water and drenched in her own blood, on the dungeon floor of Castle Amphortas. With her fingers, Vampirella paints the pattern of her costume over her naked body, using the copiously gushing and viscous blood. Next Vampirella is clawing her way up and out from the soil, out on the the surface, her breath steaming in the chill night air.

    Abiel is there, but before she can speak to Vampirella, Abriel is attacked, incinerated, by a flaming skeleton erupting from the very soil! Then the heaven open and the rain comes pouring down, washing away the blood and gore, the ashes too.




    A spot light suddenly clicks on upon Lilith: "I am Lilith. I am the either, dark and mysterious. I called out to the lonely imagination of Adam in the Garden of Eden, and became manifest. For in his innocence he still shared in the power of creation.

    But I am a willful woman, unwilling to submit to blood ruddy Man, and Eden had no place for me. God banished me, plagiarizing my design to create Eve, fair and submissive." *

    *Referencing the classic Weird Tales story. [citation needed]

    God is there, as always, portrayed by a well dressed distinguished actor. God: "Of all my angels that I set to work in the design of every creature, I needed you for the invention of woman, Lilith." "And my reward was to be cast out." "Did I single you out? Adam and Eve soon followed." "But I was jealous and resentful. From out of the dark, I slew their issue in the very crib. Infants all dying in horror!" "A tragic accident." "Oh Lord, you know better."

    "Behold, Lilith, the work of Creation is never done." Lights rise revealing a great spider web on a loom, with Satyr and Circe still hard at work.

    The web curves inward, yawning like the mouth of a cave, into a wormhole, with spatial curvature, containing vast expanse within its narrow skein.

    And at the center is Spiderella, the roadside dancer on the rain, laughing, pirouetting En Pointe and capering like a satyr, spinning off the rain droplets into web strands out into infinity!  

    Vampirella watches raptly, through a beautiful antique full length mirror, that falls flat on the floor. And when Vampirella, in rapt fascination, crawls out onto the glass, it gives way and she falls, tumbling into the stormswept tableau within! 

    "What do you think of my experiment in Applied Teleology of karmic retro-causality? -Not just foreknowledge of the future, but quantum afterthoughts setting right what one went wrong. I forgive all who ask, and for you I offer a very special redemption. I assure you most emphatically, Lilith my child, that you only reached out to their minds in tenderness, and in loving curiosity, and in response, they rose free of their little bodies, straight to my bosom. See here and here. Just change the motivation, and the same tragic results are preserved, though at all less traumatically and with no tangle of paradox. I take the sin of my own carelessness in the entire matter. Go ahead." "I can't." "Why are you all so hard on yourselves!"

    "Is this why I am manifest by Thee, oh Lord?"

    "Tonight you are manifest not by me. Behold, your daughter, the issue of your angry blood, still ever locked in heart struggle with Adam, the vampire Ella! It is she draws you here tonight, Lilith."

    "Momma, Momma!" cries Vampirella, plaintively. "I am tired and confused. I am losing concentration!" Lilith disintegrates and scatters to the winds as Vampirella rushes to embrace her. "Why must you toy with us all so!" demands Vampirella of God, who replies: "Still no one understands me." And then He is gone.
    The ensuing thunder and lightening illuminate a sky actually scrawled with eldritch runes, Arcanum and yet again those mathematical formulae, resolving into the legend: "Who are the pollinators of Eden?"
    Vampirella is shocked awake just in time to pull short and skid to a halt at a roadblock. Vampirella is bemused to discover the screen of confessional both standing right in the middle of the crossroad. "How opportune. Am I still dreaming?" Peering behind, Vampirella discovers none other than Adam Vanhelsing waiting patiently.
    Vampirella  genuflects and prostrates herself languidly upon an upholstered kneeler, pressing breathlessly up to the screen:
    "You? Really?" "I trained for this in Seminary. I can be most reassuring.
    Vampirella composes herself: "Bless me or damn me, but I my sin weighs ever more down upon me: I never escaped from the mermaids that easily," confesses Vampirella."They only wanted me to stay and sport with them, and play forever in their shimmering coral gardens. They beguiled, they vexed and agitated, spurned, they obstructed, they grasped and dragged me down, until, drowning I finally lashed out and went right for the jugular!"




    "We all went berserk! I fed on so many of them. The seas ran red. The sharks frenzied. Then the orcas feasted on the sharks. By then I had taken my bat form. I even shaped myself more and more like a great manta ray. But no matter how I trued, I simply couldn't form gills.

       "I got the oxygen I needed from the blood of the merfolk, but I drank too much sea water and passed out. I was surely done for. But I awoke back in the shallows on the beach, safe and sound.






















    Vampirella continues: "In gratitude I set to work with my grimoire."

    Vampirella rises to retrieve the plushy Necronomicon from the saddlebags of her Harley, and zips open the the Velcro of the hidden pockets, revealing the contents concealed within:

    "The scroll I purloined from Shangri-La, the equations I worked out with the top secret professor, and yes, the digital photos I took in the sunken ruins saved here in my PDA.

       "The printer burst into flame when I tried to get hard copy of the vile images. I didn't try it again. Even the ancient cipher device you call: Grail.
    It was always meant for me. It appeared to me, came back in time into my hands when I wanted it. But that only meant that I still had to recover it, in order to close the loop and forestall paradox.
       "Surely the merfolk knew therefore that I was inexorably on a path to cross with Hentai-BemSothoth, and considered their vengeance well predestined."

    "You had foreknowledge, Vampirella?" queries Adam. "Guesses, distorted intimation. It's safe to look, Adam, sorry: Father, if you focus only upon the highlighted passages" explains Vampirella. Nevertheless, Adam glimpses, stitched into the scroll, the map of Aghartha. "You worked in the old tongue, surmises Adam the father confessor. You poured out your grateful heart into song." "Yes Father, replies Vampirella, and she came, she came when I called out to her! We embraced in tears of joy. Then she collapsed into a bloody heap, the business end of a rusty old harpoon sticking out of her back. So I reached for the Holly Grail, but it had already slipped away back into the future. I cursed God!

      "Then, with Devil codices and Neconomicon pages still in hand, I let out a deadly malediction of the kind you can never take back!"

    "No, Vampirella, you are wrong!" "Am I?" "God never burdens us more than we can bear up." "I called down a thunder strike deep into the ocean" insists Vampirella, sharply. "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord!" rebuts the priest, firmly. "Mine to repay! Not you, not me." Vampirella bolts to her feet: "Father Adam, tell me I beg of you: what is my penance?" "You are doing your penance, child of Lilith." he replies.

    Vampirella rises and strides away from the confessional. "You have not asked for absolution" declares Adam, stepping out from behind the screen to follow after Vampirella.

    But Vampirella can only answer with a penetrating countenance of despair, as she mounts her Harley Davidson once again. "Platitude upon platitude!" she mutters to herself...
    Inside the plushy Necronomicon, along with the half sized laptop, the handheld, the scroll and loose leaf folio, Adam could distinguish all along by touch the bell and stem of a communion cup, that tingled with warmth, the Holy Grail protecting him as his eyes stared into the abyss of dark incantation.

    At long last, The Grail was his along with the rest of the collection, the good with the bad, like hope at the bottom of Pandora's box, by valorous cunning against the born enemy of God. Thus does Adam imagine himself hailed as the hero of Christendom! Never mind the trust of the confessional. Never mind his own mixed mindedness. All he need do is to tell himself such excuses and hold his tongue but a moment!

    Yet Adam flushes with bitter shame as in his mind eye he beholds little old Catholic matrons and widows, turning up their noses, turning their backs, and retreating from his confessional in their droves, while Vampirella sits downcast in the pews, weeping. Baruch Ha Shem, but these Yentas know everything! Christ in Heave4n! This is too much! Oh Lord, don't test me, guide me! "The Grail will never truly be yours." breaths Adam. "It has always been mine." replies Vampirella. "The Grail will never serve you." "It never has. But it calls to me." "Do you answer that call with dark arts?" "In the darkness, I test myself before God. Same as you. When your keys are lost, they are no more likely to be found under the street light, only more comfortable to begin searching there." "What then was your first lesson upon receiving that package from the Whispering castle?" "That I owe Clark Kent an apology." "A silly riddle?" queries Adan, staring down at his shoes. "How far better to look at me" replies Vampitella from behind the screen, "and think of your shoes, Rabi Monsignor !" Adam rises and steps out from behind the confessional screen to look Vampirella straight in the eye: "Smart and funny. But you have the advantage." "What student of Qabala has not heard of you, Monsignor Rabi Adam van Helsing? What's a nice Jewish boy... ? The original Jew for Jesus! What are you doing here" "Getting too comfortable." confesses Adam. "Vampirella!" shouts Adam, after such and eternity of an instant, tossing back the plushy Necronomicon. "Well for God's sake, I don't want it!"

    "It was Dracula," demands Vampirella riding off, "wasn't it!" The image conjured and burned into Vampirella's mind, of Draculla, in sadistic glee, standing out upon the coral shoals amid the stormy sea, having just harpooned the agonized good little mermaid right in the back.

    Voice over, Conrad Van Helsing: "Beware Vasmpirella, for as the saying goes, when plotting vengeance, dig two graves, the extra one for yourself. All the worse, that the graves only spawn fresh horrors.

       "Inaccurate rumors how Vampirella had lost the Grail in the woods of the now ruined Whispering Castle, disseminated amongst the fairy folk. For those with the wit to percieve Spiderella's unfortunate prank of webbing the Grail to the back of Vampirella's head, where crafty enough to keep it to themselves and bide time. Therefore, Vampirella knew that Dracula and his minions must return, eager to scour every corner of the grounds, and that they would abide in the conveniently situated crypts of the castle grave yard."

       "There she sought out the fiend Count Dracula for a final reckoning."

    Cut to: A blond young woman in jeans and a tea shirt lies face down and unconscious at in the graveyard of the ruined Castle Amfortas at night. In her hand is a stake. Vampirella grabs the stake and fends off a deadly trio of attacking vampires. As the vampires flee, Dracula appears, dramatically barring Vampirella from giving chase.

    "Careful, I bite!" warns Vampirella, as Adam Van Helsing also arrives, hesitantly making stand with Vampirella in most uneasy alliance. "You killed her!" accuses Vampirella of Dracula. "Yes, it was me: I pierced her through the breast like Dan Cupid! But she gave me no choice!" objects Dracula. "What?!" demands Vampirella.

    "Shall I regale you of my first sojourn to Isle of Britain?" "Everyone knows" replies Vampirella, "of the ship that sailed in and ran aground, all on it's own, after you had fed upon the entire crew." "Yes, thank you Braham Stoker!" interrupts Dracula. "Well, Vampirella, I have you know that so discretely torn out from the good Captain's log where the pages bearing dramatic account of how that good little mermaid pest, came to their aid against me. Imagine! Oh, she was resourceful. She had fashioned for herself a vest of sea sponges neatly sewn together with strands of her own hair, to keep wet and breathing comfortably, even while shipboard. And she was strong! She had ingeniously worked out the movement of the North American rattlesnake, how you say: the sidewinder, for locomotion on deck, standing proud and tall on her great thrashing tail! With her help, the redoubtable crew of the Demeter had me cornered with stake and cross. Yes, she had discovered Christ, of all things. Buddha and Mohamed too. So in every hallowed name burning upon my honeyed tongue, I begged her to spare me, and promised her anything ever her heart should desire, any time she asked, just like the genie of the lamp."

    "Foul corruptor!" spits Vampirella. "And how far did sweet reason get you, when Amphortas had you in a similar compromising position, Vampirella? -Well, so many different fetching positions, as I recall. What a sight to see! Vampirella, Vampirella, before abandoning the redoubtable crew of the good ship Demeter to my tender mercies, your sweet scaly goody two shoes merwench made me swear on the Styx! I had all forgotten the faithful oath, when at long last she summoned me to honor our bargain. I tell you I had no choice, Vampirella. I never lie." 

    Dracula sums up: "So now you know the truth of how she earned the contempt of her own kind and made herself outcast. And after all the centuries of lonely Good Samaritan atonement, she still called due my debt at long last. And what do you suppose she finally wanted? Why, I had to make you love her forever, whatever means should that require and at any cost." "Her violent death agony the key to my heart?" demands Vampirella. "Poor, poor, Vampirella, stranded upon a world where the only food flows in human veins, and her only kindred are the predatory risen dead. Pine why don't you, Vampirella, for lost Drakulon!" "Mock my suffering while you can, monster." seethes Vampirella. "Vampirella, think: Drakulon is a dump! We hated the place! Couldn't escape quickly enough! You never loved it till you lost it!" Vampirella is stricken and then disgusted: "Don't think you truly know me. You are from Transylvania, Dracula. Not Drakulon!" "I have been many people in different times and places, Vampirella" explains Dracula patiently, "as have we all. When first I saw you on Earth, I remembered. It all came back clearly. I am only disappointed you don't remember me, Vampi dear." "I went berserk and murdered her kin. But she saved me without hesitation. For this, she died in my arms, died at your hand, monster! Could it have been you that I fled from Drakulon?" wails Vampirella, "What sort of fond memories should I ever cherish of the likes of you? Are you Narcissistic and depraved beyond all ordinary lucidity?" "I granted her wish. She died happy! Raptured! Blissful!" retorts Dracula. "I took great pains, and saw to that for the both of you, so glorious a privilege by Heaven so long denied to me!"

    With this, Vampirella can hear no more, and hurls herself at Dracula. Before the very eyes of Adam Van Helsing, they do battle and give no quarter. "What fire! What audacity." "What craven desperation. We where starving! To my eternal shame, I took flight to find a place where our food courses through the very veins of the population. For leading you here, I shall atone by your eradication!" "Many expeditions tried to follow you, but none where ever heard from again." "So you took our last desperate resort, Plan Nine." "Yes, meditation and fasting unto death, one by one, to reincarnate back in time in another world, this one, before our enemies where even born! Then we learned to cling to our new bodies even after death, reawakening our dimly remembered bloodthirst and powers. We regrouped from the four corners of this world, to forge our place in it's bounty! And now, you have arrived, restored to us at long last, dearest precious Vampire Ella:"





    Finally, Dracula disengages in order to beat a hasty retreat, cursing loudly: "You pathetic softhearted excuse for a vampire!" Vampirella, in hot pursuit, trips and stumbles into the vampires' nest in a dark and dank crypt all grown through in a tangle of tree roots.
    The resting vampires awaken and flee, together with Dracula all of them dispersing like the very moonlit shadows!


    "Too bad about Penny, Vampi, now she was fun!" calls out one of the departing vampires, even as the Leather Nuns swarm into the graveyard of the ruined Whispering Castle, in  support of their Paladin Commander, Adam Van Helsing, together converging upon the crypt. Adam rushes in, just as Vampirella, still tumbling, stumbles backward into an open coffin. The stake flies out of her hand! Vampirella, frightened and breathless, raising her arms defensively, batting her big hazel eyes and perfect lashes, gazes up at Adam standing over her with the stake in hand, and once again locked in hesitation.
    "I drank her blood!" confesses Vampirella. In her mind, Vampirella relives cradling the broken and battered good little mermaid in her arms, last embers of life fading. The good little mermaid bravely flashes her most ravishing smile, and tilts back her weary head, baring her neck to Vampirella. The good little mermaid shudders with delight as Vampirella's fangs pierce her pale flesh and find her throbbing jugular. "I took delight in beguiling the surrender into oblivion, of of another living soul, love consummated in parting forever. I know her intimately. I consumed her very soul. I lived down to everything I revile and dedicate myself to destroy. As for fighting any sort of good fight, even Count Dracula loves to play the hero now and again. The Demeter was a slave ship, transporting Rumanian abductees, barely out of childhood, to the brothels of Europe. Count Dracula liberated them in port, before the Demeter set sail. That is why he was spared. But she took his bribe. The mermaid turned upon the crew of the Demeter when she came upon the evidence, the chains rusty with blood. All this I learned as her life flashed before my eyes, but only made sense of it just now."





    "Her blood was so passionate, informative, vibrant, rich and thick. Nutritious and delicious. Just loaded with Omega 3" adds Vampirella, pathetic in depths of miserable shame.

    "And then, I became the vessel of the Lords of Light. And as the angry Merfolk set to work raising the Old One, the Lords of Light smote down the eldritch horror back into its eons slumber, dead but dreaming. The Merfolk got there's!
    "Such is my fate. I use up my suitors more quickly every day." declares Vampirella, clutching to herself a dried rose. "Either strike true, then, beautiful Adam Van Helsing, or keep your distance henceforth."







    Adam casts aside the stake: "I lied when I pretended not to know you. I don't know if you can remember yet, but when we originally met, you where raging, covered in blood and shit! A hell of a first impression, I must admit."

    Then it dawns on Vampirella, quietly talking over Adam:








    "I wept uncontrollably when you ran from me. I couldn't understand why. Then Count Dracula got the drop on me. I strode so brazenly into the Whispering Castle without a care, because I knew, deep down, that nothing Amphortas could ever have in store for me could ever phase me, after the endless mind bending that I suffered at the hands of Count Dracula, bound, locked away, drugged, immobilized, intubated, catheterized, alone and forgotten in the dark, dreaming I was a windup doll, the key in your hand. Ghostly, eviscerated, I loved you helplessly. But you never came for me." "I never knew."

     "So I came to hate you and to loath myself. Count Dracula tasked me to kill you. You would have expired in bliss! My secret was how I had no intention of surviving the mission. But Dracula must have guessed, easily. The entire plan was only another mindgame, and no better than I thought myself deserving. But now you've come for me, and more than once. I will never make you prove yourself again."






































    "In the mêlée in the dungeon in the ruins of the Whispering Castle, when the slime mold ran amok, I was filled with such doubt. She was an intelligence asset and became my intimate mentor. The slime molds in a teaming fluid mass, sometimes called: Matmos, flow into one another and apart again at will, sharing every thought.

    "But I suspect that those choosing individuality on the Earth's surface become outcast among their collective dwelling beneath the Earth's crust. Hence naturally a frustrated yearning for others to become part of them. -To rapport and digest them! But togetherness together quickly dissipates into eternal isolation, because carbon life won't maintain physical integrity once liquefied, but dissolves.

    "In the dungeon, she became over stimulated. Now she has lost the trust of everyone she ever came to know in our world. And everyone has told me again and again that you are as bad a risk, Vampirella! But I know that God who has crossed our paths, was testing my devotion and my faith. What I have come to realize since we fist met, is that what so terrified me was the glimpse of myself. And that isn't so bad. You fight for justice with all of your heart, no matter what is in your heart at the time. You protect the helpless and avenge the innocent, no matter what. You are no femme fatale, Vampire Ella, you are a hero as I should ever hope to become. For I am no wounded outcast lost at sea and no would-be Fisher King awaiting to make you his fool and bring on the Grail. Nor shall mine be a guilty love any longer." beat: Vampirella's interjection finally sinks in, so Adam quickly adds: "And from now on, I've got your back."

    "Save me, Adam!" exclaims Vampirella, jubilant.

    They embrace.

    "Adam, darling" queries Vampirella, "what so convinces you that I am..." "-a superheroine? Why, always, the yellow bat emblem, of course. Though there's barely enough fabric." "You should take a closer look. I'm still just a woman." "A moment ago you where a monster." "And you where a monster hunter. What will you do with me now that you've caught me?"

    Vampirella weeps: "Oh Adam, you deserve to know: I fear that I am barren." "Or I'm sterile, depending how one looks at it. Difficulties must be expected in interspecies relations..."

    "No, Adam. All life on Earth shares the same mechanism to forestall species crossbreeding, but that doesn't apply exobiologically. Genetic recombination evilved from viral infection, after all. Theoretically, who knows what unfathomable union may prove viable. That very survival strategy may be more common than one might imagine, across the cosmos. No, Adam, I seem to have stopped ovulating and I must face the likelihood that I may well be damaged goods no thanks to the accursed dweller of the crypt. I slew the fiend, but he has ended my future, with my murderous daughter as well dead by my own hand." "No Vampirella, love from the stars," Adam reassures her, "you have been travelling, and your pineal gland’s production of melatonin has become confused under the Earth's single moon. It was bound to happen." "Human women do also have bicameral brains and twin ovaries, and yet both ovaries synchronize cycles to follow the waxing and waning of the same single moon. Amazing. How strange!" muses Vampirella.
    With a sudden bat like shriek, Vampirella retreats from Adam, and falls to her kneas. Blood runs crimson down her inner thighs, pooling copiously on the floor! "You are wrong: I am wounded!" exclaims Vampirella.
    "It is sometime called: the womb wound. And it has always been terminal, eventually." laughs Adam. "No, seriously Adam Van Helsing: What does this mean?" "It means that the biosphere of this world has accepted you." "Sweet liar!"
    "Hey, gorgeous: It means that you are a real live girl! Not..." "A walking cadaver?" "Ordinary women seem like zombies next to you!" 
    Unnoticed by Adam and Vamipirella, in a back corner of the crypt, the human featured spiders are at work on a human shaped cocoon, besides a sleeping baby in a cradle, all that even facing directly, Adam and Vampirella cannot perceive, but only seem vaguely uneasy. 



















    Cut to: On the boardwalk by the ocean, Abrial runs into an old friend sporting an ensemble perhaps best described as Goth Girl summer wear, actually Lilith in disguise, rushing to embrace Abrial, shouting "Yvette!"






    Rushing to embrace, the two are watched from a distance by a comely bather peering upwards from the sea down the shore from the boardwalk, unsuspecting of what writhes beneath the gentle lapping waves, up from the sands beneath her very feet...

    Meanwhile, on the boardwalk, a catgirl in a sailor fuku, bicycling by, keen senses suddenly perceiving something amiss, kicks into into high gear wheelie, fleeing the scene in terror.

    "Coco! I am Sister Abrial now. I took my middle name. But I'm still girl Friday, Adam's helpmate Eve, that's me. And he hardly knows I exist. So of course, last time I finally saw action, I nearly stumbled over my own feet and shot him!" "Stupid little Eva, adorable lovesick nun! Adam Van fucking patronizing Helsing keeps his distance and sends you on every insufferable dull errand that comes up, all out of his clueless masculine fear for your fragile feminine safety! Abrial: it suits you. It means: protected one." "Adam does love me?!" Walking together they reach the apex of the Boardwalk, with a view of the beach downhill.

    Much to Coco's surprise, Leong Naja coils out from under Abrial's habit: "Time to go to work, Boss." They all stare downhill dumbfounded. Coco slips off her high heeled sandals, and sprints a decathlon in her bare feet and breezy black and white polka dot tattered sundress! But then she slows to a casual stroll, wearing  a big smirk, the moment she is out from Abrial's unsuspecting sight, as Abrial, taking a moment of fervent prayer, beholds in stark horror:
    Two women hang struggling weakened, helplessly naked and shackled in the warm sun. Zooming out into a boom shot, it can be seen that they are only two of many others in similar predicament, all more offerings left by the deranged cultists. Cries and groans of desperation and alarm can be heard in the air.





























    The waters by the shore lapping about Lilith, remains as placid as Lilith herself, even while very waves rise in ravishment of the other bathers! Only Tiffany, skipping her bonds, makes it ashore.
    Panning down to the beach below, can be seen young women writhing helpless in ravishment by giant cephalopods. Neanwhile, a surfer chick afloat out at sea with her board, finds herself suddenly denuded of her bikini, dragged down and despoiled by the lascivious denizen of the deep. Nearby, a tentacled assault on the part of an aquatic intruder lurking in the public showers, provokes a shrieking panicked naked stampede, and just inside the toilet stalls where squat the the unsuspecting occupants, panties down, another upon another attack ensues from out of the very commodes!














    As ever, some beach goers come better prepared than others.

    Even as the noise and the cries from the adjacent facilities reverberate, the hygienically helpful squirting tentacle vanishes in a flash, right back into the toilet grid. All is silence but for the musical chimes of water drops over the surreal hypnotic hiss of the steam pipes. Lil' Princess Tutu finally draws breath to scream out for: "MOMMY!!!"
    Dissolve into: The credits role over the scene of Lil' Princess Tutu terrified huddling in the corner of the shower, as a voice echoes up from the floor grate:
    "You're such a cute kid and I do like you, really, so I'd never ever hurt you. But if I wanted to, I would, and it wouldn't even bother me one bit. That's just how I am, how I've always been. So remember: be good little girl!"
    The credits pause scrolling as Tutu's Mommy rushes in to pick her up, declaring: "No more scary movies for you, young lady! You always become so involved." "Aren't we gonna go see the sequel, Mommy? (They'll never let me in on my own...)" "Huh? Oh, no!"
    The title rolls up: "VAMPIRELLA will return, in:" Dissolves into:
    "VAMPIRELLA II:" ...as suddenly, a newspaper slaps down onto the screen right beneath the title: "VAMPIRELLA II:" The Newspaper headline reads: "EXCOMMUNICATED!" above a large photo of Adam Van Helsing and the Leather Nuns, wearing expressions of shock and consternation.

    The credits resume.

    Voice of Conrad Van Helsing: "Can it be? The Holly See, gone in league now with Count Dracula?" The slurred voice of Pendragon in reply: "What, [hic.] has he finally forgiven them Reichskonkordat?"

    Cut to: Vampirella holds a tampon, regarding it with dread and incredulity: "Who, me? Put what, where, when, why?!"

    But in reply, the squid-tentacled head can only ponder, thoughtfully, as...







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