Note: "Feminazi" or if one prefers: "Fauxmanists"


The following are the text of two further entries that I composed before finding myself blocked from the above forum:


  "Women have no problem choosing sides. They know which side their bread is buttered on."

True enough: We are all prone to Fundamental Attribution Error. Indeed, it is noted, statistically, in Scandinavia where women are more equal economically and in opportunity, they are also more sexually liberated and available. In other words, they lose interest in playing games of conniving feminine whiles. Indeed, women notice when their bread is buttered on the other side, too. Justice brings peace, even in the battle of the sexes.

In the very first response to your initial post, Watch out decries the action of Pellissier, because "he sets up the debate in a forum he completely controls, thatís a big red flag." That implies that your own community must hold itself to a higher standard. But now you tell me: "@Aaron I donít mind criticism and discussion here" But in a democracy,
criticism and dissent are actually valued. Indeed, anything that you find so unclear and do not understand from me, I would be happy to clarify, any time should you care to engaged with me in a Dialectic of collaborative miscommunication repair.

"Iíve given you enough linkage to your blog" You've given me nothing! The blogging software requests my website URL, and automatically links it with my name from that point forth. So your suggestion here is truly uncalled for. Do I have from you also the privilege of the air to breath?