The preceding presents links to fiction writing and creativity tools and guides assembled for helping to revise, improve and complete, the unfinished works of fiction provided as point of departure. Try it! Join in! Post your input to the Co-Author Forum. If you enjoy this process, then we can even begin new stories to whatever your own tastes.  This is something new:

There are all manner of writer's groups. And yet significant gaps remain:  Not just the plethora of, in essence, bogus support groups for pipedreaing dilatants, but top notch excellent writers groups for the exchange of unflinching critique, of civil honest criticism in all due diligence, already do exist. But they do not brainstorm together or actually collaborate, at least not routinely.

A prevailing collaborative excellence in the fictional encyclopedic exercise of shared World-Building does bear honorable mention, despite entailed myopic neglect of entirely the rest of the discipline of the writing craft.

Alas, aside therefrom, sad to say that hither to, collaborative writing of fiction, has been willfully and even systematically much abused, Online. Because the immaturity, heteronomy and Anti-critical bias still so prevalent and ubiquitous in our society, effectively taboos all but the most downright dysfunctional collaboration fiction writing communities and formats prevailing on the Web. By contrast, one most fundamental and crucial prerequisite just for Brainstorming and writing collaboration here on, will simply be the Dialectic willingness of a) the creativity to consider even the most outlandish ideas openly, and b) the honesty and civility to value the friendly exchange of even the harshest criticism impersonally.

Dedicated to the proposition that Creativity Should be Social, this is to be the first serious and really fun Online brainstorming and writing collaboration community, a workshop for fiction writing together, open to the online public, complete beginners and accomplished writers alike, for free participation into the authentic creative collaborative dramatic Science Fiction brainstorming experience of the fiction writer's bull session, from first inspiration, through creative development and on to final polish, true both to the discipline of the writing craft and to the speculative element


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