Q. Are you ever dissatisfied with limited interaction of guidance or critique, or frustrated by stifling over structured team efforts, self important not truly serious?

A. The common projects in fiction writing joint authorship here on offer self-paced direct interaction Online, to cultivate free wheeling creativity together with the discipline of the writing craft, instead of the willful arbitrary rigidity of willful incompetence. -An open ongoing workshop online, for writers who can not only tolerate and benefit from unflinching critique, but more than that, crave creative social interaction, by collaborative brainstorming, actually building upon one another's suggestions.

Included here, also, are comprehensive resources in fiction writing, as well as tools and guides to brainstorming, collaboration and creativity.

The unfinished fiction challenges and whatever background material are provided online. Just begin posting your own feedback, additions and revisions to the forums provided. Also critique and build upon the input of other participants.

Soon you'll be enjoying revitalized creativity and sharing in the fun, while developing your writing skills.

Just surf on in. Bring your friends, too!


Q. How can I join in?

A. Begin by perusing the fiction writing toolkit. Then choose from among the various open ongoing fiction collaborative Brainstorming common projects, according to personal taste. Read whatever you might care to critique, Brainstorm, add to and/or help change and improve, including whatever unfinished stories onsite and previous posts to the forums. Comment freely as you go, on the associated forums. Try to post whatever comments each to the correct forum! Answer posts by others, respond when others answer your posts. Please observe the minimum rules of conduct on the forums. Freely critique, brainstorm, and suggest additions, changes and improvement. Toss out new ideas and also build upon the ideas of others. Make free use of the comprehensive resources in fiction writing and brainstorming. If all goes well, we will enjoy a creative experience, hone our writing ability, and even generate an output of any readable quality.


Q. Why are Brainstorming, related creativity techniques and collaboration treated in a fiction writing guide, or, to put it another way vice versa, why is fiction writing covered in a Brainstorming, related creativity technique and collaboration resource?

A. Because Brainstorming collaboration is such a powerful a creativity tool for fiction writing, and fiction writing makes such a wonderful team building and Brainstorming creativity exercise for group collaboration and breaking writer's block. And also to explore the contrast between practicality, whatsoever, and unhampered pure creativity.

This workshop serves several related purposes, as a gateway to a selection of open ongoing collaborative fiction writing projects with linked message posting forums for your input.

However, these are neither the usual silly add-on stories nor hierarchical and arbitrary division of labor nor framework for individual contribution of separate works into a larger cannon, but an open ongoing invitation to participate in actually genuinely devising, plotting and writing and rewriting real fiction together. And such opportunity has been found offered nowhere else on the Web...

Also included are extensive resources, both Onsite and linked Offsite, for fiction writing, both main stream and Science Fiction, beginning with the fundamentals, and also guides to collaboration, creativity, brainstorming and decision making, both generally omni purpose and as applies to creative fiction writing in specific. serves, also, both as the syllabus for a free open Online ongoing workshop, and as my standing public application as prospective writing partner, creative consultant and group coordinator.

Lesson plan #1 for (guaranteed insulting the intelligence of) students:

Students will begin by setting their browsers here to

The student is then to locate the listing of, and select from among, one or more of the collaborative writing challenges, and begin due diligence by browsing the content as well as any previous response on whichever pertinent forums provided. As they read, the students are to have their text editors of prefference open so as to begin preparation of various pertinent input and response to contribute into the writing collaboration.

Meanwhile, the student is encouraged also to browse and make reference to the various resources provided in the fundamentals of writing fiction technique, in the dynamics of collaboration and in the heuristics of creativity, as ever may be needed or found helpful in the task at hand. When ready, the students will then begin participation in the conversation by (copying and pasting from their text editors for then) posting the responses which they have prepared, each to the appropriate forum as provided, into existing topics under weigh, or begin new topics as needed.

(Additionally, the students may amplify their points by making reference to whatever materials as they may have found helpful, citing by specific URL and path through the hypertexts, as well as any other resources entirely, and comment thereupon.)

The student is then to watch, to check regularly, for response in turn on the forums, so as then to reply again in turn, and continue participation and conversation.

At all times, students will kindly follow the minimal guidelines for conduct on the forums.

The student should also follow procedure for the submission of trouble reports in case of any difficulties in utilization or navigation of this website. The student is also requested to function as beta tester, and provide evaluative critique of the experience and feature requests for future implementation.

Lesson plan #2 (advanced): Application for internship in social entrepreneurship. CLICK HERE is a node on an intersection of the Information Superhighway, the convergence of collaboration, brainstorming and related creativity techniques of problem solving and decision making, tools and guides in support of featured common projects to which all such methods may be brought to bear:

Just for creative fun and bonding, there is nothing like the uplifting group diversion of fiction writing that nevertheless entails the discipline of the writing craft, and yet there is even a greater affinity and closer organization entailed in more common cause and action, in cutting edge Activism and Entrepreneurship from first concept to closer organization and implementation.

It is hoped that clarification of target audience will save all others time and confusion. But only if they actually read introductions!

This page is intended help site visitors to determine quickly if there will be any match their interests or needs.




Intended Audience and Primary Action

Beyond whatever entertainment and edification, this website is primarily targeted toward people of any skill level, from novice to expert and anywhere in between, who are ready to put to use their knowledge and experiences together with others in common projects, from mere diversions and entertainments to the more serious and ambitious.

As a fun and engaging warm-up, participants, site visitors are invited to join in brainstorming fiction. -To browse the unfinished works, also making best use of the tools and guides, and then begin posting in response.

But the more ambitious challenge issued on this website to anyone who is up to it, will be in organizing closely and working from brainstorming unique new approach to real world problems via cutting edge Entrepreneurship and grass roots Political Activism, focusing upon embryonic proposals on this site and even new projects to be introduced by the site visitors themselves.

In this substantive feedback will be most crucially important. Start here with this application form...

But seeing as how (much as life itself) this site endures in ongoing beta test, if you are at any point experiencing any trouble using or understanding this site, you must also be ready, willing and able to follow the simple instructions here in filling out a clear and complete trouble ticket, so that the Webmaster, yours truly, can rectify whatever problem or ambiguity As Soon As Possible!

The Purpose of this Guide

Any unique guide should fulfill a specific need. And much thought has gone into defining the niche for this work.

This introduction and overview is for site visitors to determine reasonably quickly if anything here matches their interests or needs by briefly summarizing the main points and providing any critical definitions which may help one in evaluation of the interest and utility thereof.

This is the electronic syllabus of this free ongoing and open Online workshop, now in beta testing. Provided here is a fairly comprehensive compendium of resources, both hosted Onsite and linked Offsite.

The subject of this procedural guide is Brainstorming and related creative and problem solving techniques, especially in collaboration. Topics listed for Brainstorming include cutting edge new business venture creation, alternative Grass Roots Politics and Civics, all from scratch! And also, creative fiction writing.

Or for whatever other topics, problems, motivating goals put forth of one's own, feel free to link to these FAQ, as a resource, from your own site!

Included is a section expounding in some detail, all the crucial elements of fiction writing, especially entertaining for Brainstorming and document sharing collaboration. Included, also, are a range of unfinished fanfic to work on, as a fun part of this beta test.

There are also message posting forums, integrated, for the various topics of Brainstorming, both of fiction writing and of serious proposals.

Don't waste my time or yours!

By browsing this guide at all, anyone considering me as a writing partner can judge for themselves my methods, whether they seem sound or not, and whether or not we might be compatible as writing collaborators. Then, anyone still interested can try it out with me using as warm up exercises the unfinished fanfic provided. Find message posting forums integrated for that very purpose.

While building partnership on any more serious and ambitious agenda is treated here. Or browse the proposal index. Feel free, also, to contact me regarding ideas and initiatives of your own.


One most fundamental and crucial prerequisite just for Brainstorming and writing collaboration will be the Dialectic willingness to consider even the most outlandish ideas openly, face down the most daunting realities boldly, and exchange even the harshest criticism impersonally.

Just follow up your posts! And no flaming!

But, beyond just Brainstorming, to consider realistically, the reasonable likely foreseeable prerequisites for close collaboration on serious, difficult and involved undertakings, begin here.


Brainstorming and related creative and problem solving procedures are herein treated in a reasonably step-by-step manner. And also the fundamental principles of fiction writing are expounded. But, of course, there are no known step-by-step procedures for the realization of all that is conceivable.

Indeed, creativity processes such as Brainstorming in earnest beyond sheer amusement must eventually enter into the definition of agendas and implementation protocols, in other words, any sort of realistic planning.

In all things, the dynamic and flexible social engineering principles, personal autonomy, good sportsmanship and responsible values of rational democratic progress are systematic doubt, hope in the honest embrace of fallibility and tolerance for uncertainty, substantive discourse, debate of disputes, criticism without punishment and no insult taken, free inquiry into problems openly and publicly without fear of punishment, indeed, imagination, open unfounded speculation about different case scenarios pursuant to any number of varied and different proposed measures, without need of conforming or in any way limiting said speculations to any accepted quasi-official position.

The very values and aptitudes ever fostered in brainstorming fiction!

And all pursuant to experiment, trial and error, the vital opportunity for all manner of ongoing reevaluation and revision, open ended correction of mistakes and improvement at all levels, piecemeal, without bloodshed, violence or even strife as such.

It is hoped that participation this beta-test, much appreciated, will prove interesting and productive for all.


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