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Q. How is the site 'Star Trek: The Ship of Fools' site organized? 

A: In the horizontal center  frame first click the strobing red LCARS  display, to open the Ancillary File Access Display (and again to close it once more)...

Then, from left to right , please locate:

Spinning Yin-Yang disk, obstruction to the Gateless Gate of Zen.

Animated Ferengi emblem, linked to my Futuri$m site, opening in a new browser window.

Clickable rotating Earth globe, for sounding a planetary Red Alert of Pro-Space Environmentalism

Animated chain - click to access link submission in the center frame. 

And clicking upon the '5' shield opens the jump gate to 'Babylon-5: Foolquest' in the center frame. 

You do not understand. But you will. 

Or grab the chrome spinning triangle in in the ring for your retroactive crash dive into Millennium SeaQuest

But take care not to touch the white asterisk design, lest be doomed to wander the endless Internet Labyrinth of Barbarella!

And click the dreaded symbol of the Borg, only at your own peril! For resistance us futile and you will be assimilated...


site navigation  to open this very FAQ right here.

collaborative brainstorming  a how-to for input and inspiration, here on this site.  

fiction writing  -the essentials- 

Click the winking eyes to delight in the image manipulation gallery.

Click the spinning trophy to view the awards won by this site and to apply for the FoolQuest.com Hyperaward by participating in the Link Strategy.

And in the right hand top corner, locate animated vortex - click to enter the 'SLIDERS' Brainstorm


Many menu selections either open in the center frame, or else open more extended sub-menus in this, the bottom frame. 


In the left hand LCARS  menu, from the top down, from beneath the animated gif hyperlinks in the top left corner of the strobing red LCARS top frame, please locate:

CREW: Thus far, PhotoShop cheese cake. Enjoy! But, next are the: 

LOGS:  Here are the stories and story outlines, first and fore most the outline for an introductory six part mini-series which also serves as series "bible" for ‘Star Trek: The Ship of Fools’. And where in the principle characters are each established. 

A more extensive downwards scrolling sub-menu opens in this, the bottom frame, from which selections open brief story introductions into the center frame. Then, from each intro, in the center frame, click the link to open the entire corresponding story log file to date, in a new browser window.

FAQ: To open a FAQ sub-menu in the bottom frame, graphic table of contents for the selection of which FAQ to browse, scrolling to the right

INPUT: To open into the LCARS center frame, access to the 'Star Trek: The Ship of Fools' ezboard  that has been designated for our ongoing collaborative efforts, such as are the principle subject of this FAQ and purpose of this website.  Just click the commscreen animation that will appear, to open the forum in a new browser window.

Next in descending order on the left hand LCARS tool bar, come tools provided  for searching and monitoring the hub of my sites and pages of which ‘Star Trek: The Ship of Fools’ is a part.  

And click on the design just beneath to restore the initial center frame, with abbreviated menu designations.  

Or click on the animated 'SLIDERS' logo to enter the 'SLIDERS' Brainstorm

And finally, at the bottom of the left hand LCARS tool bar, is to be found my email link animated gif and Change Detection to be notified, automatically, of changes in this site. 



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